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Posted in: 'Imagine' at 50: Why John Lennon's ode to humanism still resonates See in context

The bishop’s totalitarian anthem: “imagine all the people living in their lives in peace…” Hmm, not sure what the problem is.

But maybe we should all listen when he speaks of moral and political chaos.

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Posted in: Man with pickaxe attacks vehicle carrying Beat Takeshi See in context

Beat Takeshi is an entitled creep. He lacks class, humility & manners. His “humor” is 3 Stooges level. He gives comedy a bad name.

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono favorite to become next PM: polls See in context

Suga is being fired mainly for his lack of effective leadership on the Covid crisis. Now Suga to replaced by his minister for Covid?

Only in the LDP do they promote you for incompetence!

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Posted in: How to live like you're earning ¥10 million a year on an income of ¥3 million See in context

This article seems to suggest that since most pensioners get by on 1.7million, workers should all be fine with 3mill. No way! As a retired pensioner, I am more than happy to have had a far higher salary when I worked, and now am receiving far more income those figures without work. Money has given us options - to retire early, to donate to charity, to travel extensively. Those options disappear without better incomes.

The secret is securing multiple income sources post-retirement by long term saving, investing wisely and being lucky. And having two very good incomes.

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