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And the BIG, crazy story is that BA have placed orders there for, no not Airbus, but 200 737 MAX. Why?

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Take this right back to its roots and Iran wants to export their 'young' Shiite revolution throughout the Middle East. This would mean toppling more Sunni governments here and there, which often control large populations of Shiites under them. Everything else is built around this dynamic. Is it in anyone's interest to have either side win this power struggle outright?

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Ah, it's in the same article:

Trump denied the report (re 120,000) on Tuesday, dismissing it as "fake news." "Now would I do that? Absolutely. But we have not planned for that," he told reporters at the White House. "Hopefully, we're not going to have to plan for that, and if we did that, we'd send a hell of a lot more troops than that."

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1glenn, "One thousand troops might sound like a lot, but it isn't."

Right, that's what I suggested earlier but got -3 from some peeps.

A month ago the White House were talking about 120,000, but Iran laughed at that figure. I even think Trump said something like if we're gonna do it it'd have to be 250,000, but I can't find the quote now. A month is an eternity nowadays. :sigh:

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Beautiful photograph. Must be hard to judge the thickness of the ice under that water.

On a personal level I have been trying not to accept disposable plastic shopping bags, to take cloth bags each time I go shopping, and to refuse plastic straws when I can remember. The plastics industry must be pumping out so much unpleasant stuff into the environment. I do not want to encourage them. It is so hard to break a lifetime of habits, though.

It's strange how we the little people have to suffer the pangs of our consciences while large-scale industry gets a semi-free pass to pollute the planet.

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And... the North continues to make nuclear weapons like they are going out of fashion. So what's changed?

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The world's largest nuclear plant nearby at Kashiwasaki Kariwa sent a message to the Mayor reporting trouble at all 7 of their reactors last night.

The Mayor was more than a little astonished and sent back a message requesting more information.

"Oh, sorry, we seem to have checked the wrong boxes!" came the reply from TEPCO.

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Not for me personally thanks, but this would be fine for my robot as your passenger, as long as you are insured of course.

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Boeing should have bitten the bullet and designed an all-new aircraft instead of this 737 MCAS/MAX kludge.

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Watching the Chinese mainstream news today and they were proudly showing their vessels mapping and measuring the floor of the 'western Pacific Ocean' with two green laser points.

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so, a 1,000 soldier compromise, satisfying no-one I should imagine, and not even a slap on the wrist to that ‘rogue’ nation, Iran!

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Sounds as if they wanted to make an example out of someone.

A tough decision for the judge it must have been.

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The story line reminds me somewhat of the novel Washington Black, a good read if you are wondering about your next book.

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Mychal, that would be a bit of a wrench, I should imagine.

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Ah, so no-one actually mentioned the caldera and super volcano there, as at Yellowstone.

They merely confined themselves to questions regarding nearby volcanoes then.

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Give Turkey the real deal, the S-500 and allow the F-35s to practice with it.

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Try a practice run on somewhere first, say ... Argentina for example(?)

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Silvafan: "Does it make sense to anyone anywhere that Iran would attack a Japanese oil tanker at the very moment Shinzo Abe is IN Iran making a deal to buy Iranian oil?"

The ship was Panama flagged, and going to Singapore, not obviously Japanese owned. The other ship was Norwegian owned. Admittedly a Japanese tanker was hit a few years ago in a similar incident in the Persian Gulf.

Not saying you are wrong, but what source are you quoting re this 'deal'?

SF: "the damage to the vessel was way too far above the waterline to have been made by a mine. 

See the photo of the conical mine half-way up the side of the hull. Magnetic limpet mines can be placed underwater or overwater, wherever is most convenient. From the sources I read it seemed that the ship was hit both with at least one mine and a ship-to-ship missile fired most probably from a fast attack speedboat. Without getting into conspiracy theories that seems the most logical conclusion to me.

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JustMyThoughts, "There does not seem to be solution to the ugly fact that men will pay for sex with women, men, children, etc."

It takes two to tango. You cauld have presented the other half and completed your critical story, e.g. "There does not seem to be any solution to the ugly fact that all kinds of people will take money from the opposite sex for favors performed."

On top of that there are the brokers, the cynical ones who oversee and manipulate the natural sexual dynamics from above and reel in the largest amount of cash.

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Quote: "A co-worker said Iimori appeared strange recently."

Care in the community. Stopped taking his meds perhaps?

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Some of the late-night matches involving Japansch ladies are shown again in the evening of the next day.

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Well, in the last several days I have read differing declarations of opinion, "This has Bolton written all over it!", "This has Saudi Arabia written all over it!" and "This has Israel written all over it".

What they do have in common is making it look like an Iranian attack. Why? Because an Iranian attack is most likely under the crippling pressure that the US has been exerting on Iran.

Personally I think that "this has Iran written all over it" is the best description. The proud Iranian military has the motivation and the desire, and the US has been goading them. I can even imagine the Mullahs in panic ordering a unit of Iranian marines to hurry up and take the unexploded mine off the side of the J ship, "because it makes it look like we did it".

These close neighbors in the Middle East, Arab and Persian, Sunni and Shia, they would love to attack each other, all the while maintaining deniability. Once their identity is rumbled, then it will be gloves off and raw, something that no-one wants to see. Look at Syria or Iraq or Libya for example. Ruined.

I do not think this demand for more proof is a strong or wise response from Japan. They could have equally say, yes, it does indeed look like Iran may have done this, but surely the solution is not war, for that would destroy free passage through the Strait of Hormuz, the very goose that lays the golden eggs. Iran is one of the guardians of the gate, and geographically that will surely never change.

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PS, for those who read Japanese: 「私がやったことではない。病気がひどくなったせいだ」などと供述している。Watashi ga yatta koto de wa nai. Byouki ga hidoku natta sei da. ("Only because my illness got worse")

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They found a medical card on him indicating that he has psychiatric problems. This could be why his father told the police of his suspicions.

Re the form of 'denial'. He is said to have declared, "Not me. It wasn't me that did it. It was my illness."

Taken from this article, in Japanese:

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They look happy enough together in that photo.

So maybe it does not fit everyone's narrative, but not everyone is strictly living a politically-correct life.

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Watched long sections of live footage from inside both cars. They were outrageously fast. The truth will probably come out in due course but I read one article saying that the pit crew changed the wrong tyre on the No.7 car which had had a slow puncture, forcing them to pit a second time. Another article said only that the real reason was not being officially released.

Congratulations to all six drivers!

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Quote:「丁寧な無視を」"Teinei na mushi wo'. Just "politely ignore them" is closer to what he actually said.

('ignorance' has a stronger meaning of 'know nothing about' or 'a lack of knowledge'.)

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There are free live streams from inside some of the cars, such as Ford, Toyota Gazoo Racing, etc. No 7 & 8 Toyota still swapping first and second places early this morning.

Brutally fast, overtaking everything. As Porsche and Audi have repeatedly shown though, it all comes down to speed plus reliability.

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Fantastic news for Hong Kong. Well done everyone! There comes a time when you have to put your foot down, before everything is taken away.

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In order not to double post I have read through all 94 posts so far.

Reminding people that it is illegal here is ingenuous and off-target, Muto Toshihiro San.

It is illegal in the UK too. So what is the difference? In the UK you will usually be given a warning and a wink and allowed to go.

What should Mr Muto and 'the concerned member' be really reminding visitors of?

They should tell visitors that Japanese authorities will enforce the letter of the law on you and totally mess up your stay. Zero tolerance means exactly that, zero tolerance. Like Mr Anderson in the Matrix, they will have no sympathy, and you will not be seeing any Olympics once the wheels start turning and you get the law working against you.

In brief, the law here is not pleasant or funny. It is a steel trap. Those who enforce it are responsible only to their superiors, and they will have a serious lack of empathy with you.

This is surely what the concerned member really wanted to say. As others have said, regardless of the endlessly entertaining arguments regarding harmful or harmless, and for or against legality, it is the way that the law is enforced here, down to the last endless boring detail, that people need to be aware of.

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