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@Joe Blow

Both my parents-in-law had a funeral cost of 1 million yen each. That included a body washing, the usual gong-ceremonies, a cremation with lunch provided and bone selection. It also included having the bodies removed from hospital within one hour of death. My mother-in-law was even taken to her home for one night to lay in state.

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I wonder if you could point to any actual quote of Borris that has been proved as a lie. Even the recent 'party' stuff has come up with nothing more than an online pub quiz where the left mistook a very expensive curtain as a bin liner.

However the point being Boris has out lasted his welcome and would have gone much sooner but for the pandemic. The reason the Tories are down in the polls is because so far they have done nothing they they said they would. Although they still have two years to sort that out.

If the tories started turning the boats back to France, if they defunded the BBC, if they put people who sit in roads in prison, if they cut taxes and spending then I think they would be back in next election. Even the removal of Cresida Dick would give them a boost.

No one knows what will happen today. I expect that the legislation around ID will not be tabled but the other two bits will. If it is tabled it will be Starmer and his mob that put it through and that will cause him more harm than the tories.

There could be letters to the 1922 committee but to get rid of Boris it would need a vote of more than 181 tory MP's wanting him gone. If that does not happen he can not be challenged for a year. I do not think they would risk the vote.

I do expect some resignations if the matter is tabled and that will be timed to cause the most fuss.

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I am a resident and never carry my card as ID. I thought that rule was long ago changed.

I have been stopped by police quite a few times but nearly always to check the bike I am riding is mine. They are polite, they do not keep me for long and they are checking other people as well.

When ID was part of that I would be handing it to the police even before they asked. It is a long time since I have been stopped though and during the past couple of years my adventures have been close to where I live and the police around my area know me by sight.

This article gives no details on which people are being stopped as foreigner is a very vague term. US embassy tweets are hardly a good source of information.

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I can't help but think that introducing these measures now, while there might be some justification for things like masks, is mainly designed to distract from all the Christmas Party stuff.

Though it's kinda sad that a Xmas Party might be what it takes to bring them down, not, you know, undermining centuries of democracy by introducing laws that autocratic countries would be proud of.

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It seems like all the rampant corruption and 'one-rule-for-us' attitude of the Johnson government might finally be coming back to bite them.

For some reason his charming incompetence seemed to endear him to voters even when doing things that other politicians would have been vilified for. But that seems to be finally running out.

Unfortunately in the meantime, they've managed to give billions to their unqualified mates, mismanage the coronavirus response, introduce a bill to criminalize protest, introduce a bill to privatize parts of the nhs, invalidate the ministerial code of conduct, allow ministers to override judicial-review, etc.. and no-one seemed to notice or care because either they were so distracted by Brexit or Covid, or because the press basically gave him a free pass.

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I think it would very much depend on age as I expect (I have no proof) that very young babies respond to smell and if the baby is only used to their mothers smell they will be wary of others. Having worked with very young children they almost all cry when I first meet them but holding them over time seems to work.

Older children do stick to their mothers and it takes at least until they are two for that to change. My neighbours kid cried every time I said hello and has only just got over it.

My concern of todays culture is that many children have spent the first two years of their lives only seeing strangers masked and I can see that as being a very long term issue for the future.

As for men killing their children its a tiny tiny amount of loons and normal people, fathers do not need anything but more time with their kids and not just Sundays. Children need more males role models at nurseries/schools because how can any child grow up properly if they only experience a female dominated childhood.

You only have to sit in a classroom for 30 minutes to observe that.

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Posted in: Britain snubbed as France hosts Channel migration talks See in context

For info:

There are 26 million refugees globally 

Half of the world’s refugees are children

85% of refugees are being hosted in developing countries

Top ranking:






Germany being the only developed country in the top 10.

If you look at the number of refugees by 1000 inhabitants, no developed country is in the top 10.

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Yeah, foreigners love giving it this description.

I've literally never heard a Japanese person say it.

One said it to me this morning.

It's all cool, it's more of a question of being able to express themselves in English than anything. It's just something that tends to strike foreigners as weird as we'd never say it.

I'm a bit surprised you've never heard a Japanese person say it though. I'd say 3 times this week, and about 1000 times in the past 10 years.

"Japan has four distinct seasons" would be a lot more parse-able. Though given that they have rainy season, "Japan has five distinct seasons" would be more accurate and interesting.

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Posted in: Japan apology needed to solve wartime labor issue: S Korean presidential candidate See in context

I'm of the opinion that the way Japan could solve this would be to take out full page ads in a bunch of Korean (and maybe other) national newspapers with a decent apology.

If they do that, they can bypass all of the politics and just make a clear unequivocal apology to the people as a whole.

They might also need to set up some kind of charity fund for compensation, but the key point would be to make a widely public and honest sounding apology that would be on the record for everyone to see.

If they do that, and then politicians continue to bash them for not apologizing, they'd have much more of a defence.

All their apologies so far have been half-hearted at best, so it allows the issue to keep dragging on and on.

Plus, frankly, it's the right thing to do.

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So, if i'm reading it right, the panel's recommendation is to allow royal women who marry commoners to stay in the royal family, but not allow their kids to be royal?

So they have picked the one option that doesn't solve the problem at all?! How does that help?

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Posted in: Japan media watchdog organization responds to complaints about 'Demon Slayer' See in context

Given that this was by far the most popular tv show and movie for kindergarten and elementary school kids last year, I think that some worry about the graphic content isn't unwarranted.

When the movie came out and the tv shows were interviewing all the people waiting in line, with their cute 5 year olds dressed in Demon Slayer costumes, it was interesting that none of the interviewers seemed to even think to ask "don't you think your kind might be a bit too young?"

Anyone saying "if you don't like it don't watch" clearly has never had kids. When every single kid in your kids class has seen it, has products related to it, is talking about it, even if you do take a hard line and don't let your 5 year old watch it (which is what I did), they still find out more than you'd like and see more than you'd like from their friends.

We don't even have Netflix, and my elementary age kids know a scary amount about Squid Game already!

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So his plan to fix a widening wealth gap is to ask companies to pay more to the well off employees? That seems counterproductive.

Not that it'll actually have any effect at all, as the government has been urging companies to raise wages for the past 10 years or more, and there's no sign of it ever happening.

How about:

Overhaul the tax system, the local tax system, the furusato tax system, the sales tax system, the pension system and the health insurance system, which seem to have all been designed to penalize those who don't have 'permanent' jobs at big companies.

Overhaul the education system which sees the government pay the least for public education of any G20 country, while parents pay the most for education of any G20 country... meaning that getting those cushy 'permanent' jobs is much more accessible to those whose parents can pay for all the cram schools needed.

Cut sales tax to 0% on essential items like groceries, kids clothes, etc.. If necessary, boost it on luxury items to compensate.

Make it so that low income families don't see 35% of their income gone on taxes, pensions, health insurance before they even have to start thinking about rent, food etc...

I'd like to invest money in stocks and in my kids futures, but every time I try and save enough money to do so, I get some threatening letter demanding the payment of hundreds of thousands of yen into various wasteful pension and health insurance systems. It's almost as if they are monitoring incase anyone tries to improve their situation, so they can quickly step in and put a stop to it.

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Posted in: Boosting middle class incomes a key policy for Kishida See in context

The main income gap in japan is between those on salaryman 'permanent' contracts and those on 'part-time' / freelance conditions.

The tax, health insurance, pension and almost every other government system amplifies this disparity and gives perks to those who don't need them, while penalizing those who do.

Increasing the wealth of middle-class salarymen is merely going to exacerbate income disparity.

It's almost as if he doesn't know what he's talking about....

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Posted in: Kishida aims to narrow income gap through pay hikes See in context

The main income gap in Japan seems to be between those who are permanent employees and the growing number of people who are employed on temporary contracts or who are freelancers.

If he wants to address that gap, a first step would be to reform all the pension, health insurance, etc.. systems which dramatically favor permanent employees, even though those people tend to be on better salaries to start with.

If you're a freelancer you end up paying twice as much for half the benefit!

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Posted in: Moderna says COVID vaccines sent to Japan contained stainless steel particles See in context


I wonder if you can list things that would make one person more/less deserving of hospital treatment than another.

For example does a salary person who drinks, smokes, sits down all day and does no exercise even on Sundays really need that pace maker just because he decides to have the vaccine and wear a mask?

Actually I would not want to go near an ICU and am actually very worried someone would want to put a tube down my throat to save my life. I have given strict instructions to my wife to refuse such treatment. She has been told I will accept an oxygen mask but nothing invasive.

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Posted in: Moderna says COVID vaccines sent to Japan contained stainless steel particles See in context

@Kyu Bill

My wife has been against all vaccines from before I met her and that is decades ago. So are some of her friends. The Mayor of my town is pro-choice so has advised people to make their own mind up without pushing the agenda and recently wrote a message regarding the under 18's which was agnostic in tone.

I am pro-choice and decided not to have Tizer because of my own personal medical history. As there is talk of vaccine escape, boosters and the vaccines are reportedly only 60% effective. Plus the fact I feel I have already had sars2, so my natural immune system will be better next time around my hesitency has increased.

I will accept if I get very ill and die that is my own fault. I will accept if the loonies decide you can only travel if you are jabbed I will all accept I am stuck in Japan. That is my choice and I can always change my mind when and if things change. I will not accept that by not having the vaccine I am putting anyone else at risk especially when I see the daily non-social distancing, the failure to wear maskes properly and so on.

I still feel that once the Olympic circus has left town that some sense of reality will open up in the Japanese government. So the next few weeks is going to show the true future. Up until now it has all been panto season level thinking.

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Posted in: Moderna says COVID vaccines sent to Japan contained stainless steel particles See in context

Previously it was reported that the particles reacted to a magnet. Steel being a funny metal combo that depends on its past if it is magnetic or not. Did all the vial contaminants get checked to see if that are all the same.

I am wondering if the two men were injected properly. Having had all sorts of damage done to my veins by Japanese needles I wonder if the needle was into muscle. Although as they were young men that should have not been difficult. A small bit of steel into muscle wont cause to much damage but into the blood stream would.

Maybe it caused fever and medical mal-practice and bad treatment caused the death. They may have thought they were treating something else. What doctor would expect injection of steel particles as the cause of fever.

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Also in the UK large amounts of people had tests at home. Many NHS staff were testing themselves twice a week. They were also allowed to use the tests on family living with them and family in their bubbles.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,168 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,031 See in context

September has not started well in Osaka. 3 people under 50 dead. Last month it was seven in total. 13 people under 50 in ICU last month it was 154 in total.

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The working number of days to update a vaccine is 100 days. I expect that all variants of interest quite quickly end in pharma labs to create new vaccines and then if/when they are needed it is just a matter of increasing production and training at the various factories in the world.

It will end up like the flu vaccine where there is a best guess and production during the summer months ready for the winter ones. It wont always be successful but we have been coping with flu death fluctations for years. It is in the end just a matter of people getting used to the idea that sars2 is an unavoidable part of life.

At the looks at my supermarket and library it appears to me in my area the old folk have all come out of hiding. Not sure that is because they are all vaxxed and think they are safe or they are just fed up being stuck at home.

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It does take a lot of load voices from the cheap seats to drown out the shill voices that are MOD exempt.

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All these people making out that the standard Japanese person does not have any skill for deciding for themselves, no invention, no sense of right way/wrong way to do something. That is just not true.

The story as always is missing so much detail who knows what actually happpend. 'Found to be thrown away' is a very confusing concept.

Where were they found?

Where they just dumped in a cupboard out of the way or actually found in a bin?

The article speaks of needing the space and I think what for? What space? and so on. If only a news articles could provide some context.

If I was faced with a bunch of medical stuff and no instructions I would be storing them until the whole circus has left and then distribute them as needed. The circus has not left town and so I would be finding someone to store said items until then.

I used to work were there was a store of water bottes for emergency. When they got close to date expired we would just hand them out to staff, making space for a new delivery. I did not want clear instructions because that would have probably meant not being able to do what I did and some kind of accountancy.

I also had a time when the office got a new kettle/microwave/fridge and the person who delivered it was tasked with taking the old stuff. That did not happen because I gave everything to the cleaner as nothing was wrong. On that occasion some paperwork was fudged.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,909 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 17,713 See in context

This month was the worst since the beginning for Osaka. The pos numbers for my town and the towns either side combined came to 696. The next worth month was April with 344. Double.

The numbers for Osaka for people under 50.

ICU 154. Previous worst was April, 101

Deaths 7. Second worst on record as May had 16.

Small numbers in context to other countries but absolutely no sign that things are getting better. With schools back and with the deaths always trailing ICU, next month could be worse. Although I have a gut feeling that things will get better as the government actually starts to concentrate of doing something proactive.

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Posted in: Planet in peril: Global conservation congress urges wildlife protection See in context

@P Towns...

Prince Charles next in line for the British Crown has been tree hugging, plant talking and generally planet earth champion since before I and I expect you were born. It is also a fact that the Royals in the UK are rich and not in any way connected to the economy and Mr Dyson of Fan and Hoover production is not only much richer than the Queen but owns more land.

I think the predatory capitalists are people in sports like the IOC. They seem to be the ones forcing the world to do silly things.

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Posted in: U.S. climate envoy Kerry in Japan to discuss effort to cut emissions See in context

Would be nice if they mentioned that methane also causes problems and rice production creates methane. It would also be nice if they made a law that forced taxi/lorry drivers from leaving their engines running when not moving.

As Japan can not realisticly use wind and their solar projects seem to be for the rich it looks like they will push for nuclear as a stop gap. Hoping very much that Japan will go full hydrogen gas for boilers/cookers/cars.

I very much hope Kerry did more than talk because that could have easily been done via the internet like the rest of us smucks have to do at the moment.

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Posted in: North Korea appears to have restarted nuclear reactor: U.N. agency See in context


As is clear people think differently to me. However to explain there have been 5 seismic events that were man made and were considered to be nuclea explosions but other than the seismic evidence there is very little to prove either way. No outside body has ever been able to visit the sites and under Trump the most likely evidence was closed up by NK before anyone could check.

Out of the five events two had detection of radioactive material. One detected in Cananda and one detected by a US plane making an air sample. However both of these occasions it was not possible to discount that it came from either SK or Japanese nuclear power stations. Even though power stations have a distinct signal and could easily be checked at any time to discount them that was not done.

Even when the US did undergound tests there was always a leak of material from underground and it would be incrediblly lucky of NK to have a cave system that could contain no leaking.

So far none of the five explosions is so large it could not be done but normal explosives although it would be a massive taks to put so much explosive in one place.

Therefore in my opinion there has not been any real evidence of nuclea explosions and no one has been able to visit the explosion sites to confirm one way or another. All we get are articles like this and the odd paper from a US university or US backed media outlet telling us something.

I am sure people can provide me with a whole host of stuff in links but before any do I would ask that you look at what is written and what is factually evidence and what is just opinion.

I do have a small video of a press breifing during the Trump era when one of his many spokes people actually said that NK was not close to being a nuclear threat. The journos in the room totally ignored this and spent the next day complaining about a racisit comment in the same press breifing. I would make the effort to upload and link it but I feel that would not in any way satisfy people on this site.

I would be very interested if people do have links to real evidence and would be happy to have my opinion changed but please, please only bother if it is real worthy evidence.

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Posted in: North Korea appears to have restarted nuclear reactor: U.N. agency See in context

I am fully in the belief that North Korea does not have any nuclear weapons and is not even close to having them.

As for 'rapid growth'. When the US had made its bomb it took the Russians two years to catch up. They did get given the plans. Even with the US doing what is does best and changing its contract with the UK the UK took a year to create a bomb. It was the science from the UK that was sent to the US that made it all possible anyway.

So progress if there is any is massively slow compared to other countries and I am sure they have access to all sorts of plans.

I am more worried about the growing amount of water from a melted down reactor that is going to get pumped into the sea. Even that is less of a problem than the many aging reactors that want to start up, the lack of security at the places and the constant stories of falsified safety documents in JAPAN.

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Posted in: Difficult to end state of emergency as planned: health minister See in context

@R Ogle

UK as of today is 78% both doses and 88% first dose.

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Posted in: Difficult to end state of emergency as planned: health minister See in context

Firtsly to the non-real people who post maybe you need a day off work.

I personally think it is time to let the virus do what it is going to do in the long run anyway and that is to try and infect as many people as it can. Now that the most vulnerable people are protected by a vaccine and most people are being sensible it is time to open up properly again.

For most of us that will make no difference to our lives and those companies that have suffered for no real gain can once again bring life back to the country. Yes more people will end up needing hospital treatement and some will die but not in the numbers that some might think.

What the government does need to do if it opened up is make sure hospitals are ready. ICU capacity and bed capacity needs to be increased. That was done in two ways in the UK. They made tempory hospitals that never actually got used and they stopped elective and non-essential medical treatement. They had dedicated wards for covid patients and they moved people into and most importantly out of ICU. Lastly they allowed doctors to decide who gets the ICU bed. There is little point giving full ICU treatment to an 80 year old. Much better to give them a bed and some oxygen and monitor them properly. Tough choices for doctors but in reality doctors do this daily with all sorts of conditions.

At this moment in time a harder lock down would do more harm than good and what is in place at the moment is about as soft as you can get.

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Posted in: Japan probes two deaths after jabs from tainted Moderna batch See in context


The situation needs to be investigated before anyone can conclude anything. It is possible that both men had a condition that had yet to be found by a doctor.

It is not clear to me if these men have had an autopsy and maybe the were cremated without one. If that is the case then the only thing anyone can do is look at both cases and all the medical information they have.

It would also be useful to check on everyone who had a vaccine from these batches and ask them if they had any similar symptoms. As they should know who these people are and they should have a contact number it really only takes a few people sitting in a room and calling them up with a specific set of questions.

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