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Well, I am happy that I kept my wife at home with the kids to properly raise them instead of institutionalizing them in a program where the teachers have no reason to properly prepare them for the future.

What hurts Japan's financial infrastructure is the fact that their people have no need to do anything except sleep in line to wait for the new Iphone or Playstation. Their companies work stupid long hours and there is no desire for the young people to work. Instead, they will just live with their parents or the government. Plus, their business owners did a great job outsourcing all the manufacturing jobs just like America that there are not enough quality jobs to be had.

Adding women to the workplace is not the solution to their problems. It is just a band aid.

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Can someone explain to me what a "part time high-school." If you know the title in Japanese that would be preferred.

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This was centered on southern Shikoku not southern Kyushu. Please see graphic linked;

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Glad I went with a more traditional woman. These wanna be western girls just don't do anything for me.

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This is the end result of sleeping on your products and not progressing their products into a new future. Unfortunately, Samsung and LG are beating them to the punch and Sony will just continue to falter into oblivion.

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Japanese companies need to do something, because Korean and Chinese companies are making better products.

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So, does this mean that if I don't pay there is a chance my posts won't make it to the people I want it to goto?

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