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Posted in: Will IS militants target Japan next? See in context

WilliB, following such logic that means if someone creat a Christian state which do bad things we must consider all Christians bad, sorry for the word but this is stupid. If all Muslims are buying that? Coming man you're talking about 2 billions person including and I am not buying that, sorry again but it still stupid. Anyway, I live in Japan and I love japan and japanese and they are very nice people and respectable people and they never talk about things they don't know or understand instead of some people in this forum.

I am grateful to japan which welcomed me.

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Posted in: Will IS militants target Japan next? See in context

Firstly stop calling it IS because they are not islamic at all and your helping them by spreading their message. Secondly how stupid you can be to ignore the fact that they are attacking muslims countries so they are not muslims and ignoring the huge number of people killed in Turkey, Bangladesh, iraq, Tunisia,.... . The rest of the world is hypocrite don't be like them please.

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