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Posted in: Opposition Labor Party leader Albanese elected Australian PM in complex poll result See in context

@concerned citizen, I hope you and your extreme right conservative politicians just keep thinking that way in the next 3 years that they will eventually be replaced by more Teal politicians. That the liberal party lost because they went " left" is the biggest joke i ever heard.

The reason why they lost in WA, is because they supported Clive Palmer against the border closure. They lost seats to the Teal is because their attitude towards women and inaction towards climate change, despite the constant bushfire or flood the country suffered these past three years. Scomo thought he can pretend to be a mini-Trump but forgot that Australia is always solidly centre due to the compulsory voting.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya beef bowl chain exec dismissed over sexist remarks See in context

From an article in another newspaper, the company share price tanked after his remarks so obviously they had to get rid of him.

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Posted in: Djokovic faces deportation after Australia revokes visa See in context

All of his problems were caused by his self important and hubris. He had choices to do the right things: 1) get vaxxed, or 2) arrived early and quarantine for 14 days. But no, because he is a guy who plays tennis well, so rules should be applied to other plebs and not him. He should save the last of his dignity and get out.

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Posted in: Australian Olympic athletes under fire for rowdy, drunken flight home See in context

Australian bogan behaviour is as bad as the American. Everywhere i travel, i said i am from New Zealand!

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Posted in: WHO leader says virus risk inevitable at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Thanks to him bowing under the pressure from China at the beginning of the pandemic, we are now in this situation. I still remember he adamantly stated that the virus could not transmit between human and argued against border closure against travel from China. He is useless and a crook.

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Posted in: Semenya misses Tokyo, may be forced out of Olympics for good See in context

These Olympic rules are too abtritary and seemingly lean towards rich countries' advantages. In one case, here is a black woman from poor family born with female genital, identified as a female, but has Y chromosome. So they stop her from competing due to her natural advantage even though it's what Nature made her. Then there is a case of a white millionaire man who identified as a female, transitioned to become a woman yet still retain their natural advantage for muscle and bone development. This person was an average weight lifter as a man, yet perform at Olympic competition level as a woman even they are in their 40s. How does this even make sense? The whole thing also stinks of most of the -ism, sexism, racism and even classism.

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Posted in: Disney's 'Mulan' to skip big screen with September streaming launch See in context

This movie is a dud. Many fans of the cartoon version will skip it because they removed most of the songs and Mushu. Chinese audience will not watch it because they already have numerous and better versions produced in China.

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Posted in: Cancel culture: Positive social change or online harassment? See in context

These current "cancel" culture reminds me of a similar movement in the past : " Chinese cultural revolution" where everything or everyone who represents or expressed the wrong thought or wrong image would be destroyed or denounced. The impact of this is long lasting in China and to a lesser extent in Vietnam. In China, many cultural artefacts and architectural structures were destroyed and lost. Of course, both movement were originated from the far left. The irony for those advocate for these movements are often themselves got "cancelled" the moment they could not maintain the purity of thought.

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Posted in: Black Lives Matter protests mostly peaceful in Australia See in context

Let wait for 2 weeks and see that second wave coming. Stupidity and hypocrisy is clearly on displayed here. The people who protested are probably the same people who criticized the nut cases in US who protested lock down and social distancing measures a couples of weeks ago. Two sides of the same coins. Is the world full of moronic people or the mainstream media and social media give a loud but small group of people more prominence?

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Posted in: Mother accused of drowning 11-month-old daughter in bathtub to undergo psychiatric test See in context

I noted that most of the posters who criticize this woman are men. To these people, i say: please educate yourself. Postnatal depression is real and has been accepted as mental illness. Someone I closely know had it and it was pretty bad, but luckily she received good support and overcame it. This woman did not receive the support she needs, which leads to this sad outcome.

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Posted in: Many Japanese defy appeals to stay home to curb virus See in context

And we realise that the idea that Japanese people are community minded and society focused is just a myth.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after 11-month-old daughter drowns in bathtub See in context

She has postnatal depression and probably got very little support from her husband and the welfare agency. Such an avoidable situation.

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Posted in: Experts warn Japanese growing complacent of coronavirus risk See in context

I found it is strange that Japan was not hit as hard as other Asian countries despite few restrictions in place compared to other and the large elderly population. Maybe better healthcare system and healthier population?

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Posted in: Plane leaves Japan for Greece to collect Olympic flame See in context

It feels like the plot of Akira now. If the Olympic still goes ahead, please include a reenactment of the scene where Tetsuo, symbolising the virus, rampaging through Tokyo.

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Posted in: WHO pandemic declaration won't change Tokyo Olympics plan: Suga See in context

They will delay it despite their heads in the sand attitude. July is not far ahead enough time to have a vaccine available and there's no warranty that the virus is no longer spreading. Other countries will not sending their athletes. Witness the disintegration of the Australian Grand Prix.

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Posted in: U.S. airport screeners, health workers plagued by fear and anger as coronavirus spreads See in context

This is why I think Coronavirus will impact US the most among the developed countries. They don't have the universal healthcare system that others developed countries have to adequately reduce the spread . They focus more on individual rights rather the common benefit of society so whatever rules that the government issues to contain the virus will not be followed. And they also don't have the authoritarian power of China and many of the developing countries have to ensure people obeying the rule.

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Posted in: S Korea protests over Japan's virus travel restrictions See in context

80 countries are banning people transiting thru South Korea or force them into 14 days quarantine now. Isreal even flied all Korean tourists back to SK. Why SK government didn't protests these countries? Or it is all about their weird complex toward Japanese again.

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Posted in: Many cherry blossom festivals canceled as virus fears grow See in context

If my country didn't impose the 14 day self quarantine requirements for anyone flying from Japan, I would love to go for the hanami this year! Viewing sakura blossom with less crowd would be fantastic! And the ticket is cheap.

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