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Posted in: Kansas stops issuing license plates with offensive term for Japanese See in context

if it's a person's initials, then what's the problem? this is PC culture gone too far. people need to grow thicker skins or learn to ignore the small stuff that doesn't really affect them.

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Posted in: Readers pick 'To Kill a Mockingbird' as America's best-loved novel in nationwide vote See in context

Gone With the Wind not in the top 5? 100 times better than that H. Potter rubbish.

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Posted in: 2 firms fined Y380 mil over maglev bid-rigging See in context

i'm sure the fine will be equal to less than 1% of the profit these two companies will earn on this construction project. thanks for using our money wisely, japan. such a joke.

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Posted in: Drunk man dies after being restrained by police See in context

Typically if someone is THAT drunk the should be a hell of a lot easier to subdue!

not really. usually the more drunk someone is, the more agressive and dangerous they become once pissed off. it's called liquid courage, or in this case liquid idiocy.

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Posted in: 3 Colombians, 1 Peruvian arrested over at least 150 burglaries See in context

and a Koban on every second corner, and brand new police cars abound

what does that have to do with catching burglars? lots of the kobans are just one-man operations.

the combined population of ota and suginami wards is over one million people. throw in yokohama and you have several million people. it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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Posted in: JR places automated kiosk on platform at Akabane Station in Tokyo See in context

in other words, it's just a big, fat vending machine.

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Posted in: Keio University student arrested for alleged sexual assault, claims he was drunk See in context

If this case makes it to trial I would be shocked.

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Posted in: Land scam group sent Sekisui House payments to multiple accounts See in context

the honchos at sekusui better start stretching their backs because the bows and apologies are gonna be raining down soon.

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Posted in: Case dropped against mother whose son died in bicycle accident See in context

I don't get it. So many of you rail against Japanese parents being so reckless with their children (e.g. not buckling them up in cars, not placing helmets on them while biking , etc.), but when one of their reckless actions causes the death of their child, suddenly it would have been unjust to prosecute them. FYI a 16 month-old child is old enough to sit in a bike seat and definitely old enough to wear a helmet. This was a preventable tragedy on so many levels if the mom had any common sense.

So I'm not sure she should have been charged with manslaughter, but at the bare minimum reckless endangerment of a child.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift sets new American Music Award record; urges people to vote See in context

offer economic plans that benefit all citizens and will win over swing voters.

you mean like the one's the republicans passed that benefited the rich and corporations?!

violent and bully tactics of ANTIFA

unlike the peaceful tactics of white supremacists.

racism against whites

wow, i mean it must be so hard to be white, and male, these days. the suffering that you must go through on a daily basis is unheard of compared to people of color and the lgbtq community.

How sad the corruption and demise of the formerly working class Democrats.

how sad the total capitulation of conservative values by republicans. you used to be the law and order party, but you have given trump carte blanche to run his mobster-like presidency without the checks and balances of the house and senate. you no longer care about free trade, about being the beacon on the hill, or about international organizations. reagan is turning over in his grave right now.

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Posted in: 73-year-old woman arrested for killing disabled 49-year-old son See in context

for those of you who are advocating putting her in prison, i'd like to see you care for a mentally disabled son for for 49 years, and for the last ten years that child was bed-ridden. i'm sure you'd change your mind after a few weeks!

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Posted in: Keidanren's plan to rethink hiring rules causing waves in Japan See in context

this hiring system works in almost every developed country, but some japanese people think it can't work here? give me a break. what's needed is year-round hiring, the ability to be promoted based on skill and not seniority, and hiring middle-aged workers to fill in any gaps that a company has. i could go on and on.

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Posted in: New governor vows all-out efforts to block base move within Okinawa See in context

dumb question but can okinawa secede from japan? because honestly that is the only solution. electing all these governors who will try with "all their heart[s] and body[ies]" to withdraw the bases from okinawa has done, and will do, nothing. the governors are trying to give the impression of the "immovable object meeting an unstoppable force" scenario, but that's a false premise. the central government has the power to do whatever it wants whenever it wants. when push comes to shove, the immovable object will be moved.

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Posted in: Subway operators in Tokyo to conduct trial using robot guides See in context

i can just imagine a drunk oyaji punching one because it couldn't understand what he was saying.

but joking aside, i see this as a positive development. and just throw in a translation function so it can help foreigners, too.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for child abuse after beating 1-year-old daughter unconscious See in context

let me guess: not listening to them= the baby was crying and wouldn't stop.

does moron and moronette have any clue about birth control? 3 kids in 3 years answers my question.

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Posted in: Kyoto introduces lodging tax on tourists See in context

the tax is meant to "ease congestion," but that is the exact opposite of what the government wants, which is to double the number of tourists to japan. and one way to "improve tourist services" is to make more affordable lodging available. this tax does neither. so that means it's going into some bureucrat's and his crony's pocket, like the company that printed the leaflet made by the city.

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Posted in: Mother, 3 children found dead in Tokyo apartment in apparent murder-suicide See in context


Why is it the government's fault that this woman did this? It's ridiculous to assign blame here since you have no idea about this woman's situation. And do you read the news from other countries? You seem to always imply that this only happens in Japan. No, it does not.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic volunteers to get ¥1,000 a day for transport expenses See in context

smithinjapanToday 04:31 pm JSTSorry, doesn't help. Still not going to get enough volunteers so long as you expect them to do everything and pay for it, too.

well then it really wouldn't be "volunteering" then would it. the spirit of volunteering isn't that you get anything of value in return. it's being a part of special once-in-a-lifetime event. i think the free food and (partial) reimbursement of travel is fair enough. all you people deriding it are just being cynical (as usual).

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

ThomToday 11:33 am JSTCouldn't he shot the suspect alive?

if someone is coming at you with a knife within close proximity (inside a koban), i doubt if the first thought in your mind would be, "where can i shoot this person without killing him?"

and i don't think any amount of martial arts training is going to protect you when an assailant is sitting next to you and surprises you with a knide.

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Posted in: Japan sees surge in foreign nursing care students amid labor shortage See in context


you make some fair points but then you throw these illogical statements at the end:

By bringing in more and more people like this and not increasing wages.... Japan will eventually be reduced to the 3rd world country all the foreigners are coming from. Especially if the companies that employ them do not modernize and increase productivity. 

even with these additional foreign workers, the percentage of gaikokujin will barely approach 3% of the total population. and these workers aren't given permanent work visas (they typically end after 5 years). furthermore, if companies "modernize and increase productivity" that doesn't correlate to higher wages for workers. it would only mean a decrease in the number of workers needed. and one last point is that low skilled and low paying workers does not turn a country into a third world country, unless you are implying that the US and most of western europe are third world countries since they all do this, too.

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Posted in: Pop singer Amuro gives final performance in Okinawan hometown See in context

kawabegawa198Today  04:28 pm JST

These people need to get a grip, seriously.

Does it make you feel superior to disparage something other people like? I don't get it. To each his own.

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Naomi Osaka gets hero's welcome in Japan See in context

Funny how the nation embraces her as their own when two years ago almost all of the same people pointed out she's "only hafu"

"the nation" as in every single japanese person? i think there is some weird fascination with the gaijin crowd about how japanese people feel or perceive hafu. with a name like osaka and a brown face, most people don't have to "point out" that she's hafu since they can clearly see it. and for the most part, hafu isn't used as a perjorative by japanese people, only gaijin see it that way.

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Posted in: Man indicted for murdering, dismembering 9 people in 2017 See in context

the def of due process: fair treatment through the normal judicial system, especially a citizen's entitlement to notice of a charge and a hearing before an impartial judge.

how is due process not being served if the defendent has  stated that he wants to end the trial as soon as possible? a lengthy trial will do nothing but cause pain for the families of the victims. if there is incontrovertible evidence and a confession, then just sentence him and get it over with.

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll reaches 11; thousands being transported from Kansai airport See in context

where are all the talking heads from yesterday who were saying the weather service was overreacting and scaremongering the public? egg meets face.

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Posted in: Police officer cleared of indecency charges after riding train with pants’ zipper open See in context

StrangerlandToday 08:28 am JSTThe horror. Someone saw a penis. May their souls be able to somehow, someday, find peace within the horror.

if a man intentionally exposed himself in front of you or your wife or your kid, you would have this same reaction? it's not just seeing a penis, it's seeing a penis in a very inappropriate setting, in the middle of a train, and from a stranger. the fact that the woman was the only one who saw this implies that he was standing right in front of her. so god knows how long he was exposing himself to her.

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Posted in: Teen biker mistaken for fugitive killed in crash after police chase See in context

i think the headline mistakenly gives the impression that it's the police's fault that this kid/adult died. the blame lies only on him for running from the police. he was illegaly riding a scooter and instead of just stoppping, he tried to escape, like so many bosozoku do. but yeah, it's always the "incompetent" police for you folks.

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Posted in: End of an era: Emperor's abdication to reset Japan calendar See in context

totally agree PerformingMonkey. Who does this guy thinking he's fooling? People can remember things in the decades that they occured. Saying the bubble burst in the Heisei period gives a less accurate account than saying in the late 80s.

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Posted in: Self-driving taxi with paying passengers tested in Tokyo in world first See in context

In the trial by ZMP and Hinomaru, a minivan equipped with sensors and other autonomous technologies makes four round trips a day between commercial facilities in Tokyo's Otemachi and Roppongi districts,

i know you need to be cautious with new technology but 4 round trips a day? come on, japan. live it a little. i'm sure the car and its drivers can handle twice that a day. lol...

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Posted in: Woman gets suspended term for fatal bicycle crash involving smartphone See in context

she received a lenient sentence because she was traveling at a slow speed?! what should she have received if she were traveling at 15km/hr? where the heck do they get these judges? this is one of the most bizarre rationales for a reduced sentence ever.

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Posted in: Nursery school head, ex-employee to be charged over child’s death in swimming pool See in context

The really bad operators hire the bare minimum staff, pay the minimum wage, force unpaid overtime on them, make them work with only 3 or 4 days off a month, and then force a day schedule on them from 7am to 8pm. If they quit, they are blacklisted, and won't find work elsewhere.

Do you have any data to back this up? How in the world can day care teachers get blacklisted? This sounds ridiculous. Time to put back on the tin foil hat.

What I find ironic about the article is that the woman who was actually watching over the kids wasn't indicted. Shouldn't she be more responsible for the death of the child than the woman who was putting things away?

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