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Oh look, shaking a bunch of cash in front of the eyes of the Japanese people right before the elections... Doesn't sound like empty promises at all... Whichever party gets in power, it'll be the same, dinosaurs bowing to other dinosaurs and giving each others money under the table.

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The reasons for the short-lived premiers varied, including the nation's busy election calendar, fickle public opinion, and constant power struggles within political parties.

You forgot to add "and countless corruption scandals"

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Time to move on mate, the severe cases and deaths are down, it’s being beaten.

I am reporting numbers without expressing an opinion. I do not really care what people choose to do with their lives and how they behave, that's on them. I do care that the information is not being reported in a transparent fashion.

With vaccines rolling outa record speeds the virus has no chance of coming back

You are not backing up your claim with any data. However, according to the Japan has vaccinated 4,3% of its population as of June 10th. The USA 42,8%, the vast majority of European countries are above 20%, the UK 43,4%. Hardly what I call "record speeds"

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I actually checked, and last week (30th of May to 5th of June) there were a total of 3082 positive tests and the rate was 5,7% (53,992)

This week (6th of June to 12th of June) a total 2985 positive tests but the rate is 6,5% (45,419 tests)

Things are not going better, they stagnate and are slightly getting worse. Somehow, I feel like this is how numbers should be reported (for the entire nation, and not just Tokyo as well). But they are not.

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On the 11th, there were 4798 tests done. On average tests results take 48 hours, so this means the positive rate is about 6,3%. Coincidentally, the positive rate on Friday was also 6,3%. (7,373 test for 467 positive results).

Once again, not an extremely high rate, but not the low rate that some people would like you to believe. Also, saying the numbers dropped compared to yesterday has no meaning, since the positive rate is the same.

A more accurate way to calculate this would be to take weekly numbers of tests and weekly positive results, as sometimes some tests take more than 48 hours to be delivered, but somehow it does not seem like transparency is the end goal at the moment.

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For those interested, 4,249 tests on the 5th and 1,451 on the 6th.

If tests results take about 48 hours to turn up, then we are looking at a 5.5% positive ratio. Not alarming, but not great either.

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The campaign was slowed initially by scant supplies of imported doses

What initially slowed down the campaign is the inability for the Japanese government to either increase the speed at which a vaccine is approved in the country, or recognizing the fact that studies conducted abroad were valid. The whole "oh but we are Japanese so we are different and the vaccine might have different effects on us" was risible. Like there aren't any Asian people (Japanese included) in the countries where the vaccines were tested and approved.

Japan is just incapable of understanding that because its society is composed of 99% of Japanese people, that other societies are not as homogeneous. The result of this is that Japan has given 1 dose of vaccine to roughly 10 million people since the start of the campaign 4 months ago, when it takes 10 days to countries like the US to administer as many doses.

But sure, it's easier to blame it on other countries who did not have enough vaccine doses for poor Japan.

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4,646 tests on Saturday (29th) and 1,571 on Sunday (30th)... Do what you will with this information.

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When you see that Tokyo prefecture tested about 6,800 people on the 27th, and that it takes about 48 hours for test results to be delivered, that means that the positive ratio is 7,9%. It's not catastrophic, but it's high and should not be.

Coincidentally, on the same day Hokkaido prefecture tested the same amount of people, so it has a 6,5% positive ratio, yet it is alarming in Hokkaido but not in Tokyo... go figure. Also, the Tokyo prefecture has 3 times more people than Hokkaido, how come the test numbers are the same? That's what should be reported, not that numbers are decreasing in Tokyo, because you can make numbers lie, but not percentages.

What we see happening in Hokkaido and Okinawa is just a taste of what's to come if Tokyo hold the Olympics, but of course it will only happen when the games are over, and the IOC will pretend they could not have known. If I had Bach in front of me, I would really like to ask him if he is ready to face manslaughter charges if it happens that people die as a direct result of Tokyo hosting the games, something that will easily be proven if it happens.

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It's easy to see that the Japanese government chose money over its people. So many businesses are making profit during the hanami season and university graduation, that it was inconceivable to not let them have this this year. So they end the state of emergency, give people a false sense of security, politely ask for their efforts, and then wait.

When hanami season is over, watch the government backtrack on its decision and blame people for not making enough effort, so they can distance themselves from the issue when the situation goes back to what it was months ago.

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A 35% positive rate... this makes no sense at all.

I think that taking the number of tests from 3 days ago is misleading, as some people get their results sometimes earlier, sometimes later than the 3-day mark.

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When you know that countries in Europe, like France, that has half of the Japanese population, conducts between 600,000 to 700,000 weekly, and Japan around 100,000... No wonder the numbers are low...

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We went from around 25,000 tests per day to 15,000 (14,000 yesterday, 15 two days ago). Who would've thought that the cases would go down too... #sarcasm

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Once more, a number just for the sake of having a number is pointless without context... How many tests were performed? What's the ratio of infected people per thousand tested? Etc.

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There you have it, yesterday around 25,000 tests were performed, and today about 15,000. Cases aren't going down, tests are. As long as we don't report the ratio of positive people compared to the number of tests that were performed, just dropping numbers for the sake of dropping numbers is pointless.

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Proof that the Japanese government has not given any thoughts about the logistics and feasibility of such requirements, I invite people to check the geography of the Kansai airport, and tell me how are tourists supposed to reach a hotel they have booked without using public transports or taxis? What are they supposed to do? Swim?

Of course, residents who have their own car, or whom's families will come pick them up do not have these problems, so maybe the Japanese government only thought about how Japanese people coming back home would be OK, but did not really care about tourists?

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Will these apartments also come with an inexplicable and unjustifiable 2 months gift to the owner and another 2 months of deposit money that you will barely see back because they will charge 75% of your deposit for 1 hour of cleaning upon exiting the apartment? Because Japan has to stop this freaking rip-off when it comes to contracting apartments...

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Hey look, we're not happy that a gaijin managed to be successful where other Japanese CEOs have failed miserably for the past 20 years, so we are going to torpedo his work and success, make him look like the devil, and replace him with a new Japanese CEO...

... Oh wait, the new Japanese CEOs are failing again, quick quick, let us pretend we are still opened to the alliance that we so consciously and meticulously destroyed, nobody will notice...

... smh

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Maybe an unpopular opinion here but, this is a survey, not a scientific study, so it is worth what it is worth...

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Yeah... because proper insulation, central heating, and insulated glazing is not the way to go... smh

People will always choose comfort, and in the meantime, the electricity consumption reaches all time highs each winters, and the planet suffers from that... But sure, let's all wear sweaters at home...

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Tackling Japan’s rapidly aging and declining population has become an urgent task

the Japanese government is aware of this issue for decades, and apparently it "has become [...] urgent" just now. "Slow to embrace change" doesn't even start to describe it !

It's not even a matter of "if" or "when" it's going to happen. Now that it has happened, what will Japan and the Japanese people do to make sure the future generations will have the same access to a stable life than their elders ? If the government keeps the same passive attitude, they better prepare for some social unrest in the next decades.

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Playing too much violent video games. Kids are being brainwashed numbing their moral sensibilities.

Yeah, probably the video games, look at me, I played so much video games when I was young that now, every time I see a turtle, I want to jump on its head...

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Haha Wakarimasen, I don't know if you were trying to offend me, but you made me laugh. And I wouldn't mind a few more fingers, if it means I get to type faster on my keyboard !

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Posted in: Japan angered by French TV host's Fukushima joke about goalkeeper Kawashima See in context

There was a French comedian who used to say "You can laugh at everything, but not with anyone.". Once more, he's been proven right. Obviously, this kind of TV show is made for French speaking people and humor is, like art, not something you can discuss. Though I do not get all the Japanese humor (on TV or anywhere else) I do not criticize it because I lack the cultural baggage to understand it.

Like Open Minded said, this show contains a lot more borderline jokes than probably any other French show, and believe me, French celebrities/politicians are more likely the ones to take the heat. So instead of losing it's time, why doesn't Japan get angered by TEPCO's CEO who admitted lying so many times I don't have enough fingers to keep track of it...

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