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Mr.OssanAmerica, or other abroad Japanese people, I hope you people are going to be more discreet when you speak about your homeland's security related issues, especially ones between neighbors. We're hardly capable to get away so soon, when something happened, also our interest is where relationships with neighbors are calm and well, not in conflict, or confronting against. Which would be what neighborship has to be, even in everyone's actual life as well. Also a real national interest lies where Japan is avoiding maiking a war, which is prior to everything. You people should be more careful to say something stirring a clash of homeland, it's pretty irresponsible, harming us.

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Breaching promises, refusing to talk it over, ignoring testimonies, then calling neighbor a threat, beefing up force, counting dead bodies instead of sitting on a table, never makes sense. Under the Netouyo taken leadership, postures hostile to nighboring countries, tries to trick the world by enforcing a totally distorted history, then gets stood-off by all over the world, secedes from UN, causes WW3, gets a downfall. That's a fate for us to go. By the way, any of "foreign born Japanese defender boys", you may come to my Ameba Guruppo, I'm going to teach you how to write proper Japanese, as long as you guys seem to be not capable of managing proper Japanese, search me by "Nancy blab".

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There would be war criminals thing related to our atitude, I don't deny it, but some would, not so many. There had been always much numbers of people but war criminals, a country was unlikely controlled by only such few related people, I mean few only happens to be compared to its popularity. There seems to have more influential, or cardinal issues to take up when we need any profound thought, than a conspiracy kind of theory, things are not always going through as it is just how someone or some party planned to be. I think we have more causes around the issue regarding to our traditon, or culture, also the causes might be the same with what happening recently between China, I mean "How come we've forgotten such an important promise just for 40 years or so".

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My Chinese friend posted on my blog recently like this, "I wish Abe and his Netouyo supporters think of China as a Panda. The purpose for Pandas in Japan is exactly to show the love and friendship, from China and Chinese people." I was little disappointed by hearing that we're not going to see her baby this year, anyway, we're sharing Panda loving spirit with no matter of how far we're apart, he's expecting us to much take care of Panda in Japan, this special protected animal being not so easy to see in China as well, according to him.

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Before we're going to declare "our forefathers were less worse than they were said to be nowadays" or "they were not wrong" or "they were just right", whatever, we have to overrule and refuse the Potsdam, and all of the determinations given by the Military tribunal for the Far East in the first place, there's no denial of responsibility for the war going to happen unless we deny the Potsdam, since Japan once accepted it, didn't we?

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There's no such thing allowed to cause a war, an act intending to cause a war is never allowed. We have no right to provoke neghbors, as long as it's very us ignoring the promise, pretending to be forgotten it, always being rude. It's just a brainless crowd but any of nation if we're such people who tend to forget something important set before, aiming not to make a clash, also bringing good onto both sides, for 40 years. Think about it ,"patriotism" or "dignity" or "honor", what exactly would these things are available of? While these are not for eat, or any use.

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At least what I can say to no Kanji managing people, it's ideogram, not phonogram, such difference should not be disregarded to discuss Kanji, since ideogram has its special function to curse others, with no matter if it's used for good measures, or bad ones. Ideogram does influence a lot more than phonogram using, when it's to insult others, or courage others, that's my very discovery I found in managing phonogram like this, as one of Kanji managing people. Off course there's less Kanji managing ability of Japanese than Chinese people, but I'm still able to share a lot with Chinese people through Kanji, which I'm actually trying recently. One more thing which most of you might not be so alert about, no one can get admired without enough Kanji pronouncing skill, which I'm pretty good at, in Japan.

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There's no such thing "Zainichitokken" at all, priviledge granted rights for long term resident Korean, these are all fabrications. One more thing, seems here's someone who somehow says something which only published or put up on Japanese Netouyo using forged sites, written in all Japanese, which means only Japanese capable individual could have read these ugly forgeries, I wonder why is here someone who knows it, if some of your Japanese friend ever told you, the friend is definitely a Netouyo, quite not worth to be with, anyway, it's not relevant with any of disdrimination ongoing, whether Yakuza or right winger has included Korean or not, it's just a police matter when it matters, not concerns with Zaitokukai's violation, also not going to justify any of their performances.

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I'll be grateful if foreign people in here, are not going to misunderstand Shibaki-tai, or taking Zaitokukai's totally prejudiced stupid allegation and discrimination against Koreans to be world wide usual, or not a big deal, or something like that. There's a lot of stories or circumstances around this awful racism, just as you people often says "it's a long story". Shibaki-tai, they're never mobs, decent people having citizenhood, the people finally started standing against Zaitokukai after 6 abandoned years. So, I beg for the sake of the future of Japanese citizenhood, though which is very unmatured yet, it'd be glad if there's no misunderstanding happened with them.

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No, not "hate vs hate" that kind of thing, Mr.Noma the leader of Shibaki-tai, or other weighty members have got guts to take "hate agaist Korean" into themselves, even Noma has tweeted "When you wanna say die to somebody, do it toward us instead of Korean"why, why should they, only because of citizenhood, that's it, as the way I understand them. I'm a tiny Japanese citizen, since this profile has no function to put my detail up, search me with "Nancy blab" please when anyone like to be in touch, there's a blog in Ameba I'm running.

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