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Posted in: Father rescues toddler from dingo's jaws on Australian tourist island See in context

What would have happened to the father if he had killed the dingo?

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Posted in: Do you consider what Wikileaks does to be journalism? See in context

Take away the bit where he enabled the Taliban to go around eliminating Afghan government staff and their families for ‘cooperating’ with foreign troops, and I would be more inclined to allow him valid journalistic license.

He seemed to show no regard for the suffering that unfiltered raw data would cause to ordinary people, as cruel an attitude as anything that he might be exposing.

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Posted in: OECD says Japan's consumption tax rate should be more than doubled See in context

They are just jealous of Japan’s low consumption tax.

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Posted in: Train overruns platform by 240 meters due to drowsy driver See in context

Too much automation is directly responsible for causing this kind of happening. The machine wins ultimately because the logic forces the human out.

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Posted in: Hamilton wins Chinese Grand Prix See in context

When Toto Wolff said that Ferrari were looking frighteningly quick, I wondered if that might not be a smokescreen, and perhaps it was.

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Posted in: Ukraine ambassador's car rammed in London; Police fire shots See in context

Waiting for some more information on this.

What are we looking at?

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Posted in: Taliban announce ban on Red Cross, WHO in Afghanistan See in context

Disgusting behavior by the Taliban.

If they stop others doing this work, they should bloody well do it themselves.

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Posted in: Chances are 50-50 that Abe may delay the sales tax hike again. See in context

If the purchase of 140 F-35s is delayed, maybe the endless consumption tax spiral can wait a bit longer.

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Posted in: Daunting salvage task awaits Japanese F-35 investigators baffled by crash See in context

Being reported in the J press today that this particular aircraft made emergency landings twice before, in 2017 and 2018. Parts deemed faulty were replaced each time.

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Posted in: Chinese scientists create monkeys with human brain genes See in context

The monkeys in Japan are so intelligent already (and aggressive) that humans generally back off. I hate to think of the possibilities here... especially when an adjustment is made in their ability to cross procreate.

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Posted in: Daunting salvage task awaits Japanese F-35 investigators baffled by crash See in context

The J article posted above 米軍は三沢基地の哨戒機P8ポセイドンと横須賀基地(神奈川県)配備のイージス艦「ステザム」を現場に派遣し、捜索に協力している。Mentions a P8 Orion from Misawa and the Aegis USS Stethem out of Yokosuka aiding in the search.

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Posted in: Israeli spacecraft crashes in attempt to reach moon See in context

When the photo caption starts "Pepper watch..."

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Posted in: Daunting salvage task awaits Japanese F-35 investigators baffled by crash See in context

In the dark, during a difficult no-line-of-sight dogfight exercise, was there interference from other sources? (Must be one question to be considered.)

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Posted in: Japanese police to launch probe into phone scam in Thailand See in context

Lindsay, I suspect they are still in detention.

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Posted in: Japanese police to launch probe into phone scam in Thailand See in context

Luckily for them the media cooperated in hiding their faces, so this ugly octopus will be free and unhassled to evolve some more.

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Posted in: Daunting salvage task awaits Japanese F-35 investigators baffled by crash See in context

He was leader of a group of four, and they split into two friendlies and two enemy fighters for aerial combat practice. During the session he signaled ‘Knock it off’ indicating mission abort, and that was the last they heard from him.

Reported in a J Yahoo article 11 April.

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Posted in: Daunting salvage task awaits Japanese F-35 investigators baffled by crash See in context

The pilot reported he was aborting the training mission. That suggests he was attempting to return, in a normal world.

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Posted in: Increasing the proportion of nuclear energy is the most realistic way to step up efforts against global warming. Ensuring a stable supply of electricity is a challenge for society as a whole. See in context

This reminds me of how European governments promoted diesel-engined vehicles during the 1990s and 2000s declaring them the way to cut down on CO2. Well look at them now.

Sure maybe nuclear power will create less CO2 than fossil fuels, but at what obvious cost? Why not mention the alternatives? The elephant standing in Mr Nakanishi's room.

We can see it, Mr Nakanishi. Can you?

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Posted in: Astronomers reveal first image of a black hole See in context

The pic is bit fuzzy, but the concept makes its point.

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Posted in: Gov't lifts evacuation order in parts of Fukushima nuclear plant hometown See in context

From Wiki concerning plutonium contamination from various sources in the Fukushima area. C-137 seems to be a greater problem.

"On 30 September 2011, the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science published the results of a plutonium fallout survey, for which in June and July 50 soil samples were collected from a radius of slightly more than 80 km around the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Plutonium was found in all samples, which is to be expected since plutonium from the nuclear weapon tests of the 1950s and '60s is found everywhere on the planet. The highest levels found (of Pu-239 and Pu-240 combined) were 15 becquerels per square meters in Fukushima prefecture and 9.4 Bq in Ibaraki prefecture, compared to a global average of 0.4 to 3.7 Bq/kg from atomic bomb tests. Earlier in June, university researchers detected smaller amounts of plutonium in soil outside the plant after they collected samples during filming by NHK. A recent study published in Nature found up to 35 bq/kg plutonium 241 in leaf litter in 3 out of 19 sites in the most contaminated zone in Fukushima. They estimated the Pu-241 dose for a person living for 50 years in the vicinity of the most contaminated site to be 0.44 mSv. However, the Cs-137 activity at the sites where Pu-241 was found was very high (up to 4.7 MBq/kg or about 135,000 times greater than the plutonium 241 activity), which suggests that it will be the Cs-137 which prevents habitation rather than the relatively small amounts of plutonium of any isotope in these areas."

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife back in Japan for questioning See in context

Well if they are both reading the comments here, everything will be as clear as mud.

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Posted in: Nissan revs up growth efforts after Ghosn's removal from board See in context

Quote: “more customers see a vehicle as something not to own but to share.”

Really? How many more? More than what?

People in cities who do not want a personalized space with their own belongings in the car?

Is this a public voice, or someone’s vision for how things will have to be in the future?

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Posted in: Do you think the jury system is the best method of determining guilt or innocence in criminal trials? See in context

'Best' from whose point of view?

Most democratic, probably, and for the judge it spreads out the burden and responsibility of decision making.

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Posted in: S Korean media criticize use of industrialist's image on new Japanese banknote See in context

The guy looks bored, and boring, but I guess someone felt the need to place his face on Japan's top note. It's not going to move the world.

Korea getting upset again? So easy, but oh, dear. Nothing better or more constructive to do? I thought Korea was ignoring Japan anyway.

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Posted in: Uber scientist says some time before self-driving cars dominate the road See in context

Dominate the road? Here’s hoping that day never comes. Some Eutopia. A few on the roads for the very wealthy, or as taxis, OK, but they had better not get in the way.

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Posted in: UK plans to introduce 'no-fault' divorce for first time See in context

At last!

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Posted in: Safety steps for foreign drivers introduced amid rise in accidents See in context

Not mentioned in this article, but bubbling beneath the surface is the number of unlicensed (even in their own country A) tourists who rent cars presenting a fake international license, especially common in Okinawa, according to a Japanese TV documentary shown last year. Spotting clever fakes ordered from A and supplied postally from country B is not part of the training or remit of rental car company employees, where the police should perhaps be involved. The TV crew interviewed and then followed some of these drivers as they drove out of the airport at the control of a car for the first time in their lives.

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Posted in: Bomb kills eight in Syrian city of Raqqa See in context

Wondering what a quote: "sound explosive device" is.

IS (ISIL, ISIS) has been increasing its underhand and murderous system of assassinations and IEDs in order to terrorize the populations in its former strongholds of Raqqa and Mosul etc. Kind of how the Taliban operate in Afghanistan. Ordinary people become terrified of all around them, unwilling but forced to cooperate with those with a political agenda.

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Posted in: Brazilian man dies after being arrested for attacking police officer in koban See in context

I have seen footage in a Japanese prison cell where a violent prisoner was squashed by a team of guards. They and the police undergo regular training in how to render someone unable to move, but if the person can't breathe or has a heart attack and doesn't speak Japanese....

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Posted in: Basic beginnings to global exposure: Formula One reaches 1,000 races See in context

Good all-round look back at F1 on their 1,000th birthday this weekend.

No mention of North American or Canadian drivers. Three missing Brits come to mind, Sir Stirling Moss, Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill, and no mention either of the great switch to hybrid power, but you can't have everything.

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