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NanteCotta comments

Posted in: Japan-born American files suit against Japan's dual nationality ban See in context

She's left japan at her own will,right?Then,she should not complain about that.Now,she's American,not Japanese.

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Posted in: No concern yet monkeypox will cause pandemic: WHO See in context

Covid19→Monkeypox....So,what's next?Chicken box?

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Posted in: North Korea fires 2 suspected ballistic missiles in 6th launch this year See in context

North Korea is a look-at-me country.We should ignore them.

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Posted in: Object found in the Milky Way 'unlike anything astronomers have seen' See in context

I don't know what it is,but after all,it's just a grain of sand for the vast universe.

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Posted in: Ukraine envoy wants Japan to do more to ease tensions See in context

Average japanese people:"Ukraine?What is it?Is it some sort of foods?"

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Posted in: Outpatient clinics overstretched by rapid spread of Omicron See in context

All the people who get cold go to hospitals and get tested.→Hospitals are overflown with sick people.It’s a simple logic.The omicron variant is some kind of cold for young people,so,what they have to do is not going to a hospital ,but staying in their own room and being isolated from other people.

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