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Chopin competition won by having Mr. Hayato Sumino.

Not only his art has dimensions which are beyond what can be learned or practiced nor described with mere words, it can be only cultivated within and shared with outmost sincerity. He also achieved more as an ambassador of Chopin's heritage than Chopin Institite and it is not an exaguration by any means.

It is so wonderful to see that many people, from outmost experts to those who are new to classical and anyone in beetween appreciates him deeply.

Because of Mr. Hayato Sumino's art, we are wittnessing historic moment really -major shift in the world of classical music.

His Chopin was so real, it overwrote instantly all what's insincere, desensitized and morally compromized at now credibilityless competition.

We are truly lucky to share the same era Mr. Sumino lives and creates.

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