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Posted in: We should clearly include the SDF’s existence in the Constitution to put an end to the debate about its constitutionality. See in context

How about you deal with the vote disparity issue, which for election after election after election, has been declared in a state of unconstitutionality instead?

In latter Supreme Court judgements it was no longer considered as such.

The disparity is getting less with efforts being made to reduce it

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Posted in: We should clearly include the SDF’s existence in the Constitution to put an end to the debate about its constitutionality. See in context

The SDF is not going to go away because of debate. It hasn't yet. On the contrary it is an obviously important part of the Japanese system. So it is clear it is constitutional.

I think Abe would be well aware of that and is only trying to push his policy through, though we are not told of the exact aims yet. Which I think is sneaky.

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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

So was that a joke in relation to her not being able to understand their accents?

That kind of slur may be acceptable in Japanese society but not to anyone anywhere else.

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Posted in: What are your suggestions for the new era name to be announced by the Japanese government on April 1? Sensible answers only, please. See in context

Just thought that it in this time Japan as an entity is fortifying itself, in various ways, some circuitous

Something nice and happy and uncontroversial

And easy to write, read

And different initial letter to previous eras

Should be our criteria.

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Posted in: Itochu worker detained in China for 1 year over espionage See in context

Japan also detain foreigners without cause

Not like China does. I think we would all agree. If you've been a foreigner in Japan that is.

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Posted in: Ghosn hires new defense team in change of strategy See in context

Even the Japanese lawyers don’t understand it.

There are issues, including those related to the case above, but the Japanese legal system isn't that bad............ Come on.......

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Posted in: S Koreans declare start of Japan firm asset sale over wartime labor See in context

Great, liquidate those assets

The plaintiffs and their legal team won't be bullied by the Japanese Government

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Posted in: Itochu worker detained in China for 1 year over espionage See in context

Well done Chinese authorities, you have detained a Japanese Shosha man / salaryman on a business trip

For a whole year without giving a charge.... What will the world think of that........

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Posted in: Ghosn hires new defense team in change of strategy See in context

I think the photo shows the old defence team

I'm sure his defence team consult with people who are non Japanese, the nature of the case bring as it is.


It is hard to study and understand Japanese law as a second language speaker, many times harder to become qualified in it, but nothing is impossible.......

Law school is not a necessity, there is just an extra pre exam to pass before the bar exam. But you have to study it some way or another. Like at a juku type school.

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Posted in: Japanese cities worried about receiving more foreign workers: survey See in context

If you don't speak the language it's reasonable to expect that someone might speak English....

Japanese is a difficult ask because of the written system and because it isn't spoken widely around the world. Obviously if you live in the country you should have motivation to learn the language though.

When I lived in Germany and Italy, I had to learn the language while working there, I didn't expect the local people to speak Japanese or to know about Japanese culture. Its stupid to think that way.

Why would anyone think that way? That's ridiculous

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Posted in: Japan warns of tit-for-tat action in wartime labor spat with S Korea See in context

manifest errors

Of course, I would agree that it would most definitely not be the majority view among the legal profession in Japan. Their "affiliation" as you call it suggests that they are a minority, as Korean special permanent residents are a minority group in Japan. I even know Japanese lawyers who made derogatory jokes more than once about Zainichi Koreans to me, which I was a bit surprised at, as I couldn't share their views, being from a country far from Japan or Asia.

I agree that the way SJ is posting is a bit unusual, but I fail to see the "manifest" errors in the lawyers' argument that you see.

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Posted in: Gov't under fire for watered-down sexual harassment countermeasures See in context

Also, there is no "requirement" or "obligation" morally, ethically, legally or otherwise that Japan or any other country "must" keep up with or conform with what is happening in the rest of the world

I would argue that it is in fact a moral obligation for the powers that be in Japan to end sexism and sexual harassment.

Sorry that it isn't a Japanese original concept.

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Posted in: Japanese city to use AI to predict seriousness of school bullying See in context

The AI analysis will also look at other factors, such as school absenteeism and academic achievement, 

That's a no brainer, you would expect in looking at many cases that being bullied would be correlated with low grades and absenteeism.......

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Posted in: Japan warns of tit-for-tat action in wartime labor spat with S Korea See in context


They are the special permanent resident South Korean Lawyer's Association.

Which begs the question are their claim based on a legal dispute or a political one?


Uh I now see why you said you were skeptical in other thread.

I don't think it is unnatural that lawyers who are interested in this issue may also be interested in issues to do with Korean "special permanent residents". Such lawyers may speak Korean, have familiarity with background to issues their clients face etc.

So I ask you, why do you think it would affect their credibility?

I will add that if your point were valid, Japanese people interested in this issue would not be credible either, because the issue involves Japan.

I trust either of you will give a reply.

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Posted in: What differences in regional food culture in Japan have you noticed whenever you visit various parts of the country? See in context

I was amused when I went with a Japanese guy to a Michi no Eki on the way to Shikoku and he commented "oh yes, notice the difference in the toughness of Kagawa noodles". Lol

But yes some places seafood is fresh, some places have a special type of tea that they serve etc.

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Posted in: Japan warns of tit-for-tat action in wartime labor spat with S Korea See in context


Why is Japan justified in punishing South Korea's financial system?

Because their courts made a decision the Japanese don't like, isn't a good reason.

To pressure the South Korean courts to change their decision is even worse as a reason.

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Posted in: Man cons woman out of ¥6.35 mil in romance fraud See in context

She should file a civil suit if she thinks she has a chance of getting her money back. I guess she could depending on what arrangement was made.

As for why the arrest was made.... I wonder if the police were wanting him on something else.

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Posted in: Labor ministry officials knew of improper wage survey since 2006 See in context

When opposition MPs criticise the corruption in the Diet, the PM can say "well it happened on your watch too"

I think this could be their strategy too. Deflecting blame.

The labor ministry "is examining whether it is possible to calculate" real wage data to reflect actual conditions, Abe told an upper house plenary session.

Also backed up by option of saying it is not possible anyway

(I have a feeling the statement makes more sense in Japanese....)

Abe said the government is considering revising the data on monthly wages for Japanese workers.

And that it was Abe's government that improved things. By investigating and revising this and other government statistics.

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Posted in: Hundreds gather near Japan's embassy in Seoul to mourn S Korean 'comfort woman' See in context

@Nicolás Palacios

To hate Japan is the reason for Korea’s existence.

That was a very long comment, you had a nice go at Korea.... Odd conclusion...

@Ganbare Japan

The truth is, South Koreans are educated, brainwashed to have a hatred of Japanese from a very young age. Japan is being bullied. Enough is enough!

If that were true, from what I've heard Japanese people say amongst themselves in my time in this country, it sounds like it's the same situation on your side too. I'm sorry.


It's okay to apologise multiple times........... But don't if you don't want to, or because the other person wants to hear it ...... That would be insincere, and the other person would observe that.

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Posted in: 'Fear' and 'favor' chill newsroom at Japan Times after 'forced WWII laborer,' 'comfort women' changes See in context

The editor is correct, the Japanese don't want to read anything bad about Japan, even things that happened 70 or more years ago.

As for the "newspaper" itself I don't need the International New York Times included. Or the sections for people learning English (or those for learning Japanese). I want to read news in Japan.

Which is sad. It doesn't have to be that way.

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Posted in: Court upholds 'sterilization' rule for gender change See in context

Well say if someone who was born a female identified as a "male" but had birth?

A male giving birth would not make any legal sense.... Especially as there are legal rules pertaining to women only (period of not being able to remarry 再婚禁止期間 - for the purpose of determining father of child etc) .

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

What is wrong with everyone in the comments section...

Teachers don't punch students in an argument....

No one should punch anyone...

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Posted in: Fish and chips, all the time? See in context

Yes the test should be just a part of the process and fufill something useful. Anyone can answer a paper test, especially if it is multiple choice or yes or no question.

Originally, it aimed to help people know things which make local life easy and safe. Tony Blair’s government also wanted to show encouragement and welcome immigrants via the test. 

On the other hand imagine if there was ever a Japanese citizenship test, I bet it would be epic.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders another Japanese firm to pay for forced wartime labor See in context

some quarter million Korean men served in the Imperial Japanese military. 

Because they had to as subjects of the Japanese Empire?

A bit like forced labour?

Am I on to something?

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Posted in: 69-year-old man who hasn’t had license for 20 years arrested in hit-and-run See in context

@Yoshiko Euchida

I think my comments are always voted down just because I am a Japanese woman. I have been terribly offended.I just wanted to improve my English writing because you see that I am non-native English speaker.I will never ever leave comments in here again and tell all Japanese that this news website is mainly for foreign men

Your comment was voted down by only two people at present........ Are you joking?

@Educator60 even took the time to directly address your question in your first comment..... you can't renew a license if you don't have one.......

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Posted in: Female imperial family members to be barred from key succession rite See in context

It's funny in a sad way that it is called a "government decision"

I guess the government is saying in an indirect way way that female succession to the throne of emperor will not be aloud.

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Posted in: No-shows wreaking havoc on restaurant business See in context

Stupid article, I hope that doesn't mean refusing foreigners' reservations will catch on and become a thing in the future....

Also I wonder who makes the majority of reservations for larger bonenkai? Wouldn't it be companies rather than individuals?

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Posted in: As more foreigners arrive, how will they change Japan? See in context

Yeah, lets bring in more Australians and make Japan just like them; why not one billion Nigerians too? Throw in a few more million Sudanese into the mix. Great, Japan's revival from the brink is totally assured!

Certainly these highly intelligent and diligent, hardworking individuals can only elevate Japan to similar heights as those perfect societies they're coming from.

Thanks for the reply.

Your comment speaks for itself.

My point is again proven. Have fun thinking that about foreigners in Japan (or about other foreigners; I don't know your nationality). It won't help the foreigners to integrate, which in turn won't help Japan in any way.

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Posted in: Backpack-wearing train users in rush hour have been ranked as the biggest annoyance among commuters, according to the results of a survey released by Japan Private Railway Association in Tokyo. What do you think about that? See in context

If you have to have a backpack you have to have a backpack, but the annoying people do not take it off their backs, despite the constant announcements (on my subway line) advising passengers to do so....

Another example, people who do no fill up space or block space when it would be filled up otherwise.... Which is funny because the trains are always packed with around the same number of people, leaving them particularly squashed...

People who stand in the doorway obviously blocking the doorway...

People must think they are so special, or they must have given up on life, so feel no need for even nonverbal communication with other passengers, I wonder which one it is?

Not very considerate which is funny because the Japanese always say they are so considerate to other people....

The reactions of Japanese people (I've never tried dropping someone's bag on the floor like @J-dake) are funny too, so lifeless.... Which would suggest the latter, that they have given up on life.....

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