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Posted in: Myanmar crackdown marks death of Nobel Peace Prize: Iran's Khamenei See in context

She looks as if she is caught between a rock and a hard place. Playing a long hand must be part of the equation. As part of the political power-sharing package, she has probably been told in no uncertain terms that what the army does is none of her business. The military authorities made sure over the years that life has been extra harsh on her.

Possibly her refusal to take part in the UN general assembly session may be a sort of oriental silent protest on her part, to be read by those who understand these things.

Either way there must be terrible pressure on her behind the scenes. She will have to grasp the situation and formulate the words one day, but for those who still believe in her around the world, that day cannot come soon enough.

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Posted in: Drone to measure radiation inside tainted Fukushima plant buildings See in context

Say three minutes to fly in and three minutes to pull out, which might give nine mins useful measuring for each flight before next battery swap. Fifteen-minute time limit sounds short, but perhaps it is fitted with serious equipment and heavy shielding.

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Posted in: U.S. flies bombers, fighters in show of force against N Korea See in context

DPRK needs a dose of their own medicine.

A submarine in the Yellow Sea (any nationality is fine) to send an ICBM flying up and over the country and splashing down in the East Sea/Japan Sea.

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Posted in: France pledges support to stabilise post-Islamic State Iraq See in context

Interesting. The other side of the coin is that France has over the years had a semi-special relationship with Iran, so they could be a useful intermediary between the US, the present Iraqi Shia government, and Iran. Naturally there must be business 'benefits' all round.

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Posted in: Honda in Japan's squad for World Cup qualifiers See in context

Well, if Rooney has announced no more internationals, then Honda could also cut down on tiring international commitments and concentrate on polishing his game at Pachuca.

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Posted in: Man arrested after police attack outside Buckingham Palace See in context

He shouted out about the greatness of God, in Arabic, apparently.

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Posted in: Honda scores on Pachuca debut in Mexico See in context


Honda Keisuke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Just watched the clip.)

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Posted in: U.S. Navy relieves Seventh Fleet commander after collisions in Asia See in context

mmwkdw "Haven't heard of any Collisions involving Japanese SDF vessels ..."

Throw your net a little wider.

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Posted in: U.S. says some remains of sailors found on USS John McCain See in context

Both ships were said to be heading into Singapore, presumably in the same direction. To be hit there on the port side, assuming the tanker was heading in a straight line, the McCain must have crossed her path, pointed southwards towards Indonesia.

Just a breath of a rumour on another forum (but with no link attached) suggesting that there was something wrong with the McCain's steering system...

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Posted in: Small portion of U.S. air base in Okinawa returned See in context

Okinawa is stuck between Tokyo, the US and Beijing.

BTW, compared to how much of Okinawa the US has returned so far, how much has Russia returned of the northern islands?

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Posted in: 'Spamusement park' combining bathing and rides opens in Beppu See in context

In hot water in 35 degree heat? Fun? OIJ

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Posted in: Dual-use funds leave academics caught up in pacifism debate See in context

The DPRK has played the dual-use card 'successfully' for years.

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Posted in: Syrian army announces fighting halt near Damascus See in context

First time I have heard Russia talk about 'moderate rebels'... some things seem to be changing under the surface.

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Posted in: Man arrested over deaths of 2 Chinese sisters See in context

Yup, glad they've got him.

On TV they were saying that the other sister probably came home and saw what he was doing...

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Posted in: 22 kindergarten children, teacher stung by hornets See in context

Wrembreck, how large was it? Are you ok?

(We get lots of them in this house, ranging from baby to giant. A bite from a big one can be quite serious. Even those thin little baby ones pack a real zinger and then wriggle off to make their cheeky escape.)

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Posted in: Mexico murders up with deadliest month in at least 20 years See in context

My friend from school went to ranch in Mexico. One day his bloodied jeep was found by the side of the road. His wife never saw him again. What is the answer?

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Posted in: Possible melted fuel seen for first time at Fukushima plant See in context

wanderlust, many thanks! :thumbs:

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Posted in: Possible melted fuel seen for first time at Fukushima plant See in context

Saw an experiment in a documentary where they struggled to make any progress slicing through corium even with rotary diamond-coated cutting blades, in ideal conditions.

For background reading on corium and corium debris, see:

(Fukushima needs updating a little at the end.)

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Posted in: Assemblywomen ask Miyagi governor to take down suggestive PR video See in context

There's a lot more in there if you look, for example in Japan a turtle's head means a penis, etc. (She asks if she can climb onto him and he blushes...)

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Posted in: Assemblywomen ask Miyagi governor to take down suggestive PR video See in context

Traditional Sendai ladies will treat you as their lord and master. Pitched to men, the whole thing is classic av porn, from start to fetish.

Pretty OTT on the sexual symbolism, and heavily ham-fisted, but the daily TV here is full of ads that drag on and on with mind-numbing repetition.

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Posted in: Top defense bureaucrat likely sought troop data coverup: sources See in context

Apologies, Senso 戦争 (war) and Sento 戦闘 (battle, conflict) wrong way round above. No edit button here!

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Posted in: Top defense bureaucrat likely sought troop data coverup: sources See in context

Cleo is on the right track here. It comes down to the key words Senso 戦闘 and Sento 戦争 in the constitution. Peace-keeping abroad becomes illegal in a war-like environment; there was public outcry anyway at the time over sending the troops over there, and always an undercurrent from the families to bring them home. She denied in parliament that the local Sudan situation literally  involved fighting or war, although TV news images said otherwise. The records contained personal evaluations in which soldiers used these taboo and inflammatory words. The question now hinges on whether an individual's opinion in a diary did or did not deserve to be part of the officially-published GSDF report at the time. These words could be used to prove she lied to the nation, and/or that she covered them up, or conversely they could still be shown to have been an unauthorized personal opinion. Something has got to crack.

Sensing an opportunity, the whole media frenzy is driven by a political attack on her, and on Abe behind her. He will keep her there as long as it is politically expedient, but her departure will be used as a way of erasing the problem.

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Posted in: Possible melted fuel seen for first time at Fukushima plant See in context

Why has the sunfish lasted longer than any previous robot? Do they pull it back out each time, somehow? Or do they leave it in there to use again next day? Or do they cut it loose and insert a new one for each dive?

So many questions.

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Posted in: Motorbike headlamp illuminates same area even when body is tilted See in context

Cool! Innovation rocks.

I have had both Halogen and Xenon before, but recently fitted LED headlights in the car; compared to the factory ones the LED is suprisingly good and easily on a par with Halogen and Xenon. Expensive though.

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Posted in: Nuclear plant must release contaminated water See in context

Kawamura backtracks in public on release of water. Clarification, or Trump-style obfuscation?

Maybe this time NHK is a more reliable news source than Yahoo.

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Posted in: Students complain of stomach pain after eating bad cheese during school lunch See in context

sensei258, what time of year did you leave your mozarella out? No pantries in Japan suggest this was in... the UK?

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Posted in: Australian woman 'didn't have to die,' says Minneapolis police chief See in context

Er, I think there was a far far bigger outcry over some of the recent shootings of black people.

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Posted in: F1 opts for cockpit protection from 2018 See in context

About time too. They've been faffing around with this thing for at least two years now.

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Posted in: 3 arrested for stealing customer’s bag in Ginza restaurant See in context

Perhaps they were an advance scouting party sussing out the scene before the Olympics.

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Posted in: Underwater robot probe inside Fukushima plant's No. 3 reactor begins See in context

Four posts above I gave the readers a rough translation of a Yahoo latest news page and photograph. Yes, it took a bit of time to find the information, absorb it and pass it on, but I do enjoy helping deeper understanding here.

To the two people who gave me minuses, go and get a life. Do your own translation from now on. Why should I even bother? Bye for now.

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