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Posted in: Boston museum cancels 'Kimono Wednesdays' after racism protests See in context


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Posted in: Torrential rain hits Oshima; another typhoon on the way See in context

Wow! Looks like we gotta brace ourselves for this one.

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Posted in: Man arrested after rice cooker found plugged into neighbor’s home See in context

What a "petty ass----!" He could have waited to see who comes to get the rice, then ask about it. But no, instead....he dicks out and calls the police. No compassion, no neighbor, just a selfish kumquat!

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Posted in: Woman hit by bullet train at Sendai station See in context

OMG!!! There are protective guard rails at each station. No doubt, she must have stepped in front of the train as it was slowing down. Lucky for her, the train was almost at a complete stop. Now she has to suffer from her injuries. What a waste!

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Posted in: Abe tells Obama Japan will join child abduction treaty See in context

For the past 5 years I've read a similar story about how they are considering to join the Hague Treaty, but there was no solid time frame as to when; hence, it's been all mouth. We will have to wait another 10 years plus before that happens.

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Posted in: Shimane town demands pants for Michelangelo's David sculpture See in context

Celebration of the Phallic Symbol at the Kanamara Matsuri Festival.... Erect penises parading down the street with women licking lolli's and others jumping for joy at the sight of these things held high; and, they want to cover up the genitalia of Michaelangelo's David? Give me a break! The one-sided minds. If it was a creation by a Nihon artist, perhaps it would be OK. Let try to PIXELLATE that part. ;)

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Posted in: China must stop making threats in maritime disputes: Panetta See in context

America has it's hands full. All they need now is to fight someone else's battles. It's obvious they're both itching to start something. I still say don't get involved. China and Japan should find ways for a peaceful resolution. Whatever happens, happens. We didn't do it.

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Posted in: China must stop making threats in maritime disputes: Panetta See in context

Why does the USA have to get involved in China and Japan's beef? For once, stay out of it. Let's see how these two countries handle their own conflict.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit in face with beer glass in Tokyo bar See in context

Put the glass wielding, stomach stomping Biotch behind bars! She obviously doesn't know how to control herself. Hostile peeps need to be monitored. Mary JoboJobo!

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Posted in: Child abductions: Movie screening of 'From the Shadows' and seminar See in context

Will there be a showing in Osaka?

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Posted in: Disaster aid puts new face on U.S. military in Japan See in context

Good for the troops to help Japan. Let's just hope that the relationship improves and things look brighter for JP and USA.

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Posted in: Edano criticizes TEPCO for series of mistakes on nuclear plant See in context


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Posted in: Two men steal quake donation money from Fukuoka 'gyudon' restaurant See in context

Oh that is disgusting! It's time to bolt down them donation boxes. These guys will go through extremes to STEAL! I wouldn't be surprised if they stole candy from a baby. Catch them and punish them hard!

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Posted in: Toyama man arrested for stealing earthquake collection box See in context

What a damn loser!

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Posted in: Hawaiian chef Sam Choy takes cuisine sky high See in context

Sam Choy's restaurants in Hawaii are amazing... Great food. The presence of his signature cuisine on AA will be an impressive addition for the passengers. I hope Delta, ANA, or JAL would someday consider having his dishes on their flights.

Right on! I mua Hawaii!

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Posted in: Happy days See in context

YAY!!! That's definitely a boost for the team. Lookout for them at the next Olympics.

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Posted in: Dealing with child abuse: What would you do if you regularly heard your neighbor's child screaming in distress or if you noticed a child with bruises on him/her? See in context

I personally think that we as adults should bring it to the attention of the BEATER, that it is not right to be abusive. None of this "mind your own business" attitude. It becomes habitual and sooner or later (GOD forbid) there may be a tragic ending. Either way, the children do not need to suffer or traumatized by an abusive parent.

Three weeks ago, I was at the Shin-Osaka station walking toward the gates. A little boy that was either 2 or 3 years old dropped his toy, then picked it up and kept walking. The mother walking behind of him reached out and slapped his head! He looked back and began to cry, she slapped him again! I walked up to her and yelled, "dumb ass!" She quickly walked away and turned back... Again I said, "dumb ass!"

I hope that was a wake-up call for her, that frustrated wench. What's up with these parents. You know why they hit? Because they can and the children are defenseless.

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Posted in: Saitama woman held over death of 11-year-old son See in context

The BEAST reveals its true face! Something must be done to put a stop to these child-killing parents.

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Posted in: Little big man See in context

Aloha nui ia Hawai'i...ku'u home hanau. Eo e Waipi'o!

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Posted in: The man who launched a thousand chips See in context

I LOVE Famous Amos' cookies!

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Posted in: 4-yr-old girl falls to death from 6th-floor hotel window See in context

I feel very sorry and sad to hear about accidents involving children. My heart goes out to the parents for the loss of their daughter.

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Posted in: 10-yr-old boy hanged in park after bag strap gets caught in tree See in context

This is so SAD! My prayers for him and his family. God Bless him.

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Posted in: Bodies of two infants found in supermarket freezer See in context

Any excuse what-so-ever is bullshit! The person or crazy ass that did this should face murder charges! These incidences are one too many. Every week, or every other day - something like this happens here. Why?!!! Re-think the laws and get tough on punishment! Tie the fool by the ankles and drag the idiot from the back of a car - in front of the town folk. That would hopefully make them donkies think twice about victimizing children.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Japan child custody laws could harm bilateral ties See in context

angelxtears wrote:

Take it or leave it!

U.S.A needs to mind its own business!!

Apparently you have NO CHILD that has been kidnapped or abducted by a Japan citizen. If you were in a situation that I or others are in perhaps you would change your attitude.

When it comes to the U.S.A., and a child who is a citizen of the United States of America, it is OUR BUSINESS.

I do hope that something gets resolved real soon. When the children are involved and taken away from another loving parent, the child is scarred for the rest of his/her life. Let's do what is right for the sake of the child, and not support "revenge" - for the demented.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discuss ways to resolve custody disputes See in context

It is so unfortunate for the children who are most affected by situations like these. It is also a SAD thing for the women to lie about situations. They know that the laws of their homeland (Japan) will protect them regardless if their statements are true or not. The easy way is to cry "domestic violence," - the automatically they are granted custody. What Japan needs to do is make a thorough investigation on that matter, and not just take the word of the complainer. Hard proof evidence must be presented.

I am speaking from a experience. To this day, my child is the one that is affected... In the end, the excuses, the lies, and brain-washing - will backfire.

Japan shouldn't make excuses either. They seem to be Numba One for excuses.

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Posted in: American father arrested in Japan had asked Tennessee court for help See in context

****So far there has been almost a complete news blackout on the Christopher Savoie case in Japan, and I am hoping that the events on Saturday will change that. (A quote from a reliable source.)

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Posted in: American father arrested in Japan had asked Tennessee court for help See in context

Regardless of the "rights" and "wrongs" of this particular case, for what reason does the law of Japan make a decision to recognize a one-parent custody only - for the child? This does not just apply to foreigners. I personally know of several foreigners and a few Japanese ex-husbands, who are completely shut out of their children's lives because of this J-Court ruling. The wives from what I understand, ran away with the children and were taught to use a tool of power. The tool/term is: "DV, or Domestic Violence," and those TWO words alone - will prompt the authorities to take action against the husband.

Evidence, or NO EVIDENCE, lying or not, full protection for the woman will take precedence. Then there's the process of a long court battle. Meanwhile, on the sidelines, the child gets pushed into a whole different environment, completely removed from the left-behind-parent, forced to cope in a different world, and trying to adapt to a new life-style.

In many cases, the hurt feelings the child endures from being forced away from the other parent, affects him/her in several ways. (Read about the numerous monthly cases in Japan, about sons or daughters retaliating against mothers in some way or another.) It's all relative. It is NOT good for the children to be cut off from the other "loving parent."

Child Abduction/Kidnapping is running rampant in Japan. Something must be done to protect the Children and the Left-Behind-Parents.

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Posted in: American father arrested in Japan had asked Tennessee court for help See in context

Noriko was given custody, visitation rights, and the right to take her children for visits to Japan. What does Japanese courts afford the foreign parents?.........Not a dam thing.

You are so right in your writing! The courts are so backwards. I went to Family Court to negotiate visitation rights, and was told by the mediators there that two hours a month is a fair settlement. I tried to argue the fact that I'm paying child support, and shouldn't I have rights as a father. I felt as if I was a criminal.

According to an International lawyer, I was told that FC can't do jack squat, and they're afraid to enforce rules because they don't want to be pin-pointed as the "bad guy." They want to promote talks.

My ex-???? made up every lie in the book to make me look like a criminal. She even went as far as to say that I got out of a black van with 5 other men in suits, and surrounded the court building!!! Of course her accusations were false, but it was only family court, and she's allowed to LIE all she wants.

The seriousness of this matter affects the child and his/her well being. Crazed and psychotic mothers should be examined, re-examined, and monitored to be sure that they're fit to be a parent. Not some biotch seeking revenge...which is exactly what the "other one" is doing. And, they should be held accountable by a real court of law for all of their false accusations and fabrications.

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Posted in: American father arrested in Japan had asked Tennessee court for help See in context

Well, I agree that it was not smart on his part to come into a foreign country and expect to snatch the children without having to face the consequences. There's no way that he would have escaped - especially since he did it while his ex-walked the children to school.

Japan will recognize that as a crime because dual-custody doesn't exist (YET) in a separation/divorce situation.

Regardless of who he married after is irrelevant. His actions demonstrated his love and desperation to be with his kids. Why can't people see that?! YES it was foolish on his part to do what he did, but because of that, the spotlight is on JAPAN. Hague Convention! I'm glad for the media coverage and attention.

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Posted in: American father arrested in Japan had asked Tennessee court for help See in context

**igotchu wrote:

All this talk about different cultures and laws, no matter which side you choose in this case doesn't outweigh the natural rights of both parents. Most of the criticism should be directed to Japanese Family Law for failing to protect these natural rights.

And that is exactly true! The natural rights of both parents. The Japanese Government does NOT own the children, nor does the wife or husband that abducts or kidnaps the child/children. The left-behind parents and the children suffer, but Japan could care less. Don't be fooled by the bowing gestures and pretentious smiles. It's termed "hone/tatemae" here...a common practice.

I am presently one of the unfortunate that is experiencing what it is like in Japan. The legal process goes on and on, for years. The child/children are being played like a pawn. It makes you wonder why the suicidal rate in Japan grows higher each year. Such corruption!

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