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I broke my leg two years ago and just getting into the station was a nightmare. Generally people would give up their seats and I would gratefully thank them. However, there were many times when hobbling through the crowded stations lots of harried salarymen who would walk straight at me expecting me to divert, I would purposefully swung my crutches wide and wack them in the shins and they would look surprised that I hit them.

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Bush had 8 years to screw it up and did so in spectacular fashion. Now he leaves his mess for others to clean up. Bravo!

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Have they found it yet? I'm holding my breath.

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No laws against bigotry, no laws against kiddy porn, notice the trend?

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nice pair of talents

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Posted in: Man held for attempted murder after driving car into schoolchildren in Chiba See in context

What do you want to bet this guy was off his "medication?" Hope the kids are okay.

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