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Posted in: Realistically speaking, what do you think the police should be doing to catch Tatsuya Ichihashi, the suspect in the 2007 murder of Lindsay Ann Hawker? See in context

First fire the police who let him go, I don't believe the story he slipped past them while questioning him. What makes you think they will do any better finding him? There is no "man hunt" for this guy who kills women and no justice.

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Posted in: Japan to pay 80,000 Afghanistan police salaries See in context

franz75 - Yeah help a country that doesn't want help while Japan jobless goes without. Really it's about the USA and what they want for he defense of Japan IE Clinton's little visit. USA just wants to stop "Taliban" and opium coming from there. Lets get it straight. The drunk boozer leaders of Japan just care about who knows what. Who the hell is the leader of Japan anyway? Prolly another boozer......

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Posted in: U.S. to court martial soldier accused of rape after Japanese authorities drop charges See in context

techall - "This is why the J-police did not charge Hopstock." How do you know this??

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Posted in: Conservatives lost more than an election See in context

No, it is also the Christian conservative that is on the way out. Stop trying to find a scapegoat and point to all the other stupid things the Republicans/Christian conservative/Bush did and say it wasn't us. Your just as guilty.

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Posted in: McCain dismisses poll numbers; insists he will win See in context

Just another liar. Don't let the door hit you on the way out McCain and Palin. All your Republican Senators and Representatives are joining you. At last the old thinking right wing is on the way out along with all the other lying bigoted religious freaks. Maybe something will actually happen to boost society instead of sending it back into the dark ages.

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Posted in: It's meant to be a compliment to wrestlers by fans delighted by a particularly thrilling bout. It sounds tasteless that cushions will be tied together by strings. See in context

Agreed, shooting themselves in the foot yet again. Peeling away whats left that makes Sumo cool. Many things to worry about in Sumo and this wasn't one of them.

Just more idiots trying to look like something is getting done when they can't think of anything else to do. Grats.

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Posted in: Homeless man See in context

BS story.

I agree, How do they know he was homeless? He could of been just drunk or maybe even tired. I see people do this all the time in the mornings outside clubs. He looks too well dressed up to be homeless. He isn't even sleeping on the pavement as the title said. When somebody sleeps on the pavement in Japan they really sleep on the pavement.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress See in context

Empress - The only Japanese women in all of Japan to not dye her hair and have a huge bald spot. Kudos to her. Every women should be so smart and dignified as her here in Japan.

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Posted in: Jury system poster See in context

"may the lynching begin" - false. It's better than the current system of 3 judges deciding 99% of the time your guilty after 99% of the police who don't want to lose face and admit to being wrong after picking the first person who kinda looks like what somebody pointed out. Yeah it sucks like the America system where only lonely, jobless, daytime tv watchers serve but you come up with a better system.

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Posted in: Skype admits China privacy breach See in context

All these dumb companies out for greed could care less. Whether it's lead in toys, Melamine in Milk, etc. China is a scary country but if money is to be made no biggie.

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Posted in: Pink Tokyo Tower See in context

God, thats a terrible photo.

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