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Posted in: Japan to trial AI scheme for spotting bears as attacks on humans rise See in context

Look for the video of cats and bears.

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Posted in: Japan to trial AI scheme for spotting bears as attacks on humans rise See in context

Bring a cat with you. Bears are really scared of cats.

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Posted in: 4th Fukushima treated radioactive water release to start Wednesday See in context

Why are the pipes blue? Is it potable water?

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Posted in: Labor shortages at elderly care facilities in quake-hit Ishikawa Prefecture have worsened since some staff quit because of the increased work burden, and many nursing care facilities in other parts of Japan are already short-staffed and cannot spare any workers. What can be done to alleviate the situation? See in context

I think humanoid robots will eventually be able to take over some of the care. Changing diapers, maybe changing bed linen, assisting with showers and baths, assisting in toilets, removing trash, and laundry services. I mean eventually. Just meal services would reduce the load considerably, and that is mostly doable today.

East Asian workers are not so different than Japanese. Maybe they would assimilate fairly easily. 2-3 generations and it would be difficult to tell except by their names.

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Posted in: U.S. eyes Japanese shipyards for warship overhauls, says U.S. ambassador See in context

They used to use Japanese dry docks to do overhauls in the past. With the current Yen exchange rate, this should be an easy decision.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan can play any role in bringing peace to the Middle East or Ukraine? See in context

Japan can increase the supply of Patriot missiles. Also, other types of aid including money. So, not directly but it can have an effect.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after slashing 4 men in train at Tokyo's Akihabara station See in context

Mental health is tough. There are medications that can help, but they don’t always keep working. You have to kind of search for the right combination of meds. And, then change them when they stop working. Also, they make you feel pretty bad. And, make you fat. It’s hard to keep taking them. So, there is a lot of support needed. A lot of support.

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Posted in: Avoiding a catastrophe if Mount Fuji erupts after major quake See in context

This is a step in the right direction. Standards should be established. Then goals set to achieve them. Drills and testing to measure progress. Perhaps, the Diet could take up the issue and pass some laws about the basic readiness requirements. It all seems a bit lackadaisical.

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Posted in: Scandal-hit biggest LDP faction execs asked for voluntary questioning See in context

We deeply regret our actions, and will be renaming the faction to Hush Up, which should resolve all remaining issues and concerns.

Too bad “Smile Up” was taken.

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Posted in: Japanese officials begin on-site inspection of Daihatsu HQ See in context

I’m in the market for a Kei van. Daihatsu Hijet was the leading candidate. There seem to be several brands using the same basic body. I wonder how deep this goes. Could these’d other manufacturers of these Kei vans also have been falsifying data. To be honest, one of the things that worry me most about these Kei cars is the lack of safety features. This is not making me more confident. I’ve seen the results of accidents…

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Posted in: Japanese companies, which have been front-runners in gas-electric hybrid vehicles, need to quickly adapt to market changes toward electric vehicles. See in context

PHEV's make a lot of sense during this transition period. It's like a BEV around town, and a HEV on the expressways and for long distances in general.

PHEV would be okay if they had a little more battery range. Perhaps electric drive and a floating battery.

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Posted in: Japanese companies, which have been front-runners in gas-electric hybrid vehicles, need to quickly adapt to market changes toward electric vehicles. See in context

Fast charging requires a huge amount of power, equivalent to several houses. For this to be available at every house and on the street for people who park on the street will take a large amount of effort and resources.

Don’t really need fast charging for overnight.

I live in Takamatsu. I’d buy an electric Kei van if they got the drive distance up to 300km. But, for around town 200km is probably sufficient. Those are available soon.


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Posted in: Ohtani's Dodgers contract has $680 million deferred, lowering tax value to $46 million annually See in context

I hope there is some sort of guarantee? Like lottery winnings. Take it discounted now or as an annuity.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s Shibuya district bans public drinking on New Year’s Eve, cancels countdown celebration See in context

Maybe this is an opportunity for Governor Koike to put forward a plan. Locate and support a Tokyo New Year’s Countdown location that could handle the event and welcome it.

I’m not personally interested in large crowds, but this tradition is worldwide and Tokyo should have it. It’s not like Japan is incapable of managing huge gatherings such as the Sumida fireworks, etc.

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Posted in: Japanese airline to allow pets on all domestic flights from January See in context

I’m allergic to pets.

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Posted in: Kishida plans to replace chief cabinet secretary Matsuno: report See in context

Some politicians may start out with high morals and ethics, but as time goes on compromises must be made. In the end, they may be beholden to various interests. So, it’s a slippery slope. Money and influence are necessary to get elected. Perhaps, it might even be required to step over a few lines to prove your loyalty.

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Posted in: Ohtani agrees to record $700 million 10-year contract with Dodgers See in context

Stadiums are not too far apart. Wide choice of areas to live. With that kind of money, beach house in Malibu! Maybe a condo nearby the stadium.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $4.5 bil more in aid for Ukraine, including $1 bil in humanitarian funds See in context

Well done, Japan!

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors to launch Minicab EV electric commercial vehicle in Japan in December See in context

I really want an electric kei van. I live in Takamatsu. 200km to Hiroshima. 200km to Ōsaka. 250km to Tottori. I’m gonna need at least 300km range. And faster charging too. Oh well.

Come on Japan! And, let’s get some charging too!

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Posted in: French man says sister missing in Japan since 2018 a victim of crime See in context

Sorry for your loss. Can a bear attack be ruled out?

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Posted in: Police investigate report of someone spreading white powder on street in Hyogo See in context

There is an international running group called the Hash House Harriers. Thhey are active in many countries around the world. They have been active in Japan at least since I was stationed here in the ‘80s.


A person designated as the hare, will mark the route using flour. The rest follow this course. Shouting, “On on.”


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Posted in: U.S. transition to electric vehicles faces delays See in context

Who knows? Maybe the legacy manufacturers are correct. Maybe they can slow their roll and still survive by timing the market correctly.

OTOH, we are starting to enter the more vertical phase of BEV adoption and I fear that they may be left behind if they don’t have their supply chain sorted and product in the pipeline. Tesla is hardly slowing down. And, will build out Mexico and maybe announce another GF location. They are continuing to ramp Germany and Texas. They will hit 1.8 BEV vehicles this year. Hyundai/Kia is aggressive. And, the Chinese are coming.

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Posted in: Use of AI-based robots on the rise in Japanese agriculture See in context

I’d like to see supermarkets grow local produce on their roofs. That would be so cool.

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Posted in: ‘The Marvels’ melts down at box office See in context

Too much over saturation. Non compelling stories. Generic characters. I can’t even make it through some of these on streaming. They just don’t grab me. And, I grew up on comic books in the ‘60s. I used to go to the movies every week until Covid.

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Posted in: Can EKGs read by AI save lives? It's possible, researchers say See in context

Hopefully all EKGs will connect with the AI analysis automatically at some not too distant time in the future.

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Posted in: Elon Musk issues warning about 'humanoid robots' in AI 'age of abundance' See in context

The neo-liberals won’t let any dividends trickle down. Get serious.

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Posted in: Actor Robert De Niro's ex-top assistant cites his courtroom outburst as example of his abusive side See in context

She makes a pretty good salary.

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Posted in: Booking a hotel room? Beware of differences between Japanese and foreign sites See in context

The hotel has a rack rate. This is the highest rate they want to sell and that’s what you get as a walk in. I’ve been advised by desk staff to book online and I have actually done that in the hotel lobby before I save. The BAR is the best available rate. Perhaps online booking sites will have these rates.

One thing to watch out for is dark patterns used by these booking sites. Apple product users get offered a higher price for example. Only 1 room left. Bumping the price the second time you view.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant starts 3rd release of treated radioactive wastewater into sea See in context

Blue = potable water

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant starts 3rd release of treated radioactive wastewater into sea See in context

Why are the pipes blue? I thought that was not for potable water.

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