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Posted in: Disney's Black mermaid is no breakthrough – just look at the literary subgenre of Black mermaid fiction See in context

Seriously, people can get upset about anything. They chose one of the lightest skinned black women too, and people are still whining. My fictional character is a slightly shade darker than usual, wah wah wah. Honestly these people are ridiculous. But I guess racists are always going to be like that.

Anyways, if they also did like an underwater African Atlantis, that would be a really fun movie too. Like Wakanda but underwater

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Posted in: Men urged to train themselves to notice household chores: study See in context

I found this a very interesting article, instead of relying on tired old stereotypes of who does what/who evolved to do what, and personal anecdotes, there might be an actual psychological reason behind it. I'm sure everyone knows a man who is better at homework than a woman, or a woman who provides more money to the household than the man, or vice versa. Also, in gay households, are the chores and childcare more evenly distributed? Are there still imbalances? I would like to see more research on this.

Personally, I believe some people are trained well from an early age to clean up with attention to detail, while others are not. Then they marry each other and make each other crazy lol.

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Posted in: Nagoya soon to join Tokyo and get its own secret, members-only parfait bar See in context

If you have that much extra money to burn and such need to special, I too will put ice cream in a bowl for you and tell you you're pretty.

As they say, a fool and their money are soon parted.

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Posted in: Resettlement woes affecting female Ukrainian refugees See in context

@kabukilover, a lot of the Ukrainian men are staying to fight, so most of the people leaving are women and children. This is usually, but not always, the case for refugees.

I agree with everyone saying that the guarantor system is garbage and really easy for creeps to exploit. I feel bad for the Ukrainians! Imagine the powerlessness, I hope the Russian army leaves soon and the refugees can go reunite with their families. Pray for peace.

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Posted in: Singer R. Kelly convicted of child porn, enticing girls for sex See in context

I hope they lock him up and throw away the key. My deepest sympathy for all his victims, I hope this will help them find some peace.

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Posted in: Japan is hard on gifted children See in context

I think it's important to let gifted kids develop and dive into their interests, but it is really hard to make sure they still interact and develop socially too. My sister is having problems with her son in that sense- he's in JHS and taking university level maths, but has almost no friends at school. The pandemic didn't help things either in that regard. I hope he doesn't grow up smart but lonely. I think a lot of gifted kids face this problem of balancing their intellect and social skills.

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Posted in: Sweeteners may be linked to heart disease risk, study suggests See in context

My go-to sweetener will always be honey. It's good for your throat, supports the pollinating bees, and tastes great. Never understood why people mess around with all those weird aftertaste giving chemical sweetners.

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Posted in: For love or for money? TV star’s views on marriage make waves in Japan See in context

Imho, if you are young and trying to decide how to choose a partner, love is most important. Also, work ethic. If someone is willing to work hard, even if they start out poor, eventually they will get a decent job- not saying it's the secret to being rich, but will lead to an ok life. Even if a person is born rich, if they aren't willing to work hard, they most likely will lose their money. And if someone is willing to work hard, they may understand it's important to work hard in the relationship in terms of communication and figuring out problems etc. Not that a relationship should be hard work, but that a willingness to work hard at something even if it's tricky will teach a skill set that is valuable in a relationship. Just my 2 cents.

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Posted in: Japanese hotel gives you a beer tap in your room, 10 liters of craft beer to drink for free See in context

This would be so fun with a group of friends! What a great thing to do in your 20s, I hope they target that market.

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Posted in: 5 Japanese ‘compliments’ that can sound off to foreigners See in context

If someone praises you on the skill of speaking the language of a country you've spent a great part of your life in, isn't the implication that they think non-Japanese are too stupid to learn the language and you should be glad for being praised on a skill you take for granted at this point? Afaik, Japanese friends I've met in the UK never got praised on their English because it's understood you speak the language of your resident country and implying otherwise is condescending

Or is it that because most Japanese have seriously studied English for 10+years, and have never attained a comfortable level of fluency (mostly through no fault of their own), so that they are genuinely impressed if someone can speak Japanese well. Not to mention knowing first-hand what a beast kanji is to learn. And, as I said before, they're just trying to be nice and not implying anything by it. People will really try to be offended by anything to feel special.

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Posted in: 5 Japanese ‘compliments’ that can sound off to foreigners See in context

Imo, most people are just awkwardly trying to be nice or start a conversation. When someone makes a comment about my nose or big eyes, I usually say something about how I think smaller noses are cuter and it's easier to wear glasses with them, or something to that extent. Then talk about, well I guess everyone wants what they don't have lol. Or compliment their straight black hair. Or lack of body hair. Or whatever it is to compliment back. This sometimes makes them uncomfortable, but that isn't my intention. I'm just trying to say something nice back.

People need to chill out about well-intentioned compliments, even if it comes off a little awkward. I much prefer it to people making rude comments, like gaijin stink or all Americans are fat etc.

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Posted in: End of the road for New York's horse-drawn carriages? See in context

100,000$ a year for that!? Seriously!? I am in the wrong business lol

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Posted in: Tadanobu Asano, who plays Hogun in Thor films, marries model 18 years younger See in context

I think it's fine for now, but a near 20 year age difference will feel bigger when she is 50 and he is near 70. Who knows though, love is love. I wish them happiness and health. Always liked his acting in movies.

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Posted in: Man who took entire town’s COVID-19 money now out of jail and turning life around See in context

Can really see this story becoming a TV movie. Lots of overacting and drama! Imagine if he actually turns his life around.

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Posted in: Depopulation a surefire formula for national ruin See in context

There is no way to solve the birthrate crisis without solving the overwork crisis. People who routinely work until 8pm or later do not have time or energy to make or take care of babies and then kids.

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Posted in: Mixed fortunes of celebrities who leapt on NFT craze See in context

NFTs really remind me of the "art" a few years ago of the banana taped to a wall...but at least you could eat that lol

All jokes aside, I don't think they will ever make money because as people have mentioned before, there is no original copy that you can display and charge ticket prices to see. For example, although the Mona Lisa is on everything everywhere, people will still pay and line up to see the original. But with digital art, there is no "original" so you have to create some kind of experience using the art to sell tickets for. These NFTs are not going to age well unless you amass a huge number of them, start a museum, and create something that people can experience and post about on social media.

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store switches from plastic spoons to edible spoons for ice cream See in context

I wish they would trial this in more places, what a great idea! And then, they can charge like 10 yen for each additional tiny spoon cone to make even more profit. So, not only reducing plastic but also gaining a bit of profit from it. I love this idea, wish they would do something like this at Baskin Robins. The number of spoons they give out without even asking is insane.

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Posted in: Couple arrested after leaving 7-month-old baby at home alone See in context

What a pathetic excuse! Poor baby, I hope someone else can take of him for a while.

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Posted in: Things people started during pandemic but soon wound up quitting See in context

I tried getting into baking, but the bad part was having to eat my failed attempts lol it was like a time-consuming, expensive, punishment

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Posted in: Giffords documentary comes as gun debates stay center stage See in context

Very inspiring, I wish it was playing in Japan.

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Posted in: Sexy lingerie makes post-pandemic comeback See in context

I just hope garter belts don't make a come back, those things were a pain in the neck.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka's Evolve sports agency signs Nick Kyrgios See in context

I think this is a good move for her considering how poorly she has been playing and her mental health and leg problems. If she can work behind the scenes, she will probably be happier and not have that pressure to compete and keep her body in top notch condition. I think this will be a good transition for her out of competitive sports. If she keeps competing as she has been, her ranking will just get worse and worse, and she will be just another has-been. If she exits at near the top of her game, she will keep her fans and tennis connections without disappointing people. Smart move, I hope she leaves competitive tennis asap, she just can't hack it.

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Posted in: Actor Rebel Wilson responds to newspaper 'outing' controversy See in context

Man, I miss the days when people's private lives were private. I really don't care who is married or dating who, and long as they're happy. I hate this culture of getting updates on every celebrity 's every burp and fart. Don't people have better things to do with their lives?

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Posted in: 3 Japanese schools to introduce genderless swimsuits with unisex two-piece design See in context

I think this is great! When I was a shy chubby JHS, you couldn't have paid me enough money to get in a swimsuit. It's nice that kids these days have more options available to them. Although, I wish it was a more cheerful color, but it's a good start.

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Posted in: Mister Donut’s new Angel Fruit series elevates angel cream doughnuts See in context

Btw, if you're worried about the calories, the Mr D website said each one is between 235-246 calories per donut. So, about as bad for you as an ice cream, nothing too crazy. I mean, it's a dessert, it's not like you should be expecting the same calorie count as a salad lol.

Anyways, you should be able to burn one off with about an hour and a half walk.

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Posted in: Mister Donut’s new Angel Fruit series elevates angel cream doughnuts See in context

I tried the lemon one the other day, it was pretty good going down but ended up giving me a stomachache. Maybe it's just getting older, but I can't tolerate deep fried stuff the way I used to. But anyways, I don't think it was the donuts fault lol. Def give it a try!

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Posted in: Pinkett Smith talks hair-loss 'shame,' outcome of Oscar slap See in context

Wow, people in the comments have a whole lot of nasty things to say about a woman they've never met or a couple whose marriage they don't know. Chill out!

The only thing we can say for certain is no one made Will slap Chris, that was 100%his choice. Imo, a totally wrong one which was more or less punished. As for her role in it, she certainly didn't make him do that, it was his choice- he is a grown man. A rich, famous, talented, handsome millionaire at that. There was no need for him to react so childishly.

And as far as all these people in the comments go breaking their backs to somehow blame Jada for his actions, how about you place the blame firmly at the feet of the person who did the crime- no matter the circumstances. Seriously people, get a grip.

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Posted in: De Klerk latest World Cup-winning Springbok heading to Japan See in context

And I'm sure he will start selling shampoo here as soon as possible lol. What a gorgeous mane!

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 3-year-old daughter whose legs were broken See in context

Rest in peace little one, I hope justice will be served.

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Posted in: Woman storms Cannes red carpet to protest Ukraine rapes See in context

Bravo to her for bringing the immediate problem some international attention. She was very brave, I could never.

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