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We are at the beginning of a world big crisis, one the most important since WWII.

So let's think pragmatic.

Japan need the US shield protection and US need a place at the Asia door. This place is supposed to be Hawaï, but the Island is fed up too about army. US army provide protection to all south asia so where to set the military base ?

Japan want independance and once US leave, they will use the Okinawa army base. So the talk is not just about america army, but making a permanent army city base in Okinawa, and never letting her going back to Ryukyu.

So the matter will not be solve as easy as Tokyo government could imagine. Environment tend to be harder when the long term matter is in the diplomacy game.

Okinawa have to decided first once for all between being Ryukyu or Japaneese (their choice not Tokyo's one). Then, having a military huge city on the Island can be discussed openly. But as long as environmental is not set, there should not have a long term military commitment on the Island. There will be riot and mistakes. Japan will be unstable for decades because the Okinawa's collective won't rest in peace.

This is not a time for monarchy method anymore. Okinawa live in the Freedom world like all pacific Island ! ^^



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Until now, North Corea have shown good will and progress.

But Kim is not the only one in power. He is the figure head, many people could take is place if the military around him started to be scared by america. So diplomacy is about patience and going slow.

Japan is not wise in diplomacy, we know where it came from. But, America really need to be human right slow on this, and be influence by Abe warlike attitude. Bringing japan too soon in the corea deal will only break it.



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The hat is bad omen, this is the same as Lady Di. But the color is poor beautiful for Japan.

Someone older should teach the princess, common boy can loose their manners too. When there is no family to beat into poverty, it is always harder on the bride.

The European common sense is for women to marry into lower cast while keeping the title. This way, there are free to be what they wish to be without having to answer to meager male.

The sagesse woman touch is : in love but sensitive to male reality.

I give my congratulations to the male, and pray to the princess with a dwarf.



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I wouldn't want to vote for a man unable to explain nuclear new reality that would come with the article 9 change. Now, I still don't know the opposite side, but who is against nuclear ? who incarnate the view I will try to explain better next ?

Ethical Freedom

Every country is free to choose its constitution. But, there is one limit to this freedom : competences.

Japan just doesn't have the diplomacy skills to go nuclear level. This is a matter of ethic, honesty, pacific nature, efficientness...

Abe is not pacific. We know in other country like Israel or England the systematic consequences who had verified the firsts atomic's models : going backward and building wars and pressure for money & power even when everything is won.

What is nuclear ?

Nuclear is born from a collective soul kindness. You need to be a collective kind who don't even think to make war or money with this power. When we became nuclear it was for the world freedom protection and serving human civilisation. Monarchy had won nuclear power and start to blackmail France's Republic for our religious beliefs. We learnt a lot about every risks at the time and we helped creating nuclear law peace.

Yes, there was up and down in the US progress, but China show us the terrible side to try to become a peaceful adult before your time (military dictature). America was barely an adult that is why there was so many up and down, but they are trying to be the hero its people hope for.

What are the nuclear consequences ?

Nuclear is not just a technology like an another cell phone. It is a new age. So first, you need to be a republic or at least a real democracy with an opposition working power to be able to control the change up and down. There will be new ideas, new angers, new hates, new loves, new understanding, new everything so finding back your balance is hard and the process is deeply dangerous. It is scary and many people will want to go backward but it will not be possible to jump from the hyperspeed train.

To conclude

Becoming nuclear is not forbidden, but you have the right to carry this weapon only if you are a collective true non violent adult (at least, if you don't want the united nation nuclear security constant supervision, it is a bit like neo-colonisation).

As for my point of view, I don't trust japan who go by the extreme right backyard to have atomic power back or with AtomicChina going back to dictature. == This is the wrong method and wrong incentive.

The US nuclear shield is enough and this bomb in Japan would drop/weakened the best world shield. Japan would trade a good defense to a meager offensive power against a neighbour wise of few decades. == It is a very bad deal.

My advice is to meditate more and truly communicate more on the truth of the matter : Is Japan peaceful or advance enough for this kind of power you cant' even use ? Will it break the fear or create an another harder fear to break ? A bomb you can't use break hope. So what hope will be left next when everything will fail ? Space ? Here, I hope you conceive better the atomic bomb adult problem.



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I perfectly on MTV time !

Thinking instead of showing by mocking !



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Thank you so much ! ^^

So the helicopter was flowed and should not have flied.

From here, it depends on who was supposed to decided to let it fly.

Mechanic ? Pilot ? Government procedure ?

Other Point

Missing a mountain through VFR is a bit strange. Did the pilot was formed for this ? when was his last manual fly check skills ?

Again, thank you. ^^



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I can do the math too. It is not math logic problem. It is an empiric one.

Normally, helicopter crash do not make so many deaths when the pilot is well train. The rotor allow the helicopter to fly is way down. The main danger is to avoid the electric cables. There is always more survivors than dead in an helicopter crash.

So, why in Japan, you don't have the same numbers than in France ? in the world ?

It could be the undertrained pilot, may be he was under influence, may be the helicopter is flawed, may be it is terrorism... may be it is bad luck. But for me, the article was not an enough answer for so many deaths.



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Me, I don't understand. Because, I know the female battles to come. We call it social and economic pressure.

If you create a childcare at the hospital, you will notice, woman don't leave their jobs.

The main problem is the daycare. The kid don't need the mom at all time. And we know working women are making more kids. So helping women to keep their job is a good solution on many aspect for Japan.

Then , you will say to me : it does not work !

Yes, sometime, in some places, daycare is not enough. So we made an analysis. And what does it shows ?

Male who want a job, or their son to have a job, or their best friend to have a job, or their mistress to have a job, will put insane pressure on the young new mom so she feel the need to leave her practice. We call it economic or social concurrence in firms. Women tend to be ill prepared in my country for this male aspect of "working". Male always go after the weakest link and female (even she is the best doctor) is always blamed for something because the social group will not show her the proper social support and respect.

Everyone show male respect for their work. But, it is never the same to women. At the end of the day, the working is longer and exhausting. They always have to work twice harder and take twice of the day social beating.

That is why the "half female quota" is probably the only way for women to work in a peaceful social environment in the future.

Even if one leave, the boss will have to replace her with an other one if he does not want to thanks out a male surgeon. This should be a good insensitive enough for a better behavior.



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When men are that bad in a work field, there is only on answer : quota. Fifty percent of places are reserved to women and 50% percent to male. This way, there no more gender problem.

Women correct males; and males will correct women.

They have difficulties to believe female surgeon can be good ? Female favors women for child birth so we will take the rick. Let's put a 50% female quota on surgeon school recrutement.

For gender mixity, there is only one long terme solution : gender quota at 50% percent on all key formation spot, and if this is not enough, on key jobs.

This is truly shaming for Japan. Occident use to believe only chineese where liars. Apparently, both country share some ancestry.



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It is not strange so many dead ? And no back box ? Normally, even if the motor bloc stop, helicopter have a system that allow pals to still rotate and a safe (may be rocky) grounding. All heli expert pilot in my country have the training for this kind of emergency grounding when they work for the state security or emergency services.

Do they not in Japan ? This is tuition important matter and the government could be deem responsible for the dead people if the pilot was not emergency formed.

Of was it the wind ? You just had a typhoon, no ?

Here, I feel, the article lack some specifics details.



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In USA, you can't make an article without a proof. Sometime, they all know there is a problem; but they can't talk.

So with one true testimony everyone get overboard. This is not about money, this is about digging the dirt and convincing other women to talk.

If journalist don't get anything more, then it was probably a misunderstanding or a drunk day (which is a real sexual harassment).

So now, it is a matter of wait and see.



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Is there TVshows for the people majority who have normal sex behaviour ? No disrespect, but, I would like a good normal romance with a best friend that is not gay, or lesbian. I would like women that don't have to be hair headed girl to be sure this is a real woman (nor a macho man to be sure he still is straight).

Well, I want normal Tvshows where you think and talk about gay or lesbian instead of showing them all the time and mocking them. I am fed up of caricature and would like a sense of normal.

My daughter don't even understand anymore, there is a gay problem, or there are real people still killing them and beating them. She thinks it is a fiction or natural to be with the same sex (when it is not, even science say nature pass through having children). Try to explain to her, your country is not USA.... and USA in TVshows is not USA.

Well, it is just a fed up comment.



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This is important to realize this is for their long term security too.

Living outside USA and without the citizenship is actually very dangerous when you are the US president's family.

Terrorist will go after them because they can't get their hand on Trump. So, for me, this is a Ok way.



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On a personal level, I am very well aware about torture and terrorism. That mean, I know the real world and not dreamed one.


Terrorists are not that stupid.

After two years, they would have known, he was from japan because japan ambassy made the search, and the guy have journalist friends, and his picture is on an internet search board with all the kidnaped and often on the darkweb with a ransom asked. Journalism made sure, the right government can be found as fast as possible to pay a ransom, otherwise the guy is dead or given as food to dogs.

Giving the identity of someone your country won't help is an international journalism code to say "my country refuse to help and pay". They could, but they didn't. They knew where I was, but they said nothing to my family.

The orange suit used to mean : USA paid or made a deal for the family or the world to know the untold truth (and may be give an incentive to Japan government).

Sorry, but the war reality is dark. The journalist took a urge risk. He was playing with his life. Leaving, he did not think about his family or his friend. The second, he was made prisoner, he was as good as dead. What did the family for three years ? A lot are not told.

No matter what, war journalism is a war job. You go. You risk your life. In middle east, kidnapping is for getting money from government and cutting deals. Normal policy is : no deal with terrorism. This is very rare to get them back alive.

I think this is important people understand this piece of information before going down there.



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Sometime, that is the problem. England use monarchy to speed things. Between Royals, they tend to agreed on going slow with republics that have beheaded kings and queens (but not their children, a thing monarchy can't say).

According to me, I think Japan is probably investigating a kidnapping. It is strange to have found her passport in her room. It is very important to keep it with you at all time for police control when you are a foreigner.

Even more, in my country, we are very tie on identity official paper. We have an ID card that adults have to keep at all time if they want to keep their freedom and not end up in police station. Since Paris terrorism, it is an object you always keep at hand. You feel naked and unsafe without is.

To conclude, I think the family is not made aware of the investigation on purpose. It could have been an ex-boyfriend or a family friend that have seen an opportunity to act in a foreign country.

In the end, the investigation based on this ID document in her room is probably more important than it looks.

I hope I am wrong, but otherwise, she is probably dead and eaten, so at the same time I don't.



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We are in a world who still believe colonisation and ethnogenocide is not a crime against mankind.

So minority have learnt to defend themselves for their right to survive and not to be use for food and "good soul advertisement".

We call the problem "culture appropriation" in art. You use a minority culture, and you make the big bucks instead of them, because it is so virtuous to think about the poorest.

But, the reality shows, that :

1 - It is a utopia that never speak ill about the real discrimination and deads people.

2- If you are a real transgender, your film will never be bought, and as an actor you can work in X as sex slave.

3- There is no transgender in the "good" film.




On the ethic and law side

Previously, that was for the transgender problem part. Then come the normal human problem : a transgender sex is not normal sex. They are more opened that most people. So acting insurance don't insure about sex harassment, or rape or psychological trauma. You often have to film without insurance.

There is a natural sex barrier in all human, and today, as a real psychomedical matter, this is ill advised to break it. An acting job can't ask to break a psychology nature human root.

The subject is still in debate. So it is forbidden to discriminate transgender, but it is still forbidden to say, "it is the same as being born in a girl's body or a boy's body". The film subject is insanely hard to balance because you are forbidden to say "it is the same".

Good luck to explain it to the minority that is still beaten to death, and to the majority that want to kill them.



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There is no biases toward woman. There is men history in courtroom, and father historic after courtroom. They forced the judge to protect women from their naive religious illusion.

During divorce, this is about money and kids are just a tool.

Most people got this strange ideal about men loving to pay for their children education and liking the freedom of not having control anymore on the mother. But let me tell you, this is all a big lie.

It is the same big lie as the good political man that was punching his wife, and has the right to so, because they were married. Religion said, he was still a good person, but reality shows that he was not. He was a violent men that thought "punching a defenseless human" made him big men.

A divorce take the man's power on the family he never care that much, AWAY. In 90% cases, this is all that matter, and by his behavior Brad Pitt shows his nature here.

Joly spoke about money, and then, he made the long list with big figures that is the third of what he should have paid. He won the public, but she won the judge biases.



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You know Brad Pitt is a competent, rich and high earning man right? I am sure he can manage to pay SIX child support. 

Your post is more appropriate for the 1950's when the majority of men did work full-time or go to college and thought women were money stupid because there were too kind and had no right to ask for child support.

In your country, may be men are not bullying women to pay less child support than the law says, but in mine, they avoid courtroom like a plague.

My comment is just fine because your comment still exist to defend a man not paying child support, because the mother can pay it herself. This is about a father obligation to take care for his children. He has to pay the bills like the mom.

They are both rich. They are both paying. End of the discussion.




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Child support is not about the number. It is about the date, the regularity, and always the same base amount. It is a fixed amount plus extra.

Men always do power play. They change amount, tick on the ten dollar bills, the school trip, they need to change the weekend... they hate to be put on timetable and alimony is all about timetable (custody too).

And they all do the same, they go on public and lash out the dollars numbers as soon as the woman dare to complain a little. It is to humiliate the ex-wife. This is a classic case of a passive agressive husband and father.

Yes, he does not pay enough. How I know this ? I am good with law and math.

Let's check the numbers :

Pitt Won in 2016 : 31 500 000$

Basic alimony for two children is 20% but since those are big numbers let's say 10 %. for 6 children (lol). So he owes Joly 3 100 000$ alimony per year. He paid 1 800 000$ since 2016, so for two years instead of 6 200 000$

If I remember well, in US, a wife leave the husband with half of his money.

I think Joly is right saying he does not pay her enough, and a loan is not the same as cash. Remember a Bank job is not an alimony unless it is dressed as such.

If she does not owe him interest on the loan, then he may count the loan interest as monthly child support, but not the 7 000 000$ nominal. If she does not have to pay him back every month a cut for the loan, then it can be added to the child support monthly amount. If no document have been dressed, you use the basic bank lawn plan as a guide.

It is very simple, but US lawyer are the kind to play dumb to play hard.

To conclude

For an intelligent judge, Pitt is rat and Joly is an angel that have been abused by a revengeful ex-husband after years of humiliation.

If she can proove, he has been unfaithful, he loose half of everything, then you had the part for the six kids : a quarter cut.

No pity for men whose ancestors have put women into slavery.

My advice

Girls, always go for the money, every dollars counts after the divorce. Trust me. When he is forced on timetable by a judge .... here the truth come out and the true animal shows his teeth.

Pick it all

First, every new trash girlfriend will be put in front newspaper, familly and friends. She is at the opposite of your values to kill your kid good soul and give them you back with broken legs or any illness they never get at your home.

Second, the new mama MarthaStewart, she better at everything you do, because she does not have to raise alone 6 children. Sometime, it is worse, it is his mother.

Third, the kid does not need to go to university anymore. He can work at 18 without a diploma. Strangly after a divorce university diploma don't count anymore. He will pay the kid the alimony, but not to the mom.

Fourth, the wore that never count for him, now he can share it with you as a good friend to feel better about himself; and make you feel a lot worse.

Fifth, every dollars he does not gave you, it will spent in the cool travel arm gifted dad that don't have to be the house military dad anymore - he never was.

Six, the other kids, the one he could not declare while being with you, and the future ones that will replace your children and stole their inheritance. The most you get now, the bigger your kids future will be insure.

Seven, he won't die at 50, and it is a matter of winner the divorce for him. It is man. What do you expect ?

Girls, get over it, and be a true capitalist on this divorce.

And if you are new at this ? Show support with all divorced women in the world because they truly need it. Women don't divorce when she has six children in tow unless it is the bitter and.



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This is not a matter of wealth, but, childcare, then it is a matter of power play. And all male are pretty much the same on this.

Power is not about being rich, it is about psychology. It is well know in divorces cases. Since he is so rich why does he delay the payment ? Because he knows she is angry about it and this way he still had the power to control this in her life.

For her, it is not a matter of money, this is the reminder of everything he didn't do or did the same way : with a delay because she asked it or wanted it.

I am not anti-male, I am a #meToo which mean I am just realistic about male normal behavior. I helped women to realize that the male next to her is not always a prince charming after 2500 years of sex slavery.

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Postponed and he left the country ? Of course, there was no pressure or help to find a university in new york instead of California.

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Posted in: Smoking-linked losses in Japan estimated at over ¥2 trillion See in context

Smoking should just be forbidden !

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Paying alimony is not a matter of money, it is a matter of power control, and sometimes showing your children you still want to take care of them.

The alimony

It depends on both parent money and not just one.

You have to pay 30% of alimony no matter how rich is the other parent. It insures your children previous lifestyle and garanties your parent's rights over your children education.

There is 6 children to be raised and protect as hollywood royalty. Education is very costly in america if you want to send the six in a good university.

The power over the woman

Men are all the same. Pitt could have given the power of attorney over the alimony paying. It would have been always the same and always at the same time.

But, by keeping the finger on the alimony and sending the money every month, he kept the power control. Angelina may even need to call. It is petty and territorial. It shows bad faith and probably previous passive violent behavior.

This is a normal kind of harassment over the woman freedom who leave the inane male. Angelina testimony is very classic in a divorce case.

To Conclude

Men are always horrible during divorce. 2000 years of complete power control (and abuses) over women liberty et children education are hard to break. But it is only justice for women to be as free as man. We use to endure so much in a world where there is no protection for our girls and women. We will never go back.

Power for Woman !! Wooowooo! ^^



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If he identifies himself as Corean, this is not good. The japaneese government could have but won't help.

Journalist who sometimes understand too much or have seen too much are left to die.

Or, this is a kind of "you shame us too much" or "you have to commit seppuku when you are taken prisoner" or "why is he alive when everyone else is killed" (Some prisoner gives others prisoners to stay alive or the location of free people or their kid's school).

here, he admitted in public disloyalty or weakness. His wife can ask for legitimate divorce and the government can pay too for his mercy killing and not just his liberty.

-- Yes, international world is harder than you can imagine.



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This is an old deal between UN security council members : no war ever.

If the crime is serious and hideous enough then the piked field is the fairest. Here, it is economy and money field. My guess is : it started two years ago with Trump.

China made some very bad moves and serious crimes to build its new economy. We can't break it fast without creating famine. The money war won't stop. The protectionism is an economy protection against money war.

China is pushing through its neighbours to break the link between Japan and United State. It is making war to USA for at least a decade but probably more.

Extreme right is probably tempted but have to remember who is the pupeeter behind China : a colon who hated Japan to never fall under anglican god.

Badly, it is not just an economy matter.



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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

You have to understand the atomic problem. It was not just about 2 bombs. It was a lot more coming to life.

And Japan had an atomic bomb program too in link with the nazi government atomic program.

Everyone had an atomic program and URSS wanted one too. At the time, Japan may not have been able to protect its science from URSS.

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Posted in: Internal affairs minister Noda to return part of salary over data leak See in context

An expansive slip.

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Japan is wise in trading. It is a strategy based on firms loyalty. It is a a solid building but the world market tend to weaken nationalism loyalty to just make as much money as possible.

I am more worried about his extreme right standing. In today's world, it is deeply worrisome.



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No, the BOJ reflation policy didn't get to real economy. So fees will rise because the money tree is working. America is probably buying yen to kept his level stable in exchange of his debt buying through japan money tree. So fees will not rise a lot.

Firms and Bank don't obey Abe anymore.

My country gave money thinking to an autonomous central bank outside the country. It is difficult to do old money thinking but Amamiya made a rooky mistake trying to pay firms to trade capital for cash; or this is Japan making money war with China by helping america (and lying to the japaneese people about money easing to create inflation and make firms start to pay for their lawn).



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Thinking finance in english and monarchy is always a challenge. It is old memory but let's see what is left of it.

Guess : Long term advice to manipulate market is not fully legal on the world market. It tweaks it. Your political friend makes money, the others loose money, and your campain is founded.

Buying Public bonds

Public bond is the state way to have money to pay for their debt (paying SDF for example). They put it on the investment state, the bond market. Then it can be exchange on the smaller finance market.

The BOJ money mission

Interest rate served as a retribution for the loaning of money to the private and public sector. BOJ fixed it.

The Smaller Finance Market

The Money market is a place where you sell and buy without much regulation every capitals your company don't need. It means long term and short term titles can be found on this market. Bond is a long term title. BOJ buy state debt to company and public to send direct money into economy.

BOJ is not supposed to buy direct state debt or use its reserves. It is forbidden to finance state unless your economy is very ill.

This monetary policy is made by creating money and not using BOJ reserved. It create inflation when the money is reinvested on short term expanse inside the country.

This is a simple way to create inflation inside your economy by incerting lot of money (money easing).

It is supposed to be efficient in a country where firms are loyal to the state.

The Japan Case

Since Japan own Japaneese debt, it was supposed to be still efficient without a doubt.

Japaneese loyalty to the country made sure to invest it into the country. But instead it was probably used to buy USA debt bonds and beat China. So there was economy disloyalty. It puts Japan economy at huge risk. Normally, japan economy should lose one A.

It seems international politic influence firms investment. The japaneese people was sacrified.

Loaning money to the public sector

The BOJ propose to buy credit line at fixed price. The interest rate is this fixed price. When it is negative, BOJ pay actors for using the money.

It is very interesting to be paid to invest. Firms will put a strong influence to not have to pay for credit lines and may be make you governor. But with Trump a big change was coming, the stability long term amamiya system is not insured anymore.

FED to help america war passed in 0% interest rate too in 2001. Instead of emitting bonds, USA use FED to finance war. Now, Trump and FED have levelled up the rates. It is 2 %. USA started emitting bonds again at lower rate and with a safer range.

My guess is japaneese firms have bought usa bond instead of easing the economy with money.

Why buying public debt ?

It is often more stable than money that can fluctuate more. State bond are supposed to be safer than money unless the state crash. Japan economy is not as good as usa with disruption at its frontier.

To conclude

BOJ is a cheater and corrupted central bank. It put Japaneese economy under big pressure. It is time Japan clean BOJ and start to behave more like the third world economy and not just a rich political banker.

Amamiya will win a reincarnation in China with his friends. This is where liars and yakuza seems to end in after life.



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