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Posted in: Robot lifts bits of melted fuel at Fukushima plant See in context

Step by step one gets to Rome.

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Posted in: What are your suggestions for the new era name to be announced by the Japanese government on April 1? Sensible answers only, please. See in context

Well, I hope they allow the new Emperor to have some input into his Era’s name.

Perhaps something with 治 in it, to heal wounds.

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Posted in: Kashmir car bomb kills 44; India demands Pakistan act against militants See in context

As elephant200 points out, strikingly similar to the latest Iran attack in several ways. Rival groups operating out of Pakistan...

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Posted in: Suicide attack on Iran Revolutionary Guards bus kills 27 See in context

Wolfpack, Jimizo, it is hard to agree with you without getting moderated, so I will disagree instead. One side in the conflict must be superior to the other, so the superior side will go to heaven. There, fixed it.

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Posted in: Kyushu Electric Power to scrap No. 2 reactor at Genkai nuclear plant See in context

Cheaper to decommission No.2 reactor I guess, but it will still take 30 years and US 330 million they are estimating.

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Posted in: Robot probes radioactive fuel at Fukushima plant See in context

There is also the possibility of future business selling nuclear disaster technology. That possibility must surely to some degree encourage those throwing large amounts of money into developing these things. On balance, there will probably be more accidents as NPP facility numbers increase worldwide.

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Posted in: Indonesian executioner for IS killed in Syria See in context

Serrano, the article is not clear. It could well have been an SDF, Syrian Defense Forces tank.

Quote: “killed in a battle with US-backed forces in Syria.”

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Posted in: Indonesian executioner for IS killed in Syria See in context

No-one's demise is a matter for rejoicing, but probably better that he be taken out this way than languish in jail somewhere spreading his deathly vision.

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Posted in: Michael Jackson estate claims documentary violates channel standards See in context

It should not matter really. Oil and water. Die-hard M J fans will not be persuaded by this documentary, or probably even want to watch it.

The estate, surely wanting to safeguard their own future income, has just given free publicity to the documentary.

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Posted in: Kono criticizes S Korean assembly speaker's emperor remarks See in context

This reminds me of the medieval sport of bear baiting. As long as the bear is chained up securely, the crowds feel free to tease and bully the bear.

In this case Japan is bound by the restraints placed upon her at the end of WWII by the international community, and by internal restraints stemming from education.

China is more adult in the way she treats Japan.

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Posted in: What once was Japan's largest silver mine is now its most historic See in context

Some years ago I had a small silver ingot from the Iwami mine. It was a shapeless blob, a little larger than a silver dollar, which for some reason I gave to a friend, but through it I used to feel a strange affinity for the place.

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Posted in: Parents question whether shooting drills traumatize kids See in context

Sudden unannounced drills could very quickly instill a sense of "Oh, it's another drill..." so if and when a real event comes along fewer and fewer might take it seriously.

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Posted in: Kono criticizes S Korean assembly speaker's emperor remarks See in context

Kono is right to protest. By making his demand public, Moon gave the Emperor a choice of lose face or lose face. Diplomatically speaking, a public insult.

If the Emperor apologizes (again), Moon can claim it was because he demanded it. If the Emperor does not apologize (again), he can say that the Emperor failed to take this once-in-a-life opportunity, etc. Win-win for the politician Moon, guaranteed loss of initiative and face for the Emperor.

Actually, even if the Emperor had been genuinely and naturally planning to say some words on the subject, he can hardly do it now, thanks to the Speaker of the SK National Assembly who has driven a stake into that.

If Hee Sang Moon had genuinely wanted the Emperor to make this gesture, he should have communicated with him privately.

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring police officer with machete in interrogation room See in context

A 鉈 ナタ 'nata' is a short-bladed stubby chopper, often with a blunt downward protrusion at the tip, carried by gardeners and woodcutters. 12 cm blade is only 5 inches long. Almost impossible to find a suitable English word to translate it. This would be far down the list of weapons that anyone would choose to assault someone with, possibly the most easy to justify carrying out and about. Careless of the policeman to turn his back, though. Hope he makes a swift recovery.

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Posted in: Trump says he may declare Islamic State defeated next week See in context

Is this the level of Trump's understanding? Quote: "Their land is gone. It's a big factor - their land is gone," Trump told foreign ministers.

The whole story of IS is that they will be driven from their land before Armageddon, the final battle. This is written and they all understand that this is how it works, strange and illogical though it may seem to us. Anyone who has studied IS even a little bit will have understood this. I cannot believe that Trump really believes that loss of land has changed their spirit in any way. Their greatest asset is their ability to source funds and weapons, and their fluidity, in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Indonesia, the Philippines, the western Sahara and Nigeria, for a start. So what has he done about that?

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Posted in: In view of the Brexit chaos, do you think referendums are a good idea? See in context

The Brits were not informed when we joined the Common Market. No-one explained it, except that everyone said it would be good for business.

The Brits were not informed before the referendum, but many spent days and weeks agonizing over the pros and cons. They were not informed because no-one really knew.

The Brits are not informed today either. Most are simply depressed and would just like to get this whole thing over, one way or another. No-one knows what will happen after Brexit, despite fevered imagination by all and sundry.

As someone mentioned above, when a referendum is very close, its value is seriously weakened.

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Posted in: Japan's Hayabusa2 probe to land on asteroid on Feb 22 See in context

Hah, now I am trained and ready for fake news! All a conspiracy theory. It's just a nutty chocolate.

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl arrested for extortion in sugar daddy case See in context

:sigh: Papakatsu? Obviously he had other ideas, and she needed money. What a combination!

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Posted in: Deer-related injuries in Nara reach record number already this year See in context

Similar problem at Itsukushima Jinja, Miyajima. Maybe the authorities should allocate designated baskets in which to place food, i.e. strictly no feeding by hand.

The deer in these tourist spots can become quite aggressive, and lightning quick.

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Posted in: Japanese soccer team receives worldwide praise for behavior at Asian Cup See in context

Re "The Japanese". There are all kinds of people living here, some extremely untidy. On the whole though, they do like to keep up appearances, for whatever reason.

I remember a Japanese student once telling me that he didn't like fish; somehow the relief felt great inside as another concept shattered.

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Posted in: As U.S. withdraws, top general warns on Islamic State threat in Syria See in context

Two sets of wolves, Strangerland, IS to the south, and to the north Turkey who have vowed to crush them inside Syria as soon as the US support is withdrawn. And the Syrian Kurds were the bravest and paid the highest sacrifice of all.

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Posted in: Japanese soccer team receives worldwide praise for behavior at Asian Cup See in context

So besides the 'Fair-Play Award' which they received there, they can collect the, er... 'Cleanest Lockers Trophy'?

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Posted in: Liam Neeson denies racism after hunting black men to attack after friend was raped See in context

Admitting to something scary deep inside can shed light on the motivations of people, cops for example who choose someone random off the street to seek revenge on.

In that sense this was brave of him and helps us shed light on lynch mob mentality. 'Natural' perhaps, but 'humans' should be capable of rising above that ugly part of their nature.

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Posted in: Taliban demand new constitution for Afghanistan at rare talks See in context

"Inclusive"?!? ... I'll believe that when I see it.

Is there any evidence at all that they have grown, studied, matured, become more tolerant of the majority non-Pashtun peoples in Afghanistan since the last time they were in power? What do these peoples say to the Taliban? Welcome? Can the Taliban avoid the weaknesses of Pakistan and Iran next door, and can they deal with the IS insurgency?

If so, they will get my good wishes.

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Posted in: Cockroaches found in chicken bowl at Yoshinoya restaurant See in context

Aw c'mon peeps, these were friendly little garden ones, none of those real biggies.

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Posted in: Former part-time teacher arrested for paying high school girl for sex See in context

Often these events are triggered off by the guy NOT paying. At least he paid!

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Posted in: As U.S. withdraws, top general warns on Islamic State threat in Syria See in context

The article talks about "IS strongholds in Syria and Iraq", but fails to mention IS strongholds in various other countries.

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Posted in: Japan's stance on Venezuela remains vague See in context

Vague is how I feel too about the situation in Venezuela.

This clearly means that you do not strongly support a particular movement, but you are not strongly opposed to it either. Maybe you do not like the choice being offered. Why can this not be a real diplomatic option?

(I do know that the West likes to pull together, to show solidarity, especially when others are trying to sow discord and split them asunder.)

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Posted in: Japan too soft on sex offenders, vast majority of survey respondents say See in context

Without going into detail I agree with the premise, but there are probably way too few in authority who are willing to take some kind of principled stand.

They might follow the letter of the law, so perhaps it is time to increase the penalties for what the world now sees as sexual offenses.

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Posted in: Kagawa stars with 2 goals in 3 minutes on Besiktas debut See in context

Yup, great to see that they will let him play.

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