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Posted in: Blue Moon: Brewed for success See in context

There are many better beers in Colorado than Blue Moon. Oscar Blues, Left Hand, Breckenridge, Boulder, and many others. Blue Moon is a beer for those who do not like to drift too far from main-stream beers. Blue Moon is sold all over Colorado...and has a lot of marketing budget due to its parent company.

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Posted in: Aeon's non-Japanese employment marks highest ever See in context

This is an expansion into other Asian markets. They obviously want people who speak the language and understand the culture.

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Posted in: Panasonic to scale down TV business See in context

This slide of Japanese TV makers is not new. Once the Japanese market was saturated with new TVs, all driven by the digital switch, the Japanese had no other push in the world. High labor costs and quality made the J-TV pricey in a "disposable" digital age.

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Posted in: Louisiana 'Freeze' shooting tragedy remembered 20 years on See in context

My boy asks me if Halloween is dangerous because people get shot every year being mistaken for an intruder or something else. There are several tragedies every year...just this morning the news reported a 9-year-old was shot. She was in costume and mistaken for a skunk.

Anyway, I tell my boy that he should be with an adult and/or a group of people.

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Posted in: Ex-president of Olympus, 2 other execs plead guilty to covering up losses See in context

I think he will get a heavy fine and suspended sentence because he showed remorse

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Posted in: Woman arrested for beating 8-year-old son See in context

On Friday, members of staff at the boy’s school said they had noticed bruises on his back and torso previously and that the school had notified a juvenile consultation center, Fuji reported.

What? And why didn't anyone take action after this???

I do not see the father as a "hero" as he was just doing his "job." But, I wonder how long it went on without him doing anything...

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Posted in: U.S. chicken chain sales soar amid gay marriage flap See in context

I think it is wrong for a company to polarize itself one way or another, whether it be on gay rights, religion, or politics. A company is more than the CEO, COO, or any executive. A company is the people and ultimately the customers.

If you want to have Christian or Muslim values, fine...keep them to yourself and do not push them on others. Just as I do not want people knocking on my door to give me religion, I do not want people putting religion in my chicken!

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Posted in: Sharp shares dive to near 40-year lows See in context

*man -> many

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Posted in: Sharp shares dive to near 40-year lows See in context

good thing they partnered with Foxconn...but, say goodbye to man Japanese jobs.

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Posted in: Hackers hit Major League Baseball teams' Facebook sites See in context


Sounds like Jeter has a Halloween costume for 2012!!

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Posted in: Australian drug trafficker's mother begs Malaysia for mercy See in context

She is not innocent...she was found in a car with drugs in it. She is guilty of that. This situation happens all of the time in the USA...and the police say, you should know that hanging around with these types of people are dangerous.

The issue is should this be a death penalty just for associating with the wrong people. Hopefully the hearing will weigh all of the evidence and find out who is responsible.

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Posted in: Rays release Hideki Matsui See in context

Matsui is now free to sign with any team.

Don't know if any team will sign with him...

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Posted in: Japan boxer's loss overturned after appeal; judges under fire amid 'fix' claims See in context

I do not remember an Olympics so full of controversial calls and issues. Or, maybe it is because I am paying attention...

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Posted in: Ozawa to abolish all nuclear power plants within 10 years if elected See in context

Yeah, right! We have all seen the political promises in Japan. This would get stalled in the diet and never go anywhere.

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Posted in: 3 junior high school students drown in Aichi river See in context

This river takes lives every year, it seems. Currents are strong and unpredictable.

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Posted in: British boy, 11, sneaks onto Rome flight without passport, ticket See in context

Good call Thunderbird2, but the boy made it all the way to Rome! The man in the incident you brought up was caught and arrested.

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Posted in: Stocks close at seven-week low See in context

Does this mean a lot of Japanese going to the Olympics this year? Would make sense considering the strong yen.

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Posted in: Ichiro excited by playoff possibility with Yankees See in context

I hope he can bring his game up and return to being the Ichiro I love to watch play.

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Posted in: Japanese model uses her half-naked body to tweet to fans See in context

since when did someone in a bikini become a half naked body?

Moderator: The headline is fine. Please post something pertinent to the story.

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Posted in: Mariners trade Ichiro to Yankees See in context

Wow! Never saw this coming! Ichiro is a Yankee...hard to picture!

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Posted in: Colorado shooting unlikely to spur changes in gun laws See in context

I am certainly not happy about the availability of guns in America. I think there should be stricter limits. But, this will never happen. So, instead there should be more strict controls about the TYPES of guns, gun attachments (such as increasing clip capacity), ammunition, and other items that the normal citizen (or abnormal) should not be able to get their hands on.

Additionally, I believe there ARE ways available today that can make guns more secure and less likely to be stolen and USED by criminals. However, gun thefts and violence due to guns increase gun sales has been documented after many major shooting sprees. It is, therefore, bad for gun and ammo manufactures to put newer or higher technology into guns, as it increases cost and reduces their bottom line in sales. Gun manufactures will also pour a lot of money into campaigns and lobbyists to prevent any kind of legislation that they do not like...

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Posted in: 12 killed, 59 wounded at shooting during 'Dark Knight Rises' premiere at Denver cinema See in context

I am with you on this smithinjapan!!!

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Posted in: TEPCO head baffled by criticism of utility's role in nuclear disaster See in context

He has worked in the company for over 40 years...his perception of what is real and what is TEPCO is obviously warped.

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Posted in: Cool Japan? With new resident system for foreigners, 'Cold Japan' fits better See in context

I have heard that the new system has been made to give immigration, and not the local ward office, more teeth. They are not out to get the typical foreigner. Instead immigration is trying to focus on those who abuse the system. Controlling it gives them more information and ability to do so.

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Posted in: Mother suspected in murder of 1-month-old baby boy See in context

Damn...horrid and sad.

Too bad the mother didn't get away with killing herself. She "deserved" it. Now she will be alive and still messed up.

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Posted in: How the JET Program changed me See in context

Good luck on your next adventure!

JET started me out in Japan, and provided me with great experiences and lasting friendships with incredible people from around the world.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shaking 5-month-old daughter, causing brain damage See in context

Poor baby girl...

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Posted in: Beat the heat See in context

Awesome! Better yet would be a salarymander in cool biz in the fountain!! :-)

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