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Posted in: 5 dead, 40 injured in attack at British Parliament See in context

London policeman who was stabbed have no gun. How on earth Policeman who was guarding for public safety has not carried weapon? UK police may prefer unarmed combat.

Police without gun is same as old tiger without tooth. UK police force need to wake up in the real world.

A bad guy with knife deserved a bullet from a good policeman with gun.

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Posted in: Trump asks Congress to help find evidence Obama tapped his phones during campaign See in context

Trump has ruined everything Obama worked so hard without sleep during last eight years. He said Obamacare is expensive and unworkable. Now he has compared Obama with Richard Nixon who committed watergate crime. He said Obama was so low however he was so high as son of the God.

During my teen, Nixon was a President and he rewarded press who were friendly to him. He loves censorship. Both Nixon and Trump hates freedom of speech. They want compliments. No criticisms. Obama may be hated by Trump. He was a darling of media.

If Trump is keep mentioning Nixon, he may share the cruel fate of his political idol.Trump is not doing his job properly and tweeting most of his spare time. He should do less tweeting and perform more productive works such as economy, reducing foreign debt and analyzing intelligence reports.

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Posted in: Canada sees jump in asylum seekers from U.S. See in context

Trudeau encouraged private citizens to sponsor individually to the refugees from Syria. Is this program successful? If it is not, they should be sent to the southern neighbor for sharing some burdens.

Geographically, Canada is second largest nation in this world. It can accommodate entire population of central and South America.

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Posted in: Asian media decry isolationist Trump, fear economic, diplomatic turmoil See in context

Put the American first

There are two types of Americans for Trump to choose priority. Consumers and Manufacturing unions.

If Trump will impose the high tariff on imported raw materials, components, parts and finished goods, American consumers will suffer because they have to spend more for products and produces whether imported or locally made.

Although there will be more jobs opportunities for American manufacturing industry, profitability is questionable. If there are no profits, companies will not survive for a long time. The consequence is vicious cycle of unemployment for blue collars.

Steve George of Apple founder will not impress about Trump nationalistic tone. For getting high quality product like Ipone or Ipad, multi national talents and skills have to be combined.

iPhone needs China raw materials, South Korea LG screen, Taiwan memory chips, Japan components and US software. Even Ipone will move back to US for assembling, multi nations will still involve for processing.

Trump will make America broke again with medieval ideology.

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Posted in: Toyota is latest Trump target over Mexico production plans See in context


Higher end manufacturing jobs is the solution.

Higher end manufacturing jobs do not need much man power. Less people and More automatic processing. Higher products need sustainable market and competitive products as well. Microsoft and Boeing are high end manufacturing co-operations. They are not doing very well at the moment and employing less people. Microsoft lost the market share to Apple. Boeing lost market share to Air Bus. By the way Boeing major market is not USA.

Therefore higher end products mean less employees and better machines. More unemployment in particular industry.

German Auto industry is success story. However they employ people based on demand instead of political correctness. No sales mean no jobs. Sustainable jobs need very high quality goods as German made and reasonable cost.

Trump by himself is not driving cars made in USA. Business should not be dictated by government as communist style.

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Posted in: U.S. imposes sanctions on Russia over election hacking See in context

FBI has released photos and IDs of Russian hackers residing in US. If Trump is still denying about Russian involvement, he will become traitor of USA. Obama should ask whether Trump has known more than FBI. According Trump interview, he is downplaying Russian hacking scandal. Trump darling may be from Russa with Love.

If President elect Trump does not trust FBI or CIA, what is the points of employing intelligence officers. Trump may sell Alaska back to Putin with special discount. Trump may become first President who has betrayed people voted for him.

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Posted in: Japan backs off pregnancy clause for Syrian refugees See in context

According France experience, many refugee Pregnant Women born the French speaking neutralized citizens. Sadly 0.01% born in France have grown up with radicalized extremist ideology. The consequence is French can not enjoy their outing, partying at night life and shopping as before. 0.01% of rotten tomatoes can easily slaughter 1000 people with modern weapons.

Japanese speaking Syrian descendants will be very hard to assimilate with Japanese main stream society when they become adults. Japanese even have not accepted Brazil and Peru born Japanese as one of their own. The consequence is Japan will become another France.

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for Berlin Christmas market attack; driver still at large See in context

But Tarek Elmasoudi, an Egyptian asylum-seeker, said he wasn’t afraid of repercussions. “The Germans are very nice and I want to stay here.”

Fellow Aslyum Seekers are not nice to Germans and killing Germans who give them food, shelter and accommodation. I have German friends who are still feeling guilty about Germen atrocities during WWII. Merkel does not want to be seen like leader who kicked out thousands and thousands of Jews during WWII. She does not want to feel guilty about her ancestors crime.

The difference is Jews were law abiding people and they did not rape and butcher Germans. Japan has accepted some Jews refugees after WWII. There were no major hate crimes like Germany and France. New Generation Germans should not be burdened with humanitarian programs.

IS follower has already cut the throats of French Priest. In fact they are waging religious war to westerners. Military might is not useful for eliminating lone wolf attacks. Both Russia and US have lost their ambassadors by IS sympathizers.

The easiest way for minimizing terror is touch and strict immigration. If Germans have to give up drinking beers in October and enjoying festive season like before, politically corrected humanitarian program is no longer worthed.

Japan is not Germany which will never open the gate for floods of economic refugees. Merkel will pay the price of her mother Theresa heart with losing her job. Germany national Emblem is Eagle. When this bird is on mission, there will be no rules, no mercy, no excuse and no forgiveness. Eagle is not interested in becoming Saint.

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Texas put Trump over the top, despite two Republican electors casting protest votes.

Some people from Taxas want to become confederate southern state or independent. If many Texans want to do Texexit from USA belong to Trump the President, Any possibility for amendment of constitution?

Texas flag will be the Lone Star. Will Trump become another Abraham Lincoln for waging civil war with this Lone Stat state?

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Posted in: 'Comfort woman' statue at Sydney church upsets Japanese-Australian community See in context

Australia and US has been pressured by local Korean communities for erecting Comfort Women Statues. Many Church gores of Uniting Church are not impressed by politically motivated monument. I have a Korean Friend married with African woman and living in.Africa. He is also encouraging local Africans for erecting that staute. In fact Africa is nothing to do with comfort,wormem issue.

Australia, North America, Asia have been already erected statues. If Africa will be included again, almost none continent will be left for erecting that statue. Not only Korean women have been raped by Japanese. Dutch, Australian, Fillipinoes, Okkinawans, Taiwanese and Burmese women too. Those nations and prefecture are more forgiving and move on with no bitterness and hatred. Bygone is bygone and Auld Lang Syne for farewell to 2016. 1943 to 45 was distant memory.

Mr Crews should realize that Son of God suffered thousands time more that those victims. Despite his unbearable suffering,he prayed for forgiveness from Goddor Romans. Uniting Church is not the political play ground. It is a worshiping place.

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Posted in: Trump says reports Russia helped him in U.S. election are 'ridiculous' See in context

My humble memory bring me back the last Presidential candidates debate. Trump fondly defended Russia cyber attack against US government websites. He even said that Putin has not any respect for Hilary Cliton. Cliton said Trump is the puppet of Russia. It has become the reality.

During second debate, Hilary again said President alone can order the nuclear missiles launch. If President Trump will say "Launch the nuclear war heads attached missiles", someone will execute his order within a few minutes. The biggest worry for Americans is direction of missiles. As Trump has shown his fondness and admiration for Putin, his loyalty is questionable.

Electing Trump as President is nothing different from playing Russia Rullette. If Americans will lose the unloseable nuke war, Trump will be solely accountable for that.

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Posted in: Trump shrugs off fuss over Taiwan president's call See in context

Trump is very good in noisy and insulting campaign and flip flopping. Reality is Taiwan has been independent since 1949 except in official name. However all US presidents have to maintain the diplomatic protocol for preserving peace and stability. During his campaign, he said China has been raping US economy. It was acceptable as candidate speech. Now he is the elected POTUS. If he will say like that again, he is the embarrassment for the whole nation.

In fact Ronanld Regan prefer to deal with Taiwanese government rather than CCP. As a private citizen he was anti communist China. When he becomes commander in chief, he needed to change his private opinion for national and Geo political interest. JFK said Do not expect what country can do for you! You have to do what is good for country.

All successive presidents well behaved and spoke diplomatically. If Trump can not follow the rules and protocols as civilized head of states, he is unfit for the job and should be impeached sooner than later.

POTUS is not emperor Gengis Khan who was outspoken, undiplomatic and wild.

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Posted in: Trump keeping 'open mind' on pulling out of climate accord See in context

Trump was keeping an open mind on whether to pull out of a landmark international accord to fight climate change,

Trump is keeping closed mind on landmark international accord to fight climate change. USA has not committed any treaty for reducing the mass toxic fuel. It is largely symbolic for setting the particular time frame for reducing the hole of ozone layer. If Trump will open more coal power stations, it will be first step of raping the environment. During his primaries, he said neighbouring nations are raping US economy and living standard. He is also raping climate change and health care problems with his narrow minded policy.

Many well off Chinese Billionaires wanted to migrate to western nations because the grasses there are greener. They can make tons of money more than western nations. They do not want to die with lung cancer for inhaling polluted air due to rapid industrialization. China is greener for introducing with renewable energy and climate friendly policy.

Of course there are many job losses because of energy policy and climate control action. Being billionaire and getting POTUS job will be no longer enjoyable if the air is so polluted to breath in.

Global temperature has been already raised due to Trump won the primaries and election. Trump is populist and polluted.

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Posted in: Trump children's roles blur line between transition, company See in context

Trump is the Mornash who will transform White House as his trading floor or real esttate market. Spoiled Crown Price, Princess and son in law of emperor will promote their business empire interest with Daddy powerful political influence. Son in law Jared Lusher will become dominant strategic advisor like Karl Rove.

Texan native Oil made Bush rich and Bush loves Middlle East oil too. Irag war was indeed part of Bush family busines expansion. Many contractors and sub contractors of Irag war prospered thanks to Bush WMD theory. Bush lied. Millions died! Trump lied before he even inaugurated. He may be better than Bush Jnr,

No wonder God fearing GOP elders used to be preaching family value for sharing their political duties with offsprings. GOP elites Gringh,and Trump are adulterous preachers with multiple wives. Trump may be sent by God for making America corrupt again!

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Posted in: Meeting the family See in context

A First Lady is nothing

First Ladies are something. She has to entertain domestic and foreign guests. She has to outline social and health policy as private citizen. Such as school children lunches from Mitchell Obama. Health Care policy drafting from Hililary Cliton.

When JFK was assisnated, Jacquline Kennedy bravely collected pieces of brain with her hands. When Abraham Lincoln was shot, his wife was the first one to hold the great President body.

Almost all First Ladies have never posted never posted nude for playboy magazine except Melanie who just want to show off as high society spoiled lady. First Ladies are pride of the White House and protector of historical and national heritage.

On this day in 1814, first lady Dolley Madison saves a portrait of George Washington from being looted by British troops during the war of 1812.

Dolley Madison was the hero of the USA. Without her action, new generations can not pay respect George Washington portrait at White House.

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Posted in: Abe congratulates Trump; calls U.S., Japan 'unshakeable allies' See in context

Trump don't like Japan

It is good for Okinawa and rest of Asia. Phillipines President Duterte recently called Obama as Son of W@@@@ before. PhillipInes was closed ally of US and hosted US bases. Japan should follow Phillipines independent foregin policy for asking US bases to leave from Japan. Abe will not call Trump with insulting words. Japanese politicians are polite , civilized and matured.

Uncomfortable truth is Phillipines has already lost some maritime territories. US is very reluctant to get high noon with China. If Japan get high noon with China or Russia, US bases in Okinawa will be still watching Sony TVs as Trump said before.

Trump will be more focused on domestic affairs instead of Senkaku adventure. Japan has very high debt and no longer afford to foot the bills of bases.

It is win win for both US and Japan should get divorce like Trump former wives. US will never or ever shed their blood for Japanese territorial interests. Unlike Middle East Japan has no oil.

Trump will be more diplomatic with Russia too. Japan and rest of US allies still sleep well whether Trump can deliver his promises or not! Life goes on!

President comes and gone. Okinawa still has not changed It is time for change!

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Posted in: FBI clears Clinton after new email review See in context

Iran authority has executed their Nuclear Sicentist not long ago The motive was exposing their nuclear program secrets to western nation. Clinton may not transmit classfied information intentionally. She is so careless and incompetent for exposing state secrets with personal emails!

Imagine Cliton is the foreign minister of Iran or North Korea, her fate has been already sealed as silence of the lamb.

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

Phillipines have been colonized by Spain and US for a long time. It is only Christian nation in Asia. Sadly being the follower of US has not been fruitful for that impoverished nation. Corruption, crime and drug smuggling are part of the daily lives.

Being democratic, puppet of US and westernized nation can not solve the problems of Phillipines. Durete is strong leader who fought hard against drug problems. He will transform Phillipines economy too. Gun boat diplomacy does not will make more wars and poverties.

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Posted in: Clinton expanding her campaign into 'red' states See in context

USA is the land of equal opportunity. USA is the promised land. USA is the land of free, brave and proud. Cliton has been in White House for 8 years. Trump has never been there. Cliton may be free however she is not brave and proud as Trump. Trump will bring back the glorious days of Post war USA.

To be fair, Americans citizens should give Trump has a chance staying at White House. Trump daddy will be so proud of his success.

Trump is destined to become POTUS. He will become another Thomas Jefferson, Theodo Roosevelt or Ronald Regan and make the America great again.

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Posted in: Trump calls accusers 'horrible horrible liars' See in context

Hilary Cliton is more likeable however she is incompetent, dishonest and reckless because of Bangazi and email scandal. She still hide something and secretive. Trump is rude, immature, loud as loose cannon however Trump is open, sincere and honest.

Under Cliton watch, Libya ambassador was mercilessly killed. She voted willingly for Irag war. She concens more about highly paid speech rather than national security.

Americans need to consider whether they wanted to dump Trump for having disgusting and immature fantasy talk. It does not like Cliton crime which has jeprodised national security. Cliton means more wars, more debt and higher unemployment.

Cliton can not stand on her foot for a long time. She will take countless sick leaves when she becomes the president. Electing Cliton will be like paying blank checks for someone who talks a lot and doing almost nothing.

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Posted in: Trump vows to press on as GOP calls grow for him to quit See in context

Many posters have forgot about Bill Cliton infamous Cigar and dirty coat. I am not a fan of Trump. At least he admitted his small crime and apologized. Trump has never committed adultery. Trump has never taken the advantages of his intern who was young enough to be his daughter.Trump did not lie as Bill such as I did not sleep with that woman.

No one is perfect. He should be given for second chance as better man. He may become another George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

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Posted in: Next stop, Tokyo See in context

1964 Tokyo Olympic was very boring and nothing spectacular. Hopefully 2020 Olympic will be full of excitement, fun, friendly, safe and welcoming.

Japan will not copy Brazil heavy fines for Aussie or any nations Athletes for watching Basketball match without correct accreditation. As the host, Japan will not rob guests legally or illegally. Olympic should not be spoiled with heavy handed attitude.

Japan is not Brazil.

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Posted in: Banned from working, asylum seekers are building Japan's roads See in context

Japan is not Germany who has accepted more than a million refugees with unregulated loose immigration.

Japan is not USA which allow refugee to bomb runners of the Marathon race. Boston bombers repaid their gratitude to USA with bomb. How grateful are they?

Japan is not France which has become the killing field for radicalized terrorists who are descendants of refugees. France immigration and assimilation policies have failed.

Construction projects will not last forever. Not all projects are fruitful for commercial returns. Especially Olympic infrastructures. When the building boom is over, who will employ them?

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Posted in: Ted Cruz booed as he refuses to endorse Donald Trump See in context

During the candidate race, Trump was so rude and cruel to him. If I am him, I will not endorse Trump either. If Trump will win in November, he will become the rudest, loudest, lowest celebrity President with no substance since 1776.

Cruz may be Canadian born. However he is youthful, gentle, friendly and polite unlike loose canon and flip flop Trump. Republican Party has been divided because many people hate Trump more than Hilary.

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Posted in: Trump nominated as Republican presidential candidate See in context

When I watched Trump wife praising her husband with Mitchell Obama praising words for Obama, I have realized that new generation presidential nominees are less brainy than founding fathers of USA. Big talks and sweet words will not change the problems of USA.

Hilary Clinton is not the answer either.

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Posted in: Obama to head to Dallas as shooting rocks U.S. race relations See in context

When Obama was elected as first black president, many people hope that he will heal the old wounds between black and white. However more black people have been oppressed and slaughtered on this watch. It is his fault for not unifying blacks and whites for becoming ones. He is biased for blue lives. Not black, brown, bronze and yellow.

Late Mohamad Ali infamously acted as blacks were still under chain in the concert. Civil war was caused by slaving of the black people. In fact Blacks are still sub humans in US. It is time for reconciliation between blacks and whites.

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Posted in: Iceland beats England 2-1 in shock of Euro 2016 See in context

It is second Euro exit for England. Although English team does not perform well for major tournaments, English soccer fans are adorable and funny. When they win, they celebrate with drinks. When they lose, they celebrate with drinks. When they get draw, they still celebrate with drinks. There will be never ending parties for soccer mad fans.

When England lost USA which was non soccer loving nation in 1950, there were some celebrations too. It is time for party for English soccer fans because Iceland is second USA for them.

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Posted in: 50 dead, 53 wounded in Florida nightclub shooting See in context

One person could kill more than 50 people and wounded more than 50 people. Death toll can rise more than current figure.The reason is semi automatic rifle has transformed as fully automatic machine gun. Imagine ordinary civilian can not buy military style assault rifle, casualty will not be high as that tragedy.

Civilians need only revolver with 2 real bullets for self defense as cow boys. Killing duck or pigeon does not require military style assault rifle too.

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Posted in: Trump wins Florida, loses Ohio; Clinton wins Florida; Rubio pulls out of Republican race See in context

It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination for president

It takes 2,383 to win the Democratic nomination.

Republican or GOP needs fewer delegates to win the nomination. It has never been a Good or Grand old party. They should be more like Democrats which is ruled by majority.

Rubio and Kasich have suggested they might not be able to support Trump if he’s the nominee, an extraordinary stance for intraparty rivals

GOP party can not be unified by themselves. How can they unify the the whole nation. That party should be separated as Tea party and Non Tea party. It is unusual for failed candidates of party nomination is bashing their fellow GOP man.

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Posted in: Sweeping wins for Trump, Clinton on Super Tuesday See in context

A few months ago, many haters of Trump predicted he will be dropped out from the campaign sooner than later. It has not become the reality. Jed Bush whose has been a darling of Republican party elders have dropped out from the campaign sooner than later.

One of the problem of Jed Bush is he is so fluent in Spanish. Talking too much in Spanish. When I was in Florida, I felt like I was in Spain or Latin America because there are many people speaking Spanish. USA has gradually becoming non English speaking nation.

Donald Trump is the unstoppable tornado for US politics. Love him or hate him, he has proved he is genius in marketing.

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