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Posted in: Verstappen rates himself 'long shot' to clinch title in Singapore See in context

Not important to anyone really. Hoping it’s a good race, though.

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Posted in: Floods trap many in Florida as hurricane heads to South Carolina See in context

This is a refreshingly well-written paragraph.

Quote: “While scientists generally avoid blaming climate change for specific storms without detailed analysis, Ian’s watery destruction fits what scientists have predicted for a warmer world: stronger and wetter hurricanes, though not necessarily more of them.”

Less so the following one.

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Posted in: Are you making fewer phone calls than you used to, preferring instead email, texting, FaceTime, Snapchat or other social media? See in context

A friend often calls me. He tells me he hates texting. I am the opposite. I have always avoided phone calls. Thus the above question does not seem to apply here.

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Posted in: Formula One adds Las Vegas as 2023 calendar grows to 24 races See in context

Pretty soon it’ll end up being Auto Racing.

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Posted in: South Africa suffers electricity crisis, nationwide blackouts See in context

Wishing them all the best to sort out this problem ASAP.

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Posted in: Formula One adds Las Vegas as 2023 calendar grows to 24 races See in context

The place is all facades, awash with money and glitz and very little else.

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Posted in: Witnesses: Myanmar air attack kills 13, including 7 children See in context

Not only do they kill children, but they lie publicly about what they have done. A deadly whirlpool.

Luckily some of the soldiers still have a conscience. Let us hope that human goodness somehow prevails.

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Posted in: Russian pop star's war criticism stirs vigorous debate See in context

She is free to speak, of course, but behind the scenes there will be urgent discussions among dark figures over how to discredit and punish her. Only a question of time….

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Posted in: Alcaraz sends Spain into last 8 of Davis Cup Finals See in context

Well done Alcaraz!

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Posted in: Japan reports 81,491 new coronavirus cases See in context

Isn’t this good news, to be welcomed?

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Posted in: Japan says it is ready to take action as yen dives See in context

So what’s the news? The Bank of Japan is always ready to take action.

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Posted in: F1 champ Max Verstappen surges from 14th to win Belgian GP See in context

Red Bull have stopped acknowledging the Honda engine and battery as the secret to their success.

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Posted in: Energy crisis spurs nuclear comeback worldwide See in context

The article on the other hand totally avoids the danger of a war environment, dare-devil tit-for-tat games and nuclear blackmail.

Safe nuclear power generation assumes a friendly natural environment (plenty of cooling water in your rivers, etc.) and a world which has irrevocably evolved away from any possibility of medieval ideas of conflict.

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Posted in: History 'not enough' to save F1's landmark races See in context

Fresh ideas bring fresh money. Hopefully, for some.

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Posted in: 17-year-old pilot sets record for solo flight around world See in context

Fantastic job!

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Posted in: Russian rockets kill 22 at train station on Ukraine's independence day See in context

Sick, disgusting, barbaric behavior.

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting of pre-departure COVID tests for inbound vaccinated travelers: media See in context

A move to be welcomed. Bring it on!

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Posted in: Coric upsets Tsitsipas to win Cincinnati Masters title See in context

Luckily the rain held off, but what an incredible match. It started off with Tsitsipas looking more and more likely to make a clean sweep. No brainer.

No one could have predicted how Coric (‘Chorich’) was going to get his a55 in gear and power back like that. A complete low-ranking outsider. Wow. One had to feel sorry to see the confidence draining from Tsitsipas’s face. Coric is on the map.

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Posted in: Rodman planning Russia trip for jailed Griner: report See in context

She should have sourced it inside Russia.

Good luck to Dennis. (Maybe he’ll meet Putin’s pal Steven Seagal there.)

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Posted in: Murray downs Wawrinka in Cincinnati battle of veterans See in context

Very close match, with both players needing physio for their legs.

Could have gone either way, with Stan looking really strong for much of the time.

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Posted in: Source of Britain's River Thames driest ever as drought nears See in context

See the ‘hunger stones’ being revealed by the present low rivers in Europe.

E.g. ”When you see me, weep. 1616”

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Posted in: Bus rams into fuel truck in eastern Pakistan, killing 20 See in context

Totally confusing caption to the photo. Are they even talking about the same accident?

Quote: “A truck rammed into a minibus”

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Posted in: Myanmar junta court jails Suu Kyi for six years for corruption See in context

The epitome, the manifestation of corruption is the junta.

Brutally totalitarian, but mortally afraid of their own people.

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Posted in: Source of Britain's River Thames driest ever as drought nears See in context

Rain is quite contradictory in the UK.

During long summer droughts like this people panic when it fails, seeing clearly what needs to be done, but as soon as it reverts to type they quickly lose focus and forget to give thanks.

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Posted in: Source of Britain's River Thames driest ever as drought nears See in context

Some rain fell today across the country, with more forecast over the next couple of days.

Will it really fall, or will the forecast evaporate again?

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Posted in: Iran denies being involved in attack on Salman Rushdie See in context

The perpetrator was radicalized on a month-long trip to Lebanon in 2018, according to his mother.

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Posted in: Halep holds off Haddad Maia to win third WTA Canadian crown See in context

Great match, really tough, a nail biter. Well done Simona!!!

And Bea, your time approaches!

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Posted in: Buhai beats Chun in playoff to win Women's British Open; Shibuno 3rd See in context

Was hoping Shibuno might just get there but it was not to be…

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Posted in: Japan Weather Association creates new words to describe merciless summer heat See in context

As the article expresses, no mercy = merciless. Without mercy.

Take one step outside, and it’s “No thank you!”

They probably did not want to mention this topic before the Tokyo Olympics with Japan’s mild summer weather.

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Posted in: Pedestrian attacked by sword-wielding man in Kanagawa See in context

Naturally we all imagine a long-bladed weapon here, but it is important to remember that until the length is verified it could even have been a Tanto short blade, not necessarily a ‘sword’.

They too are ‘Nihonto’, (traditional bladed weapons) (not fruit knives or kitchen knives), and popular with Y people.

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