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Robots will make babies in the future.

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This problem is not unique to Japan. China and Russia, and even South Korea some western countries have this too.

I have some Japanese friends who are married to Philippine women. The Philippine women can rotate their relatives and family members to come to Japan for a period of 6 months to help them in rearing and caring their kids. So most of them has 3 to 5 kids. Actually one of my friend who is a Catholic Japanese couples has 4 kids too even though they are raising their kids on their own.

So the possible solutions are there. Simply support for the mothers to raise their kids with maid or relatives supporting them. Also, it's all guts (as in the case of the Japanese Catholic Couples). They were taught by the Church not to use artificial birth control methods.

In fact, in Singapore, Middle-east etc, couples do have 2 or more kids because they have maids and nannies from the Philippines, Indonesia and other poorer countries.

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populate rural Japan with Filipinos and Lat-Am.

Even with no employment, as long as there is possibility of eating 3 times a day, they will have more than 3 siblings. My grandfather is a Filipino. They were 9 siblings living in a mountainous region of the Philippines. One of my parents is a Filipino. We are 7 brothers and sisters. Three of us went to USA. I have only two kids. But my two brothers who got Latin-American wives have each 6 and 8 children, even though their salaries are only a little over 50% of mine.

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No matter what Japan will do, even all Japanese leaders and Japanese people walk down by KNEELING through the vast plain full of stones, gravel and thorns, hatred in the heart of Koreans will never heal. Just rise up Japan, build more economically and militarily. Give back what they wish for Japan. Kick-out the Galaxy series and LG products in Japan and so with Lotte products.

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Lotte is a fabulously wealthy Korean company that made most of their money in Japan.

Exactly. I used to live in Niigata. I still have friends there. Going to Asia and Europe, instead of going to Narita, we went to Seoul as connecting gateway. Several people I knew who still live in Niigata are doing that.

But I will convince them to use Haneda as soon as possible. That has to be changed. To the best we can, no matter how little it is, we should not give money to SK anymore.

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Remove all Korean Drama in Japanese CATV and Over-the-air Broadcast.

Make good hotel and expand Haneda and Tamachi/Shinagawa districts so that Korean economy will gradually diluted.

Instead of buying Galaxy, buy xPeria Z2.

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Abe is a righteous man. Abe is just the right man for Japan and for Taiji. Since Abe came to power, lots of Japanese companies are complying with NO-Overtime WITHOUT PAY Policy. I now go home everyday at 5PM.

Japan food supply and Japan natural resources including islands, methane hydrade 3,000 meters deeper under the sea is SAFE WITH ABE.

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For the sake of festivals and traditions, I agree with PM Abe. But the dolphin and whale meat should only be sold within Taiji. No meat shall be sold in Tokyo or outside Taiji.

Dolphins eat a lot of fish species that humans also eat. Uncontrolled dolphin populations will take a lot of fish for human consumption.

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The Western most island of Japan with Japan-ASDF RADAR systems is Miyako-Jima Islands which is about 350-km east of Taiwan.

Now Japan will put new RADAR facilities to Yonaguni Island, the western most part of Japan which is just 105-km east of Taiwan shore. Yonaguni is also 155km south of SENKAKU Islands.

Current Japan RADAR Network:

The most modern 3D Japan Radar:

Next year or in 2016, Japan will already mass-produce ASM-3 Hypersonic Anti-ship missile:

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24 hours before Biden arrive in Japan, 1 of 6 Poseidon P-8 Submarine Hunter landed in Kadena Airbase. After he leave Japan, the remaining 5 Poseidons will be coming to Okinawa one after another.

Poseidon is the only anti-submarine asset of the US Navy that can hunt Stirling-propulsion submarine. Even the Nimitz-class battle group cannot hunt Swedish Stirling-propulsion GOTLAND SUBMARINE.

So this Poseidon deployment is one of the strong and unquestionable indicators that USA will help Japan at all cost.

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globalwatcherDEC. 01, 2013 - 12:01PM JST

I would like to see more Japanese aggressive investment for these resources. Japan is not a resource poor country. You need to utilize them all.

Last week, Japan successfully mined METHANE HYDRADE using mass-production tools off the NIIGATA coast.

it is quite challenging to mine underwarer minerals because they are located 500 to 3,500 meters deep.

About the calderas, they are currently scouting several out of known hundreds around Japan if investment is worth or proportional to the volume of minerals underneath.

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Japan also have the largest known under-water CALDERAS. Calderas have a lot of minerals, Methane Hydrade, Gold, Nickel and Rare-Earth Metals.

China and even South Korea are trying to mine (through lobbying International body on deep-sea mining) to drill and get minerals just 20 to 50 miles west of Okinawa. There is one Caldera there that have more than 300 tons of gold, several hundreds and even thousands of Nickel, and thousands of tons of Rare-Earth metals.

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I will vote to Abe-like PM of Japan in the future, the one who can turn Japan into a military Juggernaut.

Increase the range of missiles from 200-km to 2,500-km.

Increase the 22-diesel-electric submarines to 48 and also build more STERLING PRUPOSION SUBMARINE from 1 experimental to 12 combat units.

Increase the 300 fighter jets (F15, F2, F4J) to 500 units.

Convert the 40,000 tons of nuclear spent uranium into several nuclear bombs specifically bound for China.

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In 1969 during the China-USSR boarder war, USSR would like to strike Beijing and other strategic targets in China.

Nixon called USSR and warned them that USA will massively retaliate to USSR if they use nuclear warheads to China, although China had already nuclear bombs at that time, but had no missiles or rockets to put it yet.

I hate Nixon for this.

There could have been no more ill-mannered human species on earth by this present contemporary time. What a wonderful world would it had been.

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Posted in: Aid missions boost U.S. troops' image, readiness See in context

8 MV-22 Osprey are in the Philippines from Okinawa. Accordingly, 8 more will be used i days to come.

US Airforce can use the Philippine Air Space for free OSPREY flight (at the same time doing a very noble works of helping-hand) without the resistance from constituents like here in Japan.

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This article must be true years ago... specifically if we are in the time line 2007 to 2009.

But since 2011, only the catastrophically stupid ever fell for the Apple propaganda, and ignored all the reality that actually surrounded their products. To be more precise, about 95% of apple users belong to this. The rest of the 5% are the super intelligent perhaps in their own discipline like lawyers, accountants, nurses, doctors etc but more on prestige rather than anything else.... but are, still we can categorize them stupid when it comes to communications and computer technology. They will remain apple users forever and try to artificially lineup every incremental apple product release.

Thus as it always will be - you can't change someone's religion with facts, because religion isn't based on facts.

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I think, iPhone sales in Japan are coming mostly from the same person who bought previous models. Most of my colleagues and friends who bought Apple continue to phrase and idolize Apple products whatever specs of other units and models could offer. But for my colleagues who had experienced 4.9-inch or bigger smarthphones wit 13 to 20 MegaPixel camera, they will never have second thought of buying anything with 4-inches screen.

Recent trends is that several of my friends purchase Galaxy Note or Cheaper Tablet with SD card slot and a Pocket-Wifi from UQ-Wimax or E-Mobile LTE. They they purchased the feature-phone (folding clam-shell) for talk-and-sms in time of calamity because of long-battery offerings of low-tech feature phone.

For this week, the ranking:

Xperia Z1 is the top

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Unknown to everybody, Chinese new type of submarine with the fake imitation GOTLAND Sterling Propulsion Engine keep on going inside the Japanese water including Shikoku and Kyushu area. Chinese is always testing their new submarine well inside Japanese territory whether Jpan Navy has the capability to detect their new submarine.

Well, 2 day ago, Japan commissioned the new KOKURYU Sterling Propulsion Submarine. The real sterling propulsion engine.

Thanks to Chinese fascist, nazist, stalinist, maoist approach. Japan is now totally awakened

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If someone wants to make morning exercise in front of my house, he can do so because the road is a public property. But someone cannot prevent me from watching him doing exercise. He cannot also prevent me from going outside my property on the road on front of my house because that road is for everybody's to stand or walk to.

If you want a peaceful exercise, talk and invite properly the owner of the house just in front of the public road you are going to use for exercise.

For sure, I will not go to your property if you do the exercise inside your own backyard.

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this could be deliberate but not against particular targets like Philippines or Japanese tourists. It is just indiscriminate for the driver might probably went ballistic for what kind of life he/she has.

This is an act of defiance to the Chinese government. They are bored and angry at the society molded by the Chinese Communist Party.

There were several instances before where the suspects poured gasoline into tourists bus and made wheelchair bombs in the airport as an act of discontentment towards bureaucracy, red-tape, social-injustice in China.

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SInce 2008, Japan built 6 additional submarines. thanks to the provocation from Beijing.

The problem with China is that they think that they can just provoke Japan forever. It is not only the drones and ships that enters Japanese territories. In August, one of a friend of my friend in Japan Navy reported that the FAKE or boot-legged Gotland Type Submarine of the PLN with Chinese-made Sterling propulsion engine went right in the middle of Kyushu islands. Chinese think that their bootlegged sterling propulsion is invincible.

Actually, China is only using Senkaku as Scapegoat. China needs the whole Ryukyu and possible Kyushu Islands because their country is already full of dirt where in without even firing weapons to China, millions will be dying of the PM2.5, let alone the dreaded pollution contaminating their water supply. China is a dying nation literally.

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The handbags are probably, as you can see the way they hold those shoulder belts, are simulation or in-replacement of the slings/belts of future sniper rifles for Japan SDF (combat women in blocking forces). Japan knows that in the Battle of Leningrad, more than 5,000 women snipers brought havoc to German NAZI occupiers.

For the time being, what is inside those bags are probably 10/100yen coin or prepaid telephone cards to call their regular troops counter parts in time of emergency or regular for contacts.

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First ABE and his party was so against of bailing out JAL using the government's money (people's money). The 5-11 Landing rights to HANEDA is probably ABE's payback time to JAL.

About 3 Billion US Dollars from the peoples taxes were given to JAL's bailout. Not only that, a few billions US Dollars were in the form of tax breaks. ANA is paying more taxes than JAL up to this present day because TAX breaks for JAL still exists.

If JAL will really insist to ABE's government to give them equal landing rights to HANEDA, ABE will probably tell them for sure (and probably insists forcefully) to cancel Airbus order deals and go to Boeing because almost no parts are obtained from Japan building the A350. Boeing outsourced 38% of its parts from Japan. Abe is very supportive of Japanese companies including the Heavy Industries that make Boeing airplane parts.

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other than Abenomics, there is no other formula that will save Japan.

It is just easy for others who are not actually working and living in Japan to criticize Abe's economics policy.

Corporate welfare in Japan is improving since more than 20 years that I have been here. I am working now at 9 and go home at 5PM together with so many of my Japanese and foreigner friends.

Most of the small industries here are supporting big companies like Sony. The good effect of Abenomics may not trickle down immediately for others to feel. But without Abenomics, Japan's economy will nose-dive faster than anybody can think.

My kids and the kids of my friends are continously receiving monthly allowance of 7000 to 15,000 yen per month. Free medication and hospitalization up to 15 years old. Free Ambulance and free guidance counsellors and door-to-door service for kids with special needs.

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Iron Man armor suits plus future cheetah robot will really force most nation including Russia not to abandon nuclear weapons because even to this present day, the US has the most sophisticated and massive conventional weapon stockpiles. How much more in the advancement in artificial intelligence and infantry/personnel weapon and protective systems.

The future Cheetah Robot, which can be accessory to and logistics-carrier for special operations of elite forces wearing iron man suits, can also be well-potent killing machines. Details in the link below:

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Posted in: NTT DOCOMO unveils 16 new mobile devices See in context

Many among the commenter here were not in Japan during the Tohoku Earthquake (2011), Chuetsu Earthquake (2004), Offshore-Chuetsu (2006??), Hokkaido Earthquake and other major disasters in Japan.

All the network, landline and wireless had clogged after just one 3 minutes up to almost 24 hours. But the government agencies fiber optic connections and all cellular phones used by the Red Cross and Local governments were not clogged. They can use all their cellular phones asa normal, all the NTT registered landline as (government agencies) and most public phones were opened (NEVER BEEN CONGESTED).

My DoCoMo Smartphone 2 years ago already have 13.2MegaPixel, wireless charger and external SD Slot of up to 32GB capacity.

DoCoMo has the largest Bandwidth in the 800-MHz band, 1500MHz, 1700MHz, 1900, 2100MHz. DoCoMo LTE is 20-MHz Wide in each frequency band compared to the Softbank and AU.

Fiber-to-the -Antenna (or FTTA) infrastructure is more widely used in DoCoMo network.

The DoCoMo's Metropolitan Fiber Network CWDM/ DWDM and Submarine Cable using ROADM is the most ROBUST in Japan. Wireless network IS USELESS Basically if the Tier-3, Tier-2 and Tier-1 is CLOGGING.

DoCoMo has the most extensive backhaul and backbone from Tier-3 to Tier-1 network in Japan. In Tier-1 Fiber Network, DoCoMo controlled nearlyh 70% of nationawide backbone.

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In fairness, most of these DoCoMo smartphone have hardware power equivalent to the upcoming iPhone 8S or 9/9S. Some even have 20MPixels of Camera and excellent dark environment image-capturing technology.

With the hardware power these new DoCoMo phones have, the unit could still be usable for a full-MultiTasking Android OS in the future.

Likewise, the Government of Japan (Department of Interior) and other departments, as perhaps even the Armed Forces, have rented or purchased bandwidth in DoCoMo's Wireless and Wireline Networks assuring the government of 100% connectivity (ABSOLUTELY NO CONGESTION) in times of Crises and Calamity. So the Government of Japan will see to and will exert it best effort that Physical Infrastructure of DoCoMo is the most ROBUST nationwide. Likewise, DoCoMo will always keep its network to be ROBUST at all times.

DoCoMo has the largest fleet of truck/mobile cell sites with retractable antenna nationwide. Only DoCoMo has the triple power supply on most of its cell sites. ... Electric Grid, Generator and 24-hour Lithium Batteries.

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This news about iPhone soon to be offered in DoCoMo could be one of the main reason, if the not the only reason, why PANASONIC announced two days earlier that they will LEAVE THE CONSUMER SMARTPHONE BUSINESS in JAPAN.

Panasonic was already bleeding and seriously hurt when DoCoMo officially and energetically endorsed xPERIA and GALAXY only on its SUMMER CAMPAIGN.

With the addition of iPhone in DoCoMo, the last nail of the coffin will be naturally being hammered-in to Panasonic's coffin.

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The main reason why many left DoCoMo was because of its data plan worth 5,500Yen. AU-KDDI charges 4,400Yen Softbank charges 4,000Yen.

iPhone in DoCoMo will not save it from worst churn rate. The expensive data plan, plus a sudden downgrade to first-generation 3G speed when certain data cap is reached will cause more to leave DoCoMo.

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The heart-breaking news from Fukushima just keeps getting worse…a LOT worse…it is, quite simply, an out-of-control flow of death and destruction. TEPCO is finally admitting that radiation has been leaking to the Pacific Ocean all along. and it’s NOT over…. I find myself moving between the emotions of sorrow and anger. It now appears that anywhere from 300 to possibly over 450 tons of contaminated water that contains radioactive iodone, cesium, and strontium-89 and 90, is flooding into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima Daichi site everyday.

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