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Posted in: S Korea's surviving 'comfort women' spend final years seeking atonement from Japan See in context

Sadly, I have to agree with those that understand that responsibility belongs to both sides. I think back to all those fine Japanese-Americans in the U.S. during the war who voluntarily checked into camps to assuage the fears of Americans. It's been well documented and there's solid proof that there were Japanese spies in America so... it was great of them to take responsibility despite the inconvenience. As an American, I have absolutely no idea why we apologized for that. Also, why acknowledge full responsibility for the atomic bombings when it was clear that the Japanese government knew about the exact time and locations of the bombings and yet still allowed it to happen. Revising history is an insult to the true victims of war. ...Wait, I forgot some people don't know what sarcasm is.

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Posted in: Fujitsu releases 6 new PC and tablet models See in context

Have to echo the above commenters: this is overpriced stuff. Superficial designs of regular Chinese components with a Japanese price.

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Posted in: If someone wanted to learn a martial art in order to feel more secure, which one would you recommend? See in context

I do Aikido and I can walk around much more comfortably---growing up in the inner-city schools of Chicago helped prepare me a bit too. But Aikido is a slow process. I say 1-3 years won't help you much (unless you're a really good student) and got a good knack for things. If you make it past that hump though, you'll keep your abilities until you die and only get better (as opposed to the harder martial arts). I know some 60+ year old small ladies who could destroy me.

If you're impatient and need something now, you can do the Jewish martial art, Krav Maga. But it's some devastating stuff. We're talking breaking stuff, totally incapacitating your attacker with complete disregard for his welfare. If it were my daughter, I'd let her do it. With the hope that she'd turn to Aikido after.

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Wow, I guess no one here has really thought about where their food comes. With this supposed JA racket... well, let's put it this way: How many farmers do you see driving around in BMW's? Have you seen any farmer with a nicer home than these guys working at these capital research firms that know so much about agriculture? You'd think there'd be loads of rich farmers when they're selling grapes for $1000 or even just an apple for $12.

Heck with all that money, why is there such a shortage of farmers nowadays? Truth is: it's hard work. And risky. And is extremely capital-intensive. And no one appreciates what you're doing. You know why our fruits and vegetables are so cheap in America (or anywhere that isn't restricted)? It's called slave--woops, I mean, migrant labor. And it includes child labor. Yes, in the U.S., you're allowed to 'help' your parents (or migrant farm-worker parents) work the fields.

I don't like paying $1+ for an ear of corn when I can get it for 10 cents in America, but the TPP will decimate a great deal of the farm families in Japan. And once they're gone, well, welcome in the GMO's and all that slave-labor produce. Free trade sounds nice but it'll equalize not just prices, but entire standards of living. When you're on the upper end of things such as Japan, there's only one direction left to go.

But don't take it from me, next time you see that old lady with the terribly bent back walking down the street, hit her up for some cash. She's loaded.

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