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What was a foregone conclusion has now been rectified as a reality, that is the African National Congress (ANC) has been re elected as the nation's governing party. There had been a strong media and internet campaign against the ANC but that had no resonance among the mass of ordinary Black Africans who have seen their condition slowly change from one of hopeless abject poverty to one of hope and the implementation of basic amenities which are taken for granted in many parts of the world. There is still much yet to be done however the people have shown political maturity in electing the ANC again so they may continue the long march forward. The Democratic Alliance (DA) had expected to do much better, particularly in the light of scandal surrounding President Zuma, but that failed to appear as many see them as old school rehashed. The 9 month old party of Julius Malema called the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) took over 6% of the vote and pose a strong threat to the DA in times to come. Most of the other parties, particularly the right wing racists ones, fared very badly hardly getting half a percent if that. The ANC knows it has a lot more work to do and is grateful that the people of this land is giving them the opportunity to continue the work in the spirit of reconciliation of Azania - S.A.'s great leader Nelson MaDiba Mandela.

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Posted in: Planned changes to Australian law banning racial slurs spark bigotry fears See in context

We are seeing in all the European outposts countries the same trend, which is basically give them back the right to be outwardly racist and nasty to people. Those who think it's just words should consider that words lead to actions, like last week in America with the KKK guy shooting 3 dead outside of the Jewish center. No one should be surprised at the Anglo Australian position on freedom of speech, when coupled with it's freedom of action on the indigenous Australians. Internet and social network sites are encouraging some of the most vile racism possible, so once being given the right to openly express such sentiments become the norm, we'll have some ugly interesting events ahead of us. Notable will be the reaction of the few places where Whites are the minority, I wonder if they'll want this right extended to the rest of society, to be treated as non Whites are treated globally ? As we know Europeans have some sacred cows will they also be in open season ? Australia is now boasting trade agreements with China and other nations in the region, maybe once the coming behavior hits business they'll soon reconsider.

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Both Twitter and Facebook are looking at falls in usership, particularly among the youths, as a result of both these sites which were once seen as trendy and hip, now playing host to a selection of far right race hate groups particularly in the USA, Europe and South Africa. The recent KKK shootings of 3 people in America is galvanizing public opinion against sites which are not using their social responsibility in a way that protects the public at large. So far both Twitter & Facebook are feigning deafness to the calls for change, but doubtless as revenues and users fall they may regain their sense of hearing.

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Amazing to think that for nigh on 50 years America has neglected a most vibrant region of the world, The president himself has ties with the area as he spent time growing up in Indonesia. The Japan & Korean legs of the trip have gone well with President Obama not only biging up US troops, but, pushing America's business interests enough to be noted by the Japanese PM, however corporations of both countries wont be complaining about any extra business which comes their way. Despite the joyous welcome he has experienced so far, i doubt if anywhere will beat the rapture of the last leg of the tour in the Philippines.

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China’s Premier Li Keqiang has vowed to “declare war”, it's like he stole my script. Despite the ostriches showing themselves here in the comments section, if even a fraction of these figures are correct, then we need to take constructive action to save and protect life. We have a war on drugs and one against terror, we need one against pollution and the degradation of our planet, we can't afford to wait a few decades to see who's argument is correct.

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Ireland, Korea, Vietnam, Yemen. The west normally supports the division of nations, Why not this time ?, especially considering the vast majority of Crimeans wish to secede.

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Yahoo is doing well to stay clear of facebook, their scruples are not 100%. Yesterday Moms Demand Action scored a victory over Facebook allowing itself to be a conduit for gun sales. I am fruitlessly campaigning against them hosting a support page for the Boeremag terrorists who tried to bomb the late Nelson Mandela and start a race war in South Africa with the aim of setting up an all White state. see so Yahoo is doing well in not associating itself too closely with Facebook as once their value starts to dive as more "indiscresions" arise the slip-stream could pull them down too.

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The most unjust of protest movements in the world, Hugo Chavez did his utmost to eradicate poverty in Venezuela, his untimely death has been seized upon by the middle classes to roll back his progressive policies, the anger of the students has been co-opted to aid this cause, maybe quite easily as they expect if not already, to be tomorrows' middle classes. Historically, worldwide, students have been in vanguard of positive protest movements, this time they stand in sharp contrast and opposed to the poor and vulnerable of society. They need to wake up and help push the "Bolivarian Revolution" forward, the eradication of poverty is one of the biggest enemies of crime.

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Surprised Canada hasn't Legalized It long time, they are way ahead on the medical side and I'm sure they are aware of how many Canadians indulge. Maybe they are just waiting on a lead from across the border where hints from High places are dropping daily. The world is daily coming to realize it's a crime criminalizing people for using a natural plant which humanity has used since the beginning of time. There is a long list of environmentally beneficial uses of the plant which I'm sure readers are becoming aware of.

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In the short time of "Australia" there's already been too much environmental degradation. Soon we'll be hearing of kick backs and corruption.

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Japan got Reggae long time, so why not a bit of Soca-Calypso too, it's all good, it generates funds, breaks down barriers, a people's thing and it's going world wide

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If Man thinks he can make a natural plant "illegal", then he is illogical. America is a mess with it's laws on weed, some places it's ok to have others it's not....and then there's the War on Drugs !

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The west has found that what I here see termed "mob rule" is effective in getting the type of government it wants to see in place imposed. The so called Arab Spring is a prime example of this. Britain sent in troops in the Malvinas / Falklands & the Occupied North of Ireland to protect it's citizens who owe it allegiance, so what Russia is dong here is not without precedence. Further, Russia like Iran is acutely aware of none friendly regimes being installed around it's borders, hemming them in from all sides.

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It's amazing that the middle classes, the better off classes would, wish to topple a government which directly tries to bring the poor out of poverty. Claiming the poor must learn to live without handouts, when in fact the middle classes are traditionally a subsidized class at the expense of the poor. The death of President Hugo Chavez was the opportunity to launch one of the most backward movements in history.

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Posted in: Baptist churches in Kentucky give away guns as prizes See in context

God & Allah must men different things these days.

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Posted in: Pistorius pleads not guilty as neighbor testifies about hearing screams See in context

Whether Reeva or some "intruder", it is clear he meant to kill. Guilty

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd claims Japanese whalers attacked its vessels See in context

The west and some of it's little organizations need to dress back for a moment with their sanctimonious attacks on other nations culture and habits. They sift through the world pointing finger and threatening all who do not toe their line, particularly in Africa and Asia. Yet when it comes to matters of the environment and wildlife the problem often stems from the last few hundred years of western stewardship of our planet. When Constantine brought Christianity to Europe almost 2000 years, he begged the people to change their ways, this still has not been done, as they say "take the beam our of your eyes before you touch the speck in mine". The West would do well to start respecting and understanding other cultures while noting they have no God given right to rule.

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Posted in: Lord Patten on the new world order See in context

What's up ?, it's a simple thing to see, the BRICS are stepping forward, and, the old world is falling behind.

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Posted in: U.S. court orders Google to pull YouTube anti-Islam film See in context

All the racists, fascists, terrorists and others who just love to rile and insult, should be shut out of Youtube, Facebook, Google etc, those who are a danger to our health shouldn't be given succor.

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Posted in: 115 killed, 1,500 buildings razed in Nigerian town See in context

Ebbs and flows in a long war. Africa's most populace and one of the leading economies of the continent, struggles with terrorists who would split it into at least two states. Throughout Africa echo's of this can be seen, an ongoing implosion. The same forces are busy imploding the middle east. Oil rich Venezuela is being rocked by the prospering classes at the expense of the poor. Russia's border is about to become that little bit more exposed. Nations in the BRICS block and those of material or strategic importance are facing the rigors as the West struggles to maintain it's lead in a rapidly changing world, where it is losing it's position. Even the exploitation of shale gas is not enough to change the game, the west must put boots on the ground to protect vital resources which it sees as it's interests, after the forces of a long dirty war precipitate the upheaval. These reasons and more, not the cloak of religion, are why we are not about to see peace in Nigeria and throughout Africa anytime soon, the same goes for other vital parts of the globe.

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Posted in: Pride and puzzlement as unreleased Chinese film wins in Berlin See in context

The little I've heard so far makes it sound like a film worth watching, A Japanese woman told me of a Chinese film once, called "The Battle of Red Cliff", one of the best films I have ever watched. So politics aside, lets watch this one for what it is.

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Posted in: China concerned at Japan holding weapons-grade plutonium See in context

I hear a lot of comments in here, but, I think we should all be afraid if these two great nations go at each other. Nuclear aint skuds.

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Posted in: Breakout at Australian immigration center on PNG See in context

What about PNG and it's people, what of their protection ? how dare Australia rich and resourced brow beat them into being the solution for their problems, A Black nation could never do this to any White country. Australia continues to act in an very bad way to the indigenous of the land. Both counts should receive serious international attention.

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Posted in: S Koreans killed as bomb strikes Egypt tour bus See in context

Considering that tourism is one of the biggest earners for Egypt, this route will surely lead to the abyss.

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Posted in: Suspected Islamists kill 90 in Nigeria village raid See in context

Once again we see terror taking it's toll on Africa. Islamist terror group Boko Haram has made it quite clear it wants to split Nigeria in two. Africa's most populace country is to be split, one of the continent's leading economies is to destroyed for the sake of religion. I can only ask, who's interest does that serve ?

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Posted in: Jackson outburst shows problems with 'other' faces See in context

The "interesting" thing for African Americans is the arrest on a positive id, now that is a whole other story

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Posted in: Jihadists claim to have kidnapped Red Cross team in Mali See in context

I do wish the world would stop calling these murderers, in Mali, Jihadists & Rebels. To wage Jihad is meant to be a spiritual struggle. Kidnap and murder can in no way be looked upon as such. What have Red Cross workers to do with Jihad, other than to be used as pawns. Rebels, rebel. This is not a rebellion taking place in Mali but a naked land grab by those who owe allegiance to Al Qaeda and a worldwide Islamist Caliphate. The “West” has been far from honest in it’s so called “war on terror”, encouraging the terrorists then intervening to stop them, playing Good cop and Bad cop they have continued to implode Africa particularly since 911, then coming in to guard it’s resources. East, North, West & Central Africa have suffered in various ways. Ask yourself how is it and why is it Africa has become the central theatre in the “war on terror”. Today is the anniversary of the release from prison in South Africa of the great MaDiba, Nelson Mandela, we all hoped it would be the start of a new chapter of peace for the continent. Let us hope and pray on this day that the captors of these and other souls held for political aims find it in their hearts to release them and follow MaDiba’s example of peace.

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The Democrats if they are returned at least know who they will be working with in South Africa (Azania), as the election there has been called for May 7th. The ANC is bound to win as outside of the EFF there is no credible opposition. Julius Malema's EFF is at yet too young to make any serious <>impact, but who knows in time to come, and then they may be meeting a Republican president which will make some interesting reading. For now anyway its Mr Zuma and Mr Obama.

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Posted in: Scientists find 800,000-year-old footprints in UK See in context

At the time though, the U.K. was still a part of and connected to mainland Europe, which also means the prints are more than likely those of an African. Last weeks news showed that the first Europeans were blue eyed Africans.

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Posted in: Spain princess testifies in historic fraud probe See in context

Spanish royals in court, you know that's big, shame they were not doing so in the days of Columbus

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