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Posted in: Man with HIV awarded damages after being denied hospital job See in context

Guess you never actually worked for a Japanese company. I have worked for quite a few and all required them! As did everyone else who was hired before me and after me as well!

so you're actually going to tell me that every job in every field in japan requires a physical?! so new recruits at major corporations, part-time workers at conbinis, the guy preparing my ramen at my favorite ramen shop, farm workers in niigata, and fishermen ALL took a physical before being hired? buhahahahahahah...

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Posted in: Alcohol detected in JAL pilot’s system before takeoff See in context

That's not being "pro-active." Every airline in the world tests all pilots before a flight. It's only recently that Japanese airlines have mandated this. And instead of just firing the guy, Japan needs to make it a crime and jail these idiots who even attempt to get behind the wheel of an airplane. That would be pro-active.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy hit by police car on crossing last month dies See in context

5 years-old is a little young to be walking around by himself. Why was he out by himself?

But I guess the officer should have spotted him and slowed down. Or he thought the kid would stop. Sad all around.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese men admit roles in killing of taxi driver in Cambodia See in context

I'm surprised there wasn't a Japanese media blackout of their names (and faces) as has happened before in some other criminal cases abroad

dude, come on. get out of your anti-japan shell, and you'll see that the media always publishes the faces and names of japanese nationals who commit crimes abroad.  but if you have any links to this happening, please give us a link.

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Posted in: Teen bullying victim who died in apparent suicide blames school in journal See in context

i love the people who think that bullying is a japan-only thing. and that it's so "deeply rooted" in this culture. no, bullying is an innate and natural human behavior. if you have kids, you see it all the time in their interactions . they oldeest will naturally want to control and dictate what their younger siblings do. and you could tell the oldest to stop it as much as you want, but he/she will still do it behind your back. so you can see how this type of behavior naturally would extend to their life at school.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after bodies of husband, daughter found at home in Fukui Pref See in context

The TV and media in general in accordance with the government paint a rosy picture of Japan.They portray it as some kind of utopia.....highlighting its merits,like its safety,while sweeping anything unpleasant under the carpet.There is definitely a dark underbelly to Japan.

you mean the japanese gov't is forcing TV and media to only report good and "rosy" news about japan? if they were on cahoots with the gov't then you would NEVER read or see news like this. but as you can see on JT (and also TV) on a daily basis, murders do happen in japan (gasp!!). So what you are saying is just JBS (Japan Bashing Syndrome).

there is no dark underbelly in Japan. it's in plain sight for everyone to see if they care to look or research. it's not hard to read about murders in japan.

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Posted in: Opponents of 'no-deal' Brexit defeat Johnson, who promises an election See in context

while you may disagree with his motives about brexit, boris has a point. delaying an exit a few months will do absolutely nothing. you've had over two years to figure this out and another delay will just another delay. hard brexit, soft brexit or no brexit: just make up your freaking mind and do it by oct. 31. the whole world is sick and tired of this drama.

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Posted in: Mother admits neglect in death of 5-year-old daughter; feared husband's reprisals See in context

"I didn't know my husband had beaten Yua," a weeping Funato told the Tokyo District Court,

so you missed the parts in her notes that asked you and your pathetic husband to stop mistreating her? what did you think he was doing? giving her love taps?

sorry, but there is not a big enough mitigating factor that lets you off the hook, mom. it is your sole job to protect your child, even in the face of your own death. what parent wouldn't give their own life in order for their child to survive?

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Posted in: 7 countries land Haneda slots ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

how do you get half a slot? 13.5 for ANA and 11.5 for JAL.

and 40 million tourists?! that's going to cripple tokyo's and osaka's infrastructure.

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Posted in: Japanese vice labor minister quits over visa-related graft scandal See in context

I didn't know 2 million yen was a sum big enough to commit such a crime in Japan.

Well when you multiply that by 40-50 then it becomes a large sum of money. I'm sure this guy was getting "donations" and kickbacks from numerous other companies and individuals who needed something from him.

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Posted in: Actor-turned politician Taro Yamamoto aims for real-life starring role See in context

Cutting taxes would INCREASE tax revenue, not put the economy into another recession or worse! think that's the main reason why consumers aren't spending? forgive me if i don't question your degree in economics, but you might want to look at stagnant wages and a bleak economic outlook for the future as the main reasons why consumers don't spend. but yeah, you certainly know more than these so called experts with real degrees.

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Posted in: Tokyo subway car provides child-friendly space See in context

it's not the trains that are the problem, it's people's attitude to kids, parents and pregnant women on trains that is the problem. believe me, if these child-friendly trains run during morning rush hour, the only people who will be occupying these spaces are inconsiderate people of all ages. I mean come on, most people don't even give up their seats to pregnant women. i see idiots of all ages and sexes occupy those seats when a pregnant woman is standing right in front of them. if i had a yen for every time i had to control myself from punching these people i'd be a millionaire by now.

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Posted in: Johnson plays Brexit hardball from a submarine base; pound tumbles See in context

The people voted to leave

Non-binding referendum.

so the will of the people should be ignored? being pedantic doesn't change the fact that a majority of Brits wanted to leave the EU. isn't this how democracy is supposed to work? but yeah, let's quibble about the legality of the referendum instead.

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Posted in: Japan's top bar association urges authorization of same-sex marriage See in context

how about respecting everyone's point of view before slandering them or mocking their beliefs? it's still a free country, right? we can agree to disagree without using pejoratives because i see "bigots" on both sides of this issue.

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Posted in: Election of gay lawmaker in Japan spurs hopes for same-sex marriage See in context

Why would you deny gay people the right to marry

I hate to say this but marriage is not a right, it's a government sanctioned activity. you may disagree with how the government defines marriage, but it is certainly not a legal right. if it were a right then brothers could marry sisters, adult males could marry pre-pubescent teenagers, etc.

How will it impact on your life?

at the same token, how will it impact on your life because gays are not allowed to marry? actually i'm a firm believer in gay marriage, but i also understand that everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions on this matter. we just can't shun religious people or deny them their beliefs because we disagree with them.

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Posted in: Campaign encourages commuters to stand still in two lines on escalators See in context

how about the elderly and people with physical disabilities use elevators? wouldn't that be more practical than slowing down all the people in a rush?

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Posted in: Smoke spread so fast at animation firm victims couldn't open rooftop door See in context

why were they headed to the roof? oh, that is right, because there were not any fire escapes or ladders on the second or third floors. maybe the building was up to code, but then that just means there are really lax fire codes in japan.a three story building with more than 60 workers needs to have fire escapes. period. end. of. sentence.

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Posted in: More details emerge about anime studio arson attack that killed 33 See in context

How is this obvious? I haven't seen any pictures showing this, are we supposed to just accept it as fact based on you thinking it's obvious

Only a few people died on the first floor, where the fire started. The vast majority died on the 2nd and 3rd floors. This means there was no way out besides going down the stairs to the first floor. If there were fire exits, dont you think people would have used them? Smh..

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Posted in: More details emerge about anime studio arson attack that killed 33 See in context

It also highlights the shoddy construction practices that is typical of buildings in Japan. Obviously no fire exits in a three -storey building that housed 60 + people.

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Posted in: Japan sees worst suicide rate for those under 20 in 2018 See in context

As the population ages, and decreases, the demographics and statistics are of course going to show changes.

uhhhhh...that's a big fat no. there's no correlation to an aging society and the suicide rate. this is just gobbledygook.

there really is no real explanation for the sudden increase in suicide for people under 20. this could just be an outlier year. quite possibly there is no real solution for this problem unfortunately.

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Posted in: Japan rebuffs Seoul's calls to scrap export curbs See in context

Interesting that moon didn't call for a diplomatic solution to the ridiculous court rulings South Korea handed down regarding compensation from Japanese companies. But now that japan has the upper hand, suddenly diplomacy is urgently required. Hand meets face...

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Posted in: Whale meat fetches 'celebration prices' after Japanese hunt See in context

 In 25 years I'm still yet to meet a Japanese person who says he/she likes eating whale meat.

quite a few old school izakayas have whale sashimi on the menu in tokyo. and when i go to my local, people are always ordering it. so not really sure if your anecdotal evidence would be more convincing than mine, but it's a reality that people still eat it.

and subsidies exist for many industries in every country (cars, agricultural products, solar panels, etc.) so what's the big deal if whaling is subsidized in japan?

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Posted in: TOEIC drops out of Japan's new university entrance exam See in context

Neither the TOEIC nor EIKEN exams are accurate in judging a student's ability to understand English.

that's utter nonsense. it's a great way to measure a student's listening and reading comprehension. for work, that's all most will need.

it's a horrible way to measure their speaking communication ability. but that's not what the tests are really designed to do.

The TOEIC test, in and of itself, is basically a test initially developed in the US but taken over by a Japanese man to be a rival to the EIKEN Step exam.

what does this have to do with anything regarding the topic of this article?

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Posted in: Vietnamese man arrested for stabbing in group conflict in Saitama Pref See in context

Seems like blatant racism is fine as long as it's said by a white dude.

The freaking post has been up since 9 am. You effing wankers.

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Posted in: 25-year-old mother arrested over death of 2-year-old daughter See in context

3 days? the trauma and fear that her daughter must have felt during that time is unimaginable. but then again, i'm sure the two short years of her life spent with her mom equally if not more traumatic. i hate starting off my day like this. i'm vowing never to read these types of stories again.

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Posted in: Mother gets suspended sentence for complicity in fatal abuse of daughter See in context

since when does bipolar disorder prevent you from stopping the death of your own child? give me a break. she is just as culpable in the murder of her daughter as her husband. lock them both away and sterilize them.

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Posted in: Cocaine production hit new record in 2017: U.N. report See in context

people are hardly "risking their lives" to produce or sell coca. the product is totally controlled by FARC, so farmers aren't being killed because they grow or don't grow coca.

columbia (sic) has not been "facing it alone" for the past several decades. don't you think the world, led by the US, has been trying to stem the flow of cocaine from colombia? but nothing has worked because the country has a weak and corrupt central gov't.

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Posted in: Child fatally assaulted by father was earlier released from custody despite his sexual abuse of her See in context

shouldn't all of you be blaming the mother of the child and her relatives and not the government? they should bear the brunt of your indignation.

and this is a key line in the article that many of you willfully ignore:

But as she started saying she wanted to go home, the center concluded the abuse was not serious and ended her protection as of Dec. 27 that year so she could stay with relatives.

the gov't released her to her relatives, not the father. and the relatives actually agreed to give the girl back to her parents 2 months later. so did the system fail or did her mother and relatives fail her?

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Posted in: Competition for talent forces Japanese firms to revamp recruiting process See in context

this tight labor market is benefiting me already. my company just started allowing all employees to work from home twice a week. and microsoft yesterday announced a 4-day work week. hopefully all these benefits will trickle down to many other firms.

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Posted in: Trans weddings in Japan: Forced surgery before 'I do' See in context

I think a lot of people don't understand transgender because even they don't know what being one is. Some transgender people completely "cross" over, and they have no problem with having surgery to remove all of their former gender. But some transgender people only dress the part or get hormone treatment, etc. So how do you classify these people? 1/2 Trans? 3/4 Trans? It gets so overly complicated so why not have just one definition like Japan and the majority of the world has? The author, and some commentators make it sound as though japan is unique or barbaric to have this law, but this is how gender is viewed in the vast majority of the world.

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