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Posted in: Lesbian couple hold symbolic wedding ceremony in Tokyo See in context

Iam glad to see that Japan is slowly being dragged into the 21 century.

Marriage of 2 lesbs proofs you that you are im 21 century??? Wahahaha

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Posted in: No. of tourists to Japan tops 13 mil for first time ever See in context

After comparing to prices, i see the Japanese are paying about 50 % more for flying the same route.

It's "business in Japanese" . Encourage Japanese stay home, play in pachinkos, drink, and eat instant noodle for New Year ))) The less know, the less want ))))

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Posted in: 'Black companies' getting worse See in context

Nearly 40% of Japan’s wage-earners now work on a part-time basis, with few benefits or bonuses and little protection against instant dismissal.

It's the truth. May be even more...

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

Reminds me of Japanese conversation, saying the same things over and over again. I'm a precog at predicting the banal nothings that will come my way.


And my boss in # 1 in this.......

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Posted in: Japan tries to tap growing Muslim tourist market See in context

Why should Japan change its everyday way of living to accommodate foreigners?

So why not? Be friendly to people is a common sense. Didn't you know that?

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

My point was that without understanding, the basis of that kind of opinion is weak. Regardless of whether the opinion is positive, or negative, it's basis is weak. If someone cannot understand what is happening (and 'why' it is happening) in a show, they can not properly judge it.

Have you ever heard abt ishindenshin as well as abt non-verbal communication? Language, words are not the main means of communication in Jp. I'm fluent in Japanese but Jp TV (TV shows etc) don't use the words (language) itself that much--screaming, shouting single words, laughing, clapping etc.

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

Japanese commercials are horrid. Loud, shouting, screaming, using "children" voice sound effects . And toooooo much. Terrible.

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Posted in: Taking the trains to Tokyo's foreign enclaves See in context

Inexpensive apartments can be found close to stations,

Inexpensive apartments close to stations??? Can't even imagine how horrid they are.

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Posted in: Japanese wives in int'l marriages share what they hate about Christmas overseas See in context

Wahou, no mention of Christmas spirit in that article: generosity, peace, forgiveness. I only see the description of materialist & consumerist behaviour. Where is the human description?

Haha. Japanese are kinda different humans )))) Sponge cakes, KFC and love hotels with "significant" ones ))) And yes, soy souce or a bottle of oil as a present . Oh, yes, you don't need to exchange/return these "gifts".

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Posted in: From Japan, the joy of minimalism at home See in context

This lady is noooot the # 1 who wrote abt that. There are hundreds of book abt 物を捨てる。Nothing new and very banal.

Pictures of things are not real memories. Real "omoi de" are real things. I've never ever throw away my kids first pictures, first handmade presents for me etc. They have separate plastic cases which are full now with our family sweet memories. A couple of plastic cases don't take so much place ))))

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Posted in: Japan serves up yet another weird pizza See in context

No butter etc in the supermarkets but shitty pizzas, chocolate ramen, ....

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Posted in: Police question NHK reporter over hoax 110 call See in context

All that to avoid a "please be careful next time" from her company?

I think you''ve never work in a really "Japanezish" Jp company ))))

Poor lady... Can imagine horrible treatment in NHK if its employee so scared to tell her boss that she just lost a phone...

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Posted in: 'Pick-up artist' Blanc banned from UK See in context

All those who believe they have the right to travel where ever they want - what planet are you on?

They still look at the world through rose-coloured glasses.

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Posted in: Abe expected to announce election, sales tax hike delay on Tuesday See in context

safeguard fragile recovery

Eh? Really? When was it?

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Posted in: H&M carves out a niche for itself in Japan See in context

Can foreigners get large sizes at H&M? Yes, they can. We have a size range from 32 to 42 for ladies.

So, where are that large sizes???

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Posted in: Royal garden party See in context

I've read "Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne". Why Michiko doesn't support her???? So cold.

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Posted in: Restaurant ordered to pay Y58 mil damages over employee's suicide See in context

He had also been subjected to verbal attacks by his supervisor.

Overwhelming majority of Japanese think that it's ok. It's soooo common in Jp companies....... really shitty treatment. And they are agree!

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Posted in: Tsukuba University lecturer arrested for 'assaulting' ambulance See in context

Hate to see what he does with noisy students..

Noisy students?? In a class?? lol ))))

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Posted in: Toyota to recall 1.67 million vehicles globally See in context

Yeah, I'm glad I didn't buy a Toyota. In my life probably never will. My new Ford Festa ST is awesome!

Phewwww... "Ford recalls 850,000 cars with airbag fault"

Ford regularly recalls its cars.

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Posted in: Men list top four reasons why they dumped their past girlfriends See in context

None of listed above. I'm pretty secure )) "Making fun of his academic record" sounds so funny ))) Same sa "Making fun of parents cooking" ))))

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Posted in: Canadian journalist in Japan tests negative for Ebola See in context

edojinOct. 28, 2014 - 05:35PM JST

Who is this guy? TV today (Tuesday) reported that he was born in Japan. Okay, so who was he working for ... what was he doing in Africa ... and why is he now in Japan?

Norimitsu Onishi, 日本名:大西 哲光. Born in Chiba, moved to Canada with his parents when he was 4 yo.

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Posted in: Failure to internationalize, take risks and value employees by merit have led to years of stagnation in the fields of computers, smartphones and semiconductors. See in context

"Reminds me of an argument I had with my Japanese boss several years ago. Me: But it will turn a profit. Why walk away from this opportunity? Boss: Because it involves risk! Our company does not take risks! We are not that kind of company. If you want to take risks, find another company to work for. Me: But if our company doesn't take risks, how have we lost so much money? Was that on purpose?"

Sorry, but such kind of "conversations" with "a Jp boss" amuse me ))) "Was that on purpose?" You REALLY worked in Jp business? How long? )))))) 1 day? may be the whole week? ))) lol

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Posted in: Worst date ever! Japanese ladies reveal the top five date ideas to avoid See in context

“I don’t like it if I have to be silent. I want to talk to him,” bemoans one lady."

So funny to read it )))) Do they REALLY can talk?? Share their thoughts??? Especially with a foreigner?? Best laugh today )))))

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Posted in: Minister hit by bar scandal also under fire for owning TEPCO shares See in context

Also Friday, the under-fire minister said he had disciplined staff at his political office who billed an 18,230 yen visit to an S&M bar in September 2010 as a political expense.

SM Political expense lol ))))))) And WE pay for that!! Its something else It sounds like regular attending SM sessions is mandatory for 経済産業省 employees lol ))))))

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Posted in: New team members See in context

These penguin suits look horribleas well as a smile of a new trade minister

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Posted in: Japan's sozzled salarymen: the lost tribe in a modern pickle See in context

PandabelleOct. 10, 2014 - 10:51AM JST One of my friends made enough overtime pay in 3 years working for a major Japanese telco to buy a house - cash.

Somewhere near Fukushima, I think )))) And, yes, friends and friends' friends always do that )))))

"graduating engineers" /sinnyuusyain get abt 19 -25万円 plus bonuses

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Posted in: Obuchi being touted as Japan's first female PM See in context

"She can be likeable, she doesn’t stick out, she doesn’t carry any strong beliefs. Her father was the same way. It’s not a very global type of women’s leadership ..."

Yeah.. sure not global... very Japanese style.. No strong beliefs, good at bowing, etc. Really nice PM lol ))))

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Posted in: Wedding send-off See in context

boraxOct. 03, 2014 - 08:30AM JST She gets a gift of 100 million yen for marrying out of the royal family. Our tax money at work!

What does "gift" mean? )) Dowry or ransom? )))

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Posted in: The ugly truth of 'gokon,' Japan’s group blind dates See in context

KabukiloverSep. 29, 2014 - 12:36AM JST

Yuk. Getting girls drunk so they will go home with you is so primitive and so 1950s. There is only one way you will intimately connect with a girl: She has got to like you. Try conversation, guys. I do not mean dirty jokes (well maybe one will placed naughty joke) but intelligent conversation. I think these group blind dates would work a lot better if they met in coffee shops instead of bars.

"Getting girls drunk" ... These "girls" are not babies and not the innocent "puppies" (all abt 30 yo!). They clearly know what gokon is and why they go to gokons. It's a part of Japanese culture. "Coffee shop" )))))))) These women wanna go to the BAR, izakaya, not to a coffee shop ))))) And they know why )))

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Posted in: China's swim king Sun calls Japan's national anthem 'ugly' See in context

Bronco123Sep. 26, 2014 - 09:51AM JST He with his big mouth is the ugly one. Ugly people speak ugly words! Pronto!

Exactly lol ))))

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