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I wonder if you can list things that would make one person more/less deserving of hospital treatment than another.

For example does a salary person who drinks, smokes, sits down all day and does no exercise even on Sundays really need that pace maker just because he decides to have the vaccine and wear a mask?

Actually I would not want to go near an ICU and am actually very worried someone would want to put a tube down my throat to save my life. I have given strict instructions to my wife to refuse such treatment. She has been told I will accept an oxygen mask but nothing invasive.

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@Kyu Bill

My wife has been against all vaccines from before I met her and that is decades ago. So are some of her friends. The Mayor of my town is pro-choice so has advised people to make their own mind up without pushing the agenda and recently wrote a message regarding the under 18's which was agnostic in tone.

I am pro-choice and decided not to have Tizer because of my own personal medical history. As there is talk of vaccine escape, boosters and the vaccines are reportedly only 60% effective. Plus the fact I feel I have already had sars2, so my natural immune system will be better next time around my hesitency has increased.

I will accept if I get very ill and die that is my own fault. I will accept if the loonies decide you can only travel if you are jabbed I will all accept I am stuck in Japan. That is my choice and I can always change my mind when and if things change. I will not accept that by not having the vaccine I am putting anyone else at risk especially when I see the daily non-social distancing, the failure to wear maskes properly and so on.

I still feel that once the Olympic circus has left town that some sense of reality will open up in the Japanese government. So the next few weeks is going to show the true future. Up until now it has all been panto season level thinking.

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Previously it was reported that the particles reacted to a magnet. Steel being a funny metal combo that depends on its past if it is magnetic or not. Did all the vial contaminants get checked to see if that are all the same.

I am wondering if the two men were injected properly. Having had all sorts of damage done to my veins by Japanese needles I wonder if the needle was into muscle. Although as they were young men that should have not been difficult. A small bit of steel into muscle wont cause to much damage but into the blood stream would.

Maybe it caused fever and medical mal-practice and bad treatment caused the death. They may have thought they were treating something else. What doctor would expect injection of steel particles as the cause of fever.

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Also in the UK large amounts of people had tests at home. Many NHS staff were testing themselves twice a week. They were also allowed to use the tests on family living with them and family in their bubbles.

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September has not started well in Osaka. 3 people under 50 dead. Last month it was seven in total. 13 people under 50 in ICU last month it was 154 in total.

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The working number of days to update a vaccine is 100 days. I expect that all variants of interest quite quickly end in pharma labs to create new vaccines and then if/when they are needed it is just a matter of increasing production and training at the various factories in the world.

It will end up like the flu vaccine where there is a best guess and production during the summer months ready for the winter ones. It wont always be successful but we have been coping with flu death fluctations for years. It is in the end just a matter of people getting used to the idea that sars2 is an unavoidable part of life.

At the looks at my supermarket and library it appears to me in my area the old folk have all come out of hiding. Not sure that is because they are all vaxxed and think they are safe or they are just fed up being stuck at home.

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It does take a lot of load voices from the cheap seats to drown out the shill voices that are MOD exempt.

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All these people making out that the standard Japanese person does not have any skill for deciding for themselves, no invention, no sense of right way/wrong way to do something. That is just not true.

The story as always is missing so much detail who knows what actually happpend. 'Found to be thrown away' is a very confusing concept.

Where were they found?

Where they just dumped in a cupboard out of the way or actually found in a bin?

The article speaks of needing the space and I think what for? What space? and so on. If only a news articles could provide some context.

If I was faced with a bunch of medical stuff and no instructions I would be storing them until the whole circus has left and then distribute them as needed. The circus has not left town and so I would be finding someone to store said items until then.

I used to work were there was a store of water bottes for emergency. When they got close to date expired we would just hand them out to staff, making space for a new delivery. I did not want clear instructions because that would have probably meant not being able to do what I did and some kind of accountancy.

I also had a time when the office got a new kettle/microwave/fridge and the person who delivered it was tasked with taking the old stuff. That did not happen because I gave everything to the cleaner as nothing was wrong. On that occasion some paperwork was fudged.

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This month was the worst since the beginning for Osaka. The pos numbers for my town and the towns either side combined came to 696. The next worth month was April with 344. Double.

The numbers for Osaka for people under 50.

ICU 154. Previous worst was April, 101

Deaths 7. Second worst on record as May had 16.

Small numbers in context to other countries but absolutely no sign that things are getting better. With schools back and with the deaths always trailing ICU, next month could be worse. Although I have a gut feeling that things will get better as the government actually starts to concentrate of doing something proactive.

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@P Towns...

Prince Charles next in line for the British Crown has been tree hugging, plant talking and generally planet earth champion since before I and I expect you were born. It is also a fact that the Royals in the UK are rich and not in any way connected to the economy and Mr Dyson of Fan and Hoover production is not only much richer than the Queen but owns more land.

I think the predatory capitalists are people in sports like the IOC. They seem to be the ones forcing the world to do silly things.

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Would be nice if they mentioned that methane also causes problems and rice production creates methane. It would also be nice if they made a law that forced taxi/lorry drivers from leaving their engines running when not moving.

As Japan can not realisticly use wind and their solar projects seem to be for the rich it looks like they will push for nuclear as a stop gap. Hoping very much that Japan will go full hydrogen gas for boilers/cookers/cars.

I very much hope Kerry did more than talk because that could have easily been done via the internet like the rest of us smucks have to do at the moment.

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As is clear people think differently to me. However to explain there have been 5 seismic events that were man made and were considered to be nuclea explosions but other than the seismic evidence there is very little to prove either way. No outside body has ever been able to visit the sites and under Trump the most likely evidence was closed up by NK before anyone could check.

Out of the five events two had detection of radioactive material. One detected in Cananda and one detected by a US plane making an air sample. However both of these occasions it was not possible to discount that it came from either SK or Japanese nuclear power stations. Even though power stations have a distinct signal and could easily be checked at any time to discount them that was not done.

Even when the US did undergound tests there was always a leak of material from underground and it would be incrediblly lucky of NK to have a cave system that could contain no leaking.

So far none of the five explosions is so large it could not be done but normal explosives although it would be a massive taks to put so much explosive in one place.

Therefore in my opinion there has not been any real evidence of nuclea explosions and no one has been able to visit the explosion sites to confirm one way or another. All we get are articles like this and the odd paper from a US university or US backed media outlet telling us something.

I am sure people can provide me with a whole host of stuff in links but before any do I would ask that you look at what is written and what is factually evidence and what is just opinion.

I do have a small video of a press breifing during the Trump era when one of his many spokes people actually said that NK was not close to being a nuclear threat. The journos in the room totally ignored this and spent the next day complaining about a racisit comment in the same press breifing. I would make the effort to upload and link it but I feel that would not in any way satisfy people on this site.

I would be very interested if people do have links to real evidence and would be happy to have my opinion changed but please, please only bother if it is real worthy evidence.

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I am fully in the belief that North Korea does not have any nuclear weapons and is not even close to having them.

As for 'rapid growth'. When the US had made its bomb it took the Russians two years to catch up. They did get given the plans. Even with the US doing what is does best and changing its contract with the UK the UK took a year to create a bomb. It was the science from the UK that was sent to the US that made it all possible anyway.

So progress if there is any is massively slow compared to other countries and I am sure they have access to all sorts of plans.

I am more worried about the growing amount of water from a melted down reactor that is going to get pumped into the sea. Even that is less of a problem than the many aging reactors that want to start up, the lack of security at the places and the constant stories of falsified safety documents in JAPAN.

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@R Ogle

UK as of today is 78% both doses and 88% first dose.

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Firtsly to the non-real people who post maybe you need a day off work.

I personally think it is time to let the virus do what it is going to do in the long run anyway and that is to try and infect as many people as it can. Now that the most vulnerable people are protected by a vaccine and most people are being sensible it is time to open up properly again.

For most of us that will make no difference to our lives and those companies that have suffered for no real gain can once again bring life back to the country. Yes more people will end up needing hospital treatement and some will die but not in the numbers that some might think.

What the government does need to do if it opened up is make sure hospitals are ready. ICU capacity and bed capacity needs to be increased. That was done in two ways in the UK. They made tempory hospitals that never actually got used and they stopped elective and non-essential medical treatement. They had dedicated wards for covid patients and they moved people into and most importantly out of ICU. Lastly they allowed doctors to decide who gets the ICU bed. There is little point giving full ICU treatment to an 80 year old. Much better to give them a bed and some oxygen and monitor them properly. Tough choices for doctors but in reality doctors do this daily with all sorts of conditions.

At this moment in time a harder lock down would do more harm than good and what is in place at the moment is about as soft as you can get.

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The situation needs to be investigated before anyone can conclude anything. It is possible that both men had a condition that had yet to be found by a doctor.

It is not clear to me if these men have had an autopsy and maybe the were cremated without one. If that is the case then the only thing anyone can do is look at both cases and all the medical information they have.

It would also be useful to check on everyone who had a vaccine from these batches and ask them if they had any similar symptoms. As they should know who these people are and they should have a contact number it really only takes a few people sitting in a room and calling them up with a specific set of questions.

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As said on another thread I had a field trip last night. The night life is very much reduced. People on the trains were spaced apart all wearing masks and only one person was wearing it wrong by not covering his nose. Although many places were shut I was able to have drink-all-you-can that extended well after 20.00 and could have moved on to another bar if time had permitted.

I got the giggles because the street life was mainly desperate massage ladies trying to share slim pickings. There were more of them than possible customers as most people were out as couples. I was most definitely the oldest person around by decades and I managed to just get the last train home.

I would say bars and customers were all behaving in a covid safe way and just bending the rules rather than completely ignoring them. I did not feel the night life is the reason for the recent spreading,

These young people getting the jab I think want to feel safe to go out with friends so the more of them that get it the more of them will venture out and enjoy life again. The world needs young people to enjoy life.

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I asked my friend if she had reported her fever after her second shot of moderna and she had not. She did not seem to think it was important. I expect quite a lot of people do that. She also had severe joint pain. A bit scary to hear this story and I hope it does not turn out that the deaths are related to the vaccine.

As for reporting deaths and the stats that depends on the country and even the people doing the numbers in the country. The UK has three different sets of number the ONS, PHE and NHS. ONS are the ones mostly used and they made the decison (quite properly) to include all deaths where covid is mentioned on the death cert as first or second reason. Doctors list all causes but do tend to list them in order of importance (although they can list them how them want). To include the first two does give a robust number that can be tracked over time but also gives a higher than actual number.

Sadly when the numbers were reported the logic was missed out and the UK media just made out that the UK government was somehow doing a worse job than Europe. That is why comparing different countries is so difficult because you have to compare quaility of statistics and that is very varied. I think the ONS made the right statistical decision. As for road accident covid deaths those numbers come from PHE in the UK and that is a defunct entity now.

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A very long time ago I worked in a shop in London and the food that was going out of date was chucked in a sack and a charity came and collected it each night to give out at a soup kitchen. This worked very well and could easily be done in Japan. It would have to be properly organised and demand would need to be enough so Tokyo shops could easily do it.

I find quite a lot of food items are badly priced and some items never sell until the reduced lables are put on. I often wonder why the shops don't charge less at the begining. My local supermarket sells lamb and no one ever buys it until the 30% less sticker is on it. I used to be able to look at the dates and judge when to visit the shop for the 50% less sticker. Sadly someone else was also doing the same so it was always a gamble which of us got the timing right.

As for the wastage from IOC I just wonder why they ordered so many in the first place and why they could just not reduce the order before it was made.

As for the global problem of food wastage I never really know why people waste any food. I buy what I need and I never throw anything away. I can see why a shop has to stock to keep shelves full but it is also up to shop staff to keep wastage down. Not easy with some items but is part of the job. In the shop I worked it was part of the performance related pay to keep wastage below a certain level. Not that I am an advocate performance related pay but it did work in that instance.

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Well I will be out field testing the lock-down night life of Osaka soon. I expect drinking and eating will be later than 8. Although it might be the car park of a local 7-11. I have not ventured out often recently so it will be very interesting to see what is really going on. The wife has given me a small bottle of spray because she thinks its the toilets (seats and handles) that are the most toxic places to touch. I tend to agree with that sentiment considering the worst place on the Princess was the toilet floor for virus numbers.

As for the daily numbers who cares anymore.

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Purely speculative but as it is a war crime to kill someone you have in prison. By releasing your enemy you can then shoot them as an act of war/policing or a bit of both. Maybe they are just fans of the most dangeorous game.

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I did a bit of searching and am still none the wiser. It states you must yeild to pedestrians which is fine if they are stepping out to cross. It is not clear how you can tell if a person is going to cross or not. I could not find anything that explains the day to day process of seeing someone on a pavement and deciding to stop or not.

There are plenty of articles stating 80% to 90% of Japanese drivers fail to obey the rules and none of them actually clearly state what rules the drivers are failing to do. Even this article does not give a link or a bit of public information about the ruels.

In the UK is simple. A pedestrian has to have a least one foot on the road. If they stand on the pavement then they are not legally crossing. So you drive slowly with care and only stop once the person attempts to cross. Does anyone have a link to a clear and easy rule about this.

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Very misleading headline. As if they want people to think it was machine error when it was not. As for people being on board of a driverless vehicle it makes sense to me at this stage as they can give witness to any incidents. As they did. In the UK the VIctoria Line (1960's) has always been automatic but had a button pusher in the front. So a bus is much harder concept.

I am not sure of the rules of the road in Japan and I have thrown away my Japanese highway code to check. Do you legally have to stop at a crossing or does it depend on the type of crossing. I see everyday people getting stopped by police near me because they failed to stop at a stop sign including taxi drivers who truly should know better. I drive expecting people to throw themselves in front of me because no one ever looks behind before cutting me up. Very defensive driving is a must in Japan.

As for this incident I can't help thinking that the visually impared person was waiting to hear the bus stop before attempting to cross. He hears the bus stop, gets ready to cross and then the person presses a button to start the bus up again. If I was a journalist I would be asking what training these bus conductors had regarding the needs of the disabled considering it is the paralympics. The fact they said he did not have a cane shows a very level of understanding.

Out of interest I would also want to know what colour the auto-start, emergency-stop buttons are. If the bus has both, if they are located close or far apart. If the auto-start button has a think/delay process because even a message next to the button saying 'are you sure' might have made the difference.

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Life years lost can be calculated so it is actually just a question of someone doing the maths. They did the maths for both the UK and Australia on the first lock-downs and found out that more life years will be lost than lives saved.

Live years lost include young people who will loose out in the long run. The point being is 6 months extra life for an 80 year old more important then 5 years less for a 25 year old. The gamble being that there is a way of countering the loss to 25 year olds with good policy but obviously no way of countering the 6 months for the 80 year old.

I know that this site is a pure NZ love fest and you somehow get to say what you want without modding whilst the rest of us are on the fast delete. However my original questions deserve proper answers because there is a health cost to shutting down and that does need to be balance against stopping the virus spread. More importantly will the policy prevent the virus or just slow it down for a future time.

It is a good question if Japan will open up as well. It looks very much like all countries will have strict border controls but those who have accepted the virus as part of life will open up a lot quicker than others. NZ is an outliner and maybe that will be an economic cost in the long run. Long run being more than 5 years.

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My questions would be:

How much is this costing the NZ economy?

How many life years lost will that account for on the population?

What happens each time NZ opens up to the rest of the world?


When will NZ open up to the rest of the world again?

I am not envious of NZ at all. In fact I am not envious of UK my homeland. For all the silly things that the JP government has done at least they have yet to take away my freedom.

That said I am interested in this live action experiment because over the last couple of years quite a lot of people have been critisized for not acting quickly when the threat is small. This will be a test case to prove if that theory actually works out in practice.

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First I hope the 222 has a different meaning to what it used to be for (Jon Benet).

As for vaccine access. From my little corner of Osaka all the people I know have been able to get it. Some are waiting for second doses but the older, vulnerable ones have all had the option. I do not know people below 30's but I do know people in their 30's who are fully vaccinated.

My own documents came months ago. I just do not recognise that people do not have access. The only vague notion of that was a person I know who wanted to jump the queue and was on a list for when people cancel appointments. They struggled to jump for a while with a lot of admin. But even they are now doubled.

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It would have been nice when this was first reported that mention the pieces were black, did not disolve when the vial was shaken and reacted to a magnet. I quite sure all that information was available from the start.

Instead its a day of speculation rather than a logical conclusion that something metal broke at the factory.

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A note about mutations of viruses because people seem to think that when a person has a virus they only have one variant in their body. That is just not true. They will have a variant that is considered dominant and a whole host of others.

The mutations happen in both vaccinated and unvacinated people. The big difference is how long a person is fighting the virus for it to mutate and keep attacking. The vaccine helps the body to fight and therefore it helps reduce the amount of mutations but not to zero and it is quite possible that out of bad luck a vaccinated person will be the one who cultivates something nastier.

The Kent variant is a case in point because it was thought that it occured in one person who had a prolonged infection but was strong enough in their body not to need medical assistance.

There is also evidence that certain viruses tend to mutate in a similar way and the sars2 had followed the norm with the Kent variant. I can not remember how many changes exactly the Kent variant made, it was about 16 in total and 4 on the spike protein. (DNA level changes)

It is possible that the spike protein will change as well. At this point the vaccines in circulation will need to be updated. The UK government was planning to have a process of 100 days to create a new vaccine strain but I am not sure how close they are to doing that or if the focus has changed.


Back on topic is the bit in the vaccine a millimeters then they would be visable to the naked eye and that is probably how they were discovered. As far as I am aware no reports of this has been made outside of Japan. This makes me think it must be a storage issue rather than a production issue.

As an aside many years ago I was working for a company and the product I was dealing with stated to go faulty. I spent three months investigating all manor of theories until one day from pure endruance I discovered something that I showed to the QA manager and with some very heavy pushing the procuement manager admitted to swapping out a component for a cheaper one and that was the cause of the faults. Three months sitting in the same office with the person causing it not owning up was a great frustration to me. I learnt my lesson the hard way.

I think someone needs to follow the vaccine from arrival to final discovery and make sure that a less than accurate person has not just done something properly and is now sitting back and keeping quiet.

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Maybe you can provide a link to viral load reduction from a cloth mask.

And another link to viral load reduction from badly fitted masks.

And finally a link to viral load reduction from mis-use (i.e. constant touching) of masks.

I do understand viral load and the harshness of a virus. I was trying to point out that in reality people where a mask and immediately think they are safe and therefore increase the amount of other behaviours which increase viral load. Spending long hours in a badly ventilated room is considerably worse for viral load than spending five minutes in a supermarket without a mask.

As for putting other people in danger I think you should be a tad more careful about accusing people. As to my knowledge I have not put anyone else in danger and I have reduced the bubble of people considerably over the last couple of years and seldom travel on trains of visit crowded places. I wear a mask when it is right to do so but not in situations where a mask is pointless. I also wear a proper mask and dispose of it properly.

Finally I think the IOC are massively to blame for what is happening now in Japan and I even put in a formal complaint about Lord Coe before the Olympics for failing the standards of a Lord. If only others had done the same it might have forced the issue a bit more.

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Is this a storage issue?

Does the heat/humidity of Japan not make the vaccine happy?

Have the vials been sitting around for such a long time that they just need a bit of jiggling about?

As said by others without some kind of indication of what the contamination actually is for all we know it might just be a colour change of no significance. Or it might be that the Spanish sent the bad batches to Japan much like Sony used to do with televisions in the 80's.

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