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Posted in: Murakami's latest novel released in English to mixed reviews See in context

Without reading this latest work I am finding it hard to comment, although I generally agree with many of the opinions posted above. Killing Commendatore will probably be placed under the Christmas tree for me, I can guess.

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Posted in: Quake shock absorber maker says products may have been used nationwide See in context

These deep bows have certainly absorbed some of the shock.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea spat over use of wartime flag continues See in context

Re: "The rising sun flag was used by the Imperial Japanese Army..."

Uh, yes, but no, not actually the navy flag being argued over. Similar, it is true, but the army sun used to be right in the middle of the flag. The old navy and now SDF flag in question has always had the sun about one third from the flagpole.

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Posted in: Putin says Abe told him peace treaty proposal not possible See in context

The Russians have said repeatedly in the past that they would be willing to give the bottom four, or at least the bottom two islands back to Japan.

Of course they have said the opposite of that too.

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Posted in: Trump says it looks like Saudi journalist Khashoggi is dead See in context

Even listening to the 'tapes', Pompeo would be hard put to understand Arabic and know whose voice was whose. A transcript would surely have been useful, but we have already seen transcripts in the mainstream media. I guess all he could have heard 'new' is how they sourced the recordings.

The incident reminds me of Henry II in 1170 complaining about his Archbishop Thomas Becket, and four knights riding off and cutting him down in Canterbury Cathedral.

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Posted in: Putin says Abe told him peace treaty proposal not possible See in context

Between Etorofu and Uruppu.

Ex_Res, Wiki has a lot to say, including this "The first Russo-Japanese agreement to deal with the status of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands was the 1855 Treaty of Shimoda, which first established official relations between Russia and Japan. Article 2 of the Treaty of Shimoda, which provided for an agreement on borders, states "Henceforth the boundary between the two nations shall lie between the islands of Etorofu and Uruppu. The whole of Etorofu shall belong to Japan; and the Kuril Islands, lying to the north of and including Uruppu, shall belong to Russia." The islands of Kunashiri, Shikotan and the Habomai Islands, that all lie to the south of Uturup, are not explicitly mentioned in the treaty and were understood at the time to be a non-disputed part of Japan.

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Posted in: Canada pot stores run out of supplies, more lineups See in context

So where is it being grown, and can grower countries export and ship legally?

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Posted in: Putin says Islamic State has seized 700 hostages in Syria See in context

Assad has used IS to his own advantage, but soon it will be no more Mr Nice Guy.

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Posted in: Gov't orders quake shock absorber maker to replace parts after fake data revealed See in context

Surely they should be ordered to test them properly this time, and to replace only the ones that do not pass the required standards?

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Posted in: Pope gets invite to North Korea; indicates he will consider it See in context

Well, as long as he does not carry a bible when he enters the country.

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Posted in: 'Takoyaki' prices soar due to shortage of main ingredient - octopus See in context

Not being fond of octopus, I once ordered Tako-yaki at a small stand, 'without the octopus'. I waited for her to make it up and revolve the dumplings for me.The woman at the stand simply slapped a pack onto the counter. "Hai!" she said, expressionlessly.

"No", I explained patiently, "I would like you to make a special set of takoyaki that has no octopus in it!"

She looked at me and said, "there is no octopus in our product."

I guess the purple-dyed Shoga ginger was fooling people's eyes...?

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Posted in: Easy riders See in context

Hey, cutting the corner there!

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Posted in: 58 Australian 'fairy penguins' slaughtered in suspected dog attack See in context

Quote: "Wildlife officials in the southern Australia on Wednesday announced an investigation..."

What does an 'investigation' entail, I wonder?

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Posted in: Judge reprimanded for ‘inappropriate’ tweet concerning abandoned dog case See in context

Not enough information here. I am still on the side of the judge.

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Posted in: Highway tailgating cases handled by police double in Jan-June See in context

Not just tailgating.

The Japanese term is "Aori-unten", あおり運転 which is a catch-all for road rage, malicious, dangerous, aggressive driving, tailgating etc. This is what the police have started to look at, as the article intimates in the first few paragraphs.

It literally means 'fanning' a frustrating situation, a prime example of which would be driving right up someone's bumper and swerving left and right, which is probably the origin of the 'fan' analogy.

Driving schools in Japan try to emphasize the importance of one driver at least remaining calm. Sometimes though it is difficult to know what to do when an aggressive driver becomes fixated on you and your car, as I know from experience here.

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Posted in: Spring already? Cherry blossoms make unexpected appearance See in context

The article says this is a rare event, and I am sure it is, but I can remember it happening several times in the past.

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Posted in: California police say teenager baked grandfather's ashes into cookies See in context

No mention in the story of how she had felt towards her grandfather.

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Posted in: Extreme winter sports event, Red Bull Crashed Ice, makes its way to Japanese shores for the first time See in context

Some background here with an outline of the rules and a short preview.

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Posted in: Roseanne Barr character killed off in overdose, new show reveals See in context

I knew that her name was now household dirt, but had forgotten why.

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Posted in: German gets 6 years for attempted murder committed after he was snubbed by women See in context

papigiulio, which part in two posts above is your comment?

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Posted in: Texas offers Hamilton his first shot at 5th Formula One title See in context

Lady Luck will be watching too. On paper Mercedes and Hamilton do have a split-second edge, but nothing is ever guaranteed in this game, and anything, including heat and rain can skew performance. It might look boring to the casual observer, but every second, every revolution of every engine is watched anxiously and nail-bitingly by every team until that checkered flag waves.

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Posted in: U.N. to deliver aid to Syrians trapped near Jordan border See in context

About bloody time. This is an awful situation for the poor people trapped there. No UN aid since January!?

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Posted in: French woman questions Abe, Macron over sister missing in Japan See in context

One human is a start. "Step by step one gets to Rome".

Personally I suspect she fell foul of the serial groper that the signs up there warn about.

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Posted in: Canada now world's largest legal marijuana marketplace See in context

Canadians arriving at Kansai be aware. Those airport dogs barking at your legs are smelling the environment you left earlier. Be prepared for temporary hassles.

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Posted in: Keio University student arrested for alleged sexual assault, claims he was drunk See in context

“I can’t recall anything because I was drunk at the time... and don't remember.”

There, fixed it for you, Smith! ;-)

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Posted in: Japan beats Uruguay 4-3 in friendly See in context

Saw parts of this on TV last night and it looked pretty exciting.

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Posted in: Trump says climate change not a hoax, but not sure of its source See in context

Well, they quietly escaped from the earlier concept of 'global warming' but whoever confusingly named what is happening 'climate change' surely left open a window and scored a resounding own-goal. Otherwise why would we have to endlessly define and redefine what this is supposed to mean? No wonder Trump wanted to join in and take a shot at the concept.

Surely the essence is in the perceived increasing speed, severity, and unpredictability of climactic events, and not in 'change' per se? Ought we not to be looking more at words like 'climate wobble' or 'climate unbalance' or 'runaway climate'?

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Posted in: Newspaper says Turkey has audio of Saudi writer's slaying See in context

Let's be realistic. There is no way that the Saudi royal family and secret services will be held accountable. Only Iran could dream up such a scenario, as leverage for revolution to reverse Saudi's Sunni-over-Shia society.

The team that messed up this 'secret' hit and publicly embarrassed the Kingdom will be quietly dealt with, and Turkey will not be popularly perceived in Saudi Arabia for causing such massive loss of face.

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Posted in: Australian Grand Prix to lead off F1 2019 schedule See in context

Kamui is a very good driver, true, and also probably a good sports ambassador for Japan as he has a warm and engaging personality. He gets my vote too, Chop Chop! :thumbs:

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Posted in: From 'problem child' to 'prodigy' -- LSD turns 75 See in context

Sid, a single tiny drop of it is probably tasteless, ie not actually unpalatable on its own. It could go with Ramen, natto, raw egg, or whatever floats your boat.

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