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Posted in: 273 teachers in Japan punished in fiscal 2019 for sexual misconduct See in context

The ministry, which has urged education boards to dismiss all teaching staff found to have engaged in sexual misconduct, is also considering raising the blackout period from three to five years for those who have lost their teaching license due to disciplinary action.

this is the most baffling part of the article. why aren't their licenses revoked forever?! come on, japan...smgdh.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 563 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,681 See in context

An 11.5% positive rate is far too high.

Once again, that's NOT the positivity rate since these tests are only perfomed on people with symptoms. A true positivity rate would be a sample of everyone in an area.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 392 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,800 See in context

First someone is going to jump in and say how things are improving and isn’t the JJ-gov so great. Then someone is going to point out that there aren’t enough tests and this happens every Tuesday. Then some else is going to jump in and say that this whole virus thing is nothing to worry about and people should just get on with their lives. The someone is going to add that the response to the virus is worse than the virus itself. Then someone is going to scream for a lockdown. And the circular arguments will continue. Did I miss annything?

then why bother reading or commenting on this article if you've already gotten it figured out, Einstein?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 678 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,995 See in context

Please stop comparing positivity rates from Japan and other countries. Since Japan isn't doing mass testing, the positivity rate isn't 37%. Logically that's mathematically impossible. Smgdfh

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Posted in: Tom Cruise rants at 'Mission: Impossible' crew in London over COVID safety See in context

this goes to show how the title can shape what you expect to read. i was expecting a diva-ish article about cruise being an arse, but the article actually portrays him in a good light. just one person being an idiot on set can affect the livelihood of all their colleagues. i'm glad cruise laid down the law and told them to follow all the necessary precautions.

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Posted in: Japan to raise medical fees for some aged 75 or older See in context

if they can afford it, then why not? the burden of paying for elderly medical care shouldn't just be on the younger generation.

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Posted in: Mayor defends councilwoman's ouster over sexual assault claim See in context

i always give women the benefit of the doubt, but the mayor's refutation seems quite convincing. usually men in this situation say that there was consensual sex, but here the mayor is saying that there was actually no sex at all. and that it could not have happened at the alleged time because there were others in the office at that time.

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID-19 vaccinations on reservation basis See in context

FiddlersToday  07:11 am JST

Typical bad management by old men in the Japanese government. They have had so long to prepare for this and only seem to be working out now how to distribute it.

the gov't didn't beforehand which vaccine would prove effective. so why would they buy all the extra freezers ahead of time? there was a very good chance that none of the vaccines worked. this actually wasn't bad management at all. more like typical lazy comments that always slander the gov't.

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Posted in: Teenage girl's suicide highlights toxic side of social media See in context

sorry, but killing yourself because of cyberbullying is just plain BS. because the simple solution is to just delete your account. no one forces anyone to have a twitter or FB account.

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Posted in: 3 members of family die in apparent suicide in Hyogo See in context

So the police walked in, saw them all dead, and declared it a suicide. Did they even consider the possibility that it might have been in murder suicide? But I get it, if it's officially a group Suicide, the police don't have to do any work to find out who may have killed the others and then themselves

did you not read the part where they said it was an "apparent" suicide? nothing has been determined yet. smgdfh...

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Posted in: Brothers aged 6 and 4, left at home alone, perish in fire in Hokkaido See in context

Surely a 6-year old boy knows how to unlock a door. Why didn't he just run out of the burning house with his brother? The article only mentions that the boys were found unconscious, not burned.

Anyhow, a terrible tragedy.

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Posted in: Gov't considering ¥20 tril extra budget to spur virus-hit economy See in context

how about just an extra budget that focuses on helping small and medium sized businesses keep workers, and an extra stimulus payment for those making less than 5,000,000 a year? That would help a lot more than the other crap that is being added on to the bill.

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Posted in: Japanese firm, ex-employee reach rare settlement over LGBT outing See in context

In an effort to be PC, this article is so vague that it barely makes sense.

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Posted in: Koike asks Tokyo restaurants serving alcohol to shorten opening hours for 3 weeks See in context

there's just a fatigue about the virus now. people are more careless and are beginning to ignore the warnings from local and regional governments. this does not bode well for winter.

those vaccines can't come fast enough, me thinks.

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Posted in: Wisconsin to hold partial vote recount as fuming Trump denies defeat See in context

Check your Constitution, Trump has a clear, legal and Constitutional path to the Presidency and he knows it.

care to actually quote where in the constitution it states that trump can actually change the will of the voters? betcha can't...smgdfh.

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Posted in: IHO OKs proposal that maintains exclusive use of 'Japan Sea' name See in context

This is going to piss off more than just the Korea's! I wonder how much money exchanged hands here, before this decision was made?

You actually, really think Japan bribed the IHO to keep the name?!?! Just unreal....smgdfh2x

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Posted in: Crown prince vocal about role of imperial family See in context

Again, misleading information passed off as fact, and now people think "reality!"

Sure they "passed a law",

you just disproved your whole rant by admitting that they passed a law.

(talking about untold millions if not billions of yen, and wasted time as well)

is this based in reality at all? how did they waste all this money by just enacting a law? smh...

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Posted in: Suga warns of coronavirus resurgence in Japan as temperatures fall See in context

I would argue that the "first wave" in Tokyo anyway, isnt over yet! There has not even been one day that has gone by without any reported "new" infections, even with all the limitations that are in place on testing.

A wave doesn't imply eradication of the disease. You do understand waves have peaks and troughs. Tokyo, and the country as a whole, dramatically reduced the number of infections during the lockdown. Just like Europe, but unlike the US. So yes, this will be a second wave.

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Posted in: Fireman arrested after injuring man with judo throw See in context

2nd dan blackbelt Judoka should know better. He'll be lucky to keep his job.

I reckon you're new to Japan because he'll get his pay docked a month continue, say a few gomenasai, and continue working as if nothing ever happened.

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Posted in: Japan opens airport coronavirus test lab for departing travelers See in context

Business & First class should have this ripoff charge included in the fare.

Why? For biz travellers their company would pay for it. For first class passengers, they can well afford an extra 45,000 yen.

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Posted in: Gov't officially asks local authorities, business lobbies to extend New Year holiday See in context

Bad news for Japan's army of part time and contract workers, but of course, the J government doesn't give a damn about them.

I think you mean only recently hired contract employees. Part time workers in the service industry like restaurants and bars, ard probably hoping for this. More national holidays means more spending by consumers, which means more work for them.

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Posted in: Quarter of LGBT people in Japan have experienced outing: survey See in context

Only 53% of transgender men had been outed? Sorry, mate, but it ain't exactly rocket science to figure out who is a transgender male amongst us.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing common-law wife’s daughter See in context

am i missing the meaning of common-law here? because don't you have to be living together for a certain number of years before you are considered common-law? in the article it states he moved in with his "common-law wife."

i'm hoping it was just physical violence and not sexual violence, too. this guy has loser written all over him.

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Posted in: Family cheated out of ¥54 million by man impersonating Japanese rock star for three years See in context

Just goes to show you that a fool and his money are always soon parted.

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Posted in: Nursery teacher arrested over kidnapping and sexually assault of elementary school girl See in context

this man should be castrated and left in a cell to rot for the rest of his life.

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Posted in: 2-hour virus test to be available at Narita airport See in context

40,000 yen for a test?! i'm desperate for an international getaway, but that seriously puts a crimp on my travel plans. i'll wait until the price goes down.

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Posted in: Japanese elementary teacher busted for hiding students’ shoes; writing 'die' on their belongings See in context

reading this news, you don't know whether to laugh or cry. smh...

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Posted in: LGBT groups in Japan launch petition seeking equality law See in context

I can't understand the animosity toward people who just want equal rights. They aren't asking for new or special rights, just the same rights that everyone else enjoys.

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Posted in: Guitar rock legend Eddie Van Halen dies of cancer at 65 See in context

can still remember the first time i heard eruption. it gave me the goosebumps...and it still does so today.

and i love the kravitz quote.

btw, the article implies that autodidactism is somehow similar to being a genius, but the term simply means self-taught/self-educated. furthermore, this contradicts the line about him being a classically trained pianist, why means he received training.

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Posted in: Trump and first lady test positive for COVID-19 See in context

You know what they say, karma is a....

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