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Posted in: Kyoto Animation murder suspect to undergo additional psychiatric tests See in context

In my 20+ years of living here, I've never read the courts finding a defendant unfit to stand trial. This is pure kabuki theater.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 57 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 531 See in context

Absent credible evidence provided by the deniers, I'm just gonna say "Yahooooo!" about the data.

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Posted in: William Shatner, 3 others blast into space See in context

Glad his toupee managed to stay on during the moments of weightlessness. Could you imagine if...

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases plummeting in Japan; doctors puzzled why See in context

I go with some government manipulation of the data in time for the elections.

You said the same thing when the Olympics were approaching. But why reduce the numbers so drastically to make them unbelievable?! If the govt were manipulating the data, wouldn't they make it a gradual decrease?! Instead the numbers are plunging. The govt is smart enough to manipulate the data but so stupid that they would make it unbelievable. Does that make sense? Smfdfh

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 87 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 602 See in context

We really need to find out how the virus was defeated in

Easy! Over 70% of the population has had at least 1 jab, and over 60% has had 2. Ever hear of herd immunity? Scientists were raving about it last year, and it's almost been achieved here.

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Posted in: Restaurants, venues in 13 prefectures to try using proof of vaccination See in context

What if you refuse to cooperate, can they refuse entry? As far as I know it's against the law to refuse entry without a legal reason

Even if it isn't legal, I'm all for it and would pay the fine for those establishments that are found to be wayward of the law. I'm tired of selfish people who don't trust science. Get over it for crying out loud.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 218 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,576 See in context

We better enjoy these low numbers while they last. From next week on these figures will rise.

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Posted in: Kishida to become next PM after winning LDP leadership vote See in context

my elderly student called it correctly. he said that kono was too 'young' and therefore it would go to kishida. you know japan, no one can jump ahead of the que, no matter how popular they might be.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 248 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,722 See in context

It's not "doom and gloom" unfortunately, just common sense:

how is predicting that Japan's sixth wave will be worse than the others common sense? It's actually not common sense because the world has never experienced such phenomena before. It's just the same blathering that you always post trying to sound superior and yet at the same time worried about the common man. Smgdfh

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 248 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,722 See in context

It is done on purpose. The few clear details the government provides the easier it is to mislead the public. 

the limited info is being provided by Japantoday. There is a great invention called google where you can get more data concerning the COVID situation in Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder, robbery at convenience store See in context

Nice catch there, Zaphod (and great screen name, President!). Judging by your gif, I'd say you were a fellow WWF fan.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 299 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,134 See in context

To ignore what these pathetic "voluntary" SOEs have done is to deny the suffering and discrimination of tens of thousands of people whose livelihood depends on the tourist industry, hospitality industry, services industry, resturant industry, and others, not to mention the owners of said restaurants and bars and hotels and stores and businesses.

What?!?! I'm can't discern your point because of all the detritus. Are you saying the govt shouldn't have put in place any SOE? So all these businesses should have been allowed to remain open while the virus was ravaging the country?! It's just incredulous the straw man arguments you create and the red herrings you throw out in order to just complain.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 382 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,674 See in context

Is there any reason no information is available as to the number of sick people in Tokyo who are suffering at home? 

Ever hear of doing simple Google searches? I'm sure someone of your genius can type: tokyo covid and readily find your answer. Instead another long winded blathering about how bad The Man is. Smgdfh x200

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 253 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,767 See in context

Why isn't there mass testing for example? Why don't we have specifics on how many infected people in Tokyo are left to fend for themselves at home?

Why do you CTs always push the testing narrative? Has it actually helped any country prevent the spread of covid? Or has it actually just delayed the spread?

And what would specifics about rationed care help in any way? You want to push the anti-japan Inc narrative as often as possible, but how will it help?! Smgdfh 2x

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 831 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,705 See in context

I really can't wait for the day that this isn't "news" anymore. Maybe an end-of-the-week blurb is all that will be needed. Until then, it's undeniable now that these figures are not manipulated, and that vaccinations are the reasons why. With over 63% of the population having at least one jab.

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Posted in: Pandemic-hit travel agency JTB sells Tokyo HQ to raise funds See in context

well who really needs JTB these days...?

The tens of millions of elderly Japanese who can't think for themselves.

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Posted in: COVID-19 deaths of people aged under 60 soar in Japan due to Delta variant See in context

this really is an article in search of a problem. smgfh...

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Posted in: U.S. tennis star Sloane Stephens shares abusive social media posts See in context

Name and shame these abusers, cowards hiding behind anonymity.

or maybe just not use social media anymore? i will never in my life understand the need for twitter.

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases fall to 968; nationwide tally 8,234 See in context

Although the CTs know fully well that Japan doesn't test asymptomatic people, they still harp on the number of tests being conducted. Give it a rest, please. It's kinda sad and pathetic at this point.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,099 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 18,228 See in context

Yay! The numbers are down and do are the CTS! But I'm sure they're cooking up a new illogical reason as we speak.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,915 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 13,638 See in context

Why do the CTs only believe the data when it rises or is at a high level? There's always an excuse when the numbers drop, but those braniacs always trust when there's an increase.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,081 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 19,312 See in context

now that the infection rate is decreasing, the CT (conspiracy theorists) are in search of another excuse. For some reason, now it's the number of tests being administered. every ward in Japan has decided together to limit the number of tests. Why now? Why not when the number of infections surpassed 5,000?! Just ridiculous the logic being used.

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Posted in: Nishiya, just 13, gives Japan sweep in street skateboarding See in context

ironic that a country that abhors street skateboarding has two gold medal and a bronze champs! congratulations to this awesome trio, believe in your dreams no matter what anyone/your country says.

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Posted in: Twitter thread about woman's sex trafficking tale now a movie See in context

i stopped reading after i saw she was a "waitress and an exotic dancer." me thinks something is rotten in the state of denmark regarding her experience.

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Posted in: White House reaffirms support for Tokyo Olympics See in context

first off, the travel advisory issued by the US state department was meaningless since Japan has banned all tourism. Only a very limited number of business or student travel is currently allowed.

secondly, the US offering support for holding the olympics is not related to the travel advisory. the travel advisory is meant for tourists.

why are so many people bent on not holding the olympics? the athletes and the travel parties will all have been vaccinated. they will live in a bubble in the olympic village. i see very little risk in any of them either spreading the disease or becoming infected with the disease.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 609 new coronavirus cases; 884 in Osaka See in context

Same person making the same comments. It's like that person has an advanced degree in a pertinent medical field in order to pontificate so often.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 708 new coronavirus cases; 847 in Osaka See in context

Who cares about last Monday?! The figures will drop from this week due to the SoE. But I'm sure you'll have some "theory" as to why (rolling eyes and smgdfh).

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Posted in: Japan to introduce 'vaccine passports' for international travel See in context

 and Luddites like me

You're not exactly a luddite since you're using a computer to post your message. My goodness, you have a PC but refuse to get a smartphone?!

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Posted in: Australian man who filmed 4 dead and dying police sent to prison See in context

Quite a fitting name if you ask me.

And I totally agree. Is being a jerk a crime nowadays? If that's the case then most famous people and politicians should be locked up!

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Posted in: U.S. advises citizens to 'reconsider travel' to Japan See in context

Well tourists aren't allowed in anyways so what difference does this travel warning make?!

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