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Dang dude... I get and agree that Japanese is tough, especially for me, I suck at it. But I've been off and on learning since I was 15-16ish... of course not very well being I was in Colorado! No body ever spoke Japanese. BUT.. I've been here for awhile and I think there are beauties of culture, architecture and people that I think you're over looking man.

Seriously.. America is great, but screw that. I'm staying here, you can have your massive amounts of GMO foods and Chemtrails as well as just an overall crap culture of psychopathic civil war "antifa" nazi's trying to cause sheeet... I'm so sick of this race bating BS I'm glad I don't have to deal with that here.

I agree you can stay here with little to no Japanese speaking ability... It's just so much more convenient for me and my wife to live here and learn Japanese, it's very much worth it. I do not like HAVING to constantly go to school to stay here, I am working to get a business VISA here in Fukuoka though soon. But still! I work from the internet, so I don't have to work harder to enjoy the place.

Damn you're a downer bro, I get your point, but sheeet broski!

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I actually arrived in Fukuoka last year at my shared house with my wife, with a Wabuton waiting for me that I purchased -- in fact I wrote a bit about it here: -- BUT.. it's a tad thin, but honestly I feel it's good for the back and it's comfortable none the less... except I'm a bit tall and sometimes my feet will stick out the bottom of the sheets... Also being on the floor in a small little apartment it seems to get a lot of weird crumb stuff on the sheets... I don't know why, we take our shoes off and sweep all the time. _

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Shouldn't be messing around with Habu-shu ... it's weird viper sake:

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