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Posted in: Nobel Peace Prize winners blast Putin's invasion of Ukraine See in context

I bet this prize is 100%politicaly biazed .

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Posted in: U.S. to send another $600 million in military aid to Ukraine See in context

A way for U.S to update there arms stockpiles, and get ride of old unused arms..And keep arms manufacturers jobs.

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Posted in: Man accused of homeless woman's murder kills himself while out on bail See in context

I don't get it .... out on bail for a murder. Obayashi have the right to be treated as human if not in her life al least after her death.

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Posted in: Hayashi returns from Poland with 20 Ukrainians See in context

20 refugees ! what shame!

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Posted in: Sri Lanka trainee takes maternity leave, gives birth in Japan See in context

Wondering why a trainee taking maternity lave is in news. We are in 2022 not 1822.

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Posted in: There is no end to cases of illegal workers using forged residence cards, so we are stepping up crackdowns. See in context

I d like to see authorities crackdown on companies importing immigrants under trainees to use theme in construction site for slave wages (5000yen/day) . with no training provided ...

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers reverse plan to allow alcohol at venues See in context

How about "panicking" a new sport in Olympics, and sure Organizing commitee deserve the gold medal .

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Posted in: Cruz accuses Biden of being soft on Israel's foes and inviting further violence See in context

All these morons do not see a whole nation population,Palestine, incarcerated in refugee camps daily humiliated by occupying forces... And more asking that this tragedy be financed by US tax payers.

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza tunnels as truce efforts remain elusive See in context

HAMAS commits terrorism acts AGAINST OCCUPATION a fundamental right! Without it we may still have half the world under occupation..

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Posted in: Israel kills 42 in Gaza as calls mount for cease-fire, greater U.S. efforts See in context

Hamas is just exercising one of their fundamental rights: RESISTING OCCUPATION..

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

And no mention about the supply of jet fighters and bombes to Israel ...AMERICAN TAX PAYERS ... Israel get them free hence excessively used .

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

Come on guys when concentrating Palestinians in refugee camps, oppressed, daily humiliated, don’t expect them to throw flowers in your way. They are paying a high price for resisting Their oppressors the Israeli state. Palestinians are teaching us that DIGNTY IS PRICELESS.

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Posted in: Who fired rockets against ordinary citizens first? Our hearts are with Israel. See in context

All humans have THE RIGHT for fight for their land and Palestiniens are no exception ..GAZA is refugee camp those refugees have right to their land confiscated by Israeli colons .

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Posted in: 19-year-old drunk driver arrested after passenger dies in crash See in context

tooheysnewMay 4  04:17 pm JST

Isn’t the legal limit 0?

It is, its illegal to drink alcohol for 19 years old .

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Posted in: Men charged in Ghosn escape plot ask U.S. State Department to halt extradition See in context

They went for hight risk hight return, Unfortunately with all legal expenses involved the risk over weight return.. absolutely No sympathy!

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court allows extradition to Japan of Ghosn escape aides See in context

@Do the hustleToday  07:23 am JST

They didn’t actually break any laws in Japan. Helping someone escape is not an offense under Japanese law. They will cop the same treatment as Ghosn. They’ll be held indefinitely without a charge and interrogated daily until they confess to doing something that is not illegal in Japan. More stranger than fiction stories from Japan.

An they have to find someone to smuggle them out of the country for discount price !

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Posted in: Ghosn asks why Japanese don't come and question him in Lebanon See in context


The main matter is to have a fair trial and not being treated like a murderer.

Sure he can be guilty of stealing money but why not the same process as for many japanese businessmen/politicians ?

Do you mean by "Japanese businessmen/politicians" Japanese defendants. As I believe he was treated in his businessman days far better than his Japanese counterparts !

I d stand by him, if he is asking equal treatment, but claiming innocence is an other thing ...

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Posted in: Ghosn asks why Japanese don't come and question him in Lebanon See in context

They are NOT after him for the same thing Japan is, pay attention

In Japan he is accused of misuse of Nissan's assets, and in France for misuse of Renault's..In this regards I agree with you !

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Posted in: Ghosn asks why Japanese don't come and question him in Lebanon See in context

If french investigators are after you for almost the same accusations as their Japanese counterparts that not a coincidence Ghosn!

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Posted in: Bogus cop steals ¥7 mil from bank account of 75-year-old woman See in context

I’ve had police approach me too, in the street & ask me to show them my ID.

I said ‘show me your police ID first’. One of them did show it, and I said "there is lot of fake corps lately how can I tell your ID is genuine "...I took them to a koban and asked the guy there to check that the guys with me are real corps...they didn't like it ..went leaving after I showed my ID they told me to me" please be nice to police .." so I promised ...

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