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Nathaw comments

Posted in: 'Torture works,' Trump says as South Carolina primary looms See in context

Torture works may be cruel for fainted hearted. That world and nature are in fact full of cruelty. When I was in London, A young British soldier was hit with car and being butchered under the broad day light. He bled on the city street in front of on lookers. He was treated worse than animals in front of his own people. The sad truth is killer is a neutralized African British immigrant.

Although I am not a fan of Trump, what he said was the reality. If your enemy has no rule and mercy, you should take off gloves and you should become like your enemy. Europe has many understanding, welcoming and kind hearted people. The consequence is they have been bullied and tortured in their Homeland.

The course of Donald Trump is not depending on others. He may be a racist and protectionist. He does not want US has become like France or UK.

Bring on another Abraham Lincoln of 21st century.

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Posted in: Germany proposes short-term jobs for half a million Syrian refugees See in context

They came to escape their war-destroyed country, not for welfare benefits.

Not all refugees are well educated and skilled. Even highly skilled professional will be struggled to get a good job in Germany or France. For example, Syrian Engineer or Doctor will not become German Engineer or Doctor overnight. In the long term, some of them will make it. Not all of them! Because they are not good in German or English. Many humanitarian immigrants are on welfare not only in EU but also North America and Japan.

Some will end up driving Uber Taxi because Germany has already oversupplied with Engineers and Technicians. Germany can not afford to employ them forever unless there is the market for their goods and services. Mostly new immigrants will end up with some disappointments.

Some immigrants will get resentment over their adopted nations. Not everything will be wines and roses in Germany or US or Japan or any part of the world. In the western nations, Governments will give special treatment to the refugees. They will not starve and sick and being bullied. However getting the good job is beyond the control of the authority. They are on their owns for the competition. Comparing with their homelands, western governments are very generous, welcoming and friendly to them.

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Posted in: U.S. militia group occupies Oregon wildlife park headquarters See in context

Anti government militia group is very polite and informal word. They should be called as rebels. When I watched US TV series NORTH and SOUTH, there were die hard anti government, anti slavery abolishing group who intimidated Abraham Lincoln for backing down. Lincoln was not a Obama. He went ahead with South for civil war for abolishing slavery system.

Obama should be brave enough for following Lincoln toughness for waging another civil war for freeing the USA from never ending gun massacres.

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Posted in: Turkey says Russian jet violated its airspace, ignored repeated warnings See in context

What will be response of Russia? The easiest way is cutting their LNG supply to Turkey. Turkey may be blacked out first. Then they may angrily shoot down another plane. If Russia is too soft on Turkey, Putin will become another Obama who has warned Assad for not crossing the red line. Turkey can not survive without gas.

As the Judo player, Putin needs to show his speed, accuracy and precision to Turkish government. Hopefully Putin will prevail to trigger happy and blood thirsty Turkish ground force and Allahu Abakar rebels.

Turkey has already poked Bee nest. Bee will sting back. Putin will not say "you have crossed the red line".

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Posted in: Carson wants mosques, schools, supermarkets watched closely See in context

He saw video footage of thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering the Sept. 11 attacks.

If those cheering Muslims in New Jersey are American Citizens or Green Card holders, their hearts are black as charcoal. They are traitors or Trojan horses. I could not bear to watch the 9/11 victims suffering and painful deaths. It is the way of humanity for fellow human being.

USA needs new president who will be touch, combative and realistic. Political Correctness in Paris has been rewarded with blood shed. Not with Wine and Roses. Tolerance and understanding in France is only one way street.

USA does not need to be sugar coated for pleasing radicalized people. In the perfect world, Obama will stand up for long suffering Americans. However his loyalty is questionable because of his middle name.

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Posted in: Park leads South Korea to 8-0 win over U.S. in Premier12 final See in context

Italy is the absolute worst team in the world when it comes to exaggerated injuries and faking injuries if they lose possession of the ball and/or the other team is in scoring position.

Italy may be the absolute worst team in the world for baseball which was created by America and popular in Japan and SK. That game is not much popular as soccer in the rest of the world.

However current world champion of Germany men soccer team has never beaten Italy in the major tournaments in my living memory. If Italy is the worst soccer team, German team may be the worst of the worst of the soccer teams.

Interestingly host South Korean team have beaten both Italy and Spain in 2002 WC with controversy. SK has never ever played so well as guest team since 2002 until now. They may not play well in foreign soil as home soil.

However it is the best baseball team in the world at the moment. They deserve the Congratulation!

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Posted in: Which side do you think will eventually win the dispute between the central government and the Okinawan government over the planned relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station from Futenma to the See in context

Central government will use forceful implementation as Ancient Satsuma annexed Okinawa back in late 19th century. The answer for wining and losing has two categories. Physically Okinawa has never won for any decision making. Therefore puppet central government will go ahead for landfill and relocation project despite local protest and rejection.

However US military and Central government have never won and will never win the hearts and minds of Local people. Unlike Joint security area of Korean Peninsula, Okinawans have never welcomed US bases in their homeland. Battle of Okinawa was five years earlier than Korean War. Unlike grateful, apologetic and admiring South Koreans, they resent Yanks as intruders, criminals, rapists and oppressors for them.

Central government will receive hostile reaction, resentment and untrustworthiness from locals. Winning the hate is pretty easier than winning the love.

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Posted in: Assad-Putin meeting signals push to end Syria crisis See in context

Why do you think there is a Syria civil war?

The root cause of Syria civil war was toppling of Saddam and demolishing of Iragi Arm forces back in 2003. Bush who exaggerated WMD wanted to wipe out all Saddam disciples from the planet. He did not realize unemployed Iragi military servicemen have crossed Into Syria territory. Bush did not want to topple Saudi prince and his associates who are supplying cheap oil. Beloved friend Saudi royals financed unemployed and experienced military servicemen and unsatisfactory Sunni sect of Syrians for establishing evil cult ISIL.

During Arab Spring, U.S has toppled many dictators like Mubarak of Egypt and Gaddafi of Lybra for spreading western ideology in medieval culture of Middle East. Not only Saudi but also US has supplied weapons and training for IS for hoping Syria regime will be dethroned quickly. So far it has not become the reality.

When IS has showed true color and start beheading innocent people, both US and Saudi realized that they have groomed monster who will bite the hand feeding to them. Obama changed strategy for training moderate rebels hoping for toppling Assad and defeating IS without single drop of blood from US.

After many years and spending more than 500 millions, Syrian civil war is still going nowhere to end. US supplied weapons have ended up in the hands of IS terrorists. Many US and coalition military trainers were butchered by their students instead of enemy. Currently only 5 or 6 of US trained rebels are fighting with IS. One US trained rebel opened and ate Syrian soldier heart. They are disgusting, barbaric and inhuman as IS.

Syria is not Irag, Egypt and Lybra. Iran and Russia are willing to shed their blood for helping Syria will not become the caliphate of IS. Assad may be a bad guy. However he is a lesser evil comparing with IS. He and his wife did not eat their enemy hearts as Syrian Rebels. They are friendly to west.

When US occupied Japan after WWII, they did not arrest and trial emperor Hirohito who had some blood in his hands. The reason was US wanted to maintain the stability and order of postwar Japan. Assad may become another emperor Hirohito.

Changing unwanted leaders and crowning puppet leaders have caused instability, chaos and sectarian violence in Middle East. If US can not defeat IS, let Russia and Iran give a try!

Arab Spring has become Chilling Arab winter.

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Posted in: Japan shows off naval power as U.S. signals wider engagement in western Pacific See in context


If you have a gun, and don't use it, what is the purpose?

According your logic, If you have a nuke, and don't use it, what is the purpose?

The purpose is avoiding tragedies and unthinkable suffering of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Let' give a chance for peace.

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Posted in: Indian girls aged 2 and 5 'gang-raped' in New Delhi: police See in context

Those animals should be fed alive to the tiger from New Deli zoo. How far some crazy men have become pervets and committing unspeakable crime? Traveling with Babies in India is no longer safe.

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Posted in: Student at same school as teen gunman arrested in Australia See in context

It makes me think of Australia's walled Manus concentration camp in New Guinea. Fascist behavior.

Without that concentration camp, Australia will transform as United Islamic federation of down under as Afghanistan, Malaysia and Indonesia which were non Islamic nations before.

Back in 1980s, I visited Au. There were many Indo Chinese refugees. Mainly from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

However those refugee have not killed any Aussie in the name of their God. They do not prey their God for seven times a day because they have other things to do. Their women do not cover their faces while they are driving for the concern of safety.

In 2014 and 2015, many Aussies were butchered by those blood thirsty and ungrateful immigrants. Aussie have been bullied by them in the name of political correctness.

In my view, those young immigrants have been radicalized for waging Jihad war against Au for being the disciple of US. However those victims have nothing to do with government policy for middle east. Victims are scape goats who have been sacrificed as infidels for not being assimilate with immigrants.

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Posted in: Obama pledges probe into fatal airstrike on Afghan hospital See in context

In Afghanistan, many U.S. Marines death were caused by U.S. Air Force. They have bombed wedding ceremony. They have killed villagers with missiles. Murdering Patients at hospital is unforgivable war crime.

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Posted in: Oregon gunman was army dropout who studied mass shooters See in context

the guns prevented crimes

Is this a joke? Gun is responsible for countless body bags in the land of free, proud, stubborn and brave. Gun is just a toy for playground of children in US of the A.

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Posted in: U.S. urges Russians to focus airstrikes on Islamic State See in context

The strategy of Obama is prioritizing of installing puppet government in Syria like Irag, Egypt and Libya. Changing regimes have caused more sectarian violence, chaos and instability of Middle East. In theory US has been promoting democracy and justice. In the reality, they over thrown the leader of Egypt who was democratically elected. Now he has been sentenced to death with injustice by mods who forced him out. US has back stabbed Egypt and Libya.Arab spring has become Arab nightmare in the whole Middle East.

Obama has been spending more than 500 millions for his going nowhere mission of defeating IS. He bashed Bush for burning money and lives at Irag war. He is not much better than Bush because he has no time frame and budget for that mission. US tax payers should applause Russia involvement in Syria for not prolonging another wasteful Vietnam and Irag war.

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Posted in: Obama says fight against Islamic State will take time See in context


The ISIS will be defeated; the only question is when and how.

Is this a joke? US has already spent more than 500 millions for training Syrian rebels for defeating ISIS. The weapons US supplied were ended up in ISIS hands.

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Posted in: East European leaders in war of words as migrants pour across borders See in context

German and Swedish women birth rate are lower than immigrants. Due to hand outs from social welfare, many immigrants will be encouraged to have more kids. Within a few decades, Europe demographic factor will be changed favor to the immigrants.

New generation of Scandinavian nations and Germany will be speaking Arabic. New generation will demand the Halal certified Beef. Inter marriage have forced Christian spouses to convert to their spouses religion.

Native Europeans will become minority and surrendering their lands to the immigrants. EU will change the name as United Islamic Federation of Continent..

Europe has been culturally and radically transformed. Angela Merkel have not learnt the Trojan horses of gifts which have destroyed the city of Troy. Native Europeans will be gradually extinct as Dinosaurs.

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Posted in: Japan announces changes to refugee system See in context

In Holland, one cartoonist was stabbed to be dead by his art of humor. In France, there was body bags for Jeisuit Charlie gun shots. One Christian man was murdered during his trip to Hungary to Austria by asylum seeker.In US, Boston bombers were former refugees. In London, one British solider was butchered on the street during daylight. In Australia, there were hostage crisis and rape cases among humanitarian immigrants. Those ungrateful immigrants repaid their gratitude with violent crimes to their host nations.

Many apologists of economic migrants or potential terrorists should realize that not all asylum seekers are real refugees. Some are Trojan horses which will rape, behead and bomb the host city of Troy.

Japan is so fortunate for accepting low volume of refugees for not sharing the cruel fate like them. Japan will not sacrifice the freedom of expression for political correctness and cultural sensitivity.

Less is always better than more for safety, law and order and national identity.

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Posted in: As Europe opens its doors, Japan considers clamping down harder on asylum seekers See in context


I think Germany is so tolerant about Immigrants ungrateful behaviors. When I watched World Cup, immigrant players from German national soccer team did not bother to open the lips for singing German national Anthem. They are highly paid and trained by Germany. However they did not show any respect to Germany while the world is watching.

If I am the German tax payer, I will be highly offended. In the future, Germany will gradually lose the national identity if human wave is keep coming.

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Posted in: Japan reaches Women's World Cup final after England injury time own goal See in context

Bassett’s attempted sliding clearance from a low cross, crashed off the underside of the bar and over the goal-line

England was the birth place of football or soccer history. It is so embarrassing for English Women team shot the own goal. They are no longer lioness. They have become prey for hunters.

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Posted in: Greece imposes capital controls, banks to remain shut See in context

Raymond Chuang

The longer Greece prolong the sky rocketing debt, the higher interest rate of bill will be added over new debt. Greece may have no vibrant agricultural sector. However their wine and extra olive oil are one of the high quality premium products. Imagine Greece is not EU member, they can lower the currency value for lifting export. Another way is they can lower the labor wages for increasing competitiveness. Being the EU member makes Greece has been restricted for necessary reforms.

Switzerland is poorer in natural resources comparing with Greece. However it is highly independent and confident as Eagle. It even does not bother to join UN or NATO. The problem of Greece is over dependent on others. As a member of EU, it has enjoyed low interest loans. Now that toxic loans are biting the Greece banks and government.

Greece should become like Switzerland as lone eagle which will be energetic, innovative and get ahead with strong banking and manufacturing sectors. The choice of Greece is stand still and left behind. Reform and move forward. Default is not dirty word for Greece even for US which has more than 18 trillions of foreign debt.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after attacking sleeping brother with ax See in context

30 and 32 years of age and both still living with mum?

Depending on circumstances. In rural area, 70 and 72 years of age still living with their mum not because of they wanted to. It is their duty for maintaining the family properties and caring the weak and frail parents. They have to care their parents from their hearts rather than profit driven, less caring and unorganized commercial age care facilities.

Their mums are losing independence because of ageing, sickness, cognitive impairment and losing eye sight and hearing. Leaving old and frail mum alone is nothing different from abandoning without concern about the potential consequence.

Oh right. It's Japan....

On it is so right for reading the news off spring are caring mum instead of terrible news of murdering their own mum because of financial interest or hatred. Some sacrifice their career and income for living with their old mums and dads. They should be praised and respected for their sacrifice.

Japan has the longevity of many elderly. One reason is grateful offspring caring their parents. Unlike west, who have abandoned their parents without any concern about their ability for living alone. When the parents are sick terribly, many from western nations or Japan concern more about their inheritance instead of caring and nursing.

Those who are caring old mums and dads in their twilight years are heroes of the heroes.

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Posted in: Okinawans still haunted by horror of war 70 years on See in context

the Japanese STARTED the war and then got paid back 100 times over for starting the war....

Okinawan are not Japanese. They are not responsible for Japanese crime. Interestingly US did not trial Emperor Hirohito as war criminal. On the contrary US authority treated them as living divine God.

Instead they oppressed, bullied and exploited Okinawa island. After 70 years, it may need extra 30 years for paying back the sin of Mainland Japanese ultra nationalists.

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Posted in: World shocked at enduring racism, gun violence in U.S. See in context


Europe is racist no different to the US

Are you serious? African British death in custody during 100 years of UK was lower than African American death in custody during one month of US. No wonder Martin Luther King Junior said that I wish

" My children will not be killed by because of their skin color instead of their crimes.". USA hates African Black people more than any part of the world.


"America is the best country in the world and you have a right to bear firearms"

During Europeans settlement in North America, bearing firearms were reasonable for protecting farmland and live stock and properties from native Americans.

When US was founded, natives were slaughtered as animals. Thirteen colonies were became federation with river of blood.

In our time, African Americans were killed, tortured and bullied by White policemen. Victims were not pure and innocent as Snow white. However most of them were unarmed and unresistant when they were killed. Some mad men killed kindergarten kids, university students of Oklahoma and movie goers.

Therefore USA is the champion in the world for the killing innocent people. No matter how many babies and church goers have been killed, pro Gun lobby group will debate as "Gun does not kill people". "" A good guy with Gun is needed for defeating a bad guy with Gun".

The whole world is so disgusted about Wild West uncivilized America is killing and killing again.

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Posted in: China beats Japan in Asian university rankings See in context

divine intervention

Its simply astounding the applause heard by gaijin here whenever articles make a negative view of Japan.

You have a point. Whenever there is news about Japan is declining economically or academically, many English speaking posters bashed Japan mercilessly. I guess many of them frustrated about their career prospects in Japan.

There is no doubt that China has lifted education standard and competitiveness. However some of the students will cheap anything for gaining entry into one of the top university.

Due to one child policy, that grown up child has to shoulder the burden of changing the fortune of his or her family. Parents even helped their children for cheating.

Competition is fierce and cheating scandals are wide spread in Chinese college entry exams. Some Chinese students with high academic achievements are not pure and decent as Snow White.

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Posted in: U.S. weighs more troops to train Iraqi forces, Sunnis See in context

training of Iraqi forces and Sunni tribal fighters in a step that could mean deploying hundreds of additional U.S. troops,

No matter how US tried to train Iragi soldiers, some are collaborators of enemy and they will become backstabbers of their trainers. Many US Marines killed by their students. Not by the enemy.

US trained them many years with billions dollar fortune. However Saudi and Qartar has bank rolled IS from behind with disrespect to US of A. Embarrassing moment was Iragi soldiers ran away and leave their weapons as trophy for IS during Ramadi battle. No matter how much resources US spend for Iragi force, they have no moral and commitment for battles. Before the battle has started, it has already lost.

The best solution is US should cut the source of finance for IS. It means US should make D day landing on Saudi and Qartar for arresting wealthy financiers and trialed them in the court. Without the root, the tree will fall on ground indefinitely.

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Posted in: Heartache for Japan's 40-year-old virgins See in context


most japanese guys (who find themselves in their sexless situation) will not attempt to make friends

Building friendship like plating trees. It will not happen overnight or it can not force like Marines landing on the Normandy beach.

Having some female friends does not mean he will be automatically entitled for their sexual favor and romantic relationship. Romance should be blossomed as spring flowers.

That 40yrs old guys lack the courage for facing the rejection. If they travel to Venezuela, Brazil or Philippines, they will lose their virginity within a few weeks. It does not means they have got their dream partner in the real life. They live in their dream world because it is more comfortable for them.

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Posted in: Heartache for Japan's 40-year-old virgins See in context


Trial and error. @ 40 there is little hope for these mopes.

My uncle has been approaching his twilight years. However he is still young at heart and dating with younger women young enough to be his daughters. In his wildest dream, he has never imagined about dating with women who are same age as him.

Actor Michale Douglass ex father in law is younger than him. Although his father in law was embarrassed, he envied Michale success and fortune.

Old men with plenty of Yens are more attractive to women comparing with broke, unemployed and penniless young men.

Some mopes are doing well.

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Posted in: U.S. tells Okinawa governor new base 'fundamental' to security See in context

Okinawa people will should be respected

US has never respected the Okinawa people and enslaved them since 1945. Sadly relocation of base will become the reality.

US should build missiles bases on some remote island near Japan

It is thoughtful and balanced post. Many pro base posters biased as without the US bases, Okinawa will become the chopping board. In fact, Okinawans will become BBQ toasted sesames, when the missiles with multiple warheads rained over their land. Mainlanders will not lose the single night of sleep over flowing blood river of Okinawans.

One single missile with multiple war heads can wipe out Okinawa from world map within a few minutes.

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Posted in: Abe apologizes for snapping at lawmaker in Diet See in context

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for yelling at an opposition lawmaker during her question last week about defense legislation.

Abe has women problem like his Aussie friend of Mr Abbot. Mr Abbot tried to punch one female student during his uni years. As a leader of Japan, Abe should respect the Diet and not yelling woman law maker like his own children. He is not only embarrassment for his party but also Japan.

Apology with lip service is not enough. Abe needs to bow deeply for his uncivilized and anti social behavior.

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Posted in: Japan says nations must behave responsibly in South China Sea See in context

The Spratlys are claimed by half a dozen countries including the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and China.

Among these claiming nations, Philippines cost guard has shot and killed one elderly Taiwanese fisherman. It was not the single shot. According to the voyage data recorder, the shooting occurred at 19°59'47.27"N and 122°55'41.37"E, which is outside the Philippines' territorial waters, but within the shared EEZ.

After fisherman was killed, On May 12 of 2013, Taiwan sent additional three Coast Guard cutters and one Navy warship carrying a S70-C helicopter to safeguard the Taiwanese fishing boats within its southern EEZ waters, and ignoring the Filipino EEZ claim. Philippines coast guard disappeared like Iragi servicemen ran away from advancing IS.

If we leave any unlawful situation unattended, order will soon turn to disorder, and peace and stability will collapse,

Japan should lecture Philippines which was heavy handed . Unlike Philippines, Brunei, PRC, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan has refrained for using bullets. If one nation has mishandled with bullets, there will be rapid fire action in the south china sea.

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