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Posted in: Abe has chance to show true colors after big election win See in context

Japanese PM His Excellency Abe, will be visiting the Philippines this weekend. The Philippines is a very weak country militarily yet very vocal against China in the South China Sea and not afraid of China.

Japan will be giving 2 not-so old ship (SHirotoko-Class) for free and will be selling 90-meter Large Patrol vessel to the Philippines at a VERY FRIENDLY PRICE of just 10 Million US Doillar per piece (through long-term loans without interest).

Japan is also considering selling 2 silent-electric submarines to Vietnam at a very friendly price.

I hope Japan thru Abe cabinet decide now to build GAS/OIL Field in the East China Sea because CHINA build new one oil well last week just 7 miles from their sea boundary recognized internationally.

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The best feature I would like a car to have is to pinpoint the location of the policeman or traffic enforces hiding behind the posts waiting for a possible victim driver. This includes warning me before making a short-time parking if the GREEN-BOYS (illegal parking foot-patrol guards) is nearby. The system should also alarm me if I will be passing by a camera for speed limit.

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it is not only Japan doing this. But of course, as a Commercial TV, refusing a an advertiser who would like to air their product through commercial TV is a violation of Commercial-TV ethical standards. Commercial TV Ethical Standards is about accepting or refusal of advertisers' endorsement, how the product would affect the standard norms of the viewers, whether the commercial will be attacking one's religion, political views, welfare of the children etc. Commercial TV Ethical Standards does not mean or does not cater protection of the Broadcasting industries itself or its survival.

If Japan broadcasters would like to protect their industries, they should lobby to the legislators to level the playing field, just like in the article below about "Big Cable Moves to Scoop up Streaming Rights, Pressure Netflix, et al."

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Posted in: Iwate assemblyman who compared hospital to prison on blog found dead in apparent suicide See in context

We need CSI here. Japanese crime investigation and police always, or at least 90%, based on circumstantial evidence. Modern period needs modern forensic science. There is a lot of ingredients for a suicide.

1st, suicide note handwritten or duly-signed.

2nd, what was the tool used. Self-inflected wounds? Was the victim right-handed? was the wound pattern inflected by a right-handed fellow?

3rd etc 4th etc 5th etc

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Posted in: AirAsia, ANA part ways over management clashes See in context

There is another one mode of payment very popular in Japan specially for company employees but can be used by family members. This is called FUKURIKOUSEI or Japanese Companies' Welfare Benefit.

Many companies in Japan are members of FUKURIKOUSEI like BENEFIT-ONE which will do the booking and reservations for you and your family at a very cheap price, sometimes up to 70% discount including AIRLINE TICKETS or PACKAGE TOUR which include AIRLINE tickects. JAL/ANA are obviously part or endorsed by BENEFIT-ONE and other FUKURIKOUSEI SYSTEMS in Japan.

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Posted in: ANA mulls Airbus to replace B777 See in context

B777 is a good aircraft. Do not replace it. A-350 will not offer that much advantage with B777 OTHER THAN PRESSURING BOEING TO LOWER THEIR SELLING PRICE. But it it is really decided to buy A-350, a 70-30 percent (or 60-40) sharing is good enough to have leverage in price negotiation with either Boeing or Airbus company.

It is better to replace all variants of B737 with A321-Neo.

Boeing should still be dominant in sharing because of Japanese industries and jobs at stake..... UNLESS, Airbus model are more efficient by more than 30% such as fuel consumption and MTBF etc.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland briefly asks park patrons not to post their pictures online See in context

What will be fine or penalty if you posted in the FACEBOOK with Mickey or Goofy mascot with other couples waiting next in line? .... hmnnnn in JAPAN, maybe jail terms equal to or even greater than those criminal did homicide or robbery?

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Posted in: 6 NATO personnel, 2 children among 14 killed in Kabul suicide bombing See in context

This is what the RELIGION OF PEACE book [ Koran ] says:

Slay the nonbelievers wherever you find them. Drive them out.(2:190)


Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words: Wipe the infidels out to the last. (8:7)


. . . kill the disbelievers wherever we find them. . .(2:191)


instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. (8:12)


I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes. (8:12)

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Posted in: Samsung announces 5G data breakthrough See in context

Samsung is trying to show that they are the first one to do this by releasing this news.

This has been done by Japan 4 years ago specifically Panasonic and SONY using the 6 to 12 GHz band frequency. These Japanese companies experimented to connect HD/4K TV within a house using wireless technology including wireless speakers. Panasonic tried the 6-GHz band.

This is not magic or magnificent invention by Samsung..

3G/3.5G Technology at 5MHz-wide spectrum is 42Mbps Technology 4G at 10 to 20MHz-wide spectrum is 140mbps speed. This is using 4 MIMO (Multiple-In Multiple-Out) antennas.

Get a 100-Mhz-Wide spectrum with Orthogonal Frequency Division technology using MIMO with more than 4 antennas can easily get 1,000Mbps (1Gbps) speed. Theoretically Possible. But the current technology may not be able produce an oscillator on a handphone os terminals that is stable enough to oscillate more than 10GHz (10 Giga Cycle per second). 6GHz to 9 GHz are already assigned and designated by many government as UWB or Ultra Wide Band.

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Posted in: With no cash for Windows upgrades, local gov't to disconnect some PCs from Net and tape up ethernet ports See in context

If the Japanese government, or somebody are afraid of Windows XP after 2014/April, here is the fact.

40% of the world's online PC is WIndows-XP. 60% of those Win-XP are in China. 95% of those Win-XP in China are pirated and the desktop were blackened by Microsoft and no longer receiving updates from Microsoft since 2007. They are still working for their intended purposes.

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Posted in: With no cash for Windows upgrades, local gov't to disconnect some PCs from Net and tape up ethernet ports See in context

It is not only the Japanese government. There are still thousands of Japanese companies who are still using Win-XP SP2 and Win-XP SP3 but the internet explorer is is version 6.

There is no need to worry because SP2 and internet Explorer version 6 was declared and proven vulnerable since 5 years ago but SO FAR NO RECORDED SECURITY BREACH in Japan so far.

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Posted in: Samsung releases new Galaxy S4 smartphone See in context

You should buy this latest Samsung phone after a year. Do not chase every new model, specially when the economy is bad, who knows there will be no bonus this mid-year (June or July) or no salary increase at all. After a year or two, good phones like Samsung S4 would still all be alright. Usually, with new phones, even with 2-year contract, many services specially data plans and email plans are required with for two years also.

Recently, I bought Fujitsu Arrows F-10D with cash upfront... it cost only 12,800Yen with no other contract except the voice plan of 780yen per month. F-10D was released in August 2012.

The same price was offered to me for Galaxy S3 (12,800Yen only) and Galaxy S3-Alpha (19,800Yen). But I chose F-10D because all the major parts and the phone itself (including the battery) are MADE IN JAPAN for a price of 12,800Yen in which the only agreement is two-year contract.

The F-10D has some sort of eye-contact sensor where it will not go on screen-saver mode while you are staring on it.

I paid just for the phone. I removed all data plans, email, and other services. Just the phone with voice plan of 780 yen.

I will use my Wimax portable router for data.

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Posted in: Asian territory disputes could trigger war: Panetta See in context

And here I sit in Tokyo today, living side by side with Chinese, exchanging our greetings with a smile, Japanese are still eating in Chinese owned restaurants, and we are going about our business peacefully. I guess I can say Japanese are the adults here. I've taught my children to see people as people, not hate someone because of thier nationality. And as a result, they have friends from around the world. To the leaders of countries, stop sending messages of hatred. Grow up and solve this problem.

Yes, I been riding KEIO Line From Shinjuku to Takao/Hashimoto, then sometimes I used Yamanote Line and Sobu Line, it is not unusual to hear so many Chinese/Korean people riding on the train talking on their own native languages. Yet no one has been harrassed by Japanese passengers. Japanese are so innocent about what the Chinese mobs are doing. Most of the Japaense on the train are silent just reading books, watching something on the samrtphone etc. Same thing when I rode Nambuku Line and Tozai Line from Azabu-Juban to Nishi-Funabashi to visit a friend's daughter party. Several of the passengers were Chinese speaking fellows. In the party, some of the visitors were Chinese, some were Indians and some were Vietnamese working in the Otemachi Financial districts of some multinational companies. Everybody were matured and civilized.

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Posted in: Point of view See in context

It is now time for Japan to call all good Japanese men and women, including long-term permanent residents to and aid for this great country.

Start the ROTC program and increase the current numbers of read-reserve force of 50,000 men to 200,000.

Early this morning, 100 Chinese Fishing Vessels left China bound for the Senkakus for the first phase of INVASION, or shall we say, TESTING JAPANESE RESOLVE and national defence.

This strategy were succesful in the case of grabing islands and reefs of the Philippines and Vietnam by sending large flotilla of fishermens ships first, then the PLAN noy at the far distance.

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Posted in: 5 LDP candidates, in 2nd debate, push for hard line with China See in context

Early this morning, 100 fishing vessels left China for the first phase of invasion to the SENKAKU Islands.

The PLA Navy is on the stand-by.

The strategy of sending fishing vessesls first was successful in the invasion of the Philippines MISCHIEF REEF and the JOHNSON REEF of Vietnam in the 1980's and 90's.

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Posted in: Apple posts record $13.06 bil quarterly net profit See in context

Manufacturing an iPhone in the United States would cost about $65 more than manufacturing it in China, where it costs an estimated $8. This additional $65 would dent the profit Apple makes on each iPhone, but it wouldn't eliminate it. (The iPhone average selling price is about $600, and Apple's average gross margin is about 40%. So Apple's gross profit on each iPhone is probably in the neighborhood of $250.)

$250 x 37 million iPhone units = 9.25 Billion US Dollars (possible) NET PROFIT just for iPhone alone.


For further reading:

Read more:


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Posted in: Palestine becomes member of UNESCO; U.S. cuts funds See in context

I think it is better for the US not to join to any UN agencies except security council. 50 years of being the greatest contributor in the whole planet to the whole UN is already enough. Divert the contributions to the American people. I also hope that if the US resume the contribution, don't include the backlog

Let the mighty France cover the portion of the contributions that the US has taken-out.

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Posted in: Nokia launches Windows smartphone See in context

We highly welcome your arrival. Competition is really really good for the consumers and let the best smartphone win!

Later, Nokia must apply your technology used in candy-bar phone to the smartphone... dual SIM which can both run at the same time and can be toggled back and forth. Very popular feature in Asia and africa this dual-SIM is.

Nokia must be lucky that there is no more Jobs who would had stopped the release of this phone maybe due to Jurassic old Windows patent infringement since 1984, ...etc. etc. etc....blah-blah-blah-blah

Let all products, good or a little bad, expensive or cheap, FLOAT IN THE MARKET and let the consumers decide

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Posted in: Apple sells more than 4 mil new iPhone models in 3 days See in context

Well, there maybe a short of supply of iPhones and iPad: iPhone sales maybe nailed to 4 millions only

-- "China orders Apple supplier plant closure over environmental concerns"

(You Can GOOGLE this topic for further reading)


CHINESE AUTHORITIES have ordered an Apple supplier to close part of its plant in Suzhou after residents living nearby raised significant environmental concerns.--

The Chinese government, widely criticized for its poor policies on environmental issues, has taken a tough stance with the Taiwanese company Catcher Technology, which makes metal casings for notebook computers including Apple's Macbook Air and Macbook Pro.

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Posted in: Japan says Russian military conducting drills near its airspace See in context

I think the Russians message is : We are watching you, you watch yourself!

With Japan's extensive radar network and all remaining radar are planned to be upgraded to the most modern type J/FPS-4 and J/FPS-5, it will be the other way around. Japan can watch Russia's air space closer to the Russian Far-East region including Sakhalin Islands

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Posted in: Apple planning early 2012 launch for new iPad: WSJ See in context

According to Steve Jobs in an interview in 1994: Good artists copy great artists steal

-- Steven P. Jobs has bragged about his mastery of stealing ideas from others, stating , "Picasso had a saying - 'Good artists copy, great artists steal.' And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas."

I. Apple Alters Reality With Photoshop

But stealing other competitors' ideas isn't the only thing Apple is good at. Of late it's shown itself to be a burgeoning master of Photoshop. It was caught in Germany doctoring images (playing with perspectives and stretching pictures) to make its competitor's product look like its own.

II. PHOTOSHOPPED Images Played Key Role in Sales Ban

The recent incident, like the previous photoshopping, was identified by Dutch IDG publication IDG quotes Mark Krul, a lawyer at the Dutch firm WiseMen and a specialist in IT and intellectual property law, who says the visual evidence was critical in a German court's decision to ban Samsung's tablet sales in the European Union via an ex parte injunction.

-- OTHER Sites as reference:


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Posted in: Maher says 'nobody' in Japan gov't was in charge early in nuclear crisis See in context

One of Tokyo University Professor (Professor KODAMA) also announced similar frightening revelation, during his privilege speech in the Diet Assembly, that from the beginning the Japanese government was lying to the public and there was GROSS NEGLIGENCE on the part of the government:

For those who can understand Japanese, one may watch this link below:


/ Multilingual subtitles are available on this version./



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Posted in: 35 deaths, 7,071 hospitalized due to heatstroke in one-week period See in context

hey guys, heat stroke is quite different from hydration. But of course, intake of proper amount of water is the key to good health not only this summer but even on winter season.

-- > What heat stroke is really about is the inability of the body to regulate the body temperature without loosing the essential salt inside our body. The sweat glands make the body perspire by producing sweat out of the skin pores. The problem is that, at some instances, the sweat glands are producing and perspiring water from the body without filtering the salt (sodium) contents. They cannot stop the sodium not to go with the perspiration.

--> Now, in order to recover from heat stroke, one should immediately intake water with a solution of salt and sugar. For every one liter of water, add about 1 gram of salt and 4 grams of sugar. This is almost similar to the intravenous solutions given to heat stroke patients when they are brought to the hospital.


The proper functioning of the sweat glands can be maintained through regular exercise in which your body actually sweat for more than 30 minutes everyday. South-east Asian countries are sweating whole year round since birth so very few among them suffer heat stroke.

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Posted in: 70% of Japanese oppose restarting closed reactors: poll See in context

You don't ground cars whenever there are accidents. You don't ground ships whenever there are sea mishaps. You don't ground planes whenever there is a crash. You investigate, think on how to improve and how to avoid accidents. That is the reason why there is bachelors/masters/PhD degree of Science and technology.

I would rather live near a nuclear power plant with the 1990's technology rather than near a coal power plant.

One nuclear reactor can generate 2,300Megawatt of electricity. Is there any replacement for such gigantic output?

Obviously, the nearest replacement are coal, diesel, bunker-fuel and LNG power plant. The good-news though, it is ironic that, fossil fuel supplies may stay for centuries more.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine nuclear rescue team stands ready in Japan See in context

Almost all of us grew up in an era of balanced, fearless and excellent broadcast and print media so we know what were the real situation in Three-mile Island (TMI) and Chernobyl. Whether TEPCO and the Japanese Government admit it or not, Fukushima situation is now in between the case of TMI and Chernobyl. it is time for a martial law or worldwide emergency in Fukushima and these marines and the special units mentioned in this article should be called upon and kick TEPCO's asses out and take over. The problem in Fukushima has been complex ever since day-1 and TEPCO is not revealing the truth.

There were time in a day that TEPCO staff just go inside the pump building about 5 minutes only and return to their shelter for the rest of the day because of high radioactivity. They just keep on working outside pouring water to the 4 reactors. Compare to TMI which had radioactive Iodine only, Fukushima has a lot of Cesium and possible Plutonium. In TMI, with only one crippled reactor, both the government and the plant owner declared after one month that the risk of further meltdown was over. Tomorrow is the one-month anniversary of Fukushima and still the situation is considered "Extremely High".

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Posted in: Hypersonic missiles could challenge U.S. naval supremacy See in context

While Russia and CHina are developing hypersonic missile to kill aircraft carrier group, the US is developing hypersonic missile for deep target penetration anywhere in the world. As story mentioned, the US is one or several step ahead in hypersonic missile testing. Test with X-51 with Mach 5 was successful from B-52. Sooner or later X-51 will be tested in Trident-II-D5 ICBM with a range of 6,500 miles. Perhaps the US might revive the star-war program when Russia and CHina have perfected this hypersonic missile.... for there is a an assertion that "He who control the space will rule the world".

But as shown in the past world wars, the greatest weapon in the ocean is the intelligence. Naval Intelligence of inferior battle carrier group of the USN lead to the defeat of the mighty IJN in midway.

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Posted in: U.S., South Korea begin war games See in context

Kyoken said ... And then? Is invading N.Korea really an option? All that is, is one bully trying to threaten another bully. George Carlin called this kind of behaviour rightfully "bigger dick foreign policy".

Are you saying that America's "business" includes invading North Korea?... no further discussion then

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Posted in: U.S., South Korea begin war games See in context

Sending aircraft carrier group is one way of showing to the concerned parties that the US Govt mean "business".. And if they will not take that business message seriously, the US will send another message by sending B-52 nearby.

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Posted in: Japan may form new unit to watch Chinese navy See in context

Nice move Japan. You should implement it sooner.

Without doing that, you will lose the territory because China is known for creeping-attack strategy. They will put (floating) buoy first near to the boundary then moving little by little to be followed with fishing boat loaded with special forces disguising as fishermen. Then if you don't drive them away, fishermen then will change clothes to a military uniform. Once in military uniform, Japan can no longer attack or capture using Coast Guard easily.


This move by Japan should have a complimentary action. The SDF should donate all their F-4 Phantoms to the Philippines who is with territorial dispute with China too. Replace all those F-4 with F-15 or or F-18 plus a squadron of spy plane thats can loiter in the air for more than 48 hours.

Then China will have a big problem with the Philippines having F-4 because Spratly is just about 100 miles her coastline. I read an article that the Philippines was blasting all the (floating) buoy put by China using Vietnam-era vintage Huey and propeller-driven war-planes used in counter-insurgency (COIN planes) because that all She has. The Philippines has the weakest air-force in the whole Asia but in spite of that, has the guts to stand face-to-face with China in the Spratly.

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Posted in: Toyota to expand disclosure to win back trust See in context

I still trust Toyota and Honda, though my present car here in Japan is Nissan. Bad for Toyota because NHK and other Japan-based media are known and watched only in Japan. They don't have the obviously known nationalistic, US/UK-biased CNN, ABC, and BBC.


If you’ve been watching CNN, ABC or BBC in the past three weeks, they seem to have focused their concentrated attacks on Toyota’s problem of sudden acceleration of many cars across its model range. The problem has been isolated on two problem areas, either a floor mat that disturbs the gas pedal or the pedal itself. Toyota has already ordered a recall of millions of its cars in the US, with apologies from the Toyota CEO himself!

-- While it is now true that Toyota is reeling from its technical problems, international (especially US )media outlets have apparently gone to town to magnify this problem to nauseating proportions. It is as if Toyota has done a grave sin that the other automakers (specially the US automakers) never made. It seems that these giant international media outlets are using their media power to destroy the reputation of Toyota, which makes us suspect that they must be doing this in order to promote their own moribund car industry. After all, selling cars makes the economy of a country strong.

-- It seems that these giant international media outlets are using their media power to destroy the reputation of Toyota, which makes us suspect that they must be doing this in order to promote their own moribund car industry. After all, selling cars makes the economy of a country strong.


For CNN, ABC, BBC etc, you failed in destroying the customers confidence in Toyota. I will buy Toyota the next replacement cycle of my family car.

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