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i've been to several asian countries and japan was honestly the only one where ordinary people would pick up trash off the street. where a japanese farmer (who didn't know me) gave me 2 bags and said I could pick any of his fruit I wanted (because he had an abundance)

maybe it's because i'm white/american, i don't know. but everyone was extremely nice and very welcoming when I visited japan. granted, i was hours west of tokyo in the mountains, so i'm not sure what the big city is like, but i do know everyone where i stayed for 2 weeks left a very good impression on me and i will never forget it.

so in my opinion i think japan does niceness/thoughtfulness and simply being a very respectful people better than anyone else.

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Posted in: Apple to make 3-5 mil smartwatches monthly: Nikkei See in context

SuperDonQuixote I still don't get smartwatches, I feel like the whole idea was started by tech journalists who were aching for the next > big thing after the iphone.

it's definitely a niche market right now. i've had a pebble smart watch for over a year now and i've come to depend on it greatly. i receive a ton of email from work, and it's 1000% easier to glance at the notification on my watch and determine if it's something i need to act on, or simply read and go about my business.

smithinjapan Samsung and Google better hurry up with their copies!

google has already announced and released a developer 'smart watch os' as well as worked with partners to create watches based on this.

samsung has had a smart watch for over a year now.

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Posted in: Defense minister puzzled by abnormal number of flights by Russian military aircraft See in context

Russian planes do this over Europe too, they've done so for many years. The reason for this behavior is to:

Make a country scramble their jets to record their response time. Record the type of equipment that a country scrambles as a response. Record frequencies that are sent out when defense and radar systems go into high alert. (for analysis)

When they do this sort of thing, they are recording, mapping and analyzing a nation's defense capabilities.

That unarmed Russian jet that flew closely by that American warship in the black sea a while ago? Probably the same thing. Not far behind the US warship was a Russian warship that was quite likely analyzing whatever the American warship was emitting and doing in response to spotting a Russian fighter jet.

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