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Posted in: 16 tips for raising a bilingual child in Japan See in context

And is someone who has a 10 and 6 year old really qualified to be "teaching" others on how to raise bilingual children?

You really should stop being so negative. We're all so sorry that the free JT article didn't meet your expectations, but it was a great source of tips for people who have little-to-no experience. The article doesn't say anything about abandoning your efforts once they reach a certain age. And with any luck someone who has raised their child bilingually for 10 years would have used some of that time to stay up to date with the current news, techniques, and research in this area. Great article. Glad it was written.

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Posted in: What do you think about all the low-cost carriers entering the Japanese market? Any bad experiences? See in context

No bad experiences yet. Actually its been more pleasant than most of my business-class flights with the world-class failure of an airline known as "JAL"

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Posted in: Button lashes out at 'idiot' Kobayashi after Korean Grand Prix See in context

He is a shining example of the current mind-set in Japan. Reckless, and irresponsible.

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Posted in: AKB48 give smart look to men's suit maker in ad campaign See in context

Should read:

In the commercial, six members of AKB48—Yuko Oshima, Yuki Kashiwagi, Haruna Kojima, Mariko Shinoda, Minami Takahashi and Mayu Watanabe— dress like asian prostitutes and attempt a dance with mannequin-looking professional dancers.

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Posted in: Google to sell prototype of futuristic glasses See in context

wow... a lot of negativity about the glasses eh. Of course its not going to be a perfect product right from the start. How many accidents were caused by GPS before some makers locked the screen while the car was in motion. And for that matter, how many people are so focused on their cellphones that they walk right into people/stuff... There is a lot of potential in these glasses. I hope they really take off!

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Posted in: Having a peek See in context

how... is the photographer not reflected (O.o)?

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Posted in: 1,324 Fukushima citizens file criminal complaint against TEPCO, gov't See in context

Wow.... Nippon Nation... Wow....

But unfortunately, I will be shocked to death if these TEPCO execs face any criminal charges. Especially ones this serious.

Unfortunately this is Japan, and if history has taught us anything, it is that in Japan, the rich protect the rich.

Terrible criminals walk away with little more than a slap on the wrist

And I pray that I am wrong here, but I wont be surprised if I am right...

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Posted in: Japan seeks bloggers for cyber-charm tourism drive See in context

Wow... that seems like a big middle finger to the many devoted and already very popular bloggers here in Japan.

But a middle finger to people already living here is to be expected. They simply perpetuate the economic flow. Not add to it.

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Posted in: Why are there so few benches and garbage bins in public places in Japanese cities? See in context

wow... old post

I found this site: http://www.thejapanrants.com/blog/tokyo-garbage-cans/ which listed a LOT of different ideas some of them were really good and it gave me a much clearer view

still annoying as hell though lol

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Posted in: Feline fans See in context

Theres actually a blog about these guys that explains it (^_-)< http://jpn-lifestyle.com/talesofjapan/ginza-cat>

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Posted in: Nissan to showcase 10 models at Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 See in context

Hopefully the cars are made in Japan... not junk built in Mexico, Canada and other 3rd world countries so Nissan can increase profits.

lol and so now Canada is 3rd world? Nissan is going to do exactly what they need to do to stay strong. Almost every car worker in the world outsources production of certain parts to a variety of countries including Japan, Thailand, Canada, the US, and more.

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Posted in: Focus group See in context

Great title and beautiful shot. There's something wonderful about seeing all these seniors with their cameras. Just makes you want to smile~

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing 5 bicycles onto train tracks in Tokyo See in context

what is all this talk about teenagers and pranksters? did anyone actually read the article? It was a 50-year old man.... He confessed..

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Posted in: Japan's new crisis: radioactive waste disposal See in context

There's an entire area of Japan closed off for the foreseeable future. It would seem that would be a pretty good storage space to start with.

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Posted in: If you had a baby with an AKB48 member, what would your child look like? See in context

I literally fell off my chair when I saw this commercial. This is unbelievably wrong in so many different ways. Congrats to AKB members, you are officially the words largest sell-outs!! And considering that you were designed to be sell-outs, the fact that a shameful and even disgusting level has been reached is quite an incredible feat to have accomplished. Selling ones image, voice, innocence, or even body still doesnt compare to selling the thought of having someones baby....

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Posted in: Why don't Japanese speak English better than they do? See in context


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Posted in: Man claims he was pushed off train by six drunk cops See in context

their behavior did not constitute anything illegal or morally offensive

I think hitting someone on the head (twice for that matter), and forcing them off the train after causing a scene that would bring someone to a point bold enough to confront 6 full grown men (let alone police officers) gets close enough to the gray area to touch upon both of those points. And this is Japan. A country where even when you're off-duty or on your day off (from work, school, etc...), your actions are not just held against you, but against your company, school, etc... We may not like it, but its the truth.

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Posted in: Panasonic to trim TV business, cut 1,000 jobs See in context

hmmmm so much negativity and talk about assumptions... We're all friends here you know (^-^)~ As for other TVs being in the market.. that's why its called a "market" if it was only one brand, it would be called a "showroom" !! p.s. Panasonic is with an 'S' not a 'Z' (^_-)

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Posted in: Panasonic to trim TV business, cut 1,000 jobs See in context

tmarie - ...wow Papa actually has hit the nail on the head with his comment. with modern day TV's it doesnt really take a rocket scientist to figure it out. In fact, even someone who doesnt "know it all" can do it!! Really!! Most people who simply "know TVs have settings" can play around!

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Posted in: Can the achievements of Steve Jobs be compared to those of Thomas Edison? See in context

Edison was a creator. He created that what was new and useful. He dared to invent, and aimed to produce what no man had ever seen before. Jobs on the other hand was the worlds most insightful and creative re-producer. He took things that already existed, and made people love them He turned the MP3 player into the iPod, a product which has branded the entire "MP3 Player" category as "iPod" (much as many people call tissue kleenex" he took the smart phone which was once just a business tool, and turned it into something everyone in the world wanted. And he took the tablet PC, a device that failed to make any significant market penetration for years and years, and even though the research wouldnt sell, he turned it into something that has become a status symbol and playtoy for millions, and is growing into an indispensable tool of business for others.

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Posted in: 14 injured in tug-of-war accident See in context

now THIS is news!!!

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' is in danger after 23 years See in context

I can tell you from working in the TV business for years that 8 million for an entire season isnt as heavy as it sounds. Back in their peak, the cast of Friends, were receiving over 1 million dollars per episode! At one point, the highest paid actor on TV was the man playing Gil Grisom (The main character of CSI) who was getting 2.3 million dollars per episode of the show.

Last year, TBS Japan flew in a "gennojin" and 2 Japanese staff into Toronto Canada. TBS paid for these 3, plus all of their hotel, transportation, food, and more for a total of 4 days. In addidion to these costs, they paid an ouside consultant over $200 per day plus meals, hotel, food, etc.. and a full stunt team was paid over an amount that rivals all of the previous put together! All of this... was for a 30 second segment of a live broadcast related to world cup.

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Posted in: Would you go bananas for Y877,000 an hour? See in context

JapanGal - a lot of businesses this day are utilizing online tools and doing quite well. it spreads quickly and cuts advertising costs. And while many may think it to be low and slimy, most people dont think that far. 90% of people just think "oooh! money!!" and click like, there-in sharing it with everyone on their facebook. A wise man once said "you'll never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator". Appeal to the masses and their mob-mentality, and you will do well.... unfortunately.

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Posted in: Japanese scientists win Ig Nobel for wasabi alarm See in context


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Posted in: Sakura Police nab student for taking upskirt videos on escalator See in context

I support net ninja on that one~

There are all too many girls who think that they are dressing the way they are as a favor to the men around them when actually, many of us guys feel bad for these girls who need that much attention.

Beauty isnt attractive to every Potential for beauty is the winner most of the time

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Posted in: Physicists wary of junking light speed limit yet See in context

The average person, said De Rujula, “could, in principle, travel to the past and kill their mother before they were born.”

Who would do that?!?! And out of all the possible scenarios why is that the one he/she comes up with?!?!

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