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As excited as I am to get my hands on an Xbox One, I'm glad they're releasing it later so I can have more time to put away the money for it.

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I can't speak for the game as a whole as I only played the demo at TGS, but my experience (as short as it was) with Titanfall was extremely pleasing. It felt fresh, even in a genre that has been become over-saturated and sold to us with a different number on it each year (in relation to on-going series.) I'm excited to pick it up once I am able to afford an Xbox One. Even though it's available on the 360, I'd rather save the cash for the XB1 version for a better overall playing experience. @Wunderheiler , The XB1 hasn't been released yet in Japan but rumors have surfaced that they'll be releasing in here sometime in April. How much you want to believe in those rumors is up to you, but I would imagine Microsoft'll have it out at least by this summer at the latest.

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It's nice to see JR is pushing out a helpful app for their passengers. This is the beginning so it might not be perfect from the get-go, but this is good progress for the future. Thanks JR.

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I really don't understand the necessity of a ban on tattoos. I get that loud music, trash, and unruly behavior is disliked (especially by the locals), but what do tattoos really have to do with this? Sure, it IS a choice to have your body inked so it's not like it's racism or anything, but what makes someone with a tattoo any more dangerous than someone without one? I still really don't fully understand the concept of barring people just because they have ink on their skin. We're all human, aren't we?

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Who cares? It's just a poster. If you aren't doing this crap then you have nothing to worry about. I understand the concerns about foreigners being victimized, but your life isn't changed by this at all. I've been living in Japan for 6 years, which granted isn't that long, and I never let this stuff get to me. You're choosing to live in Japan, deal with it. Besides, racism is everywhere regardless, so what makes you think Japan is a place where it wouldn't be?

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