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Posted in: Japan says Sakhalin energy projects do not contradict Russia sanctions See in context

Japan does not need to be energy dependent. National security is enhanced when we stop depending on fossil fuels and go 100% renewable. This is a good investment for the future. And, should include battery storage and pumped hydro storage.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer gets suspended sentence for stealing cash from house damaged by fire See in context

I always wonder what keeps police from taking cash from houses when people die. I would imagine people usually all hide it in the same places. Seems that would be difficult to stop.

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Posted in: Banning Russian LNG imports tough without supply alternatives: trade minister See in context

Japan should go all in transitioning to renewable energy. Wind, solar and thermal. Also, battery and pumped storage.

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Posted in: Elderly couple hit, killed by car; driver arrested See in context

Kazuhiko Fabio Yanai, a Brazilian dispatch worker. 

I object to this type of othering. Japan Today should have higher standards.

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Posted in: Get ready to pay more: Over 40% of Japanese firms to raise prices within a year: survey See in context

NeoLiberal supply side economics. Here is a good article.

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Posted in: Energy shift creates opening for 'world's largest batteries' See in context

I’ve always thought there should be a system to pump water into the Colorado River. I haven’t really thought about the source so much. The Great Lakes?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,583 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 40,893 See in context

It’s still somewhat meaningless without knowing how many test they did. Is this close to 100% of the symptomatic? How many other zombies out there spreading their germs?

Also, how about those that don’t get tested and just quarantine at home until it’s over.

there is too much that we don’t know.

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Posted in: Dental fees to jump as palladium prices surge on Ukraine war See in context

Dentists seem to have it pretty good in Japan. There sure are a lot of them. I had all my silver fillings removed over 20 years ago. The plastic/resin is good enough for most fixes - including molars. Not that expensive really.

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Posted in: Honda to spend ¥5 tril over next decade on EVs See in context

I’m looking for a BEV. Especially interested in a yellow plate van. Suzuki Every is what I want. I hope Suzuki follows along quickly.

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Posted in: U.S. slaps sanctions on Putin's daughters, Russia's biggest banks See in context

What happens if the sanctions do work? If we back Putin into a corner? What if he is terminally ill? Would he push the button and use even one nuke?

I’m not against taking all measures against Putin now. I think we need to make a stand here. Appeasement doesn’t seem to work.

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Posted in: Putin's demand for ruble payments? No way, say EU nations See in context

..wondering what consequences will be in case of Japan

I think the Japanese government has worked out payments to oil wholesalers to keep the cost of gas down. Everyone seems complacent about the plunge in the value of the Yen. Almost ¥122/$1 today. Food prices are soaring.

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Posted in: Japan's oil subsidy may be upped fivefold due to Ukraine crisis See in context

If only the government was able to get behind the electrification of vehicles? Would reduce the need for subsidies. And, reduce Japan’s dependence on fossil fuels.

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Posted in: Japan aims for 1 million daily booster shots to stem infection wave See in context

My wife and I got our boosters on Sunday in Shinjuku. Six months after our last shot. It was efficient. They gave us a choice of Pfizer or Moderna. We stayed with the Pfizer. But, there could be some benefits to mixing vaccines.

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Posted in: Japan to decide COVID quasi-emergency extension in 1st half of week See in context

My wife and I got our boosters yesterday in Shinjuku. It was efficiently done.

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Posted in: Japan's skiing population continues its downward trajectory See in context

How much of the decline is caused by the shift to snowboarding? They are equivalent from an economic standpoint. I’m an instructor. I do both. This article misses the mark.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 14,445 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 81,655 See in context

Why not report every age group? It’s just weird not to…

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Posted in: Gov't under pressure to again declare COVID state of emergency in Tokyo See in context

The 42 out of 100,000 would be those in need of ICU, not the thousand more who also needed hospitalization but not ICU

Maybe the 42 need intubation? I think that is what Japan counts as serious.

I’m not sure where we are at with treatment. I’ve heard that best results are when treated early. Are there drugs available for treatment? How about oxygen and blood oxygen monitoring at home?

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Posted in: Olympic athletes urged by activists not to criticize China See in context

The IOC needs to be dissolved. Too broken to fix.

If the Olympics continue, let’s have them at permanent locations.

Invalid CSRF

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Posted in: Japan to put Tokyo, 12 other prefectures under COVID quasi-emergency See in context

So, if they get some compliance with SOE? Maybe there is some percentage of mitigation. I can’t believe it does nothing. Yes, plenty of ways to get Covid. But, less chance while drinking after 7pm?

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Posted in: Japan must co-exist with virus while achieving growth, says minister See in context

I wonder what the holdup is for the booster shots? Not enough supply? They were in full swing. Logistics all in place to get shots in arms - and then they stopped. The missus and myself are scheduled in March. 8 months later….

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Posted in: COVID vaccination requests at work pose worry in Japan's booster push See in context

1.3 Million cases reported yesterday in the US. Some say that half the people in Europe will have Omicron in a couple weeks. Fauci says that Omicron will find almost everybody. Japan report 6239 new cases on Tuesday…

I’ve been wrong about every wave so far. I computed R factor and projected much worse. I really can’t understand how Japan is dodging this bullet? Since Japan is not testing nor contact tracing to any extent, it is safe to assume that Covid is somewhere between 10-100x the reported numbers. Rationing of tests and hospital beds keeps the apparent numbers down. Where are all the dead people? It has been stated that there are no excess deaths due to all causes. None. Is that still true?

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Posted in: Police ask public not to use 110 number for non-urgent calls See in context

Could a certain number of calls be attributed to mental illness?

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Posted in: Tesla's cameras-only autonomous system stirs controversy See in context

Without knowing how this was rigged, there is no way of knowing if they aren’t skewing the test somehow. It really looks bad. Because it is meant to. And, it might end up backfiring on Luminar. We will see.

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Posted in: Japan requests U.S. base curfews; Okinawa reports 981 virus cases See in context

Perhaps they could close the gates? No one I and no one out.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for aggressive wage hikes in push for wealth redistribution See in context

Japan didn’t get the memo that NeoLiberalism is dead. We can look forward to another few decades of laissez-faire pain before it sinks in.

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Posted in: Kishida promises boosters, new measures against Omicron See in context

Joseph Stalin said, “Quantity has a quality all it’s own.” In the case of the Omicrom variant, there is a good chance of hospitals being overwhelmed again - even if individuals are at less risk.

I have been wrong about every wave so far in Japan. The exponential growth in infections didn’t appear to be happening in Japan as in the rest of the world. There were some excess deaths due to lack of hospital beds. These may never be quantified. But, overall we seem to be doing better than a lot of other countries.

With the pandemic fatigue evident in Japan during the Holidays, I hope we can dodge this bullet as well.

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Posted in: Travelers returning from New Year holidays crowd roads, airports See in context

What are the stigma and consequences for being positive in Japan? Will one be ostracized like the nurses and preschool teachers were? Will one lose their jobs? Does anyone want to get tested when faced with impacts such as this? Perhaps the current testing regime is just fine with most people.

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman arrested in Okinawa for riding minibike while under influence of alcohol See in context

His punishment will depend on his chain of command. Maybe he will

enter rehab and get a slap in the wrist.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 38 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 322 See in context

Not so bad yet. But, I believe we are in for the next wave with the Omicron variant being so contagious. Whether this is good or bad - I don’t know. Perhaps, if the cases are not severe it’s a good way for everyone to get their immunity up. My wife and I have had 2 doses of vaccine and are scheduled for the booster in March. I’m not confident going out at all…

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Posted in: Japanese space tourist says he would love longer flight See in context

As more people do this, the price comes down. More infrastructure is built to service the demand. Economies of scale. Competition. Maezawa is helping to bring down the price for everyone. This is how it works. Air travel was similar in its adoption and popularization.

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