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I had fun watching this show, didn't stay for the whole thing however. And the whales wouldn't even come over to us in the petting tank area...

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I'm just glad to hear she didn't die. Hopefully she can come out of this alright.

But I'd like to know where this loser guy got the idea that getting dumped and getting stabbed are "even"

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The one on the left is so skinny, she makes the big chested one look chubby.

I have to agree with jpdrag0n, not all J-ladies are lookers. If you base your idea of Japanese woman on the idol and talento pictures of course you will be led to believe J-women are some sort of goddesses amongst womankind.

But just walking down the street you will see all types. And there are plenty of plain looking women, and also some rather unattractive types. But of course people don't generally notice them...

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They could just call it Tokyo Sky Tower. I like the use of the word sky since it's so tall, but I think it's the use of Tree that throws people off.

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Who cares that she's touching that crocodile when her breasts threaten to spill out at any moment? Seriously.

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Yeah people like to complain and gossip, it releases pressure like others have said, and it helps people feel better about themselves. Does Charisma man's bedroom life matter to us? no. Does putting him down make us feel more adequate? perhaps. Like putting down western (I assume that means white) women as fat may help some people vent anger toward women or their own expanding waistlines.

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