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Posted in: Russia begins military exercises around Pacific islands also claimed by Japan See in context

arguing wont solve I guess japan just fight russia to settle. winner takes all loser takes picture.

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Beneath senkaku is full if oil. China and japan wont fight because for a piece of rock. I think japanese is smart but low EQ same applies to China. At the end biggest losers are Asian diginity. An idiot! Great laughing stalk for the western world. Asian will never be superpower. So.short sighted! The biggest winner is USA!

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My view is Japan shouldnt distort history. Also Japan should start pondering why they have no real friends? Japan only friend is USA. USA interest is selling Japan weapon and contain japanese militarism, at the sametime USA offerring protection to JAPANESE. MY SECOND POINT A WEAK ASIAN NOT UNITED ASIAN WE WILL ALWAYS BE WEAK IN THE EYES OF WESTERNER. WHETHER IT IS KOREA JAPAN OR CHINESE FAULTS. LEARN FROM GERMANY AND MOVE ON NOW GERMANY IS A FRIEBD WITH FRANCE N ENGLAND.

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OssanAmerica : You are so naive. America defeated Japan through nuclear bombs. Well to me USA is more like a gangster receiving money from Tokyo to protect them in Asia Pacific. Anyway dont be naive your boss will fight the battle with China. Second point, economic power always go along together military power because you need military to protect your country from America or Japan invasion. Thirdly, no matter what if Asian cant unite it is idiot because Asian currently is controlling wolrd gdp. Controlling world economy means potential to influence world politics. So again if japan having war with china why should the western country helps?

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I think is foolish to make enemy with China. Abe really needs to think about Japan foreign policy. Japan os considered one of the major power but Russia, China and North Korea are together. They are too strong and China is getting stronger too. Another issue in the event of war, i doubt seoul will help tokyo. Seoul in fact enjoys better relationship with beijing than tokyo.

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To me this is like a cold war. The problem is china is growing stronger and threatening Japan. Honestly speaking Japan doesnt respect China too. Japanese foreign policy in East Asia is shit. You dont have any friends except USA.Japan just has to accept it their golden days are over, the wind changes. Lastly, Japan is surrounded by enemies Russia, North Korea and China. South Korea definitely wont help Japan during war in.fact seoul relationship is closer with beijing than tokyo. So do you think Japan can win the war in Asia Pacific. I doubt.

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**Look at how things are going so far. I don't think Abe is going to the right direction. First, i understand Abe is a rightist, he tries to revive Japanese glorious year. China rising is inevitable , going for a head butt with China is foolish.Both Japan and China will be the biggest losers and USA will be the winner. I doubt USA will help japan if war break out between china n japan. China is just too strong at Asia Pacific.Also it will be a laughing stalk for European.

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