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NambanOnigiri comments

Posted in: Emperor, empress to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral; Kishida will go to New York See in context

In regards, 'filthy rich';


Have a look for yourself. Seems to me the Japanese royals aren't short of money either from the Japanese Government stipend (taxpayer's money) they receive.

Family expenses of around 2 million pound a year.

Personal expenses of around 1.5 million pound each a year.

Household expenses of around 40 milion pound a year.

They ain't living hand to mouth just yet ......

I accept that is not much compared to the British Royal family personal wealth, but not small change either.

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Posted in: Athletes praise Paralympic experience but public mixed See in context

@cracaphat - Not sure which box you want to put me in but I'm pro - vax, anti lockdown, pro - mask and unequivocally pro - sport. However, the government and IOC didn't have to knowingly contribute to, and worsen an already concerning virus outbreak. Tokyo 2024, I'd have been delighted with, I'd have got tickets and gone to Tokyo.

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Posted in: Sun draws many out in U.S., Europe; Russia virus numbers grow See in context

Herd immunity has been proven!

By whom, may I ask?

Sweden - 22,082 cases, 2,669 deaths

Denmark - 9,407 cases, 475 deaths

Norway - 7,809 cases, 211 deaths

The U.K. tried herd immunity and 182,260 cases, 28,131 deaths.

The above statistics (worldometers.info) appear to contrast with herd immunity success claims.

Sorry, but to say any approach has worked is far too early. Only after all the data has been collated and peer reviewed (by scientists) can we say any approach has ‘worked’.

I also thought, a lot of herd immunity is brought about by vaccination programs. I could be way off in my assumption. However, as there is no vaccine, herd immunity seems rather difficult in this case.

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Posted in: Cash handout program won't start soon in many cities See in context

I’m down in Fukuoka City and can confirm for people with the plastic version of the My-Number card (Denshi Shomeisho) they could apply for the assistance payment as of yesterday.

We did it ourselves. Thankfully, my spouse is Japanese and we could navigate the process, convoluted doesn’t begin to explain it!

I’m not sure if there’s other languages supported or not. I’m not sure I could have done it in English either!!


On iPhone, you need to download the app called, ‘myna portal’ マイナポータル.

The phones camera will read your plastic My-Number card through this app.

Also, one of either your your bank card, banking book or online banking statement are needed.

8 steps to the process.

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Posted in: Q&A: How do I receive ¥100,000 from the government? See in context

The government’s proposal is not a perfect solution but there hardly ever is one. I haven’t seen a country with the perfect proposal, as of yet.

If this handout is quickly forthcoming then it’ll help a lot of residents in trouble.

The key being expediency.

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Posted in: Abe cautious about declaring emergency despite spike in virus cases See in context

Everyone has to make their own choices about the best way forward, until it’s taken out of our own hands.

For anyone doubting the potential seriousness of Covid-19 and the need for social distancing, please first give this article a read.

The Hammer and the Dance, it’s been out for a few weeks but it changed my thinking on this whole situation.

You’ll have to judge for yourselves.

Stay healthy everyone.


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Posted in: Rubella infection cases in Japan quintuple from previous year See in context

papigiulio is correct. Certainly in my case the Doctor offered to place it on my kids bottom or sole of the foot. I didn't have my children vaccinated for T.B. over here for the reason of the scarring. When I went back to the U.K. they were vaccinated where there is a minimal scarring. You have to consider the false negative from T.B. too.

However, this article is about rubella and the rubella vaccination doesn't scar like the T.B. jab. If you are concerned about the combination jabs then you can request to have them given individually.

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Posted in: Not having children is selfish, says LDP Secretary-General Nikai See in context

As much as I dislike the current government they are actually giving some help to families with children, obviously I would like more and they should do more to help working families. especially if they want more children in society.

They give child support payments, tax breaks, subsidised kindergarten for 2nd children, free kindergarten for the 3rd child, free school meals. I don't know if this is nationwide or just localised however.

In the U.K. for example, the cost of nursery in some cases negates the salary gained by one of the parents going back to work, insane.

As for the debate, to child or not to child. Entirely personal decision. Never criticise a person either way.

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Posted in: Reports of measles rising in Okinawa; damage to tourism feared See in context

However, the main benefit of childhood vaccines being that they take the edge of the symptoms. No vaccine equals full strength symptoms which can lead to, in albeit unusual circumstances, death. You can still contract measles post vaccine but recover much faster.

I agree with Stuart about awareness of ingredients in vaccines but the food chain is now so contaminated it's difficult to know what we consume now. The vaccines ingredients can't be any worse than what we consume in our food.

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Posted in: Does Fukushima show a split in philosophy between Asia and Europe? See in context

Terrible article! Trying to find sustainable, clean energy is to be condemned and seen as cowardice apparantly! When better, cleaner, forms of energy production are produced and pioneered then I guess a lot of soul searching will have to be done in Europe about all the people that havent been exposed to radiation! Oversensitive Europe needs to learn from Pragmatic Asia - I guess its a case of thinking of your general population and their health (Europe) and making money (Pragmatic Asia).

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Posted in: Celebrations See in context

As much as he was a horrid person, to celebrate someones death as if it were a frat party is a little off i reckon. When i saw people celebrating the twin towers going down i felt furious, imagine how extremists will feel when they see these pictures. Humility in extreme circumstances it seems is underated.

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Posted in: Christel Takigawa launches new book on why she loves Paris See in context

Great city (and im English), its not Japanlike but then why would you go if it was! I see traffic jams everyday in Japan, I meet rude and arrogant people in Japan. However there are far more good things than bad in Japan, ditto for Paris.

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Posted in: Protest See in context

manfromamerica - they are entirely negligent, the power plant was built to withstand a quake in the mid 7s and resist a tsunami of 5 metres. They knew full well there would be a bigger earthquake than this as history has shown. Why do you think they are tsunami markers warning of this from the past. It is obviously normal (as in happens every 100-200 years). When you have building standards you build to extreme levels (particularly nuclear power stations) not to standards from natural disasters from the past 50 years. The govt. will bail them out as theyll pretend there`s no way they can pay the compensation amounts, all this while those at the top will probably be getting bonuses.

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Posted in: Why did those foreigners who decided to leave Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster come in for so much derision from some people who labeled them with words like 'flyjin?' See in context

What about the Jflys, the ones who relocated their families to Okinawa and Kyushu. I have met at least 15 familes just in Fukuoka city who have relocated down here temporarily from Tokyo and Tohoku. I know a Japanese family from Tokyo who have gone to the States for a while because they had family they could stay with. I didnt judge them for a second, they are looking after their families and doing what they think is right for their loved ones. Ive also spoken to many people who want to relocate family temporarily down here but mam/ dad Granma/Grandad dont want to move. Its all personal choice. If Japanese people had the choice to move (albeit temporarily) many more would take the chance i reckon. The problem is the Hjin (Hoarding Jin) loading up with enough provisions for a nuclear holocaust - now that`s selfish.

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Posted in: Ozawa shows his disloyalty to Kan See in context

No class at all from Jabba the Hut. Japanese politics is full of old childish arrogant men out to line their pockets and nothing else. If you watch the Parliamentary debates what strikes me is the childish jeering and personal attacks on each other, nothing to do with debating policies. Using this to launch a takeover of the party is disguisting. It`s the ideal chance to show people that in times of crisis we can all get together as adults and try to sort out where to go from here - Ozawa chose to self promote, sums him up in a nutshell.

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Posted in: TEPCO begins power blackouts See in context

Your home hasnt been oblitarated, your loved ones havent been taken away, all they are asking for is a bit of reason. So what if you have to wait an extra 15 mins to get a train. Time to be adults people. If people use electicity responsibly then there will hopefully be no power shortages and the infrastructure in affected areas can work, albeit a little slower than before.

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Posted in: 14-yr-old boy held over attempted murder of elder brother in Chiba See in context

I don't agree at all kildamessenger. My parents were responsible for me smoking under age, skiiving from school, having a fight? Not in the slightest, it was entirely my responsibility. My parents were great and taught me right from wrong and when i went and did childish stuff i was reprimanded. I knew before i did those things i was wrong and was taught as such. I never bullied, discrimiated, but i did some dumb stuff, not my parents fault at all. How come sometimes in the same family one or two kids are great and one is a hellraiser? Sometimes the person is entirely to blame. How old are your kids, if they are teenagers and you still believe they are perfect maybe you have indeed got cctv in the house.

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Posted in: Costco reshapes wholesale industry See in context

Weekdays are bliss, weekends the absolute opposite down here in Fukuoka. Bring sharp elbows and lots of patience on weekends. Food samples are akin to a flock of angry pigeons fighting over scraps, its embarrasing to see. However, Costco is great. When i dont want to make make 2 1/2 sandwiches (5 slice loafs!) i go to costco for a proper size loaf.

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Posted in: Tokyo's catnap culture See in context

Quite simple - they don't sleep enough. Sleep less than 7 hours a night consistently and you'll be sleepy all day, hence falling asleep anywhere. I ask my Japanese friends what did you do last night, 'watched telly till 3am / read a book / spoke to my friend in Tokyo', and then act suprised when i suggest they go to bed earlier to prevent them being sleepy.

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Posted in: Hero of Asia Cup final at ease with his Japanese-Korean identity See in context

Agree with semperfi here, spot on. He was born in Japan and raised in Japan therefore he is Japanese, regardless of whether he is recognised as such by the Government. That`s the govt.s problem, not his.

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Posted in: What do you think of school uniforms in Japan? See in context

You get the on way to the convent uniforms and also the on the way to soapland uniforms. Everyone the same is a good principle in school, easy for security, (the man who cycles around Fukuoka in his girls school uniform is easy to distinguish), prevents bullying about clothing. Win Win. Not sure about the military get up of the boys jackets. My only wish is that they wouldnt wear them everyday, all day, hygiene issues. To the girls - if youve got to hold books infront and behind your skirt - it`s way too short.

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Posted in: How many Katos are out there, ready to explode in rage? See in context

The silver spoon dissapeared and the toys got threw out of the pram. Grow up, get on with it and do something about it. Nothing worse than a whinger who wont do anything to change it, cant get a girl (talk to one), cant get a job (do a low end one and work up), dont have a cool car (tough, most people don`t).

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Posted in: Putin vows revenge for Moscow airport bombing See in context

WilliB - misinterpretation of written word. A little reading could be in order for your good self.

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Posted in: Putin vows revenge for Moscow airport bombing See in context

WilliB - hence i used the word if. I dont know of any religions that havehate` in their core beliefs (i could be wrong though)was the point i was trying to make. I agree with your point though about not all religious followers are devisive.

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Posted in: Putin vows revenge for Moscow airport bombing See in context

Religion itself is a cancer if used to divide people, not any one specific religion. At a fundamental level Christianity, Islam and all the others are peaceful and seek to promote acceptance of others and living in peace with one another. Unfortunately religious simpletons of all demoninations choose to think their religion is better than another, really quite pathetic. However this is more about a region wanting independance and Russia not wanting to give it, not a religious crusade.

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Posted in: Police increase presence in London See in context

'I pity Britain for being so willing to allow radicals to take a foothold in their country' You're right we willingly let terrorists come into and form in the UK!! The UK let people celebrate whatever religion they want to without prejudice. If that is letting radicals form then we might as well become a full on police state. Freedom of religion and beliefs is a fundamental right of being in the UK and I for one think that is a great thing. 'Brits will have to live in fear of their own population' Another classic! Resiliance and stubborness are two very strong characteristics of Brits and there is no such feeling, we are and will always continue to go about our normal daily lives without creating mass histeria unlike some countries. The second you give in to terrorists they have won. My parents are in London now for a short break and they are doing everything as normal.

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Posted in: Inmates riot at low-security prison in England See in context

Let them live in it like it is, if they want to live in conditions like that then fair enough, if not they can clean it up themselves. Scum

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Posted in: European weather chaos spawns outrage, questions See in context

Europeans dont need to adapt? Sweden and Denmark do just fine with the snow. When i was a kid in third world England!? (about 20 years ago) it snowed just as much as it is now and everything stopped just like now. Then it started getting warmer and there was no snow (10 years ago) just for 1-2 days. Now in the last 3 years it has started getting cold again in winter. There has been no investment in heavy snow clearing equipment as they didnt really need it, maybe we do now, maybe not, it might start getting warm again. Not too sure of the global warming argument, study geography and see the world gets hot, too hot, then goes into an ice age to redress it, then gets warm again. Been doing it for millenia. Btw, i`m going to start sending food parcels back to my parents as they are obviously living in poverty according to some, please donate.

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Posted in: European weather chaos spawns outrage, questions See in context

Hardly third world, so the new definition of third world is airports closing when it snows, i guess Africa is now 1st world as the snow isn`t such a problem there. So by this logic, the UK, Germany, France, Holland are all third world countrys. All of them have struggled with the weather at the airports. Simply, they are not prepared for weather like this, very poor management by airports and lack of being forced to invest by the govts. Hopefully they take a leaf out of Scandanavian and Finnish airports and invest properly in neccesary equipment.

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