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Nakatsu Shinji comments

Posted in: 5 lies you’re likely to hear in a Japanese hostess bar, and what they really mean See in context


Tons of princess-like beautiful girls, either alone or with other girls in their "joshikai" many of them craving for a boyfriend.

What actually makes you think they don't have one? because of them going joshikai? Sorry to dissappoint but even married women do that.

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Posted in: 29-year-old man arrested over murder of 17-year-old girl See in context

Should have just jumped at Koiwa tracks like the others do.. but instead he insisted to become even a lower scumbag. Wish harsher penalties for these crimes would be enforced.

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Posted in: Making happiness pay See in context

It is nice to see people trying to go new ways and I really hope for her success but for the idea it seems a bit too naive. I mean if everyone has access to certain data how someone thinks about his company or recommendation that means that also the company does have that data (if not more), so considering that.. who would ever write something bad about his workplace unless he or she wants to get demoted? Think she will have to think that through a bit better... Also because of that legacy of Job hunting and recruitment it will be hard to get major clients since they still even in 2015 stick with those nerv wrecking long and seriously unnecessary recruitment events, explanations eg...

I still hope that she manages to succeed.

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Posted in: Skinship with a pet may make you ill See in context

reading this gives me two questions..

how come this is not a reasearch from "american experts" like i usually use to read about how farting can shorten lifespan by years..... also what University did this Research?

seriously People who take this serious.. I'm sorry for them...

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Posted in: Boy hit and killed by train left note saying he was bullied See in context

for those blaming the parents... you dont seem ever to have had bullying experience on your own. Kids wont ask their parents for help... uselly they are good t hiding the fact that they get bullied... and in many cases adults cant really help.. unless they would let the kid transfer which also isnt a 100% safe way escaping bullying (also sometimes it isnt possible due to the ruling for public schools that you have to attend the closest to your place). Most Ideal way for kids would be to find a respected older student to cover for them (if they have no other choice than sticking to that particular school)

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Posted in: Himeji Castle reopens after 5 1/2 years of repair work See in context

why the roof is white? it has been constructed like that.. thats why its also nicknamed white castle.. others also were white originaly but through corrosion eg they become grey over time.. thats why its recommended to go there the first months after the reopening.. after that it will get gradually dark again

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Posted in: After Fukushima, Japan gets green boom - and glut See in context

nice try to manipulate the public with this sourceless piece of failinformation. there has been no switch offs in germany. if you still claim so then please give exact officially approved sources

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Posted in: Google to build prototype of truly driverless car See in context

@BertieWooster I think they meant it doesnt have a wheel in terms of you cant make turns decide where the car goes.. still need wheels as in the ones the car is on ;o

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Posted in: EU, Japan to start cyber-security dialogue See in context

rather should they fight the american nsa spies.. execution of all they can find.. america would do the same to anyone else on the ground of terrorism..

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Posted in: Facebook users in Japan losing interest See in context

Obviously not true. No trouble signing up, no trouble posting in English.

well it's not like it's says noone allowed but through their changes ( someone said he signed up in 2006 so thats before the change). Last year a friend of mine tried to sign in when we actually noticed that they seem to have changed their agreements which doesnt allow usual prepaid costumers into their service... it#s a bit tricky on that end.

It's probably just my oppinion but i just don't think that comparing with other countries you could say FB is popular in any way.. just 10% of Japanese i know who are signed with FB use it on regular basis.. others are signed in just for the sake of it or check it once in a month or even less.. wouldn't claim that as use in the sense most do..

But as some said it's also because of privacy reasons... most japanese are very sensitive on that end since it can have an effect on your workplace. I heard of many company scouts who search on FB for their new applicants or also regular staffs... My boss also sent me a request which is hard to ignore since it can really affect you work...

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Posted in: Facebook users in Japan losing interest See in context

To begin with.. Facebook has been never popular in JP. Most of the people i know using FB are merely using it to keep in touch with friends abroad since mixi and others don't allow foreigners into their services (mixis changed their agreements so that only contract mob phone holder could sign in.. ) I still wonder why most people in Japan believe they would have to use their real name.. just set up one... no need for honesty on a social network if you don't want to..

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