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Posted in: KDDI mobile customers across Japan hit by prolonged network troubles See in context

My JCOM phone is still not working 11:30PM Japan Time

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Posted in: Japan considers dropping plan to procure U.S.-made anti-ship missiles See in context

Whether JAPAN become rich or poor, China (and possibly Korea) will swallow Japan alive. The animosity and hatred never diminished ever since.... they are just waiting for the perfect timing. China will take over the WHOLE EAST CHINA SEA giving Japan just 12 miles of water from Okinawa and Kagoshima Islands between Kyushu and Okinawa. That is CHINA's DREAM LONG TIME AGO. So Japan must be armed to the teeth with capable of hitting back China up to the Gobi desert. Japan must posses many long-range missiles and cruise missiles. The strategy or philosophy of DEFENSE IS DEFENSE is already obsolete.... the best defense is having OFFENSIVE CAPABILITY. Of course, SOSUS-like anti-submarine warfare should be top priority. Chinese submarines must be destroyed at the bottom of the ocean.

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Posted in: Japan explains 'comfort women' stance in German after statue set up in Berlin See in context

I think, the best way for Japan to explain is to show in NETFLIX JAPAN Korean Drama depicting the much of Goreo and Joseon period had portrayal that powerful and rich people had up to dozens of concubines. Brothels existed in Korea since Goryo period. So probably, significant portions of the so-called comfort women were not really forced-sex slaves. And there were also some decency and rule of law on the Colonial Japanese government from 1910 to 1945. THERE COULD BE SOME TRUTH THAT THERE WAS NO MASSIVE ABDUCTION OF JAPANESE SOLDIERS OF WOMEN AWAY FROM THEIR PARENTS AND FORCIBLY BROUGHT THEM TO BARS AND HOTELS AS SEX-SLAVES (SIMPLY THERE WERE NO DOCUMENTED CASES). However, in the case of Germany, Russian did that (massive rape) to millions of East German women... up to the point that German women preferred American/British carpet bombs above their head than Russians above their bellies.

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Posted in: PM contender Suga hints at consumption tax hike See in context

Global Comparison of Consumption Tax (VAT) Rates

(as of 2013)


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Posted in: Snow crab fetches record ¥5 mil at auction in Tottori See in context

One should understand that to become a fisherman in Japan, let alone to catch natural resources in the sea, is not an easy job. There is too much rules and restrictions. This is the reason why sometimes prices of some ceremonial catch or produce becomes so astronomically high.

In most of Japan, YOU CANNOT JUST CATCH CRAB or anything out there in the sea. if you are not a licensed fisherman, or a fisherman trainee recognized by legal fishermen village association, by law (which remained unchanged since Edo Period 1603-1869), you are only allowed to catch fish in the sea using your bare hands. Many localities, at present time though, allowed single-hook rod, as "free-fishing" for everybody, but on designated places only. Everything will regulated by the local fishermen association and the prefectural fisheries authority.

More INFORMATION in this site:


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Posted in: Lawmaker who made Russia war remarks suggests same with S Korea See in context

He is absolutely right.

Even for thousands or hundred-thousand years, as long as Korea exists, Takeshima will never be returned to Japan. No matter how many pages, fax messages, email attachments of protests Japan send to the UN or UU (United Universe) or UM (United Multiverse) if there is any, even to the Heaven or Hell where God, and Devil resides, Takeshima will never be taken or given back.

In the late 50's and 60's, innocent peaceful-loving Japanese fishermen were murdered by KOREAN guards of that islands and they will do the same without hesitations for their heart is full of hatred towards Japan. Japan should start doing the same.

Activate all the decomissioned submarines and add them to the 20+ SORYU-class submarines, build 10 more Aegis destroyers and increase missiles up to 1000-km range.

I think, it is better for Japan to adopt the motto "PEACE thru MILITARY STRENGTH".

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Posted in: Abe sticking with goal to seek constitutional amendment on SDF by 2020 See in context

Guys, all of you, stand or fly in the Tundra of Siberia or northern China and think deeply how will you go to the Pacific with Japanese Archipelago and Philippine Archipelago stretching from Kuril islands to Northern Borneo. Both are small countries in terms of land areas but very long-stretched when it comes to maritime areas.

The West Philippine areas are now being filled with man-made island fortresses.

So for countries like China, NK, Russia and even SK, the only problem is Japan.

These countries want Japan to be weakened.

Here is the Air Defense RADAR of Japan. (Same with Underwater anti-submarine sensors all over the Japanese archipelago maritime waters territory and EEZ):


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Posted in: Abe sticking with goal to seek constitutional amendment on SDF by 2020 See in context


why Japan has no SLBM while China and Korea have them; China and Korea have money, Japan doesn't.

Japan sent several rockets to the moon with the first ever HIGH-VISION (2K Resolution) in 2007 and sent rockets to far moving asteroids.

Wait for the constitution to be changed and you will see SLBM and possibly cruise missiles of more than 1000-km range.

Japan is keep on making Attack Submarines only and decommissioned them every 15 years. All of 22-strong attack submarines of Japan are brand-new and always in shape.

Japan produced 70 Kawasaki-P1 ASW planes from the scratch including engines.

The wheeled tanks or you called it "armored car" is actually a TANK DESTROYER. It has a speed of 100 km/hour.

Japan built type-10 MBT with speed of 75KPH both forward and backward movement and the only MBT in the whole world that cand do slalom (8-figure or infinity shape dancing) and still hitting moving target 1-km away.

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Posted in: Abe sticking with goal to seek constitutional amendment on SDF by 2020 See in context

CHange the constitution that will clearly say that Japan can build 1500-km cruise missile to attack China and North Korea with precision. The ASM-3 or future ASM-4 should have a range of more than 800-km to sink CHINESE AIRCRAFT CARRIERS. The Japanese Armed forces must create a ROCKET/MISSILE/SPACE force with at least 5,000 cruise missiles and must research on the use of LASERS to shoot down missiles and ships from the enemy.

Japanese JASDF must be reminded of French Maginot Line where the doctrine at that time was DEFENSE is DEFENSE. Today, the best defense is to have OFFENSIVE POWER, the right to inflict devastating power of counter-attack where the enemy is staging its attack.

Also the best defense is to have more attack submarine against China's submarine fleet for them not be able to escape to the PACIFIC.

The Supreme Law must have require the JASDF to blow or shot-down foreign warships, airplanes and submarines entering Japan territory without permission just like what the Turkish did to Russian warplanes.

When the pro-Chinese regime in the Philippines gone in 2022, equip the Philippines with enough fire-power to fight against the Chinese. Equip them with anti-submarine warfare so that Chinese Submarines will just be contained in their ports.

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Posted in: S Korean media criticize use of industrialist's image on new Japanese banknote See in context

Enough for criticism from S.K.

I would love to see the RISING SUN (Confederate Flag of Japan) be incorporated to the 10,000 notes... as symbol of Japan power from Meiji to 1945.

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Posted in: Japan may ban visas, money transfers over S Korea wartime labor dispute See in context

It is useless to deal with South Koreans anymore.

Japan gave 60% bigger money than SK GDP in 1965 for one-time compensation and that money was supposed to be for Wartime victims. The South Korean govt used in for STEEL and Machineries productions and gave little to those wartime victims... AND KOREAN GOVT CONCEALED this huge money even in the text books.


Ban more Korean Channels both in OTA and CATV.


Increase AEGIS Destroyers and PAC-2 Missiles. Don't sell components to SK Army.

Increase more F-15 with 24 Missiles.


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Posted in: S Korea beats Disneyland as most desirable graduation trip for Japanese girls: survey See in context

Since 1965, Japan was humane and nice to South Korea but the Koreans all through out these years are teaching their generations after generation of hating Japanese.

This (preference of SK as destination) really proves that Japanese (high schoolers and young generations) are more civil and humane, and instead of hatred, Japan is really teaching their kids of humanity and civility.

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Posted in: S Korea beats Disneyland as most desirable graduation trip for Japanese girls: survey See in context

I think it is time to do what the KOREAN GOVT is doing... sowing hatred to Japan by making it as a SUBJECT in high school.... there are also reports that when all the factors equal, those high school who attended anti-Japan rally will be admitted in the universities ahead than those who did not.

It is time to stop the yen flowing to South Korea.

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Posted in: Japan warns of tit-for-tat action in wartime labor spat with S Korea See in context

The Bank of Japan should start punishing South Korea's Financial System.

Then, close commercial air space going from and to the USA to South Korea, so that Korean Airlines will go around northern Sakhalin Island and will consume more fuel.

Then, start devaluating YEN.

The economic structure of Japan and South Korea are basically similar. However, Japan got most of it from its domestic consumption. Banned more products from SK like Samsung, LG Kimchi etc.

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Posted in: U.S. to withdraw from arms control treaty with Russia in six months See in context

The USA should convert back the 4 OHIO-CLASS submarines so that it can be aimed to China. 4 to China and the existing to Russia.

OHIO-class submarine has 24 TRIDENT MISSILES, one missile has 8 to 12 MIRV nuclear warheads.

10 MIRV x 24 Trident x 4 converted OHIO's = 960 warhead to CHINA, this is so good.

10 MIRV x 24 Trident x 14 OHIO's = 3,360 warheads to Russia, this is so good.


=== Therefore, by OHIO's capability, plus producing new and more Intermediate Nuclear missiles, there will be no nuclear war because of MAD.

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Posted in: U.S. to withdraw from arms control treaty with Russia in six months See in context

America did the right thing.

China is rapidly building nuclear-capable (Aircraft-carrier/GUAM killer) DF-26 and DF-31.

The USA has only sub-sonic Tomahawk where in even a Mauser 1898 rifle orM1911 pistol can hit.

The supersonic SM-6 Block-xx Missiles are not nuclear capable and the US has only 1000+ its inventory.

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Posted in: Japan considers transforming helicopter destroyer into aircraft carrier See in context

IZUMO Helicopter carriers is a defensive weapon.

It can carry only about 10 F-35B and probably 2 helicopters on the deck and perhaps 4 to 6 more under the deck.

The carrier itself need more fuels. And since the carrier itself has more expensive assets on the deck, it need to have more CIWS and Avenger missiles.

F-35A should be deployed in Okinawa island chain, in different islands if possible and several in KYUSHU.

Upgrade rotating RADARS or compliment it with the GAMELA RADAR Systems.


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Posted in: U.S., Britain, France launch strikes against Syria See in context

According to some news agencies, about 1/3 of the 110 missiles fired by US, UK, France were intercepted by Russian-made SAM operated by the Syrian.

This means that Sub-sonic missiles like Tomahawk, Storm-shadow and the likes are already obsolete in this present-day warfare.

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Posted in: China says it is ready to hit back over U.S. tariffs See in context

These are the photos of the Chinese GHOST CITIES which used to manufactures shoes and apparel like Levis and Rebook, Puma etc,. The factories of those shoes and apparel are now scattered in Latin America, Myanmar, Cambodia, Turkey, Romania and other SE Asian countries:


More of these will spring out sooner, after the TRADE WAR.

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Posted in: China says it is ready to hit back over U.S. tariffs See in context

Trump is right, very right about this.

But how to deal with China is not the correct one, without getting allies to be side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder.

In 1990, China allowed Alcatel, Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola, Cisco and many more top of the line technology companies. In fact, the first generation GREAT FIREWALL of CHINA was made by CISCO. When the business is going good, China begun coercing these companies to divulge and open the secret technology to CHinese authorities, else, they will lose business in China.

After 5 years, ZTE, HUAWEI, and many ARM SOC manufacturers in China have the same products with the USA/EU high-tech companies.

Without Trump actions, CHINA will be producing SemiCon equipment like Applied Materials, Tokyo-Electron, Veeco, Epitaxial Machine, CVD/MOCVD machines needed in making Microprocessors and high-tech lasers.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia at odds over missile defense system See in context

MOSCOW and Russia as a whole fortress has the most sophisticated and most numbers of missile defense systems in the world... that is why the US invented the world's first MIRV nuclear force.

The history is repeating itself but it is now the other way around.

Russia has more offensive weapons that most probably penetrate all existing US Missile Defense Systems.

Why Russia is so concerned about the nearly useless Missile Defense System (anti-missile-missile) of the USA?

Well, though Russia knows that the anti-missile-missile or anti-missile-projectiles are nearly useless, the RADAR and the accompanying Satellite Systems of the missile defense systems (Aegis and the like) are not useless at all. Those RADAR and Satellite can detect incoming missiles from the launch pad.... giving time for the USA to respond with TRIAD.... just like in the Cuban Crisis when when 1/3 of the 28,000 Nuclear warheads of the USA were up in the air all the time ready to go to USSR (if ever a single nuclear warhead from USSR is ever detonated).

Future LASER-mounted anti-missile systems and visually-and-optically guided anti-missile LASER systems in the future maybe be invented in the near future so pre-positioning of RADAR as part of the Missile Defense Systems is necessary to surround Russia and China. This is the reason why Russia is concerned ... watching and sniffing Missile Defense Systems in its backyard.... with promising future technology in anti-missile. There is no doubt that at present it is useless but who has the guts to fire a nuclear missile in a known useless defense system when there is there is mutually-assured destruction? If 100% effective anti-missile-missile and 100% effective anti-missile-LASER is already available, RUSSIA and CHINA will never allow it at all cost.

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Posted in: Many Japanese travel to Philippines to study English See in context

One of the main reasons why South Koreans are generally better in English than Japanese is because of the Philippine exclusive English schools specifically catered to Koreans, a program that started in the 1990's. Yearly, there are 1 million Koreans visiting the Philippines and most of them are studying 2-week or 4-week intensive English courses, some of the schools were even inside gated subdivisions and gated/guarded communities/villages.

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Posted in: Simultaneous small quakes in Japan trigger emergency warning See in context

00:54AM January 6, 2018, just about 25 minutes ago, earthquake M4.8 underneath (80-km depth) between FUNABASHI Station and HIGASHI-FUNABASHI station of the Sobu Line occurred. No Alert even though it shook a little bit stronger in Funabashi-Narashino Area.

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Posted in: Trump to Kim: 'My nuclear button is bigger,' as talks dismissed See in context

In 1961 during the Cuban Missile crisis, in one-week tense period, 1/3 of the 31,000 US nuclear warhead was alway in the air ready to go the USSR and 100 going to China. Some were just even handled by Sergeant. Nobody knows how many in the submarine and in Europe ready to be launched. The only instruction is that if and only if there is single nuclear detonation from the USSR.

It was so fortunate the the commander of the USSR submarine did not fire the nuclear torpedo towards the US Navy ASW ships hunting her.

LESSON of the STORY or Lesson to Kim Jung Un ..... never threatened the United States. She is the only one who actually used nuclear.... almost tempted to use it again in 1954 Bien Dien Phu Vietnam, 1968 in the Battle of Khe San Vietnam and in Iraq, had Saddam used Chemical Weapons.

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Posted in: Defense ministry to request special budget to buy long-range cruise missiles See in context

Japan should also build a dozen of SPY Satellites (dedicated to NK and China monitoring). Japan already has 4 SPY SATELLITES but mostly they are used in SENKAKU.

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Posted in: Defense ministry to request special budget to buy long-range cruise missiles See in context

Buy several maybe a dozen or two, then produce locally.

Just like a dozen F4E, dozen F15, then built more than a hundred locally.

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Posted in: Japan eyes budget for long-range cruise missiles See in context

South Korea already have 1000-km range missiles (approved already by the USA 10 years ago).

The USA just gave green-light for SK to develope 1,400-m range missile.

I think it is the time for Japan to have 1,000-km range missile fired from the shore, submarines or ships. However, for aircraft 600-km is more than enough. The current cruise or guided missile from JASDF with a range of 180-km is too short to protect Japan and give a little teeth against Chinese warships who have dreams of going to and maneuvering the vast western Pacific ocean.

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Posted in: N Korean national soccer teams in Japan for tournament See in context

treat them with Japan omotenashi all-modern toilet seat and show them the night-sky of TOKYO and Kanto-region.

All of them will be re-oriented to the real world, in contrast to the world (dark-ages) that mad man Kim Jung Un had given them.

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Posted in: San Francisco mayor accepts 'comfort women' statue; Osaka to end sister-city ties See in context

I think South Korea will never stop humiliating Japan forever, even if Japan double or triple or quadruple the amount given last year or the amount given in 1965.

I think, Japan and the BOJ should start punishing South Korea by gradual devaluation of YEN since their export and economic structure are the same. The more product flooding the world market again with the 1 USD equivalent to 160Yen or 360YEN will really bleed South Korea. The BOJ has more now to say in SK Financial health than the US FED. I think BOJ should start gently banging SK economy little by little.

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Posted in: Trump replaces chief of staff Priebus See in context

Kelly might be better that Priebus, but I think he cannot do much because the inner or the core of the problem is still there .... TRUMP!

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