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Nagoyajin comments

Posted in: Japanese dog of 'Doge' meme fame dies See in context

Wow! Sad amaze!

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Posted in: Man arrested after drunken fight with friend in Niigata bar See in context

That an article like this even makes the news shows how great it is to live in Japan. While everything may not be perfect here, a little spat between two tipsy mates wouldn’t even make the local news in a tiny town in most countries. They are just regular events.

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Posted in: Anger, sorrow as Indigenous Australians weigh referendum defeat See in context

Some posters are unaware of the history of Australia. Consider this: aborigines did not have the right to vote in Australian elections until the 1960s. Is that fair in a country that values equality?

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Posted in: Japan broadcasters issue rare apologies for past silence over J-pop agency sex abuse See in context

The media in Japan deserves to be harshly criticized for this deliberate burying of news that would have saved more victims of child abuse. That’s unforgivable. Apologies now are decades late but better late than never.

And never forget PM Shinzo Abe praising the pedophile at his funeral. Unforgivable again.

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Posted in: Kane says he needs time to adapt at Bayern Munich after a loss on his debut See in context

He is likely to be a failure. It’s the fate of all British players who play overseas - and that definitely includes all national teams!

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Posted in: Good sports See in context

Japanese players leave their locker rooms clean after using them. The fans, even when disappointed after the loss, clean up the stands. That’s pure class.

You can be sure that all other teams and their fans don’t follow this. In fact, the losers will be trashing the locker room while their fans brawl outside. No prizes for guessing which countries have no class.

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Posted in: Airlines grapple with rise in turbulent passengers See in context

Articles like this and the many YouTube videos illustrating the horrid behavior of passengers makes me happy to live in Japan. Here most people don’t object to sitting next to a stranger they don’t like (often racists or orthodox believers who refuse to sit next to the opposite sex) or have problems following instructions on seatbelts, masks, etc. Civilization always wins.

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Posted in: The top 10 most appealing of Tokyo’s 23 wards to live in after retirement See in context

If you can afford to buy in, the central Tokyo is the best place to retire in. As you age you need more convenient access to shopping, medical facilities and entertainment. Tokyo not only has more of these than anywhere else but also has the public transport system to give you ready access. Who needs a car? (Who needs more elderly drivers?)

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Posted in: Iran hangs 2 in rare blasphemy case as executions surge See in context

Not content with enforcing their views on everyone else through current abortion and book bans, American Christians may take inspiration from Iran to try to make blasphemy illegal too.

Tucker Carlson, Trump, Hannity, Bill O’Reilly as “good Christians” will undoubtedly lead the charge.

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Posted in: 'Happy Science' cult leader Okawa dies at 66 See in context

I am simply stunned that someone could conclude that this cult could result from conformity or lack of “proper” education.

In the enlightened west we have a country which voted against its own best interests (Brexit), and another which produces hundreds of cults from Scientology to Charles Manson, believes guns keep them safe even as regular mass shootings prove otherwise, but regards masks & vaccinations as dangerous.

If this is the result of superior critical thinking, I would definitely prefer to be dumb.

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Posted in: Public expresses anger, concern at Kishida aide's anti-LGBT remarks See in context

I know exactly how Kishida’s secretary, Arai, feels since I don’t want to live next to a bigot such as him either. Gay neighbors, however, would not be a problem.

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Posted in: Japan wins World Pastry Cup See in context

I am not surprised. After eating in Tokyo for 2 years my wife and I were surprised to find the baguettes and croissants we ate in Paris, Lyon and Nice last year were not even close to Tokyo’s in either taste or quality. And they are cheaper here too! A deserved win.

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Posted in: God and guns often go together in U.S. history See in context

So let me see if I have this right. Christians are told to “turn the other cheek” but they actually support gun ownership more than other Americans - despite living in a “divinely inspired” country and having the most powerful force in the universe, God, on their side.

So either they don’t really believe in god existing and need to hedge their bets, or they just don’t follow the Bible, which means they are not true Christians.

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Posted in: Man City fumes as VAR decision fuels Man Utd win; Brighton rocks Liverpool See in context

Yawn. The top sport headline in JT was English soccer news… wasn’t Norwegian equestrian or Indonesian hockey news available? British soccer, once again, demonstrated its relatively pathetic place in international standards at the recent WC. Have their fans forgotten already?

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Posted in: Winter bonuses at Japanese firms see sharpest increase in 40 years See in context

FYI Tenured assoc prof. Last winter bonus received ¥2.4 million. But I appreciate that it’s not representative of most jobs without tenure which do not offer bonuses.

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Posted in: Japan aims to alleviate overpopulation in Tokyo area by FY2027 See in context

There is no one perfect place to live. When we had a young family the suburbs were the place to be. Big house and garden, safe environment for kids and access to good schools.

But now we are retired, life in downtown Tokyo is far, far better. Shops, restaurants, hospitals, international travel - everything is far more accessible and abundant. And live in the right place, such as parts of Shibuya or Shinjuku and you will enjoy more trees than I ever saw living in suburban Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto.

It comes down to “when” you live as well as “where” you live.

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Posted in: World Cup hits and misses See in context

The failure of England to beat the US was one of the biggest misses.

Yes but it can only be regarded as a failure if England were ever expected to win. Their fans, since 1966, have painfully learned that their teams have been entirely disappointing. Perhaps many were relieved by the draw.

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Posted in: Melbourne soccer match abandoned after goalkeeper attacked See in context

Can anyone tell me why this happens so often in soccer - having violent (& racist) fans - in so many countries on different continents?

It doesn’t happen with other sports with rabid fans like MLB, NFL, NBA, rugby or cricket.

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Posted in: Gvardiol shines as Croatia wins 3rd-place match See in context

A young player with a bright future. But even he with his youth, speed and size advantages was no match for Leo Messi. The GOAT.

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Posted in: A decade after Sandy Hook, grief remains but hope grows See in context

Sandy Hook demonstrates that America is truly broken. Parents, devastated by the loss of their innocent children, then become abused and threatened by the idiotic believers of Alex Jones and his ridiculous conspiracies. Victimized twice.

After becoming filthy rich, Jones is now declaring bankruptcy because he admits to his lies. Lesson for Americans: lie to get rich, don’t worry about the human cost, you can always cry poor later.

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Posted in: Bantamweight king Inoue eyes next challenge after beating Butler See in context

Inoue won, yet again. Butler after talking so very bravely - pre-fight - that he wasn’t scared of Inoue, spent the whole fight backpedaling with his guard up. Famous last words.

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Posted in: Indonesia bans sex outside marriage in new criminal code See in context

This article misses the real intention for banning premarital sex. Gay and lesbian marriage is outlawed in Indonesia, therefore, from now on all gay sex is illegal. Welcome to the Bronze Age, again.

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Posted in: Things you'd better not do upon retiring See in context

My half dozen years of retirement have been the opposite of this article. I am loving my golden years.

There is plenty of money to spend because we saved and invested for several decades. We moved from the suburbs to the middle of Tokyo, next to dozens of doctors, gyms, supermarkets, transportation options, restaurants, bars and vast greenery. How could there be any free time now with so much to do?

And we miss work like we miss having toothaches.

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Posted in: Japan beats Spain 2-1 to advance to last 16 at World Cup See in context

Soccer is such a weird game. Scores are so low that a team can be dominant for most of the match, like Germany or Spain playing Japan, but still lose. Japan, Australia are to progress but Germany and Belgium are eliminated? Wow!

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Posted in: Japan gets 2 late goals to upset Germany 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

Terrific win for Japan, especially for coming from behind like that. Sasuga!

But it’s also sad that the German team didn’t perform as well given their courage shown by protesting the host country’s record of poor human rights. Kudos to them for taking a stand.

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Posted in: If you have been traveling on planes recently, have you noticed an increase in the number of passengers who stuff the overhead baggage compartments with too many bags? See in context

It is not just filling overhead lockers with too many bags but also with overly large bags. When flying back to Tokyo from Europe in May, a young woman was really struggling to get her suitcase up into the locker. I was foolish enough to volunteer to do it for her and later regretted it as it could easily have damaged my back. The cabin luggage maximum weight was 12kgs per passenger. Her bag was about 3 times that.

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Posted in: KFC releases overflowing lobster fillet burger for winter in Japan See in context

It looks good so I tried it last week. Ordinary. No lobster flavor and not a vegetable in sight.

I much prefer the regular KFC chicken fillet burger which has at least has lettuce and mayo.

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Posted in: China's COVID epicenter shifts to Guangzhou; more lockdowns loom See in context

China wants you to believe that their government is saving their people from coronavirus by locking them up. They never admit that they caused the pandemic to begin with, vaccinated Chinese with the useless Sinovac, and now cannot open up which would expose their myth. A couple of posters above believe Chinese propaganda but Xi is scared but viruses do not listen!

Chinese GDP per capital now is a miserly $12,500. And that’s going down as the lockdown continues and wealthy Chinese immigrate to the west in droves.

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Posted in: Children troubled by parents' religion want 'exit' system, survey shows See in context

Maybe you forgot about atheists Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot and thier carnage and abuse? So should parents teaching their children atheism be also considered child abuse?

@Concerned Citizen. Unfortunately for you, your argument has been demonstrated to be either shallow or knowingly dishonest.

The problem for your argument is this: Ask yourself how many times did Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot kill in the name of atheism. Zero. They killed millions yes, but for reasons of power and vengeance.

Then ask yourself how many have been killed directly in the name of god? The Crusades, Northern Ireland, 9/11, the Rohingya genocide, etc. So your god must be either totally inept or evil.

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Posted in: Children troubled by parents' religion want 'exit' system, survey shows See in context

It is great to see Japan starting to do something about a serious problem - religion in society. All religions get a free pass on taxes, influence politics with their money and organized voting blocs, and even create political parties like Komeito or the many Christian democratic parties in Europe. And they impose their values on nonbelievers also - they can’t have abortions and insist everyone else can’t either.

Other countries should follow the Japanese lead and start limiting religion in society.

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