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I would love to answer clearly from his point of view, as I’m in the same ship, but I’m not Japanese, not even American. And after long periods of living here I realised that the most population of Japan (common Japanese) is that kind people I can’t be around. I could day the reason is their education and language. Possibly language goes first. I’ll explain. The language they use in usual life is very simplified. It’s very difficult to shortly explain every step but let me try. If you all Japanese how was it?(about food) the only word they use in 80% is oishii. How was your trip? - Tanoshikatta/yokatta. Try to go to Ueno Zoo and you’ll learn me word - kawaii. They only word they use when they see animals. All this simplified the way of thinking plus hierarchy system, keigo, uchi to soto culture and culture of meiwaku. When Japanese child grows in Japanese society there is no such words as Privacy, You worth it, I miss you. They learn how to be as everybody and the most serious ting is that they never ask Why? So they have to write down what their teacher said to pass exams. If you ever seen young student in job hunting period you might feel something strange. I recommend to watch short animation Recruit Rhapsody. This is true Japan. The problem is when one Japanese leave country and study in western culture, speak English clearly, they find out that it is OK to express yourself, that no one will accept you if you’re silent. This is absolutely opposite side to Japanese culture. And once you understand how poor people around you in their opinion, how narrow their mind and how they life goes with all this stereotypes, one you see the difference you start to hate it, you’ll wanna be apart of it. Why there’s no meaning to learn Japanese? Because I’m most cases your conversation will be very simple and true Japanese won’t be your close friend. Only those who speak English or other languages are open to new thoughts and new people. And won’t feel shy, as Japanese love to say, they won’t be shy to talk to you and ask the question why? Why you think so? They can only ask why you came to Japan.

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