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Posted in: S Korea's Park urges public to support WWII sex slave deal See in context

Japan has history educations about the atomic bombs; At the same time, education in Japan is making efforts that children have a sense of to American people. In other words, one's best efforts to not create hatred.

It is important to understand most of current Japanese are nothing to do with war and WWII .

Korea's education is Anti-Japan Education. This is HATE education. Everyone must understand that Education of HATE and Anger is criminal.

In fact, there were Japanese comfort women more than Korean comfort women.

The 1965 accord stipulates that the The public education of Korea ignores the good will of Japan.of damage claims for individual South Koreans was "resolved completely and finally." The money was used by Korean government for other reasons that became the foundation of today's Korea as known as Miracle on the Han River.

We have made effort to atonement at 1990 era on the basis of Asia women’s fund, However, the Government of the Republic of Korea rejected the atonement of Asia women’s fund by the circumstances of their domestic policy situations.

The public education of Korea ignores the good will of Japan. "Appeal to Pity" has become the business for Korea.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan hold first post-summit talks on WWII sex slaves See in context

The historical backgrounds of Germany and Japan differ completely, in terms of what happened during the Second World War and under what kind of postwar situation they engaged in postwar settlement. For example, Japan dealt collectively with the issue of reparations with the countries concerned in a manner that was generally accepted by the international community at the time, pursuant to the San Francisco Peace Treaty, treaties and instruments. On the other hand, the Government of Japan is aware that Germany took the approach of personal compensation as it could not deal collectively with countries concerning various issues including reparations as Japan did, since Germany was divided into East and West following the war.

If Japan does personal compensation, Germany after the unification comes to have to do the compensation between nations. And, San Francisco Peace Treaty prohibits Japanese Government to pay compensation to war victims of foreign nations.Read Article 14(b) and Article 26.

When Korea submitted a German example to the Pacific Theater, I think that an Austrian example is brought in as a necessary logic. Korea was the annexation nation of Japan. Also, Austria was the annexation nation of Germany. Austria has chosen the position of the defeated country and she has continued to apology and to pay the reparations like Germany and Japan. If Korean government want to compare Japan with Germany, Why does the Korean government not compare own country with the Austria?

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