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Do you think the retreats from Vietnam and Iraq were also cowardly? I think the Biden admin is walking a thin line in terms of how much help its willing to give the Ukrainian resistance. Its one thing to be a "trusted as a reliable ally"

@Kumagaijin in my view the retreats from Vietnam and Iraq were definitely cowardly and a big example of the failure of US Intel. The invasions / interference of US in any overseas territory is only for its ulterior motive's but done in the name of democracy and human rights . The Biden Gov is not even walking the thin line, but proved itself a paper tiger. Like Work From Home, the Biden Gov seems to be Fighting from Home. And the announcement of Ukraine that it would not join NATO clearly shows that the uncle of NATO AKA US of A cannot be trusted in any way.

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The basic million dollar question for me is can 'US of A' be really trusted as a reliable ally in times of crisis? Historically the US of A has in many regions back tracked and it's simply twisting of words for them. Many examples and most recent being Ukraine, and of course the cowardly retreat from Kabul is not forgotten by the world. The common citizens of US of A may be honest and straight forward, but is the Government of US of A likewise?

It is better that Japan gradually reduces is dependency on US of A. It is this dependency that makes US of A think that it continues to be a super power.

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Posted in: Man in Joker costume with knife injures 17 people on Tokyo train; starts fire See in context

This is very shocking and sad news.

We always believe and assume that public places in Japan are one of the safest in the world.

It is very sad to see that a few youngsters/youth are doing such criminal activities. Maybe the Japanese traditional values are being lost by some youngsters.

I am not sure if the education/school system in Japan is emphasizing such good traditional moral values. If not, they should do it, instead of allowing the Japanese kids to Ape the Western Cartoons.

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Posted in: Japan promoting 'mother cow' ethical wagyu exports See in context

Japan promoting 'mother cow' ethical wagyu exports

The new meaning of 'Ethical' seems to be 'killing' AKA 'murdering??' ..... wow! @Magali Beuchat /Japan Today..... great new definition..... and of course hopelessly shameful!!

The world is turning to Vegetarianism and Veganism...... hope you know that news as well!

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Posted in: Japan may exempt Australian troops in joint drills from death penalty See in context

Australia, which abolished the death penalty in 1985, has been concerned that its defense personnel could be sentenced to death over crimes committed in Japan, according to the sources.

Clearly shows that the Government of Australia is not confident of its own defense personnel.

This makes one wonder if Australia is sending a gang of hooligans and rowdies in uniform and boots, or is Australia sending 'Disciplined Military Personnel'.

Japan is considering exempting Australian soldiers from the death penalty for crimes committed during joint drills on its soil

Now, this is a bigger mystery and joke. If Japan suspects or believes that Aussie soldiers would commit crimes, then is Japan knowingly allowing some 'probable' 'assumed' criminals to enter its territory.

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of 35 kgs of rice from supermarket See in context

Come on everyone. We know they were here for training. Their check did not come through yet so they were hungry. The booze was to reduce the stress. Where did they get the car?

Right point..... where did they get the car? Is the car theirs or borrowed or stolen.... each answer would lead to a different conclusion.

I didn't come here to be a social underclass doing jobs that the native population don't want to do. People treated as an underclass will become and act just as expected.

It may sound legit, but difficult to be legit. What exactly do you mean by 'underclass'. Please explain your thinking. And if one knows one would be treated as 'inequal' in a foreign land, then that person is taking a known risk of going to that foreign land, and should not 'feel bad' of being treated in that way, although it is wrong morally, ethically to treat anyone as 'different'.

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Zoos must be banned globally, and instead, natural parks/safari parks must be encouraged. This not only gives a better environment, space, and home feeling to the animals but also increases the ever diminishing green space.

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