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Posted in: Japan to allow 20,000 daily international arrivals from June See in context

The government will also ease COVID-19 testing and quarantine rules, dividing countries and regions into three groups according to the infection situation.

Why use infections as a metric? Shouldn't being 2x vaxxed, boosted and tested before flying be enough for any traveler? Smgdfh...

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Posted in: Man offers to pay back mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil COVID funds 'little by little' See in context

How can this guy still not be named by the press?!?! This is news, therefore it's in the public interest, therefore he should be named, and shamed. Smgdfh...

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Posted in: Japan unveils ¥6.2 tril package to soften impact of Ukraine war See in context

> JeffLeeToday  07:19 am JST

The govt has never heard of tax cuts!? They would be a heck of a lot easier, more effective and cheaper to administer than this unwieldly spending package.

a tax cut in this economic environment would just lead to more household savings, unfortunately. people aren't going to spend when their immediate future is so uncertain. hence the mix of cash handouts and subsidies.

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Posted in: Japan to scrap licenses for electric scooters See in context

judging by the above comments, the average age is about 60.

come on, have some fun. i see this as common sense reaction to e-scooters. they definitely should not have been classified as motorcycles, and they definitely did not belong on roads.

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Posted in: Japan to see higher prices for food, daily goods from Friday See in context

Rising prices, stagnant wages, little savings, small pensions, 

You're batting 2/3 here, champ. Japanese are the best savers on the planet. Hence the constant threat of stagflation.

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Posted in: Japan to extend antivirus restrictions in Tokyo and 14 prefectures See in context

wouldn't it be easier for the gov't to just cook the books and say that infections are falling? why go through all the hassle of endlessly extending the quasi state of emergency when that would be the simplest thing to do.

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Posted in: Japan considering raising daily entry cap to 7,000 from 5,000 See in context

the japanese public is still wary of gaijin spreading the virus, hence the gov'ts slow walk of raising the cap. but don't they know that japan is reporting more daily cases than the US right now? smgdfh...

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Posted in: Japan seeks to further ease border controls as COVID 6th wave wanes See in context

Arrrgh-TypeToday  07:00 am JST

Is this official? 

i think it's as official as the mawashi paper it's printed on, meaning it can change at any time. but like you, i've been following this topic intensely and find this to be awesome news. can't wait to go back to cali in may now.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,805 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 51,987 See in context

The data is totally believable when numbers skyrocket. As soon as they drop, oh the data is being manipulated. Ssdd with these people.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID adviser says it is worth discussing shorter isolation period See in context

while the rest of the world is moving toward not even isolating people with the virus, japan is moving toward reducing the quarantine for close contacts! wth?!?!? this is a serious joke.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease border controls; daily entry cap to be raised to 5,000 See in context

A large number of countries STILL have to quarantine for 3 days at a govt facility even if their citizens are vaccinated and boosted. What’s the “science” behind that? Just plain moronic.

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito admitted to prestigious high school in Tokyo See in context

on his entrance exam was merely is name...underlined twice with a sharpie.

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Posted in: Japan to cut 7-day quarantine period for those entering country to 3 days See in context

the border controls have done nothing to stop or slow the spread of the omicron variant in japan. it just feeds into the narrative that japan is a xenophobic country.

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Posted in: Valieva skates into first place after Olympic short program; Sakamoto third See in context

grandpa's pills are packaged totally differently than vitamins or other supplements. her excuse doesn't hold water and she should be ashamed of herself. luckily, she won't be awarded any medals during these games even if she places in the top 3.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will consider easing COVID border controls See in context

Kishida did not provide a timeline or other details and said he will make a decision based on a scientific assessment of the omicron variant,

The "science" has never called for a blanket closure of borders to foreigners. The "xenophobic" Japanese public did though.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 11,765 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 68,470 See in context

Here comes the conspiracy theorists. Refardless of what is published by the govt , a segment of the community will ALWAYS refuse to believe it. Smgdfh...

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Posted in: Shionogi may apply for oral COVID pill approval next week in Japan See in context

i wonder how they will choose which patients receive the drugs? do the elderly and those with comorbidities deserve it more than others?

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Posted in: Japan to decide COVID quasi-emergency extension in 1st half of week See in context

of course they're gonna extend it. it's the only way to show the japanese people that the gov't is doing SOMETHING about the problem, when in actuality they are doing NOTHING but rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic.

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Posted in: Tokyo to seek COVID emergency based on severe patients' bed occupancy See in context

people are already tuning out the quasi emergency, with foot traffic practically the same as before in major hubs in tokyo. let's face it: people are just sick and tired of these nonsensical restrictions on bars and restaurants when companies have done almost nothing to alleviate the situation. we can cram onto trains but we can't fit a few people into restaurants. smgdfh...

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Posted in: Former Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara dies at 89 See in context

The fact that he was a very popular politician speaks volumes about Japanese people.

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Posted in: Rogan responds to Spotify protest, COVID advisories See in context

rogan has hosted both pro and anti vax people, so i don't see why people are getting so worked up about this. rogan puts people on air and let's them speak. everyone is free to either disagree or agree with it.

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Posted in: Nadal wins Australian Open for record 21st major title See in context

not the most flattering headline photo, but what an awesome tournament for "old" rafa. congrats on 21 and passing joke-ovic

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Posted in: Gov't under pressure to again declare COVID state of emergency in Tokyo See in context

yes, because forcing restaurants to stop serving alcohol and closing by 8 will DEFINITELY stop the spread of the omicron variant. give me a break.

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Posted in: Trump dangles prospect of pardons for Jan 6 defendants if he becomes president again See in context

When you nitpick the word “deadly” to defend Trump and what happened on Jan. 06 then you know you’re scraping at the bottom of the gene pool for supporters.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 16,538 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 78,931 See in context

After more than a year of these daily infection numbers, what else is there to say? Can't believe so many people still care to comment, debate and misinform.

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Posted in: UK lifts COVID restrictions; says Omicron wave has peaked See in context

it seems bojo is jumping the gun a bit to try and distract from his party scandals. it's way to early to scrap all the preventitive measures. why is it so bothersome for brits, and americans, to mask up? it' such a small inconvenience.

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Posted in: Tokyo university knife attacker carried liters of flammable liquid: police See in context

not condoning what he did, but seems like a lot of adults in his life failed him too.

no, you're ot condoning him, but you are also not placing the blame squarely on him, which is where it should only be. i don't care how much pressure someone is under but there are many other options than taking a knife and randomly stabbing 3 innocent people. one immediate option would be to just commit suicide instead of suicide by cop/state.

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 623 new coronavirus cases; 390 in Tokyo See in context

I think you are literally the first people on these forums who ever accused the system here with too much testing (that wasn't a joke)...

You're reply to my comment doesn't DISPROVE what I said. It only PROVES that you have poor reading comprehension skills. "More testing" doesn't mean "too much testing." If the govt had done this from the beginning there wouldn't have been CT that they were hiding the data. But now they are doing mass testing the numbers will increase dramatically.

But as Dr. FAUCI said recently, the focus shouldn't be on infections. It should be on hospitalizations.

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 623 new coronavirus cases; 390 in Tokyo See in context

These numbers simply are the product of more testing. The press love these eye popping numbers, but I'd venture that the vast majority are asymptomatic and require no hospitalization. Let's wait a week and see.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders sale of confiscated Nippon Steel assets See in context

Why doesn't japan just give the Korean govt hundred of billions of dollars to settle the issue and formally apologize?! Oh wait, this was done over 50 years ago, but the Korean govt squandered the money and repeatedly request new apologies. Smgdfh100x

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