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Posted in: Does violence in movies contribute to violence in society? See in context

Contribute is the key word. 100% it does!!

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Posted in: Electric cars risk losing green sheen in Japan See in context

I want an explanation too. And its not only cars. the kicker, weve been in a Deflation for decades!!

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Posted in: Bold and beautiful See in context

I love thin phones. I love thin women even more.

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Posted in: Rebuilding Japan: Locals show incredible resilience amid hardships See in context


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Posted in: What's wrong with Japanese education? See in context

The problem are the teachers. To be a teacher one needs to take on a leadership role. Most can't lead. 2. The system that gives parents the right to keep their mentally troubled child in regular classes with the normal kids. English or anyanguage can't be taught in a once a week style. It must be on a daily basis. Kids need a real break between the end of year and the beg of the next. Not just 2 weeks.

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Posted in: French police kill militant as battle ends siege See in context

Ben Jack, yes it does exist, it is reality..have u ever wondered why? There must be a reason, no? And if I may add, through out all time. From Shakespeare to the bible. Your people must be doing something wrong.

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Posted in: Nokia feels out tattoos that vibrate with incoming calls See in context

Gogo, Gd point. But I love this idea. Nokia, welcome back. I've missed u.

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Posted in: Pollock masterpiece loaned from Iran for 1st time See in context

Now, if I were a painting thief, this would be my chance...

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest examples of English used in ads or on T-shirts, bags, etc, that you have seen in Japan? See in context

Acid Milk on vans driving around town.

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Posted in: Why does the existence of AKB48 bother so many readers of Japan Today (judging from the comments on the discussion board)? See in context

I hardly ever notice them. I know a few catchy songs that I liked before I even knew it was by them. Aita katta was one. I also hardly ever notice articles on them on JT. Perhaps it's psychological. When someone hates something they see or hear more of it. But when someone is indifferent, they hardly notice. Point, haters, stop hating. Otherwise, you get stuck in your own negative reality. One analogy that could explain my mess. When I go shopping for a car, or when I buy one, I start seeing that car everywhere I go. I never noticed how many people drive this car until I bought one or were interested in one. My senses become more heightened.

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Posted in: Suspect in France shootings claims he wanted to avenge Palestinian children See in context

We are gonna hear these kind of stories like 911, London subway, Spain, etc every few years until Israel leaves the Pails alone, and the Americans leave the black gold alone. This will never happen so I'm sure something bigger than 911 would come. The solution is so simple. But greed by Israel and America will not allow for peace in the world.

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Posted in: Japan to cut Iran oil imports after exemption from U.S. sanctions See in context

Has anyone noti ed how expensive fuel is now. Went up by 15 yen a liter in a span of a month or two. Thanks America!!

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Posted in: Tobacco industry a devious enemy: WHO chief See in context

gaijininfo, ur forgetting that the product they are selling is highly addictive physically and mentally! Once we try, we are robbed of our choice to stop.

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Posted in: School bullying survey scrapped due to student concerns See in context

The problem should be fixed at the root. The majority of parents world wide are clueless in teaching their kids manners. So are the real teachers at school. Kids are being let down at home and at schools. Ethics/manner subjects should be compulsory from Elementary, junior and high school, just like music or art class is. These classes are currently offered in Japan at schools for severly troubled kids. Ive seen the changes. it does work. why not offer these subjects at reg schools?

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Posted in: Don't break the bank: Japan's superb cheap eats See in context

where are the donburis such as sukiya,yoshinoya, matsuya.. u can easily have a set for 500 or less!! 100 yen sushi is a scam, u end up orfering 10 or more plates because of thw small portions and being unsatisfied wirh the taste. for 300 yen more, u can have amazing sushi, large portions and because so delicious dont need more than 6 plates.

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Posted in: Standing tall See in context

kawai sooo. just got a dog a few months ago and totally understand an animals feeling NOW. i dont even think some breeds of dogs should be pets, like larger ones or a huskey. The panda is in jail for our amusement! i will not support zoos or the likes anymore.

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Posted in: Edano says Japan facing power shortage in summer See in context

and i say, not again

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Posted in: Apple fans snap up new iPad See in context

i love apple tech, but i really dont get the necessity to buy a new gadget just for resolution. i mean, thet are not going from black and white to color screens. to each his own i guess..

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Posted in: Mazda CX-5 proves popular in Japan See in context

thasts a first for mazda. very welcomed news especially in regards to the power!!

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Posted in: Uniqlo opens mega-store in Ginza, with 100 foreign staff See in context

another prime example of comany expanding too fast. just like starbuks had done and failed (although now tjey have reorganized and closed down so many) so will uniqlo. 200-300 stores per year world wide!!! theres no recovery after that!

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Posted in: Sharp to replace top executive amid losses See in context

they bleed red ink because they are stubborn and tooo patient. In business, patience is a virtue does not apply. they are finding this out the hard way. But im sure they will adjust their attitudes especially when the old geezers retire for good or die. I say another 15-20 years and we will be living in a very different Japan. add another 15 years to that and maybe japan could be a big player again.

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Posted in: 280 passengers trapped on train without heating for 6 1/2 hours See in context

zichi and nama, creative thinking is not taught in schools in Japan and therefore is very very difficult for them to problem solve. the 2nd biggest problem is bureaucracy. so even if there was one out of a million dude thinking outside of the box, bureaucracy does not allow such behavior.

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Posted in: 19-yr-old man arrested for beating girlfriend's 2-yr-old son to death See in context

all of u who keep saying about natural father, court system etc etc. has it occoured to you that those natural fathers are not interested in or fit to be fathers?!?! most of j fathers who are married are tooo busy to be fathers anyway (including NA) family day is one day, Sunday! pathetic.

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Posted in: Successive robberies reported in Chiba See in context

Disill, because this is Japan, safety country!

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Posted in: Scuffle breaks out during Japan's speech after N Korea rejects U.N. report See in context

Many drops make a shower

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Posted in: 5 injured after motorbike hits bus, then pedestrians on sidewalk See in context

uh, drunk drivers! wait a sec, he wasnt drunk, just another careless driver...

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Posted in: Speeding Ferrari driver caught after YouTube post See in context

are they sure it isnt 124 miles per hour. if km, thats totally normal in any car on any highway. something doesnt sound right at all!!

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Posted in: NEC develops ultra-thin organic radical battery compatible with IC cards See in context

in layman's term please

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Posted in: What are you giving the ladies for White Day? See in context

8 years and never anything.

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Posted in: Apple unveils new iPad, Apple TV box See in context

i bought a tablet for xmas, hardly ever used it. when u have a smartphone and a computer, there isnt room for a tablet. besides, its too bulky to carry around. u need something that fits into a pocket. my next smartphone will be one that is 5 inch in display. i hope more conpanies come out with one. so far its just samsung for docomo.

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