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If that is the case, why don't they vote to move the whole Olympics to north and south Korea. I am sure they will host it with no problems.

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China China China always paranoid, there millions of Chinese running around the world & I am sure 90% or more of them are govt operatives, but you do hear those govts arresting them arbitrarily. Think twice before you go visit China, it doesn't matter whether it is for personal or business. Want to tour china, watch it on youtube. Be very careful, China is brutal dictatorship country.

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Posted in: Japanese woman held at Sydney airport on drug smuggling charge See in context

I would say very lucky for her she was caught in Australia but not in Indonesia or Philippines or other 3th world country. She would be as good as dead. Here she will at least get some kind of a fair trial. Good luck to her though.

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Just to understand this situation, isn't south Korea own by 3 major family businesses? I am sure those business family members are enjoying a good life either in the USA, London or even in Tokyo. Or are they among the protesters? I doubt it very seriously. Now that we are in the subject of SK, how come there are so many adopted Korean kids in the States, England, Australia, New Zealand etc. Weren't SK able to take care of their own?Just curious. Anyways, I am very glad though that those kids got an opportunity for a better life.

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Posted in: 2 riders kicked out of Tour de France after altercation See in context

I second TigersTokyoDome comment that the French are blatantly doing everything for their citizen to win the tour. it is ridiculous to ride for 200 km & be kicked out for being competitive & both riders agreed that it was all in competition & no animosity.

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