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Naomichan comments

Posted in: 'Final Fantasy VII' concert to be held in Tokyo this summer See in context

You are comparing old games layout and features with new developed games. That is REALLY narrow minded. Of course you get a different look at it then. And I don't think you have played FF7, 'Let's save the world' is not the plot there. And when you understand the story, it's obviously not a muddled mess. Most of this interaction, characters and story line is later on based on new FF games. It's great that you find other FF games better, probably the latest is the best? That's got 3D and comes very close to real characters.

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Posted in: 'Final Fantasy VII' concert to be held in Tokyo this summer See in context

FF7 is certainly NOT overrated, people who think so have NOT played the game and so do NOT understand/know the deeper meaning of the story. Liking the other FF games above 7 is something else. Also, FF7 has the only unique concept where the music still is being played in concerts for people to get those great memories back when playing the game. I am sure I will :)... GO CLOUD!!

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Posted in: Woman stabbed by stalker despite consulting police 5 times See in context

How terrified she must have been. And she will probably never go out without being anxious and looking twice. How one man can destroy your life. Terrible. I wish her all strength to get through this.

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Posted in: Morale booster See in context

Love this picture, those faces!! The one below left is a cutie :)

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Posted in: S Korean boy band BIGBANG rocks in Japan See in context


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Posted in: 16 films based on popular manga series hitting Japanese cinemas in 2014 See in context

No no..! Sebastian should not be played by any one! That's impossible! Hiro Mizushima quit acting anyway did he not? What's he doing!

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Posted in: Sashihara, Yamamoto named Best Smile of the Year Award winners See in context

Great initiative plasticmonkey, hopefully your surroundings will support you. Glad not to be part of it. I love Yusuke kun btw, those eyes always have a naughty effect on me.

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Posted in: New album leaked, Lady Gaga hints at show from space See in context

I am not a Gaga fan but I find it disgusting how you people judge here. If you don't like her, don't read the article. Grow up.

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Posted in: Japan Expo Belgium See in context

I wonder what the subject of conversation is...

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Posted in: Star power See in context

'He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy!' I agree OrangeXenon, he looks hot!

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Posted in: Family man See in context

He always reminds me so much of my dad. Love the picture. Love you dad.

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Posted in: Solar power See in context

Netherlands was first

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