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All for show....For me, there are capable hands in this country but if any government official is seeing this, you need to work on your strict immigration rules and make it easier for people to gain permanent residency and stop deciding the length of stay on one's visa on how much taxes the person had remitted. The other day at a gathering in the southern part of the country, polls were conducted to ascertain if foreigners should be brought into the mix and allowed to vote and do all administrative stuffs, alas, these old hags voted against it. A country where you pay taxes and you ain't allowed to cast votes doesn't seem welcoming. No matter what you do and how long you've lived here, you're always gonna be a gaijin. Japanese should also do those jobs that lack employees and let's see if they are strong enough. Everyone wants to wear the useless white top and black pants parading themselves as doing something worthwhile. They need to stop the indirect racial profiling of outsiders and just push the country forward. Wages are low while the cost of living is high. 60% of your paycheck goes into the hands of this govt., yet you do not merit any good thing from them as a foreigner. If everybody is high skilled, who will do the low skilled jobs needed to keep a balance in the life of the middle skilled and high skilled. Everyone is indispensable!!! Peace in and out!

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