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It all looks like a modern equivalent of WW2. Coca Cola never stopped selling in Germany during the war they just created Fanta. I am sure they will find a loop-hole to do the same in Russia.

As for the gas it is easy for the US as always far away from the war and not suffering much compared to others. Germany however is stuffed because without those imports it will collapse. The US is once again so far removed from the realities it will sit back and watch as it did twice before and wait to profit at the end like it did before.

The US should understand that Germany has held the EU together and if Germany falls then they all do. They will all default the IMF and a default of the IMF shuts down the world-economy which is based purely on a promise. This may be a long term thing but there is a tipping point very close to happening.

Politicians clapping themselves does not stop this from happening and if it all goes tits-up I hope the peole rise in every country and remove these fat-bloated-sychophants because they have failed us and even yesterday zelenski did his 1984-esque speach in the UK parliament but said nothing new and they all stood and clapped him and said he's a very good fellow. He hardly said thankyou either.

I hope the peace talks now have top priority because all our future depend on a quick ending to this mess. I also hope someone gives the US admins a history lesson so they can understand the mistakes they made in WW1 and WW2 because it appears they have forgotten.

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The Guardian is massively biassed. It is also not a member of IPSO.

The cat-lady that has written for it on russian links to uk government has not one a single argument in court. Nothing she has written in the paper has been proved factual.

All newspapers in the UK have editorial bias and all of them should be read with that in mind. But the guardian is a massive offender of the truth on nearly every subject. I suggest you read more widely.

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All journalism is biased. The BBC says it makes and effort and for it troubles it is accused of bias on both sides of every arguament. In olden times you would go to a news-stand and have a choice of papers and know which ones had which biases and choose according to taste. Everyone knew that the paper they read was not neutral and used that as a guide to what was written.

In this modern world its impossible to do that. Regarding this war I look at both RT and Al Jazeera knowing that both have there likes and dislikes.

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People who assume that NATO would just turn up and win need to think if that is realistic. People who think that the Ukrainians are doing anything more than stopping an advance need to consider how long the war will last if the Ukrainians have to advance into the areas already controlled by russian forces.

Every extra day this war last the more people die, the more destruction and the longer time it will take to recover. Russia has made an offer and Zelenski needs to consider what is best for his country. More death and destruction or an acceptance that Russia has taken a chunk of land.

My personal view is Zelenski is now the bigger problem and his insitance of putting civilian lives at risk is shaky.

It is not looking good for the world and I am hoping some practical and realistic thinking is taking place because the tip-toe into a long-term disaster seems to be the direction we are allowing our leaders to take us. Borris is failing the UK and in reality he is being supported by all the other parties.

I am ashamed of the UK response and its inability to see zelensky as no more worthy of praise as putin. Zelensky may not have invaded another country but he is now holding his population as hostage.

At this point the sensible option is a realisation that putin has successfully made a land grab, a complete stopping of the war and rebuilding ukraine is a small junk of land that before. The sanctions against russia will still be there, the build-up of NATO in NATO countries will continue and at least no more death and destruction.

As for the alledged war-crimes, putin is an old man and realistically even if he we were able to get him to the hague and find him guilty the amount of time taken would most likely be longer than he has to live anyway.

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The russians do tend to have massive military and civilian casualties though. I wonder if Putin has factored that in.

In WW2 the US civilian casualties amounted to 5,000. The Russians 1 million. I think both sides will be happy to leave Ukraine and subequently Poland and Romania to take the hit.

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In context the UK has left the EU so the increase may be connected to that. It maybe that the UK and France have changed who they umbrella and it takes time to move subs around the world so stock-rotation becomes an issue. First increase is 70 years makes it similar to cheescake in Osaka.

Also remember the guardian is not a member of IPSO as it is charity run (some say it has a billion pounds hidden away) and has had the cat-lady telling lies (that is what a judge has said) for years.

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Maybe the word force is a bit strong but as it stands products from the UK can not enter N.Ireland without being processed as imports to the EU. The EU has added lots of caveats and is not acting in the manner the agreement was expected. Yes it could be considered a mild border issue to outsiders but considering the history of the troubles and how it was resolved it is a heavy nudge in the wrong direction and the EU are playing with the conflict (peoples lives) to gain economic advantage.

However this is massively off-topic and I did not want to go into detail but to make a comparison regarding long-term-triggers that made putin invade.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia stepping up shelling of residential areas See in context

@its only rock and roll

Finland would be a good candidate for somewhat neutral status.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia stepping up shelling of residential areas See in context

I understand there is a propaganda-war and I understand most news-media outside of russia is for Ukraine.....but.....

It is bad journalism to just accept something comming out of the mouth of one side and not make at least some attempt to clarify if it is true. Zelensky and his war-escalating talk on a daily bases it getting realy tired. There are plenty of journalist all over ukraine and they have a duty to be impartial and truthful.


In more important news that is coming from both sides the US has offered Poland and Romania to replace any planes they give to Ukraine. The russians have said that this implicates these countries in the war. Therefore if Poland and Romania were to hand over planes for Ukranians to fly they would be entering the war. Thank you US for the gesture and lets hope that Putin does not over-react!

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Posted in: 44-year-old man arrested after paying minor for sex See in context

Surely a decent journalist would check her twitter profile for age. Although at the price quoted I think the police have a good idea the man knew. I was accosted outside Tenoji station and quotet 15,000 yen. Although that was a good ten years ago.

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Posted in: Fleeing sanctions, Russian oligarchs seek safe ports for superyachts See in context

Pefectly welcome to come to my local port. May have to avoid moby-dick on the way. We regularly have russian ships and I have heard nothing about them being stopped.

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If it had been up to me NATO, UN including WHO, the BBC with its soft powers? would have all been defunded years ago. The lesson we never learnt from WW1 and WW2 was that if you allow groups of nations to band together when one gets into a fight you end up with a bigger fight. Too late now and sadly NATO is now even more of a threat to world peace.

Another lesson we have obviously not learnt is that after WW1 the Germans were punished economically to such an extent they ended up wanting a dictatorship. That is very likely to happen in russia if we are not careful. The end of WW2 had US money flow into Europe to prevent this. Although that did not include the UK which the US shafted as they always do. The UK paid back an eventual loan in 2007 and a few months later the US put the world into banking collapse. Although it would have been much easier to deal with if the BBC had not stoked the fire against its own government.

The reality is we all interpret history through are own experiences and what is happening at the moment can not be controlled by us. What I do know is as and when this war is over millions of people will need to rebuild there lives. The shorter the war the less long-term damage and people on both sides to work towards ending this conflict sooner rather than later. As I see it both putin and zelensky are both pushing for a long-drawn-out war and so both should be removed from power at the earliest possible opportunity.

On the propaganda front I am hearing that zelensky is no longer in the ukraine. One said Esotonia (unlikely) the other poland. I think he left before his famous phone-message outside because I felt that messages was a pre-record. If he is in poland that is good because plenty of elites are travlling their so he can sign all the paperwork they require before they spend tax-payer money. I wonder if zelensky will keep his word. I have a feeling when all is finished he wont.

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Lets hope there will be more opportunities in the future. I have a feeling the more secure putin is in his position the more he will feel like being nice. Those who are asking for no-fly-zones are delaying that.

As for M&S sanctions. I have lived in Japan without M&S for years. I miss many things; jaffa-cakes, salad-cream, golden-syrup, marmite, a decent beer in the winter, sausages and yes I miss a shop-bought christmas-pudding from M&S. I am sure the normal russian people will quickly learn to do without and prada bags are made to last so the second hand prada market will make a whole new set of oligarchs. In fact I am sure some of the original ones made millions from over-priced-fashion-brands last time.

Having said that the last time I was in England I did go to M&S and purchase a large quantity of under-pants because Japanese clothes never fit me and I can put up with most stuff but I do like to be comfortable.

Lastly some on here seem to think sanctions are not war-mongering but in reality sanctions are part of the war machinery. They are put in place to prevent leaders of the world pushing a button. Sactions have worked to prevent many a conflict escalating but they do not hurt the people in power and in this instance because putin has gone a bit do-lally the sanctions are not going to work and are just harming ordianry people and the whole world economy. The reality of sanctions especially long-term ones is people starving to death and if that is not an act of violence against a country then what is?

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Zelenski has bitten the hand that feeds him and he should be put back in his place. Billions has been sent in money, arms and good will. His population is being housed all across Europe and they will be allowed to stay their for years. Yet instead of saying thankyou he is now claiming NATO is not doing enough and has blood on their hands.

I hope people wake up to the fact that Zelenski is also not a nice person and that when this is all over Ukraine finds someone better to take over.

Those people who call for NATO involvement and no-fly-zone should at the very least understand that if that was to happen then thousands if not missions of non-ukranians will die, Other countries in europe with be destroyed and it wont be a cake-walk. It will be all out world-war.

People in Japan might consider that Japan might not want to take sides. It was with UK in WW1 and with Germany in WW2. Although as it relies on the US for its nuclear umbrella it might have some problems.

Sadly I think 6 hours to leave home is quite a short window so I do hope those who wish to get out can. At the very least it is hopeful this may happen again. Although I have a feeeling Russia has achieved its main goal and may now calm down and coslidate.

Yes. I sounds pro-putin and I accept people will make that accusation but beware Zelenski because truth will out that he is just as much to blame for this and he is the one pushing to involve the rest of us. I am more concerned about his actions than putins at the moment.

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Posted in: Pence says no room in GOP for 'apologists for Putin' See in context

All a bit premature considering we do not know yet who is going to win the war. Just like the war-crime stuff it is pushing everyone into one corner. If putin was to take over ukraine and russia was to be isolated it would still exisit. North Korea has been isolated and sanctioned for decades but it still exisits and still needs to be dealt with.

The US media spent the whole of trumps term to put-him-down and in so doing they reduced the legitamacy of the presidency. Biden was not best choice about of 450 million people but whoever it was had to deal with less power in world politics.

Whoever takes over from Biden will have even less power and the world wont be that fussed who it is. Americans might but outside of the US it will be a Mark Drakeford's level of importance.

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@Desert Tortoise

Where do you get your info regarding the Norks?

As for this and all the other missile launches I have yet to see one bit of physical evidence produced on either side. I know the East Sea is big but it is also shallow and you would think with the amount of debris NK puts into it at least one fragmant would be found.

With the increase in launches (If true. It is hard to belive any news anymore no matter what outlet) maybe they are just equipment training for what is to come. If I was to walk up to a Japanese misile launcher I would worry which button to press because the Japanese do have a habbit of using green and red the wrong way round. As such practice is probably a could thing to do before all-out conflict.

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This link:

Is the debate yesterday in UK parliament regarding completely locking out russia. Not just putin but everything russian. That is the context you need to have regarding all news-media. Everything is on a war-footing and that includes peoples comments on social media. The balance will not return until the war is over.

Personally I am finding Al Jazeera are doing a decent enough job of being balanced. You can get an overview of reports on the hour. RT is still available for an alternative view but its balance is way over to one side. UK news-media is just rubbish but it was rubbish before so nothing has changed other than politicians being kind to the BBC.

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Place your troops in a way that a civilian population, hospital, school, etc... Is between you and the overwhelming enemy.

AQ what you are describing is actually a war-crime. I suggest if you have any proof this is happening you report it. Although you wont get anywhere because only Putin will face a court because as T.Blair before Z will get a pass for anything he does.

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Als Bazaar are saying its ok at the moment. I hope that both sides will be sensible about fighting close to power stations. Although in reality its a strategic target as the power plant has the capacity of 1/4 (sounds wrong but that is what was reported) of ukraines energy.

@Zichi when Chernobyl had its explosion the fall out reached the UK. The fukushima melt-down was much more contained. It may not be the same as an atomoic weapon but it has the potential to harm a massive part of Europe and unlike previous melt-downs it will be in the middle of a war-zone.

I would add that I am sure there are some dusty folders on what to do if a nuclear plant is hit in a war but I think those plans would be mainly speculative. Interstingly when I volunteered for the Tokyo Olympics the instruction book had a section on what to do if there was a nuclear melt-down which felt to me a little over the top.

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If you are in a desperate state you can be exploited by criminals. It is a very established crime now and that is why people have travelled by small boat from France to the UK. These people have travelled from poland-to-germany-to-france to do this and in reality those trips have been orgainsed in poland and germany.

I agree some are tricksters but not all and it is very organised. It takes time and compassion to filter the real victims to the chancers.

It is also worth noting that the EU has dealt with multiple problems around the world and taken in millions of refugees. The US and JAPAN have never been good at taking their fair share. They chuck money at it and then expect others do the heavy lifting.

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As far as I am aware the EU is allowing the refugees in but has yet to decide what will happen in the future. The UK has capacity to process 6,000 visa's a day in Poland and is estimating (although they do not really know) as many as 200,000 will acutally end up in England with various types of visa. That is in addition to the HK Chinese and Afghans that already have routes into the country. Poland is basically a massive sorting centre and doing most of the front line stuff.

I expect what is hoped for is a quick ending to the war and for people to move back home. I expect what is being planned for is people being kicked out of Ukraine never to return.

It does appear that the UK are very worried about agents entering and causing havo-chok and therefore are being cautious on who gets to arrive.

As for Japan and its measly intake it is to be expected. It is worth noting that the aging farming communities in Japan could do with an influx of people who already know how to work the land and I woud prefer people to arrive who can actually produce food to people selling tat that is mainly made in china.

It is early days though and I am sure these people just want a safe place to stay and are all hoping to return quickly.

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Posted in: Russian and Belarusian athletes banned from Paralympics in stunning about-face See in context

So far the sanctions have hurt ordinary russians and some outside busineses, the war has killed people on both sides and destroyed the infrastructure of a country so when people return it wont be life as normal. A very rich man has sold his house in london and his football team but not at a massive loss.

Lots and lots and lots of clapping by the virtue-signalling-elite and now some poor atheletes who have trained hard for years will be forced out.

WHEN? is it going to be Putins turn. He seems to have not had anything bad happen accept for a war-crime trial date in the future and in reality he may die of old age before that happens.

I may know very little about the politics in these countries but I do know that nothing that Boris Johnson does, nothing his party does and nothing the 650 well-paid puffed-up clapping sychophants do has any relation to what I want or how I think the world should be and I think it is very likely that these atheletes are in the same position. Democratic leaders rarely pay attention to us normal people so Putin may be a dictator but the lives of us ordinary people is more or less the same.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly gets suspended sentence; judge slams Ghosn See in context

I guess holding him hostage for 3 years on such a minor charge was supposed to teach him that the 'correct' thing to do in these situations is to plead guilty and bow and apologize a lot and save the prosecutors doing any work.

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Posted in: Refugee count tops 1 million as Russians besiege Ukraine ports See in context

thats a strange way to word "have an actual neo Nazi element in their military, but we dont care about that (right now) because we stand with Ukraine!.

Ukraine side needs to stop trying to win the information war in the media with more and more lies. their cause is righteous and they are the victim here. I know the President is a TV guy but stop making up fake stories to manipulate emotions.

I'm glad you're able to focus on the big picture /s

Every story about Ukraine has apologists popping up to complain 'what about this unit?' or 'what about discrimination?' or 'but this news wasn't accurate' to try and deflect attention away from the fact that Russia is invading a sovereign nation, using indiscriminate attacks on civilian populations, probably committing war crimes, sacrificing their own ill prepared soldiers, manipulating their own media to a massive degree, threatening to use nuclear weapons if anyone interferes, etc..

I'm sure Ukraine and the west aren't perfect, but any flaws they have are frankly pretty irrelevant by comparison right now.

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Posted in: Most of the world lines up against Moscow; attacks intensify See in context

Militarily they will win.


Possibly. In the short term. But in terms of holding it, and in terms of longer term economic and geopolitical losses, I think it's pretty clear they aren't going to win.

Ukraine has been caught, (by CNN), trying to pass off their own destroyed armory as being Russian!

It's war. Do you really expect everything that the two sides involved report to be 100% accurate?

Luckily, the west has a free media that will report on the war warts and all, and investigate claims made by both sides.

Unfortunately, that will be exploited by those who will try to use those reports to somehow justify what Russia is doing.

One aspect of this that seems to have escaped the mass media's attention is the growing perception in some countries that all this Europe-centric rallying and cry of support is to save white fair-haired blue-eyed people, and such has never happened before to save people of color in similar situations. Al-Jazeera has several articles in this vein. Part of the narrative includes alleged discrimination as black folk are getting stopped or second-tracked at the Ukrainian border entering Poland. This may partly account for negative votes from certain non-socialist countries in the UN.

An aspect that everyone really needs to be aware of, IMHO. Just passing along what is being read out there, so please do not shoot the messenger.

Again, this hasn't escaped the mass media's attention. It's been reported on in many places.

It's unfortunate and hopefully will stop, but it's hardly the big problem here.

It will be seized on by those who keep trying to deflect, justify or divide though.

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Posted in: People in Japan donate ¥2 bil to relief fund for Ukraine See in context

Good for them.

I wonder what will happen to all the funds if the nation fall and is taken over by Russia.

I assume it'll be used to fund the resistance. Even if the government in Kyiv falls, I very much doubt the rest of the country is going to just roll over and become good russian citizens.

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Posted in: Biden vows to check Russian aggression, fight inflation in his 1st State of the Union address See in context

Cant understand how millions of people could vote for a guy who talked and acted like a professional dinosaur during his entire campaign. 

There were only 2 choices. A normal but boring politician or a crazy extremist guy. Is it that surprising that most people went for the normal boring politician?

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Posted in: Russian forces escalate attacks on Ukraine's civilian areas See in context

I'm sure certain people will pop up to say that it's all justified because of 'denazification of Ukraine'.

[Russian tv] shows had gone all-in on promoting “denazification”, a propaganda term that Putin has used to signify that Russian authorities plan to hold some kind of purge if they achieve their goals.

It has also become a kind of informal slogan for the war. Alexander Kots, a pro-Kremlin journalist, used the term as he described Tuesday evening’s missile strike as part of the “denazification of Ukrainian television” on his Telegram channel.

And a former diplomat who sent a Guardian journalist a long report on alleged Ukrainian war crimes as Russian forces bombed Kharkiv appeared to make reference to the term as justification for strikes against residential districts. “And what if Nazis have hidden in the population centres?” he wrote.

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I know they are not in the EU which is my point. Countries in the EU are governed by EU rules and that does not always help the US or the UK.

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Posted in: Ukraine talks yield no breakthrough as Russians slowly advance toward Kyiv See in context

The no-fly zone narative is being pushed heavily by news-media but make no mistake if russia shoot down a nato plane then it becomes a nato-russian war and that really will be a dark day. It wont be pop-corn watching anymore it will be all of us under threat. Is that what people really want.

The ukraine president is not the messiah. He is just a naughty boy getting an easy ride. Just like gadaffi, hussein, bin and idi he could turn in the wrong direction in the future. I hope he remembers the initial help from the UK when he joins the EU because in many ways it was the US and the UK that has got him the support he wanted. Although Borris and Biden were both looking for a big distraction.

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