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Posted in: 2 women sexually molested by man near train station in Saitama See in context

Please have more respect for victims.

I'm confused by this comment. Who is not respecting the victims?

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Posted in: Murder charge dropped against American in case of woman found floating in bay See in context

I thought they also had evidence linking him to the rope and tarp bought at a hardware store and used to wrap the body?

I know it is impossible to say for sure if he killed her, but this guy really has "dirty" all over him with all the circumstantial evidence. He definitely had something to do with her death that night.

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy unconscious after classroom fight See in context

People cry so freqently in Japan that it has become difficult to distinguish between tears of joy and tears of pain...

Oh, I think you'll find it's pretty obvious to distinguish between the two. Let me give you a hint: you are 9 years old and being beaten to a pulp. Joy? Or pain?

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Posted in: Divorce among elderly couples surging See in context

I'm so so sorry for anyone stuck in a marriage like book owls (and I have quite a few friends that are). My in laws are the same - together in name only, but no divorce because okaasan could never support herself. So he goes off to his whole other life/wife and she just has to suck it up. She's done it admirably ever since I've known here, but it's made her sick. She was an orphan and married for stability. She had 4 children, and she was never allowed to work. If she did, her mother in law said, she would be thrown out of the house to fend for herself and her 4 children. So tell me - how was a woman like that supposed to get off her backside and stop eating bon bons (which she never has in her life, she worked herself to the bone to keep the house well run)? She visited me in the US a few months ago. She's 70 now. I took her for a luxurious day at the spa and got her a massage. It was the first massage she had ever received in her life!

I am not happy with the position I am in now either. My kids are all at school, but I am not American. We came here for my husband's work. I am not allowed to work under the current terms of the visa, and even if I did, it would cost us more in childcare for the 3 of them than I could ever earn, because in Japan I worked my butt off teaching, and there is not such a call for that here without a US college degree and US experience. So for now, I volunteer instead. I work really hard for a group of different charities and do what I can. Meanwhile, I am studying and trying very hard to make connection wherever I can, in the hope that if our visa status changes in a few years I can actually work.

I'm just writing all this to point out that often, individual situations are not black and white. What one poster here may see as me sitting on my gym-honed ass all day, the USCIS sees as me not breaking the terms of our visa. I will be honest though - the first year of not working was heaven! But now I am SO over it!

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Posted in: Schoolgirl says education pointless; gets schooled in debate on Twitter See in context

I got kicked out of math class aged 15 for genuinely asking the teacher how algebra is applied in real life. Clearly she didnt know the answer either...

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Posted in: Gov’t urges hospitals to reduce ambulance transportation for non-urgent cases See in context

Slap a $2000 charge on the ambulance for non emergency use. They`ll soon start taking taxis instead as they are cheaper.

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Posted in: Quality of daycare in Japan deteriorating See in context

Nice token sob stories but they don't account for the fact that fancy cars, brand name bags and estee salons are a multi-billion dollar business in these countries. Someone is buying those products and services, and who is more likely to have the money, a single income family or a dual income family.

Like I previously said, clearly never set foot in a daycare. Pretty far removed from the reality of life post-1972 as well.

Educate yourself. Then lets return to this conversation.

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Posted in: British comedy great Ronnie Corbett dies aged 85 See in context

Sheesh we've lost some greats these last two years. One of my favourite skits is the Blackberry.

We've lost some greats in the last two months! :(

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Posted in: Man hits 72-year-old after being warned about smartphone use while walking See in context

I am more than a little tired of idiots not looking where they are going with cellphones.

I am also more than a little tired of people appointing themselves the moral police and shouting, yelling, and, if what the 30 year old says is true, hitting people who don't comply with their demands. Yes, it could be total BS. However, I've seen it happen. My foreign friend (female, Canadian) was screamed at by a customer in a crowded noisy bakery on a lunchtime for speaking on her phone. There are no rules about being on the phone in the store. The store was already noisy as hell. He was just looking for someone to yell at and offload his frustration on. Made a key error though thinking a petite 5 ft blonde Canadian girl wouldn't fight back.

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Posted in: Quality of daycare in Japan deteriorating See in context

burning bush it is crystal clear that you have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about. You are pulling popular myths out of the air and using them to conclude that ALL daycare users are as you say. It is pretty clear also that you have never so much as set foot inside a Japanese daycare. Let me give you a teeny tiny dose of reality:

1) A woman with 2 young girls whose husband killed himself and didnt have life insurance. She doesn't have family near her and doesnt want to return to her home town to live with her abusive father. This woman lives in a tiny 1 room apartment.

2) A woman whose husband is unemployed due to disability and unable to care for their two daughters as a result. These people live in a slightly better location as he had savings and some family help - but not enough that she can get away with not working.

3) A single mother whose husband left her and her son and won't give her a penny - he's just disappeared. She lives in the most awful government housing Ive ever seen - damp and moldy. Her son constantly has chest infections.

4) A woman who has a wealthy-isn husband- but he refuses to give her so much as a penny. He insists on separating everything and she has to work to support herself. She had one daughter and was pregnant when I left.

5) Another single mother who earns really good money as an accountant. Which is just as well as her husband has just run off with a woman half his age. She is working full time and her two boys were looked after by daycare (one has just graduated and is starting grade 1 this April).

THESE are the real people using daycare - not your selfish BMW driving witches. Although frankly, even if they were, who are you to judge? Would you like to judge me? Go right ahead. Yes - I used daycare for my kids. I have absolutely no family around me - his or mine - to help. I was in a foreign country and it was incredibly stressful at times. My job was the only thing I swear that kept me sane. In addition, staying home with me all the time the kids would never learn the Japanese they needed to enter and thrive in kindergarten - which they eventually did. 5-8 years on, they are happy, settled, well adjusted kids who love life. I have never owned a BMW. I worked hard both in my job and as a mother, and I am more than a little tired of people who have no clue sitting in judgement on other people like they have some kind of moral high ground. Walk a mile in someone elses shoes before being so superior.

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Posted in: Top 10 complaints Japanese men hope to never hear from their wives See in context

Jesus! Looking at this lists it's a wonder anyone gets married at all in Japan! What a miserable existence!

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Posted in: Man arrested after alleged abduction attempt on two children in Tokyo See in context

How in the world does someone manage to abduct TWO children in a park from right under their mothers nose?!

Rhetorical question, dont bother answering. I already know. They werent anywhere near their mother's nose :(

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Posted in: 78-year-old man dies after being struck by two cars See in context

Evidently you dont know Japan, pedestrians have the right of way on all roads with the exception of toll roads.

Yes, they do. Doesn't preclude them from acting stupidly though. Legally the drivers will be at fault. I think he was just asking if the guy was acting stupidly, not legally.

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Posted in: Violence at Trump events continues despite security layers See in context

The security detail around Trump always reminds me of the time I took my daughter then aged 8 to London, and we stood at the barrier to Downing Street. She asked me why all the police, and I said "Because the Prime Minister lives here, and the police are here to protect him." A policeman nearby leaned forward and said "Excuse me ma'am, but that's not actually accurate. My salary in real terms has declined 25% since he came to power. We are keeping him in to protect the public from him. If you want to break through this barrier and go get him, be my guest!"

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Posted in: 21st-century Japan needs radical health reforms See in context

I wasn't overly impressed with the Japanese health system myself. Until moving to the US. Japan seems to be a bit hit and miss - fabulous doctors, if you can find them. The US - what a mess! World class health care, but my God, you get scammed for it! My friend's son had an allergic reaction at home - fire dept AND an ambulance turned up - billed cost $2500. That same friend had twins - hospital billed them $1500 for a trainee doctor they neither wanted nor needed in the OR, and who did nothing but stand and watch. Visit a doctor and ask the cost before any treatment - he won't be able or willing to tell you. Then you get the bills in - most recent one was "$99 - surgery bone / muscle" - that "surgery" was the doctor saying "Point your foot slightly downwards for me" - that was it. He charged $99 for that! On top of the $260 office visit AND $66 for the plaster cast. And this was on TOP of the $600 a month we pay for health insurance for the family. Yeah - you don't know how good you have it in Japan.

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Posted in: How much power or sexual harassment goes on at your workplace? See in context

My Japanese husband is now working at an American company here in the US. They have mandatory sexual harassment training every year, and he is too terrified to even look at some of the women in his office.

It's freaking hilarious!

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for murder of 6-year-old Kobe girl See in context

Kimino’s lawyer said he will appeal the ruling, saying he was under the influence of alcohol and that he regretted his actions.

You've got to be seriously pissed up to be able to kill and dismember a little girl without realizing what you are doing. And of course he now regrets his actions - they got him.

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Posted in: Becky remains secluded at home following enforced leave from show biz See in context

She annoyed the crap out of me most of the time but this is just beyond. I feel so sorry for her.

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Posted in: 67-year-old man arrested for stomping 71-year-old sister to death in Chiba See in context

It's a wonder how any of them survive childhood!!

Yeah. It is. I regularly saw violence against children and heard it in my apartment building. It's ubiquitous.

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Posted in: Sanders victorious in Michigan; Trump keeps winning See in context

Is this REALLY all we have to choose from? Is it too late now for anyone else to declare their candidacy?!

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Posted in: Friction between working moms, working non-moms can get complicated See in context

Of course this being Japan, I also had to spend extra time running around apologising to everyone for my selfish, inconsiderate appendix.

LOL! So true!

But in terms of the article, if Emiko wants to get pregnant, she should just go ahead and do it. I get the feeling she actually doesnt want to, and this is just another of many excuses. Nothing wrong with that, but don't put your sh1t on someone else. Strong sense of responsibility? I would call it martyrdom myself.

And as for Misato - I think never in all my time on the internet to date, have I wanted so badly to reach through my computer screen and b--h slap someone so much!

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Posted in: Gymboree Play & Music: Fostering creativity and confidence in children See in context

I have my own self-designed programme for toddlers (right now 30 kids in total, with a waiting list for siblings). I just love it! It's like being a parent without all the hassle of actually being one.


used to love teaching kids for the same reason. But now that I'm a parent, I see that there are a lot of benefits you get as a parent that you can never get teaching kids. Pure unadulterated love being one of them.

Agree with this too!

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Posted in: Patrolman commits suicide in toilet at Yokohama police station See in context

I know this is a straw man argument here, but the second saddest thing about this guy taking his life is that he did it in a toilet. I mean - really? That is where you want to end it all? Couldn't he have found a nice grassy meadow somewhere? View of the ocean? I know - it's a weird comment. It's just not the first time this has happened just make me think.

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Posted in: Toll mounts in Japan's detention centers as foreigners seek asylum See in context

Hey James. I've refrained from commenting on this thread up to this point, for the very reasons that you point out - I don't know what exactly went on there, and I have no experience of the detention center so I don't feel in a position to be able to comment either way, beyond life being precious and so sorry that your friend lost his, in whatever the circumstances. Just one thing though - and I hope the mods will allow it because I think it would be very important for other people here to understand and potentially protect themselves in the future: If you don't mind speaking publicly about it, can you just explain how you were duped by the black kigyou? If you speak fluent Japanese, and I'm sure you must know that you need a degree here (generally) for business sponsorship (and I'm making the presumption that you don't have one as you have been here as a student but please correct me if I'm wrong) - I'm curious as to how you were duped by them. NO bashing intended at all. I'm not criticizing you for falling for it, (God knows just a few weeks ago I fell for a stupidly obvious scam msyelf!) but I just think knowing how it happened may well help some other people here not to fall the same way you did. Thanks

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Posted in: Gymboree Play & Music: Fostering creativity and confidence in children See in context

I taught a Gymboree style program in Japan for a few years and the kids just loved it! It's a great system and what I particularly enjoyed was the "performing" - you are not just an english language parrot, but you need to be able to sing and dance and entertain to keep the little ones engaged. That was the most fun part of the job.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to kill husband with methanol-laced drink See in context

Okawa was quoted by police as saying that she put the methanol into her husband’s drink, but she did not intend to murder him.

So her intention was to....what? Tickle him from the inside?

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Posted in: Kiyohara's ex-wife thinking of educating sons in U.S. See in context

What happened to "Stand by your man"? Oh, that's right, feminism,,,

Oh please! If my husband was using drugs and showing all the abhorrent behavior that goes along with the habit including putting my kids in a bad situation I wouldnt stand by him either. That's not feminism, it's common sense.

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Posted in: Uber says sexual assault rates low, disputes report See in context

Did you report him? Uber (or ANY service-related company, for that matter) can't fix what they don't hear about.

Didnt think I could as he hadnt actually done anything. Just talked about it.

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Posted in: Uber says sexual assault rates low, disputes report See in context

I rode Uber once. Just once. The driver started asking me really inappropriate questions. Never again.

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Posted in: Guardians See in context

Are these the statues that also represent the children lost through abortion or infanticide through the practice of Mabiki after the war?

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