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Posted in: Putin says Russia has identified suspects in Novichok poisoning See in context

Finally admitting that these two do actually exist is one step in the right direction. One day the whole story will come out, I feel sure, but maybe not in our lifetimes.

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Posted in: 9/11 survivor finds strength in helping 3/11 victims in Japan See in context

Quote: "For a period of nine years after the attack on the World Trade Center's twin towers, which she witnessed from her nearby office..."

Just for clarity, is everyone in the neighborhood who witnessed 9/11 classified as a 'survivor'?

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Posted in: Times are a-changin' in London where cash is king See in context

“In London where cash was king”, surely.

Good article expressing my deeper reservations.

Having lived in Japan I cannot embrace a totally cashless society. So many horror stories abound with identity theft, security leaks, etc., outrageous problems continuing to pop up here and there. Paranoia rules. Are we sheep to be fleeced? Have we lost our independence? Honesty seems to have gone out of the window, and criminal gangs find cyber holes in the system.

Half cash and half digital may be good, where cards are no more than a convenient option, please!

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Posted in: Trump says good relations with Japan 'will end when I tell them how much they have to pay:' WSJ See in context

PS You don't actually have to do anything much. The hurt will be felt from the words.

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Posted in: Trump says good relations with Japan 'will end when I tell them how much they have to pay:' WSJ See in context

Not exactly sensitive, but it's called 'finesse', all in the timing.

Wait until Japan is on her knees after a horrific summer and a final airport-slamming double typhoon/earthquake, then hit her where it hurts.

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Posted in: 9 dead, 33 missing after M6.7 quake hits Hokkaido, knocks out power See in context

Traditionally, many people in Japan have imagined a Namazu waking up down below and violently shaking the earth. The blame lies with themselves for not having properly appeased it. Nature’s illogical savagery perhaps needed a convenient way of picturing what was happening to explain to the children. Certainly it draws people together, over and above their petty squabbles when faced with such disasters.

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Posted in: Monica Lewinsky, angered by 'off limits' question on Clinton, walks off Israeli stage See in context

Sounds on balance as if the Israeli News company is lying to us. Lying, but boosting their audience ratings. A shame, but good on her.

Quote: "In fact, the exact question the interviewer asked first, she had put to me when we met the day prior. I said that was off limits ... I left because it is more important than ever for women to stand up for themselves and not allow others to control their narrative." In response, the Israeli News Company, which sponsored the event and employs the interviewer, said it had honoured all its agreements with Lewinsky and her requests.

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Posted in: Hamilton denies Ferrari a home win at Italian GP See in context

However you cut your cake, that was an interesting race. Even my normally uninterested wife was impressed.

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Posted in: Nissan launches China-focused electric car See in context

No ignition on this one, methinks.

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Posted in: Nissan launches China-focused electric car See in context

A Leaf for just over half the price? Too good to be true, surely!

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Posted in: Self-driving taxi with paying passengers tested in Tokyo in world first See in context

A fixed speed probably on the safe side of the law. Will actually cause other traffic to slow down even further. For passengers to experience, but only those with time on their hands.

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Posted in: Myanmar court postpones verdict for Reuters journalists See in context

In the light of today’s news these guys could well be toast. Really bad timing. Let’s hope they are somehow allowed out in the general confusion.

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Posted in: Woman killed in 5-vehicle pile-up in Chiba See in context

Too many poor sleep-deprived truckers on the roads in Japan. By early morning some of them are weaving all over the road, barely able to stay awake. For old people yes, I agree, but we need automatic braking on trucks, first and foremost!!!

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Posted in: Ship-to-ship transfers a big loophole in N Korea sanctions: Kono See in context

Not only Chinese ships. South Korean ships have also been filmed performing these transfers to NK ships.

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Posted in: Can explodes on platform at Shinjuku Station See in context

From the bulbous bottom it looks as though they shook up some mixture and waited for it to blow the screw lid off.

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Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context

Excellent question, JT. (10/10)

or should that be 100%, or uh, 120%?

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Posted in: F1: Vettel under pressure to start closing gap on Hamilton See in context

arguable = arguably.  :-(

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Posted in: F1: Vettel under pressure to start closing gap on Hamilton See in context

So many unknown factors, and the top three teams are neck and neck. This makes each race a new nail-biter. If anything Ferrari's car looks fractionally smoother and faster than the Mercedes. Red Bull are never quite close enough with their Renault engine, but they have committed to switching to a Honda unit next year.

In the meantime huge news regarding big driver changes for 2019.

This weekend threatens the added factor of rain, always waiting in the wings at Spa. It should be an exciting race, on arguable the best track in the world. If Vettel has an Achilles heel, his errors under pressure will be prime candidate.

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Posted in: Darvish relieved cause of his pain finally discovered See in context

What's a stress reaction?

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Posted in: New toilet device measures amount, flow rate of urine See in context

Thanks for the explanation Omachi. This is of course only for those patients who are actually able to make their way from the bed to the cubicle.

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Posted in: IS leader resurfaces in purported audio; 1st in 11 months See in context

Sounds like 'whack-a-mole' to me. IS knows that so they will keep ressurecting him.

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Posted in: Strong typhoon hits flood-hit western Japan See in context

Passed by during the night. Hope all JT's readers are safe.

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Posted in: Japanese fleet catches 177 whales in latest hunt See in context

World opinion has actually had some effect. It has driven the whaling fleet back into the northern hemisphere.

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Posted in: Typhoon forces Britain and Japan to cancel historic beach landing drill See in context

Even without the typhoon it is probably way too hot to conduct such an exercise, so they may actually be glad of the excuse to cancel.

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Posted in: We aim to cut the maximum waiting time to 20 minutes or less, and to take all possible measures in our rigorous counterterrorism examinations to prevent anyone from slipping through the cracks. See in context

They used to allow permanent residents through the channels for Japanese nationals. That cut down waiting times in the tourist and business lines.

Still no idea why that was stopped. Suddenly after 20 years of smooth flow I found myself being forced back into the short-term visitor lane.

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Posted in: Western Japan braces for 2 typhoons this week See in context

Typhoon Cimaron (#20) looks to be going straight up through the center of Japan. West of Tokyo it is true.

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Posted in: Kevin Spacey movie takes in dismal $618 See in context

Laurence Olivier was never a Nazi dentist in real life, Toasted!

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Posted in: Madonna gets no respect for Aretha Franklin VMA tribute See in context

They wanted a big name so they asked for Madonna, but then they wanted it both ways?

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Posted in: Western Japan braces for 2 typhoons this week See in context

Fasten your seatbelts folks.

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Posted in: Treated water at Fukushima plant has radioactive substances See in context

Graphene membranes may be one way forward for tritium removal.

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