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Posted in: Tokyo reports 16,538 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 78,931 See in context

After more than a year of these daily infection numbers, what else is there to say? Can't believe so many people still care to comment, debate and misinform.

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Posted in: UK lifts COVID restrictions; says Omicron wave has peaked See in context

it seems bojo is jumping the gun a bit to try and distract from his party scandals. it's way to early to scrap all the preventitive measures. why is it so bothersome for brits, and americans, to mask up? it' such a small inconvenience.

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Posted in: Tokyo university knife attacker carried liters of flammable liquid: police See in context

not condoning what he did, but seems like a lot of adults in his life failed him too.

no, you're ot condoning him, but you are also not placing the blame squarely on him, which is where it should only be. i don't care how much pressure someone is under but there are many other options than taking a knife and randomly stabbing 3 innocent people. one immediate option would be to just commit suicide instead of suicide by cop/state.

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 623 new coronavirus cases; 390 in Tokyo See in context

I think you are literally the first people on these forums who ever accused the system here with too much testing (that wasn't a joke)...

You're reply to my comment doesn't DISPROVE what I said. It only PROVES that you have poor reading comprehension skills. "More testing" doesn't mean "too much testing." If the govt had done this from the beginning there wouldn't have been CT that they were hiding the data. But now they are doing mass testing the numbers will increase dramatically.

But as Dr. FAUCI said recently, the focus shouldn't be on infections. It should be on hospitalizations.

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 623 new coronavirus cases; 390 in Tokyo See in context

These numbers simply are the product of more testing. The press love these eye popping numbers, but I'd venture that the vast majority are asymptomatic and require no hospitalization. Let's wait a week and see.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders sale of confiscated Nippon Steel assets See in context

Why doesn't japan just give the Korean govt hundred of billions of dollars to settle the issue and formally apologize?! Oh wait, this was done over 50 years ago, but the Korean govt squandered the money and repeatedly request new apologies. Smgdfh100x

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Posted in: 1st community spread of Omicron virus variant in Tokyo confirmed See in context

Koike said Tokyo will conduct free COVID-19 tests from Saturday amid growing worries over the variant. It is planning to conduct 30,000 tests per day for those wishing to be tested at 180 locations in the capital, she added.

Who the heck would want to get tested when the reward is a 14 day quarantine at a hospital?! Japan isn't incentiving people to get tested. They are scaring people into the exact opposite.

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Posted in: Community transmission of Omicron spreads in western Japan See in context

the govt's plan to force all patients and close contacts of people infected with omicron into hospitals for 2 weeks will surely make most people hesitant to get tested, especially if they only feel mildly sick. who in their right mind would get tested?

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Posted in: UK data suggests hospitalization is less likely with Omicron See in context

this is what the data has been TELLING, not suggesting, for several weeks now. but i doubt it'll make one iota of difference to the japanese public who irrationally fear omicron like the bubonic plague.

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Posted in: Japan entry controls to stay until more known about Omicron See in context

how much more do countries around the world need to know? it has spread to over 80 countries around the world, and all the data proves that it is a mild flu or bad common cold. hospitalization rates are still relatively low and perhaps 2 deaths. give me a break.

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Posted in: Virus fears trigger more holiday cancelations, restrictions See in context

NYC announced today record setting infections, but there's a huge caveat; hospitalizations are relatively low and the majority of symptoms are mild. But of course the press ignores the postive and only focuses on RECORD SETTING INFECTIONS. the world is going hysterical over a common cold. smgfh

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Posted in: Australia's New South Wales sets record for new COVID cases See in context

pls tell me how this is possible-i wish to learn something new as by logic this increasing of cases should be impossible?

No hand washing, social distancing, and they stopped wearing masks.

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Posted in: WHO sees unprecedented Omicron spread; Pfizer says COVID pill effective See in context

Although Britain on Monday confirmed what is thought to be the world's first Omicron-related death, there is no proof yet that Omicron causes more severe illness.

Why isn't this part of the headline. it's the most important thing you need to know about the disease.

But it urged countries to act swiftly to rein in transmission and protect their health systems and warned against complacency.

WHO expert Bruce Aylward strenuously warned against "jumping to a conclusion that this is a mild disease".

after 3 weeks after detecting the virus, is it really "jumping" to conclusions? the incubation period is generally 2 weeks for covid. how much more data do these idiots need?

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Posted in: Because of the coronavirus, companies no longer have reasons to actively hold drinking parties. This has probably led to a dip in group drinking events that were not liked by young people in the first place. See in context

it all depends on your boss and colleagues. if they're great, then you would love to go out drinking with them. but if you're the only 20 something girl ina company filled with oyajis, then it would be a living hell.

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Posted in: California brings back mask mandate as virus cases rise See in context

“We know people are tired and hungry for normalcy. Frankly, I am too,” California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr Mark Ghaly said Monday.

but this is the new normal for the foreseeable future. and it's hardly a burden to wear a mask while you're inside a public space. in japan, you wear a mask as soon as you step out of your door.

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Posted in: At least one dead from Omicron as UK boosts response See in context

i agree with the others who have stated that without knowing the exact details of the person who died, then this is just fearmongering by johnson and the press. still NO deaths reported in south africa where the variant originated, NO deaths reported out of 750 cases in europe and NO deaths reported in the US, where you think it would have killed someone by now because of the obesity rate there.

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Posted in: At least one dead from Omicron as UK boosts response See in context

but quite a number of those dying are vaccinated already, just at a much lower rate than the unvaccinated. However overall greater numbers of vaccinated have been dying than unvaccinated, because it is mainly fatal for the elderly, so statistically, the person that sadly died was likely to be vaccinated.

you can't be serious, can you? this is just nonsensical. your first and second statements contradict each other. and then you try to qualify it with an illogical example. smgdfh...

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Posted in: 金 chosen as kanji character best representing 2021 See in context

Every time the Olympics are held, this kanji is chosen. Sorry it lacks imagination and really doesn't match the mood of all those who have suffered this year as a result of covid.

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Posted in: Johnson says UK faces 'tidal wave' of Omicron cases See in context

it's important to note that NO, ZERO, NADA deaths have been reported from omicron. And very few hospitalizations. all this fear mongering for a cold. give me a break. if the symptoms are so mild then the world should want to catch omicron instead of delta.

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Posted in: Japan boosts medical system to admit 37,000 COVID patients to hospitals See in context

there ain't no need for this. with 80% vaccination rate, there won't be another surge from the corona virus.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 14 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 145 See in context

Believing that the govt is intentionally hiding the numbers because of the Olympics and elections is a conspiracy not a fact.

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Posted in: WHO warns that Omicron variant poses very high risk See in context

Mild symptoms and no reported deaths?! Wake me when the mass hysteria from omicron is over. This is just plain pathetic.

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Posted in: Japan apology needed to solve wartime labor issue: S Korean presidential candidate See in context

How about SK apologizing first for being such hypocritical, nationalistic and precocious babies? And you wonder why NK is a train wreck? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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Posted in: South Africa detects new COVID variant with many mutations See in context

arghhhh...another fear-mongering story about covid. i will be a bridge in brooklyn that another delta-style variant won't occur for another 4-5 years, if ever at all.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 79 See in context

So out of 14,000,000 people, only a meagre 7 got the virus? That’s incredible - defying logic.

What number should it be according to your "logic"?

Once again. If you and your ilk have any evidence, not hunches, then please show it. If not then...

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Posted in: Mother of girl abducted by N Korea urges Kishida to resolve issue See in context

Has any govt successfully dealt with the north Koreans. It's ludicrous to blame previous and current administrations for resolving this and any issue brought before the hermit kingdom. Dealing with madmen will only make you mad.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 22 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 201 See in context

Oh come on. Now you're just rubbing it in their faces. We all know by now the numbers weren't being manipulated by the govt for the election. There's no need to keep reminding them. But thank you!!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 25 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 225 See in context

four days since the election, and the numbers are STILL low. Who’d of thunk? It’s as though the numbers aren’t being manipulated.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 86 See in context

Same people doubting the official figures. Why do you persist??

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 86 See in context

Unless they were purposefully trying to spread misinformation

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