COVID-19 INFORMATION What you need to know about the coronavirus if you are living in Japan or planning a visit.

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Posted in: Many schools in Japan reopen after monthlong coronavirus shutdown See in context

with the impending lockdown, the moms in this article better stock up on valium and booze and not all the rice and cup ramen they are hoarding. because it is going to be a long April.

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

Worst decision ever. It's too late to stop the spread. Shutting down vast sectors of the economy will hurt more than it will help at this stage. If he wanted tido this then it should have happened weeks ago and with vast testing. Stick with the herd immunity plan because it's the best option at this point.

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Posted in: Brokerage worker loses paternity leave appeal in Japan See in context

It's frightening how many of you parrot the same uniformed ideas. It's always Japan Bad, foreigners Good.

First, Woods has lived in Japan for over 30 years. So he fully knows what life is like here; Rules are rules. There are no exceptions (unless you're rich or famous). In any job, you just can't up and leave before you get permission. And by the sound of it, that's what he did.

Second of all, he left for quite a long time. Paternity leave, if it had been given, only allows for 1 month of leave. What's the company supposed to do? Pay him to live overseas to do nothing? And then he comes back expecting everything to be the same? Of course all of his work had been given to other people.

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Posted in: Tokyo extends event cancellations, facility closures to May 6 See in context

500 cases in a city with a population of over 9 million. Yeah. That's a real crisis.

Yeah right now it isn't. But supposedly every infected person infects 2 other people. And so on and so on. So it has the real potential to become a crisis quickly.

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

How much more of this asinine BS do we have to put up with! Just because someone tests positive for the virus does not automatically mean they will need hospitalization!

It's not that they will need it, it's becaus they will want it. even people with mild cases will think they need to be hospitalized.

and on top of that, every test that you do on someone that doesn't have it or is only mildly sick, wastes protective gear (face masks, rubber gloves, gowns, etc) and testing kits. in NYC and in different parts of america, they are rethinking the strategy of testing everyone since it is a tremendous waste of time and resources. they are now saying that if you think you are sick, then just assume you have the virus and self quarantine.

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Posted in: Japan plans huge stimulus package to cushion blow from coronavirus See in context

Actually food coupons are a great way to stimulate the economy. First, they have to be used, whereas cash handouts will just be saved. Secondly, the coupons will benefit domestic industries.

Aside from people working in the tourism industry, not many people have lost their jobs. So the demand for rent/mortgage relief wouldn't help that many people.

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Posted in: Parents worried about impact of school shutdown See in context

Cherry picked anecdotal evidence to support a conclusion. None of this is happening in my neighborhood. The parks and playgrounds were packed, with nary a neighbor giving a rat's arse. Yomiuri Land and Toshimaen were pretty full. So where is all this happening? In the boon docks?

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Posted in: No. of coronavirus infections in Japan passes 1,000 See in context

For all those people saying more tests are needed, please answer these questions: why haven't the hospitals here been inundated with patients needing care? If testing does really help contain the virus, why hasn't Italy been able to stop the carnage?

See you can't but many of you continue to insist that testing is almost like a cure for the virus. Smgdfh...

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Posted in: Expert panel discourages large gatherings, recommends reopening some schools See in context

If testing and isolation were the key to stopping the spread of c-19, then why hasn't it worked in Italy? They have been on lock down for over two weeks and yet the death toll has skyrocketed in the past few days, surpassing the death toll in China.

Like I've said before, testing massive numbers of people will do nothing to stop the spread of the virus. Basic, common sense cleanliness and habits will though.

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Posted in: Diamond Princess quarantine critic says Tokyo Olympics should be halted See in context

It's a farce that the Olympics will go on as planned. The faster Japan Inc can accept that fact the faster they can propose another date, perhaps a year, to hold the games.

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Posted in: Father gets 16 years in prison for fatal abuse of 10-year-old daughter See in context

Such a light sentence for this monster. The judge deserves to be sentenced to prison for gross incompetence.

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Posted in: 26-year-old mother gets 10 years over death of 2-year-old daughter See in context

Why even bother returning after nine days? That sense of guilt should’ve been triggered after 12 hours away from your daughter, who was home alone crying from fear and starvation. This monster deserves the same punishment: no food, water or light for 9 days.

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Posted in: Sales tax cut emerging as option as gov't battles coronavirus fallout See in context

YubaruToday 06:57 am JSTShouldn't have raised it in the first place. The economy was starting to slide further towards a recession and now this virus outbreak gives Dear Leader a chance to "take it back"!

are you kidding me? this was perhaps the best decision abe has made since assuming office. kicking the can down the road for the next generation to pay for health care costs would have been irresposible. as japan ages even faster, how will japan for for the booming health care costs? and who will pay for it? if not now then when? it's this type of myopic thinking that exacerbates the financial crisis facing japan.

and i don't see how they can temporarily cut sales taxes. the computers and registers all need to be reprogrammed.

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Posted in: Japan finds 15 clusters of coronavirus-infected people See in context

aren't all of you tired of making the same comments every day regarding the lack of testing. same people, same comment. who are you actually pointing this out to? because you all have the same opinion.

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Posted in: Confirmed new coronavirus infections in Japan now 1,528, including cruise ship cases See in context

SaikoPhyscoToday 06:57 am JSTWe need millions of test kits, everyone does. The only way to identify and isolate this is with massive testing.

yes, because that's working so magically in Italy and Iran. testing has done absolutely nothing to stop the spread of the disease in any country so far.

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Posted in: U.S. suspends travel from 26 European countries, excluding UK, Ireland, for next 30 days See in context

and yet china hasn't been completely banned even though that's where the darn thing originated. this makes absolutely no sense, but considering the source, it makes beautiful sense. smgdfh.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting 2 young girls in park See in context

The only thing I hate more than rapist are pedophiles and people that victimize children.

no, they are all equally bad and deserve to be neutered and imprisoned for a really long time.

but it's also the parent's responsibility to teach their kids to never trust, talk to or follow strangers. i have had this conversation with my 7 and 5-year-old for the past 2 years now.

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Posted in: Kobe woman, Nagoya Sagawa delivery man, JAL cabin attendant test positive for virus See in context

the death rate has nothing to do with how many people are tested. those are just uninformed comments. japan's healthcare system far surpasses those of iran and italy, which results in a much lower death rate. the same reason south korea has a much lower death rate.

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Posted in: Cruise ship hit by virus to dock in Oakland, California See in context

Why do they always give a worldwide figure when 90% of that figure comes from one country: China. It's this type of irresponsible journalism that is fueling the mass hysteria over a flu-like virus.

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Posted in: S Korea protests over Japan's virus travel restrictions See in context

how can this policy possibly be implemented? where will they house these thousands of travelers? and at what cost? abe is sounding more and more like trump by the day; talk first and then think later. smgdfh.

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Posted in: Hino Red Dolphins rugby player arrested over cocaine use See in context

Yeah, right, cocaine doesn't do that to ya

it does if it's mixed with other things. at least that's what an aquaintance told me.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't urges people to refrain from cherry blossom parties in parks See in context

Masks don't do jack in stopping the spread of this virus. Stop telling people to wear them so that people who actually need them (people who suffer from chronic hay fever) can actually buy them.

for healthy people, this is true. a mask won't prevent you from catching covid-19. but for sick people, this will definitely prevent them from spreading the virus more. so that's actually what the gov't is requesting.

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Posted in: Former justice minister's aide arrested over election scandal See in context

30,000 for those darn warblers?! These politicians actually think anyone pays attention to those people?

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Posted in: Japanese mothers struggle to cope after virus shuts schools See in context

The public schools have closed for 2 weeks but some private schools are closing for 4 weeks

What?! Public schools are also closed until April, not just private schools.

Tthese moms should remember this during the next election. Get out and vote, ladies.

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Posted in: Abe says gov't will announce more measures on March 10 to counter virus See in context

Ossan stop. You are making too much sense for the talking heads here who are clamoring for a conspiracy from the gov't.

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Posted in: Another death from coronavirus in Hokkaido; in-hospital infection suspected See in context

much like wearing masks, it's silly to test everyone to stop the spread of covid-19. gov'ts should switch from a containment strategy to a vaccine strategy because it's already too late.

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Posted in: U.S. considering new restrictions on travelers from Japan, S Korea: CNN See in context

This is probably a case of trump once again speaking without thinking. Aka talking out of his arse. Banning travel at this point is...pointless. The amount of travelers that have already come into the US from Japan since the outbreak is in the hundreds of thousands. Containment is impossible. Countries should focus on alleviating the symptoms and speeding recovery.

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Posted in: Japan's sports world puts itself on hold in fight against coronavirus See in context

 it's now become a full blown one because of Abe!

who knew abe was so powerful that he can spread covid-19 across japan (and possilby the world just to add to his awesome powers) thereby creating this national crisis all by himself.

could abe or the gov't have done more to stop the spread of c-19? heck no. it's occuring in people who haven't even been to china or been in contact with people who have been in china. so no, abe is not to blame for this national crisis.

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Posted in: Abe's abrupt call to close schools triggers confusion See in context

GarthgoyleToday 07:01 am JSTDang if he doesn't do anything. Dang if he does. So difficult to keep people happy nowadays.

you must be new to this site...

GarthgoyleToday 07:01 am JSTDang if he doesn't do anything. Dang if he does. So difficult to keep people happy

and there, i fixed it for ya.

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Posted in: Parents' lawsuit accuses Japan of double standard on child 'abductions' See in context

These are not that rare, and describing them as pet peeves minimizes the life destroying trauma they entail. They are real concerns of anyone living in Japan, and particularly foreigners. I know people who have been affected by both of these issues.

Can you cite actual statistics instead of anecdotal evidence? Because no one in my 100 plus friends have ever been affected by this issue? Just because it's personal to a few people doesn't make it a "major issue" for 90% of foreigners living here.

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