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nattorice comments

Posted in: If people start calling for the removal of utility poles in front of their home, things will start to speed up. See in context

I never understood why is wasn't run undergound until the amount of earthquakes then it made sence that you'd need to dig up the road all the time if some major happens. But saying that running it underground would make everything look about nicer.

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Posted in: Woman, boyfriend force her daughter to eat 30 pet goldfish See in context

Disgusting fifth time arrested the social services should be investigated and prosecuted for basic lack of ability in doing what they are there for to protect the vulnerable.

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Posted in: Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs See in context

As if millions of jobs event already been lost due to cheap foreign labour.

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Posted in: Abenomics on the ropes as yen soars, markets plunge See in context

How on earth are you supposed to create a spending boost by injecting consumer cash into the economy when the wage stays the same and taxes go up ? you can't just relay on tourism alone and the Olympics around the corner. There is a very large portion of people working part time due to the ageing work force refusing to take retirement so with little to no job opportunities for skilled works how is there going to be any growth even if there is a boost in production nobody's got the cash to spend.

If you tax alcohol cigarettes fuel then yes you'll have more, but lowing the cost of essentials such as food and so on is a must. If rent is high and food then there is no balance so a think tank needs to address this problems now not tomorrow.

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Posted in: Japan’s 1st ’paternity leave’ lawmaker resigns over extramarital affair See in context

How many comical scandals have there been so far in the LDP this year alone.

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Posted in: As 'Force Awakens' winds down, 'Avatar' remains supreme See in context

A new hope remake VS cowboys and Indians in space not much in it really.

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Posted in: Japan camera makers battle smartphone onslaught See in context

@ Kabukilover Don't worry buddy i'm not have a dig at you I'm just jealous i don't own one.

A Leica RF is more pleasant to use than cellphone. More control, a variety of lenses and good photographs.

wondering how long it would take till a Leica fan boy would post a comment, what i've came across is a large number of people that own these kinds of cameras take pretty poor photography money doesn't buy talent ! excluding the pro's that used a m3 / m2 back in the day, why wear a Rolex when a Casio can also tell the time. and before anyone says Leica M9 50mm 0.95, Canon brought a 50mm 0.95 out in the 1960's.

The Canon AE-1 program the equivalent to a 4 / 24 mega pixel camera depending what glass you are shoot with, This was built back in the 1980's you can now pick them up with a lens for under 2000 yen.

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Posted in: Japan camera makers battle smartphone onslaught See in context

This is more of a plug just for the Instax cam, but having no B&W film in production for isn't a smart move.

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Posted in: Cross-dressing man robs woman in Gifu; gives back Y4,000 See in context

I was supersized of the amount of cross dressing in Osaka around about the American Village triangle. The most convincing was a guy in subway in Namba his 5 o'clock shadow gave him away that and his wig.

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Posted in: Man robs date after choking her See in context

Strangulation then can be seen as attempted murder, robbery assault and battery. A length conviction should be more than certain.

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Posted in: Japan camera makers battle smartphone onslaught See in context

Taking a selfie and a photo of your lunch and putting on a social media site isn't photography !

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Posted in: Man assaults ex-wife, fatally stabs her mother in Sapporo See in context

Assault, murder fleeing a crime and what can also be taken as kidnapping seems pretty much a life sentence to me if caught and convicted.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' hits $2 billion global sales mark See in context

2 billion on a remake of a new hope.

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Posted in: Manager attempts to rob his own restaurant in Saga See in context

Wow just wow you couldn't make this stuff up.

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Posted in: Seized Rolls-Royce Phantom to be auctioned online by tax agency See in context

beautiful looking car with an absolutely horrid color.

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Posted in: Move sought for Japan's oldest elephant may be too late See in context

You can see the rust marks on the leg due to being chained, so sad even if it is only few days if they do move the elephant a bet them few days would be much better then a whole life time suck in them conditions ! Disgusting to see such a beautiful and large animal in this sort of solution and in this day of age.

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Posted in: N Korea moves up rocket launch period to Feb 7-14 See in context

It's all over the news this morning ! It went over Okinawa ! What's the point of having a U.S army base there spending millions if not billions in keeping it there if they are unable to stop such things ? Surely they would have the technology to detected this so why the delay in any intervention like shooting it down ! It wasn't long ago that NK supposedly detonated a weapon of mass destruction !

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Posted in: Becky loses sponsors, regular TV appearances over affair scandal See in context

Why pass a new law against investigative journalism that can carry a jail sentence if it's not imposed ! Hacking an account and leaking information to a news outlet is all the above !

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Posted in: While demand for long-distance bus services is rising with the surge in foreign tourists, a shortage of drivers, whose ranks are already aging, will increase the risk of accidents. See in context

Being a bus driver in Japan pays handsomely, ask one or inquire it's a fact.

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Posted in: 5 vending machines torched in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward See in context

Seeing that most of these vending machines can be found in enclosed areas outside small business and apartments building these fires could of easily spread, The local police should try and catch this person before someone gets seriously hurt.

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Posted in: Burger chain Shake Shack to open second store in Japan this spring See in context

Out of all the burger chains in Japan my own personal favourite is freshness burger. All these burger shops have there own special menu but freshness burger uses fresh ingredients and cooked on a grill not cooked from frozen.

Junk foods junk food but using fresh ingredients and made in house makes all the difference.

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Posted in: Casino bill enactment to be deferred again See in context

Remember when I was living in Osaka that they where scouting for land where to put a casino and the idea was to put in on one of the islands across from tsuruhama. This was way back in 2011, this plan isn't going away anytime soon.

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Posted in: Amari questioned in Diet about graft allegations; says he won't resign See in context

Obviously this person cannot be trusted and in this kind of work environment, should be made to resign and rendorse the lost profits wasted in this mock investigation.

If this was any other hard working person in Japan you could guarantee they life would of been ruined because of this.

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Posted in: TPP deal to be formally signed in New Zealand on Feb 4 See in context

I've been thinking about this and can't get my head round it, obviously this is to strengthen ties between countries with the same goals, excluding Russia, but is it also a small sign that capitalism is showing a little breakage and this is to try and mend it ?

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Posted in: 17-year-old youth arrested over 8 suspicious fires within one hour See in context

Arsonist, should be arrested and made to do community service until the damage that he has caused are paid off. Wonder how many hours of scraping rust and repaint will add up to till the damage is covered.

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Posted in: Clooney says Oscars moving backwards on diversity See in context

I don't mind Spike Lee he's made some great movies but once he made a comment about Quintin Tarantino's portrayal of love for guns and dropping in the N bomb in his movies all bets were off with Samuel L Jasckson coming to the rescue basically saying it's only a movie, African American cinema back in the 70's when everyone had sawen off shot guns and knew kung fu, Pam Grier anybody, theres been some great movies made over the years but sadly the last few have been rubbish.

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Posted in: U.S. celebrities back 'Dump Trump' campaign See in context

Has the US gone mad ! If wasn't so long ago the trump & co were harassing an old women and son to sell there farm so he could build his golf course in Aberdeen Scotland, after years of constant pressure they eventually sold it. This is the kind of man he is.

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Posted in: Fan-made Nazi anime parody, 'Goeppels-chan,' appears in Japan See in context

This is disgusting and has no places in today's society anywhere, The person reasonable should be ashamed of themselves promoting sure nonsense.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan in 2015 reach record 19.734 million See in context

Obviously there's going to be more people traveling about as the world's population is getting bigger, I wouldn't be surprised if some of this is down to the Chinese sightseeing/spending frenzy.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking woman down, stealing her bag See in context

Don't understand why so many thumbs ? Obviously most must live in a perfect world .

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