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Posted in: Woman storms Cannes red carpet to protest Ukraine rapes See in context

Bravo to her for bringing the immediate problem some international attention. She was very brave, I could never.

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Posted in: The changing face of 'papa-katsu' as coronavirus bites harder and longer See in context

I think this isn't good for the women in the long-run because they will not have anything they can put on a resume when they want to get a legitimate job. What can they say they've been doing all that time? Also, wouldn't the government get suspicious of this spending, how do they tax it? Lastly, how will you find a husband who will be cool and accepting of this? That is a rare guy indeed. Oh and of course, the higher risks of STDs. I'm sure if they are sleeping with clients, then the clients decide what protection, if any, to use. At the end of the day, young ladies are better off using their time to hone some skills that will make them more employable than wasting time with this papa-katsu nonsense.

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Posted in: Japanese government proposes manga-inspired courtship; Suzu Yamanouchi praised for critique See in context

Japan's marriage/birth rate problem will never be solved until they tackle their overtime/death from overwork problem. When people have free time to mingle, relax, chat, and date then they fall in love and the rest falls into place naturally. There are very very few countries with the work/life balance problem that Japan has. No "Research Document on Love" will help.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't plans to start same-sex partnership system in November See in context

Great news! I hope this also helps with inheritance paperwork in the case of one person passing away.

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Posted in: Should you watch end credits at the movies? Japanese celebrity’s comments spark fierce debate See in context

I think a better debate is should we eat popcorn, one of the noisyest foods, during movies lol

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Posted in: Human rights lawyer from Korean community in Japan undeterred by hate See in context

I hope at some point the Korans living in Japan will be allowed to vote. Then they will really have a voice.

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Posted in: Never mind New York City: For Mako and Kei, there's no place like home See in context

Ugh, this was terrible to read.

First of all, they are a young happy couple without kids or property to care for. Now is the time for them to strike out on their own and take calculated risks! Nothing they are doing is dangerous or risky.

Secondly, they will get good jobs eventually, it's just a matter of time. He will pass the bar at some point and her volunteer work can lead to a full time job. This is just a normal adjustment period. It hasn't even been a year!

Third, she is a full-fledged human adult, not a baby bird or a hothouse flower. She can take care of herself, and doesn't need to be "supported." This is just old-fashioned sexist thinking.

Fourth, if they want freedom then this includes good times and bumpy times, but it's by far better than living a very restricted and controlled life under the imperial household. She clearly wasn't happy there which is why she decided to do this.

Fifth, yes NYC is more dangerous than Japan but they will be fine. It's not like they're living in the south Bronx lol.

Sixth, where the hell is this he has a "30% chance" of passing the bar coming from? If anything, it'll be easier and easier for him to pass as he knows what to expect and his nerves will lessen.

Just leave them alone and give them time to sort out their lives, and they eventually will.

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Posted in: Amber Heard testifies she was assaulted by Johnny Depp See in context

I think they both probably were in the wrong, and it sounds like a very toxic relationship. Like fire meeting dynamite. Add to that alcohol and drugs, and you have a real mess of a relationship. I think it will ultimately be difficult to say who is more of a victim or an instigator, they both seem equally culpable of despicable behavior.

I think the only winner is probably Depp's first ex-wife, the French model that he left her for Amber. She's probably eating popcorn like, yup you shouldn't have left a good thing for some new young lady lol.

Let that be a lesson to the rest of us- the grass may look greener with another person, but it could also be just as bad or worse than the stable person you're with. Of course, not talking about loveless or toxic relationships- I mean that Depp and his first wife were happy for many many years together, and if you have a good thing going....why rock the boat?

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Posted in: No-bake strawberry shortcake: How to make a Japanese cake without an oven See in context

This is so dumb. If you want to eat cake, why would you go to the supermarket and buy bread and decorate it with whipped cream and strawberries? You might as well just buy a cake at that supermarket instead and decorate it. But then you can't have that click-bait title, can you? Bread covered in whipped cream is not the same as a no-bake cake.

This was so stupid, I want those minutes it took to read that "recipe" back from my life lol.

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Posted in: Death row inmate seeks retrial over murders of 19 mentally impaired residents at care home See in context

Clearly this appeal is to gain some time before his death. He might have some loose ends to tie up financially or emotionally speaking, but I sincerely doubt any judge will change the death sentence considering it was such a heinous crime. He's just delaying the inevitable.

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Posted in: Town in Yamaguchi sends everyone’s COVID-19 relief money to one person See in context

The police better investigate any possible connections between the guy who "accidentally " transferred money to another guy who made it "disappear" so quickly. Just too many coincidences in my opinion. They both might have come up with this scheme together and be waiting til the heat is off to do something with the money. They better hold both of their passports for a while, the whole thing is very suspicious!

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Posted in: World's oldest person dies in Japan at 119 See in context

I'm sorry to hear she passed, may she rest in peace. I'm also sorry to hear math helps extend your life, as I'm extremely poor at the subject lol. May her memory be a blessing to those she knew and loved.

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Posted in: Osaka says therapy helping after Miami win See in context

Yeah, she really needs to get a lot stronger mentally if she wants to continue playing tennis competitively, crying on court just screams weakness and competitors and trolls will pounce on her. I hope the therapist helps a lot, and she can have a few more years playing before her body gives out. She's no Serena Williams or Steffi Graf, but she could have a fine run of it if she gets her head together.

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Posted in: Cardboard bed one of cheapest on Japanese market See in context

This is very homeless chic.

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Posted in: Patissier shows how to make perfect fluffy Japanese pancakes and cheesecakes without fail See in context

@bokuda Japan has a way of taking things from other cultures and changing them to become uniquely Japanese. They did it with melon pan, ramen, omelets with rice, and lots of other food. Noone is saying pancakes and cheesecake come from Japan. Please improve your reading skills.

Anyways, this is a great YouTube channel, thanks for the recommendation!

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Posted in: Post-COVID landscape suggests a bleak picture for izakaya and coffee shops See in context

Also, they should all have wi-fi and proper smoke-free sections. I hate it when going to izakaiya and the minute we get our food, the table next to us lights up. I always need to wash my clothes or spray them like crazy after a night out (pre-pandemic of course). Lastly, the food at Watami isn't that good and is kind of over priced for what you get. I can see why they're struggling.

But, I don't think the culture of going out with co-workers will ever end here, it's just on pause. The customers will return eventually.

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Posted in: Russian star practices despite report of positive drug test See in context

The Russian athletes will never stop doping as long as it is pushed on them by their government. It's basically impossible for then to say no. They face too many consequences if they do.

By the way, if you haven't already, give Icarius a watch on Netflix. It's a documentary about the Russian doping scandal, it was really well made and griping.

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Posted in: 'Power of the Dog' tops Oscar nominations with 12; 'Dune' nabs 10 See in context

Power of the Dog was really griping and subtle. I'm so glad it got so many nominations. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely give it a watch!

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Posted in: Tokyo university knife attacker carried liters of flammable liquid: police See in context

What a sad story! Clearly what he did was abhorrent and he needs to be punished. At the same time, the fact that he wanted to die because his grades shows the immense pressure he felt he was under. And, probably no one he could open to about these feelings and have them say, it's ok - lots of people don't get into that school and still live perfectly happy lives. He sounds very young and confused. Again, not condoning what he did, but seems like a lot of adults in his life failed him too. Terrible shame.

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Posted in: A safer gun? 'Smart' pistols headed to U.S. market See in context

This tech is one step in the right direction, but I don't think it can be used to stop most/all of the gun problems in the USA. I think it will be the most useful for families with children, so the kids can't accidentally shoot it if they find it. However, I doubt this will be very useful for suicidal people- generally speaking they need therapy and psychological help more than tech can help them. As always, there needs to be better and stricter registration, licensing, legislation, and safety procedures in the USA about guns.

I like how in Japan the police come to the houses to check how people are keeping them, and to own a gun here is rather complicated. If they did a similar thing in the USA, that could really help. Not to mention a mental health check up before purchasing a gun, but I know I am dreaming here lol.

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Posted in: Firefighter docked pay for making over a million yen from game streaming See in context

Clearly they need to pay firefighters more! This is the second article this week about firefighters getting pay deductions for working side jobs. It's hard to say if they actually will ever pay more, what with all the white collar crime there is little left over for real working people.

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Posted in: IOC major sponsors mostly muted in runup to Beijing Olympics See in context

I am so done watching or thinking about the Olympics. Last summer really did it for me, I can't unsee how corrupt, greedy, and selfish all the people involved are. I think most people are like this now, and sponsors are noticing. The IOC needs to clean up its act.

Also slightly related, if you want to know more about the Olympics doping scandal from a few years back, Icarius was a great documentary on Netflix about it. It even got an academy award.

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Posted in: Oscars will have a host again in 2022 See in context

I hope they choose someone other than Jimmy. He's ok, but it would be nice to give someone else get a chance. Maybe Tiffany Haddish, Tracy Morgen, etc.

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Posted in: Adored and endangered: The complex world of the Japanese eel See in context

This was a great article, I definitely learned a lot!

I knew about the endangered status of eels a while ago, which is why I stopped eating it even though it was one of my favorite dishes here. But I didn't know about the black market for eel, and how much Japan imports.

I agree that the only solution is to stop eating it for a while and let the population bounce back. Simple, but how to support the people whose livelihoods depends on eel? Governments will need to focus on this in the future.

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Posted in: Japan promoting universal tourism, catering to diverse dietary needs See in context

This is nice in theory, but when will they allow tourists in again!? They're just starting to allow people with current visas in, there's something like 370,000 people who have been waiting. After they get through them tourists will be....??? Summer 2022?

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Posted in: China's 'Single's Day' shopping fest subdued by tech crackdown See in context

As the old joke goes, China is a capitalist country masquerading as a communist one lol.

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Posted in: Gov't to cut quarantine to 3 days for business travelers, students from Monday See in context

This is really great news for all the separated families out there, like mine was. There was a strict no visas for families unless it was a life/death situation or medical necessity, and the paperwork was enormous. I think when we finally counted it all up, the paperwork we submitted was about 153 pages. It's great that these families can put their lives back together again, it has been horrible these 2 years for everyone. The stories are just heartbreaking.

This is also great new for students who were planning to and paid to study abroad in Japan. I have quite a few students who are stuck in their countries but doing all their classwork and Zoom from there. It will be so nice for them to finally get the real Japan experience they dreamed of.

This is such happy news for so many people!

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Posted in: For Stella McCartney, fashion must ditch leather or die trying See in context

Using leather and fast fashion are not such simple topics or problems to solve.

For example, although she claims people wear fast fashion a maximum of 3 times, I believe this might be true for rich people but not for people who have less money. Generally we wear our clothes until we can't fix them anymore. I personally have a shirt from H&M that I've been wearing since the early 2000s. Secondly, you also have to consider that most sustainable fashion brands don't make clothing for people above a size large/medium or for disabled people. So, their clothing is a lot less inclusive and many people shop fast fashion because it fits. Third, the price. I can go to a second-hand store (like Hard-Off) and get a used leather belt for 300 yen that will last me for years and years.

Of course, if there were less expensive, sustainable clothing that fit I would go for it, but the problems with sustainable fashion right now aren't so easy/simplistic to solve.

Not to mention, making fake leather out of plastics or fungi or pineapple or whatever still requires factories, extraction and manipulation of resources, and energy use. Are they really better for the planet than organic leather? It seems to me there is still a long way to go in terms of improving the fashion industry, and focusing on leather seems small compared to all the other problems.

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Posted in: Scientists discover cause of Alzheimer's progression in brain See in context

My father died from early onset Alzheimer's and my uncle on my mother's side died from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. I know firsthand how horrible these diseases are, and I feel so grateful that researchers and doctors are making so much progress with understanding and treatment.

I hope when I'm older there will be more effective medicines and treatments, and for anyone going through this with loved ones, remember this too shall pass. And please don't take their actions or words personally, they just aren't the same anymore, even if you get glimpses of their real selves. Try to remember all the good times together and the life they were able to live.

Articles like this are really uplifting, and I hope to see more positive news like this!

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Posted in: How to nurture creativity in your kids See in context

One of my favorite things to do with kids is art projects! Drawing together, coloring together, making paper crafts together, etc. If parents can take the time out of busy schedules to just clear the kitchen table, pull out some crayons and pencils, kids start to see it as a valuable activity too. Of course, resist the urge to instruct them in the "right way" lol

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