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Posted in: Clinton begins Japan visit with warning to North Korea on nuclear programs See in context

I don't envy Hillary on this trip. It'll probably be quite uncomfortable as she'll be forced to listen to others while trying to convince them that everything is under control. Might be tough, especially if Kim Jong-Il decides to test out that missile on his birthday!

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Agreed on the photo, that is some scary stuff. My first thought was that she WAS a Special Olympian.

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Posted in: Ahmadinejad says 'American empire' near collapse See in context

While he may be insane, fewer lies come out of Ahmadinejad's mouth than Dubya's. It's unfortunate that the few leaders who do stand up to US bullying also happen to be crazy, hmmm, does that make me crazy too? Probably, find out:

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Posted in: Chavez says has enough oil for all customers See in context

China became the world's only superpower this week thanks to the socialization of America, and Venezuela, Angola and Iran will give them the oil to keep growing.

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Posted in: Bush scraps comments on financial crisis See in context

Who knew there would still be so many Bush supporters. I guess it's true, tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth:

Tax cuts for the rich, printing presses running 24/7 to pay for war, deregulation, hmmm, i wonder if it's this administrations fault?

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Posted in: Obama camp suggests lies over Palin visit to Iraq See in context

My goodness, Republican lie to us? I thought it was just democrats! Wake up people, even if half of what's been said about Palin is true, she's a nightmare selection for the world. It was her first time outside of the US! Her first passport so she could go visit troops who are in an illegal war to increase world wide terrorism. Yeeehaaaw!

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Posted in: Canada's prime minister calls early election See in context

The "campaign" so far has included something about puffins and greens. The place is turning into a joke, you knew the election was coming cuz the PM took a trip to the Arctic to make a show of fighting Ruskies.

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Posted in: Obama introduces running mate Biden See in context

I'm not a big fan of the choice, cliche to say I know, but it's the candidate of change picking the washington insider...And the way it was done just adds to the whole circus this process has become, and now we have to get through the conventions.

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Posted in: N Korea's Kim died in 2003; replaced by lookalike, says Waseda professor See in context

Impossible, no, unlikely, yes. I know he's reclusive, but it would be nice to have better proof than a satellite image that somehow shows he's grown and somebody saying an extra word, current. Dictators have a habit of sticking around longer than you'd expect.

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