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Posted in: Pence tells Japan U.S. wants results on trade deal See in context

the only real area where japan can open up is its agricultural sector, and that will hardly put a dent in the trade deficit. there is very little else that japan really wants or needs to import from the US. clothing? there's uniqlo. cars? foggedaboutit. electronics and appliances? see cars.

but aside from that, a trade deficit isn't really a bad thing. america gets cheap imported goods, and US manufacturers are forced to streamline their operations.

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Posted in: Minister calls curators of cultural properties 'cancer' that need to be eradicated See in context

if you would stop the abe-bashing for a second and take a look at what he says, it's true. japanese curators do very little to help foreign visitors to museums. i don't know how many times i've gone to an exhibition and have almost no english information available for the artwork. these curators really do need to get with the times and make the experience more enjoyable for foreign tourists.

btw, love the spell check highlight now!!

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Posted in: Ethics textbook change causes widespread constroversy See in context

Ethics is the thoughtful decision-making process people go through to maximize the good to come out of difficult, non-obvious choices. Morals are the gut-feeling reactions of a person trying to maximize the feeling of good that comes out of their value system. Swapping out a "foreign" store for a "domestic" one to foster "respect for tradition and culture" smacks far more of a moral gut reaction than a thought-out ethical decision.

what?!?! ethics are morals: *the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles.

you are twisting the language to make your point when you don't need to. swapping "bakery" for "wagashi confectioner" is just plain idiotic. it won't make students any more japanese. that being said, if my parents were visiting from japan, i wouldn't take them to a bakery, i'd take them to a wagashi confection to get a more "authentic" taste of japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl in Chiba See in context

Innocent until proven guilty everyone.

no, that is an american concept. in most countries, you're guilty until you can prove you're innocent. i honestly don't know which i prefer.

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The Welwalk WW-1000 system is made up of a motorized mechanical frame that fits on a person’s leg from the knee down.

that surely doesn't look like it's from the knee down. more like the waist down. bionic man here we come!!

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Posted in: 34,247 bicycles left abandoned at Tokyo train stations in 2016 See in context

"abandoned" doesn't suit a majority of the situations where the bikes are collected. they are "parked" at the station by people who don't own a bike parking space, are in a rush or who don't realize they are parking in a restricted zone. since the bikes aren't collected everyday, people hope that when they come back, the bike will also be there.

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Posted in: 3-time world figure skating champ Mao Asada retires See in context

i think she should have retired after the last olympics, but i understand her reasoning for wanting to continue for another few years. it's hard to retire from something you've devoted all your life to. here's hoping she finds something productive to do in her 2nd life.

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Posted in: Woman's corpse discovered under floor in Tokyo house See in context

Ueda had been missing since the beginning of January.

isn't the first place you check when someone is missing is their house?!?!?! and it took her sister three months to pop over for a visit? what the...

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Posted in: Japan sees rise in stalking, domestic violence reports See in context

I hope that articles like this help to dispel the misplaced image that Japan is a country free of violence and is "safe"

no, this article has not dispelled the image of Japan as being a "safe" country. you seem to be confused as to what the normal criteria are for labeling a country safe. domestic violence has never been used as an inidicator of safety. the relevant statistics are crime rates (e.g. rape, murder, burglary, etc.), where japan consistently ranks at the bottom.

and not even the most die-hard japanofiles have ever thought that japan is free from violence. that's just an absurd statement.

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Posted in: Y42.51 mil in cash found in garbage at Gunma dumpsite See in context

my thoughts exactly illogical. if this happened in most other countries, it wouldn't be news because the workers never would have reported finding any money.

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Posted in: Kindergarten teachers taped child’s hands and feet for discipline See in context

the teachers are deservedly getting scorn for binding the kid with tape, but it also seems like this is a monster kid who has anger issues. he probably should be placed in a different setting and not where he can injure himself, other children or the teachers. i'm just guessing but maybe they were at their wit's end with him. and you know with monster kids come monster parents so perhaps they couldn't really talk to the parents about his behavior.

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Posted in: Japanese high school students fail to meet English proficiency target See in context

they keep pushing for kids to learn english sooner and sooner, but that isn't the problem. the curriculum is worthless because there isn't enough exposure to the target language. when you have only 30 minutes or an hour of "instruction" (and i use this word in the most loose way) during school hours, then students will never have enough exposure to gain proficiency in the target language. you really need a bilingual curriculum to achieve real targets.

and another huge point is that lots of people are not suited for learning a second language. remembering my high school days learning french and 1/2 or 3/4 of those students were crap at it. many brains just aren't wired for it.

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Posted in: Vietnamese girl murdered in Japan buried in hometown See in context

“The suspect who committed the murder must be arrested soon,”

Let me correct that for you: The animal who committed the murder must be put down soon.

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Posted in: Trump son-in-law, top aide Jared Kushner visits Iraq See in context

so on top of settling the israeli-palestinian crisis, and streamlining gov't, and being liason betweeon the US and china and mexica, he's gonna fix iraq, too? are you serious?

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing wife with ice pick See in context

note to self: if wife brings along ice pick on our next drive, don't get in the car.

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Posted in: Former Trump advisor Flynn offers testimony for immunity: report See in context

i hate to burts a lot of our bubbles, as much as it pains for me to say, there might not be any fire with this smoke.

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Posted in: 15-year-girl, boyfriend, 21, found dead in suspected murder-suicide See in context

why is it necessary to mention that the man was vietnamese. it seems to have no beearing at all on this story.

that being said, i would never let a 20-year-old man move in with my 14-year-old daughter.

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Posted in: Blaming conservatives, Trump signals new openness to Democrats See in context

a lot of blame is being put on the freedom causus, but they are surely not the only ones to blame. a majority of it should go to ryan who presented a plan that had no chance of surviving in the house or senate. and then he left it to trump to sell. well, in order to sell something effectively, you have to know what you're dealing with. and trump obviously was clueless to the ins and outs of the legislation. he simply said "yes" to all the requests for changes to the bill, and that alienated more legislators. there has never been a more incompetent government than what we have today.

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Posted in: Obamacare repeal vote put off in stinging setback for Trump See in context

They could just make it a law now so that snarks on the internet cant say its a 'stinging setback for Trump' but no one cares about that kind of stuff anymore, just get it right

they, the republicans, can't just "make it law." you clearly have zero understanding of how the legislative process works. this "bill" then must then go to the senate, where it will clearly die, to be debated and then voted upon. but hey, whatever you said just sounds cool, right?

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Posted in: Obamacare repeal vote put off in stinging setback for Trump See in context

finally we can put to rest this ludicrous idea that trump is some great negotiator. all he's done during this whole process is to capitulate to whatever demands have been made by various factions of the republican party. and he still couldn't cajole enough recalcitrant representatives to vote yes.

who knew healthcare could be so complicated?!?!?

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Posted in: School operator head testifies in Diet he got Y1 mil donation from Akie Abe See in context

a big part of me wants to believe kagoike, but i think he's just lashing out at the LDP and abe for letting him take all the blame for the land scandal. they threw him under the bus when the truth was emerging about the land deal. all the rats abandoned ship, leaving him exposed for what he really is, a nationalistic pig.

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Posted in: The Japanese way of disciplining children See in context

actually from what i've seen, japanese parents DON'T discipline their kids. i've rarely seen one say anything to their kid who is misbehaving. they either ignore the bad behavior or placate the child. the only place kids in japan learn discipline is at daycare.

that being said, i think the majority of kids in japan are naturally well behaved. i'm a big believer in genetics, and i think lots of kids are passive, like their parents. the apple never falls far from the tree.

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Posted in: Cherry blossom season officially begins See in context

i love how scientific this news is. some guy from JMA spotted 5 buds blooming! and who knew the official spot was at yasukuni!

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Posted in: FBI probing Trump-Russia links, wiretap claims bogus See in context

Was Trump wiretapped? so far no evidence he has been but no one has come out and said directly it didnt happen. Each answer is no evidence, not to my knowledge, I dont think so, not by MY organization, etc

which part of "no evidence" don't you understand? it is actually incumbent on trump to provide evidence that obama "ordered the wiretap" since he is the one that made the claim. he is in fact president and could do so quite easily. but he hasn't, and he has now been slapped down by the doj and the fbi. so please stop contorting the "facts" to suit your version of the truth. "no evidence" means that trump lied.

Was classified info leaked? Most definitely, that is clear. It is just a matter now of if any effort will be made to find and punish the leakers. Doubtful, as the info leaked was detrimental to Trump.

why wouldn't the leaker be punished if he or she were found? this idea is ludicrous. you do understand that you control two branches of government, don't you? so you have the power ( and with great power comes great responsibility) to punish to the greatest extent of the law whoever is behind the leaks.

but i feel like i'm just wasting my breath here. there's this unshatterable dissonance that both sides live in. facts do little to change opinions.

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Posted in: Workers at Japan's top companies get meager pay hikes See in context

this is what you get in exchange for life time employment. would you prefer to have a higher raise and less job stability or a meager raise with a salary for life.

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Posted in: Japan lays groundwork for free education policy to help economy See in context

there should be less of an emphasis on getting a college degree, which is pretty useless, and more of an emphasis on trade schools and technical colleges. for many decades now, we have been brainwashed into believing that a college degree is essential, but that's just not the case. a four-year degree does little to prepare you for the rigors of the workforce. besides the partying, there's little to show for it.

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Posted in: James Cameron says 'Avatar' sequel not coming in 2018 See in context

i love james cameron. he's the steve jobs of the fil industry. a huuuge ar*sehole wrapped around a brilliant mind.

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Posted in: Death penalty commuted to life for man who fatally stabbed 2 people on Osaka street See in context

how ironic. he killed because he wanted the death penalty, but then a judge commuted his sentence to life in prison. perhaps this sentence is more fitting.

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Posted in: As N Korean missile threat grows, Japanese lawmakers argue for first strike options See in context

But everyone jumped on the 'We're in imminent danger, and need to pre-emptively strike' puke wagon. Fast forward a decade, and suddenly the Chilcot report confirms what I had been saying all along (often to the scorn of others).

the current situation is completely different. saddam wasn't firing missiles directly at the US. NK, on the other hand, has stated that the last firing of missiles was target practice for hitting japan. if your next door neighbor was threating you and your family with guns, wouldn't you want guns, too, to not only protect but also act as a deterrence?

that being said, the US would probably never allow japan to possess this deterrent because it would lead to a huge arms race in the region. this would be the start of WWIII.

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Posted in: Trump's attorney general recuses himself from any campaign probes See in context

i actually don't think there is much fire with this smoke , but it does give the republicans a taste of their own medicine. clinton's servergate was totally blown out of proportion by them, and now the democrats are using the same playbook to cast a pall over the administration. as i said before, payback is a total b*tch.

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