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Posted in: Taiji fishermen vow to continue dolphin slaughter See in context

Hey, folks. It seems there are so many crimes against to "Dolphin Eating by Japanese".   We as almost all, maybe more than 99.99% people in Japan Don't know the Taste of Dolphin meat!! Our all of children will recognize dolphin as "Wise, cute voice, excellent performer annimal  in the water world"  at the first experience at aquarium zoo. They and more than 99.99 % people NEVER have recognition that "Dolphins are meat to eat".   There are nothing super market where sells Dolphin meat. Then, we Japanese suddenly have  heard the voice from yours, "Hey, Japanese, Don't Kill & Eat Dolphins!!!!!"     Ofcorse!!   We DON'T have that custom in each individual ordinary Life!!   Recently, we knew the town name  Taiji,  by SCREAMING Sea Shepherd the nature Terrorist whom attacking to JP whale ships that make designed hunting for whales.   It's well under-controled by govt. I have well understanding why the some Japanese having anger for the peoples who craiming Taiji,  because, they are  pushing and forcing their own way of thought to Taiji people.  Even though, almost all the people in Japan can't know the reason why the Taiji people want to eat dolphins, but I think it's their food culture from far old days that we must understand something about it.  Conclusion of mine, Dolphins are poor at that place, but very few, there are many things like politics, economics that should make immediately for entire Japanese.  Dolphin's priority is low at this time.  Though, Japanese govt. should hear the voices from "ordinary"foreigners not SS.   It'll better to make interchangeable work for Taiji's fishermen, and decrease dolphin hunting.  Very personally, I don't want to eat Dolphins, if good taste or not.  

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Posted in: Japanese academics join calls for gov't to face up to responsibility over 'comfort women' See in context

Japan already had apologised to Korea, many times from recent years and paid for those wemen, everytime. Japan made Yen loan for Korea now they have that for to build good nation but, they don't care of it and craim to Japan again& again. Then , why Korea request more & more, they said they will cotinue screaming request for 3000 years from now, how many times should we apologise them?, How much money do they want? We cannot understand their government. Main issue of their govt. seems to discount Japan. WTF!

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Posted in: Murayama urges Abe to follow his lead on war apology See in context

The statement of Murayama didn't follow "The Fact". So we cannot accept his words. There are so many "Sure & NOT sure things. That statement was "The give & Take Treatment with Korea". They were also so noisy at that days. They treat money & Service statement to quit noise as confition. But they didn't stoped. Again & again, when govt. had changed. We don't like ANYMORE!! Too much appology for them had done!!!!!!!!!!!**

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